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I made Sophia university essay . pp.

He needs Hosei Univ. essay and a 3 minute script about how
his strengths will be used to the student community at Hosei U.
Hosei University( Sustainability Studies is his preference)
I Write an essay in the form designated by Hosei
University. Print out the form from the website. Write an essay
in English of not more than 1,000 words. A computer may be
used to write the essay. Include specific descriptions of the
following points in the essay: - Reasons for applying to Hosei
University and specific fields that the applicant would like to
study. - Future goals (a midterm goal to achieve in ten years
after graduating from the university and a long-term goal to
achieve in 25 years after graduation)

There are there things I look for a university. The first is academic

I applied at Hosei University under the Sustanability program because I want to

be part of a group of people who help in keeping our world in balance. This is a
rather unique program that I believe Hosei University can help me with. It is the
uniqueness and yet the relevance of this program that attracted me to Hosei.
While the world is full of engineers, doctors, and professionals who do help
indirectly in making the world become a better world, there is a pressing need for
people who directly address concerns related to sustainability of development
with due consideration to the atrocious impacts on the environment and the
world. The world, I have observed has shifted to consumerism without ample
considerations to the detrimental effects of actions. It is following my conviction
and passions that drive me to Sustanability studies at Hosei. It has been said that
the road to hell is often paved with good intentions. Knowledge is necessary to
effect changes in society. The multicultural and diverse environment at Hosei can
help me develop the necessary set of skills needed in Sustainability studies.

Sustainability studies tackles three core topics: Environmental health, economic

vitality and social equity. There are no easy ways to address these pressing
concerns. Global warming/Climate change is a gargantuan task that needs the
concerted effort of all countries. Having stayed in the Philippine for over two
years, I have witnessed the destructive force of Mother Nature in terms of
typhoons in the country. I was told that the weather patterns in the country have
been affected and while less typhoons hit the Philippines, they are more powerful
and often comes with ruthless force. I have seen footages of Haiyan ravaging the
entire city of Tacloban and leaving more than seven thousand people dead. It
was such an eye-opener for me. It reminded me that if we are to ignore Mother
Nature, we are the ones to suffer in the end. It was said that one of the primary
reasons why so many people died was the lack of trees that could have
prevented or at least cushioned the force of Haiyan. All countries must act now
and not later if we are to prevent more tragedies from happening.

One of my favorite quotations outlines the importance of even the smallest

actions in giving meaning and purpose to a life. I quote Emily Dickinson as she

If I can stop one heart from breaking,

I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

I believe that my desir

When it comes to a foresight of the future, it’s hard to know for certain what ten
years will look like. The complexity of the world prevents the certainty of the
future. I can only speak for myself. Ten years after graduating from Hosei, I see
myself establishing a career in International Relations or a part of an
Environmental Think Tank that addresses issues of major to all countries.
Twenty years from graduation, I see myself having a family of my own and
pioneering a group that promotes sustainable growth through

II Prepare a self-introduction video in the form below. - The

length of the video must be less than three minutes. The language
used in the video must be in English only. - Prepare the video using a
form which can be played using Windows Media Player (.mpg, .avi,
.wmd, .wmv). - The face of the applicant must be shown in the video
at all times. - The applicant may freely design the content as long as
the video highlights the strengths of the applicant. The applicant
should describe how the strengths will be used to the student
community and Hosei University. - Submit the video on a storage
media such as a USB flash drive. (The media will not be returned.)

Script for video He wants to talk about how nature, society, and
economy work together in order for them to last for generations
Sophia University -
Daniel’s preference - Liberal Arts/International Studies

about the school)

Sophia University stands by three principles: 1. Men and Women for Others, with
Others, 2. Multidisciplinary Networks and 3. Global Competence. They are our
goals. Let’s keep it simple.

To be men and women for others, with others in today's global society, we need
global competence. That is not just knowledge of a single field of expertise. It
takes multidisciplinary networks to achieve global competence. The three are not
separable; they are closely tied to each other.

Today, people, goods, money, information and technology cross all borders and
travel around the world like lightning. They bring the world together as one
"community," yet they also subject people to new strains. While basic language
skills with specialist knowledge and methodology form the bedrock of global
competence, they do not complete the whole structure. More than anything, we
need the ability to bring together the various related forms of specialized
knowledge to achieve high-level learning.

As people who live in this global society - who endure its trials - we engage in
new projects so that each and every individual who studies at Sophia University
may acquire the strengths of sophistication, courage and kindness.

Faculty of Liberal Arts (Courses are taught in English)

Sophia University established its International Division in 1949 to offer a multi-

dimensional curriculum with all courses taught in English. This approach was
highly appreciated as Japan moved quickly toward increasing
internationalization. In 1975, the International Division became the Department
of Comparative Culture in the Faculty of Foreign Studies, and in 1987 this
department acquired independent status as the Faculty of Comparative Culture.
In 2006, it became the Faculty of Liberal Arts reflecting our commitment to the
changing needs of contemporary global society.
Faculty members are recruited from around the world, and over half are foreign
nationals. Classes are relatively small, with an instructor-to-student ratio of
about 20 to 1.
International students comprise about one third of the students in classes.
Students of this Faculty therefore interact in an international atmosphere every
day while benefiting from a world-class educational environment.

 Department of Liberal Arts

A. Application Forms & Essay (3 pages) Application forms

should be filled out through the web application system
( and printed out after the
application fee payment. In the application essay, the
applicant must give the reasons for wishing to study at the
Faculty of Liberal Arts of Sophia University. It should be
approximately 500 words in length and written in
Personal data
Favorite subjects History and English
Well travelled U.S.(elementary Hardly remembers)
Places visited Europe- France, Germany, Austria, Belgium
Switzerland, Poland, Norway (Grade 8)
Sports – Soccer
Musical Instrument - Guitar
Sophia University Essay

My vision runs parallel to that of Sophia University which entails global

awareness and global competence in multidisciplinary networks. I plan to pursue
a course in Liberal Arts specifically Foreign Studies because I envision myself to
be a part of the global community that will help address the various concerns of
countries all throughout the world and help promote international connectivity and
awareness for the common good. This may sound too philosophical but the
thrust of today’s generation is towards this goal of creating an interconnected and
interdependent global society. The university is ideal for the pursuit of my dream
for a number of reasons.

To begin with, I am drawn to Sophia University because it provides the

environment for global education. The students come from diverse background
and culture and we could learn valuable lessons from each other. The
information and knowledge we will be sharing will broaden our understanding
and appreciation of cultural diversity. I will be trained to be nonjudgmental and
more accepting of views that differ from mine which I find truly exciting and
elucidating. The willingness to accept these cultural differences will open doors
of opportunities for me to engage in productive and respectful cross- cultural

Furthermore, the Liberal Arts department of the university adapts a

utilitarian approach with all courses taught in English. I find this very practical
and efficient for classrooms whose population is comprised of thirty percent
foreigners. English has been the mode of international communication for ages
and the school’s use of the language as the medium of instruction will hone my
English proficiency skills. Being a Korean, I understand the uphill struggle in
being an articulate English speaker. My experience in studying in a country
where English is used for instruction has been truly advantageous. I have
persevered and knowing that Sophia University will further enhance my mastery
of the language has further my resolve to be a member of this institution. In
addition, the composition of the faculty is mostly foreign and this will ensure a
very animated exchange of ideas within the classrooms and will prepare students
for global civility and competence. Add to this the ratio of instructor to student
which is kept at about twenty to one. I find this an ideal set up which will provide
students an environment conducive to learning.

Finally, the ability to compete globally entails the acquisition of extensive

knowledge in world affairs. As a student, I need high level thinking skills which
will improve my creativity and innovation. The courses offered in the Liberal Arts
department will help me gain a thorough understanding of the social, economic,
and technological innovations taking place across continents that improve their
ability to compete in the global marketplace.

In view of all these, Sophia University, with its world class educational
environment and increasing internationalization policies will equip me with the
global awareness and competitiveness to understand world history,
socioeconomic and political systems, and other global events. I believe that local
and national events can have international implications. In the same breadth, a
person who is aware of the broader world environment also recognizes that a
person’s actions can affect others beyond one’s own borders.
Video Script:

We live in a beautiful world. Complex, yes, but nevertheless an amazing

and diverse world. So much has happened within the last decade that has
revolutionized our way of life. Information has defined our existence, making it
both its boon and bane. I am told by my parents, with a mix of nostalgia and
regret, of how much the world has changed over the years. I believe they are, as
we are, amazed of how Technology has bridged barriers, how Facebook has
made “connecting” with long lost friends just a click away, of how reading books
is as simple as Kindle, of how music is as simplify spelled “Spotify”. But I noticed,
without seeming exception, that they all seem to indicate that something was lost
in the process. It’s hard to know exactly for young people like myself. The
experience still remain “hypothetical” and vicarious in spite of their efforts to
make me understand.

I then realized that even when I can’t fully understand something, it does
not mean that I have to give up attempts to do so. My insistence on
understanding things have always been of the voracious nature. I have always
refused to back down when people say that I should accept things “because they
are such”. I have always questioned the status quo, not with brash arrogance
but with sincere desire to know why things are claimed to be such.

It is my desire to understand the world through different eyes that

prompted me to apply for International Relations at Hosei University. With all
humility, I question the idea why peace can’t be achieved, why countries have to
engage in wars and not stay in relative peace. I question why kids have to die in
bloody wars and why people engage in brutality in the supposed love of one’s
country, creed, or belief. Having travelled to several countries, including France,
Germany, Austria, Belgium,Switzerland, Poland, and Norway, I see how different
and similar people are. The more I communicate with people, the more I realize
the importance of communicating properly to people in order to be in their shoes.
International relations I believe is so crucial in maintaining peace that more and
more people should participate in it.

Every opportunity I get to travel and meet people from different countries, I
have seized them in order to gain more understanding of the world I live in. I
have developed important interpersonal skills in the process and have become
more open and well-rounded.

There are those who say that the world faces extinction due to
uncontrolled use of resources that has pushed people to resort to violence.
Greed has become rampant and countries continue to wage war against each
other. But it does not have to be that way. Young people such as myself, should
make sure that hope is not exhumed. We must never surrender to that voice of
fear. I echo the sentiment of the new French president when he says that “Hope
should always be greater than fear”. To that I say Amen. To that I say Amen.

My education at Hosei is a means to an end. It is a way for me to educate

my mind, know the confines and limitations of certain courses of actions, and to
know how these limitations can be transcended.

I take my first step. I humbly ask that you allow me.

Thank you.

I recall having gone through periods in my life when I decided to deactivate

Facebook and all forms of Social Media. I did it because I felt as though all of my
friends were so hooked to it that most of us communicated only through that, only
through Social Networking sites. It made me feel disconnected, ironically, even
when I should feel the opposite, even it was meant to connect people. It was the
experience that taught me what I feel adults meant by something was lost in the
process. I felt more connected to older people upon realizing that I finally
understood, even a little bit, what they meant to express

What is Sustainability Studies?

Sustainability is a way of life that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the
ability of future generations to meet their own needs." It is the capacity to endure. Sustainability
encompasses the three pillars of environmental health, economic vitality and social equity.
Sustainability is a nationally and internationally recognized interdisciplinary field that seeks
creative solutions to promote environmental health and restoration, social equity, and economic
vitality. The goal is to meet the needs of the present (such as health, energy, food, shelter, and
transportation) while ensuring the satisfaction of those same needs for future generations. In
light of unprecedented environmental degradation, social instability, and economic uncertainties
in today’s world, the sustainability minor cultivates the complex knowledge and skills needed to
secure a healthy future for all. Sustainability is linked to rapidly growing career opportunities in
business, education, government, and the non-profit sector. The Sustainability Studies minor
provides students from all disciplines the opportunity to acquire pertinent knowledge and skills
that complement their major, thereby preparing them for the challenges and opportunities

Mission The Sustainability Studies Program utilizes experiential learning, research, and service
activities to implement practical solutions for a sustainable future