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Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas X

1. Jane : Where are you going?

Frank : ….

a. I go to the cinema

b. I have gone to the cinema

c. I went to cinema

d. I’m going to the cinema

2. They … listening to the radio when their mother cook in the kitchen

a. am

b. are

c. is

d. was

3. A : Hey Lusy. I need … sugar. I want to make sweet tea.

B : All right, take it in the kitchen.

a. A number of

b. A little

c. A few

d. many

4. “It will be a wonderful trip”, Ani told them. We can said, Ani told them that it … a wonderful


a. Was

b. Would be

c. Will be

d. Will have been

5. He said me, “”What are you doing now?”. He asked me ….

a. What you were doing now

b. What was I doing now

c. What were you doing

d. What I was doing now

6. Nisa : Gina, you are beautiful like … mother.

Gina : Really. Oh, …,

a. Their, okey

b. his, okey

c. Her, thanks

d. Your, thanks.

7. Doni is 16 years old. Joko is younger than him. Which statement is correct?

a. Joko is more than 16 years old

b. Joko is 17 years old

c. Joko is the same age as Doni

d. Doni is older than Joko

8. Alan is 176 cm height. Roni is 179 cm height. David is 176 cm height. Mindi is 180 cm

height. So Roni is ….

a. As tall as Mindi

b. The tallest of all

c. Taller than Alan

d. As tall as Alan

9. The Dalang is a famous one from Yogyakarta. … will perform all night long.

a. He

b. Him
c. his

d. himself

10. Rika : It’s break time. … a glass of milk?

Yuan : That would be very nice of you.

a. May you get me

b. Could you help me to get

c. May I offer help tp get

d. Would you like me to get you

11. X : I am driving this car so slowly,right?

Y : Watch out! That man……..on the wrong side of the road!

a. drive d. drove

b. is driving e. drives

c. has driven

2. Receptionist : good morning, may I help you?

Regin : Yes , my name is Regin and I have an appointment with Dr. Juno at 10 o’clock

Receptionist : Sorry,………….

a. He is treating a patient at the moment d. He was still on the way

b. He was talking on the phone e. He was good

c. He is out of town

3. Bill : what is mr.Edward doingright now?

Sam : ………………………

a. He was delivering luggage d. He was preparing lunch.

b. He was mending the computer. e. He was in the lab.

c. He is talking to his client.

4. X : Where is your mother now?

Y ; She………in the kitchen.

a. Cook d. Is cooking

b. Cooked e. Was cooking

c. Has cook

5. Richard……..a good novel in the library now.

a. is reading d. has read

b. reads e. was reading

c. read

6. Listen! The teacher……..the lesson

a. Explains d. was explaining

b. Explained e. had explained

c. is explaining

7. I can’t finish to write the letter because there isn’t ……ink in the bottle

a. any d. a littlel

b. some e. any other

c. another

8. Jessie : I want to make some omelettes. Please give me……salt.

James : All right, here it is.

a. A number of d. A few

b. A little e. So many

c. Many

9. Servant : …………..kilograms of oranghe do you want to buy?

Woman : I want to buy three kilos.

a. how many d. what price

b. how much e. how expensive

c. how price

10. Man : Excuse me?.........a hospital near here?

Woman : Diponegoro hospital, from here . go straight on pass the around

about.Take the second exit, it’s on your left.

a. There is d. isn’t there

b. is there e. wasn’t there

c. Are there