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Response on Assigned Articles, Videos, Podcasts and Audio Samples

The video which is selected in this assignment is "lot 63, grace c". It is a documentary to

commemorated Meredith Hunter, was an 18-year-old African-American man who was

killed at the 1969 Altamont Free Concert featuring The Rolling Stones. The Altamont

murder is considered a person for the "end" of Sixties idealism, but Hunter himself is lost

to history. All that is known about Hunter is confined to the slow-motion footage of his

murder, and a few newspaper articles Green captures ingeniously on fast-motion

microfilm. Therefore, it was extremely necessary to create a documentary to make sure

that people will never forget that tragic historical event hunter’s murder and the show

itself have come to historically symbolize The End Of The 60s Era, but Sam Green did

away with the cultural baggage and was interested in the teenager himself and why such

a significant figure was so mysterious —nothing much beyond his name was recorded
or reported after the incident. Lot 63, Grave C is the result of Green's investigation and

his journey to the burial site where Hunter was laid to rest in an unmarked grave. This 10

minute film is a very good one because it takes us to the grave of Meredith and we also

get to see some of the original newspaper headlines of his death.