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High School Reflection/Letter of Recommendation Request

1. Full Name - Hyeonmi (Mary) Shin

2. Date of Birth - May 6, 2000

3. What colleges will you be applying to and why?

a. Cal States: CSULA, CSUN, SJSU, SDSU

b. UC: UCLA, UCSD, UCDavis, and UCSB

c. Privates: USC, LMU, Harvard, Stanford, UPenn, UChicago, NYU, Vassar

i. Reason: The location for all of them especially New York are all

desirable as well as the top education I can receive.

4. What do you want to major in?

a. My major of interest are in communications/media which these colleges are all

ranked high in.

5. What career do you want to pursue and why?

a. I hope to pursue the creative director job title. I’ve always wanted to work in a

creative area and one day stumbled upon this job description which caught my

attention. The fun challenge of having to build up experience and lead from then

on is exciting. The job itself, where I have to lead and manage creative projects

also seem to be my ideal cooperation job.

6. Please list your top five qualities; with explanations and examples.

a. Self Aware: I am aware of the things I am bad at and the things I am good at. I

recognize and understand emotions well, so I am able to relate to others and

understand how they may feel.

b. Driven: When I am driven and motivated, I go to great lengths and do whatever it

takes to get something done. The only downfall is that it’s random and sometimes

rare but I hope to be able to hold onto my motivational phases.

c. Grateful: I find appreciation in everything that is given, offered, and available to

me. My gratitude towards life and my situation helps me to stay positive and


d. Kind: Being kind is at times overlooked because it’s said so often and it’s “basic”

but I believe that being kind is sometimes taken for granted.

e. Honest: I take responsibility for my actions and don’t blame others for my own


7. What makes you unique and different than any other student?

a. Unlike other students, I possess different sets of skills and talents. With my skills

and talents, I work to improve them by not only remaining at the same level but

by working to challenge myself. I have confidence that my work ethic outshines

the work ethic of others in times of need.

8. Discuss any struggles that you've overcome? (personal and academic; include both).

a. A personal struggle I overcame were my days in Kentucky as I was bullied

because I was the only Asian at my school. I didn’t know much english and didn’t

have much friends because I had just arrived in America on 2007 but I endured

the mocks and toxic “friendships” by ignoring them and bettering myself to learn

b. An academic struggle I overcame was my desire to run for a class position. I’ve

always been afraid to run for any positions because I was terrified of attention on

me but now I’ve overcome that fear to have positions as not only senior VP but

also in other clubs and councils as well.

9. What is your vision for the world?

a. The world to become an open and free place still within a boundary of common

ground rules. To see people encouraging each other and being happy for others

success while still having healthy competition for progression.

10. What is your philosophy of life (thus far)?

a. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” -Nelson Mendela

11. What are your hobbies?

a. Watching movies, youtube, and any fun films; exercising/hiking in nature because

it makes me feel so refreshed; filming and editing videos.

12. List your extracurricular activities, community service, and volunteer service; also,please

state if you have held/hold a leadership role.

a. National Honor Society, Ambassadors Red Cross, Rotary Interact (social media

manager), Yearbook Club, GEAR UP, ASB/Student Council (12th VP & ,

governing council (secretary), WriteGirl, MYC, Hwarang Leo, and so on.

13. Overall GPA: 3.984

14. SAT Score

a. Math: 610; English: 670

b. Total: 1280
15. A life well lived:

a. A life spent with the people you love and care about (as well as receiving it back),

eating good and healthy food, traveling around the world, doing the job you’re

most passionate about, supporting and advocating for causes you care about,

living happy despite the challenges and slumps, and focusing on always choosing

the wiser option.

16. Success, Joy, Happiness:

a. Success: honestly achieving your goal through overcoming the challenges you


b. Joy: pure moments of joy come from times of carefree nature and spontaneous


c. Happiness: state of mind not emotion that exists through optimism and high