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Kindergarten Objectives

(These are end of the year objectives)

Social and Emotional Readiness

1. I rest during rest time.

2. I can stay in my chair.
3. I keep my hands and materials from my mouth.
4. I show self-confidence.
5. I accept correction.
6. I am courteous to others (uses good manners).
7. I respect the rights and property of others.
8. I attempt using several strategies when encountering difficulty.
9. I can show responsible behavior.
10. I listen when others are speaking.

Work Readiness

1. I can follow directions.

2. I finish my work in the allotted time.
3. I try to do my best work.
4. I work independently.
5. I can contribute to discussion.
6. I work without bothering others.
7. I can keep my supplies organized and in working order.
8. I can work quietly.
9. I can raise my hand and wait to talk.

Reading Readiness

1. I can say the alphabet in sequence.

2. I know the letter names (when they are out of sequential order), both capital and lower case.
3. I can match the lower case letters with the capital letters.
4. I know letter sounds.
5. I can hear beginning, ending, and middle sounds.
6. I can read high frequency words.
7. I can blend CVC words.

Writing Readiness

1. I can write my first and last name correctly.

2. I can write the capital letters of the alphabet.
3. I can write the lower case letters of the alphabet.
4. I can write a word using beginning, middle and ending sounds.
5. I can write a sentence with a capital letter, space and punctuation.

Number Readiness

1. I can recognize numbers 0-10.

2. I can recognize numbers 11-20.
3. I am beginning to recognize numbers 21-30.
4. I can write numbers 0-20.
5. I can write numbers 20-0.
6. I can count to 30.
7. I know the shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle
8. I can match numbers sets 0-10.
9. I can understand positional words.

Gross Motor

1. I can demonstrate progress toward the mature form in manipulative, locomotor, and non-
locomotor skills:
a. Balance (forward, backward, sideways on a balance board)
b. Hop (left, right, both feet, forward, backward)
c. Gallop
d. Skip
e. Slide
f. Jump
g. Throw, catch and bounce ball

Fine Motor

1. Colors neatly – controls crayon, proper grip, etc.

2. Cuts carefully – proper grip, turns paper when cutting, appropriate size cuts, etc.
3. Pastes neatly – uses appropriate amounts of glue.
4. Writes neatly – appropriate size.

General Information

1. Knows address
2. Knows telephone number
3. Knows birth date