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Erin McCarthy

A. Yes I have done that before!

B. Sources for activity- Ice Breaker Ideas. 105 Have You Ever Questions. ( 2015, January

27). Retrieved from

C. Equipment-

a. Pieces of paper with 2 different questions.

b. Pens.

D. In this activity, each participant will go around to other participants and ask them the

questions on their paper. If someone answers yes they have done that then they write

their name on the line. You can write multiple names for the same question. Once

everyone is done, each participant will read aloud who answered their questions.

E. Primary interaction pattern- Intragroup- action of a cooperative nature by 2 or more

persons intent upon reaching a mutual goal.

F. Researched Adaption- This activity would work well with people who are in the early

stages of dementia /Alzheimer’s. By creating reminiscence questions, making them only

have 1 question to ask and asking within a smaller group would work best.

a. Shadow Box Press. Conversation Starters for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients.

(2013, February 19). Retrieved from