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Personal Project

By Martina Tadolini Gentile

What are choices?

My idea
• Choosing is something we do everyday and in every moment;
• Two main categories of choices due to how long we consider
over them;
1. The first category involves your conscious.
2. The second category does not involve your conscious.
The Global Context

Personal and Cultural Expression

• Investigate the ways in which we discover and

express ideas, feelings, nature, culture and values;

• The ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy

our creativity.
My Goal

Find out:
• If there's a difference in choosing a product of one specific color
related to gender or not;
• If there's a difference in choosing a product of a specific color
related to age;
• If there's a difference in choosing a product of a specific color
related to nationality.
My Hypothesis

Choices are affected by:

• Ethnicity: different colors have a lot of meanings for people coming
from different cultural traditions;
• Gender: reliable studies show that it is very relevant in picking a color;
• Age: it may affect people, the younger the age, the happier the color!
• Mood: it has been scientifically proved that mood influences our
behavior and decisions. 
Interesting Facts

• Men and women do not see in • Israel Abramov: it is due to

the same way, according to
biological disposition;
males require a longer
1. Males are better at tracking
fast-moving objects and details …because… wavelength across the
from distance; visible spectrum to
2. Females are better at experience the same hue of
discriminating among colors. color as females.
More interesting facts
Colors have different uses in different brands:

Green is used for promoting environmental issues.

Red is frequently used by fast-food chains.

Black is used by great international companies, especially

dealing with money, and can become overwhelming if used to

White can be used to project an absence of color or

neutrality, since a white space helps spark creativity

Blue is the most common color used by conservative

brands looking to promote trust in their products.
How does black make you feel:
All the mistakes I made and how could I improve
How do you decide which color to use in an advertisement?
Do you think colors have an impact on people’s choices of
your products? Are they the only variable?
Do nationality, age and gender co-operate with colors in
defining one’s choices?
Questionnaire for males
Questionnaire for females
Data Table

• I grouped all the information that I collected into 4 tables. I divided the tables in: non-
European males, in European males, in non-European females and in European females.
• I then counted the total points that each colors obtained for each table. The lower
points it gets the mostly is liked and the higher points it receives means that is the most
dislike color.
• I then put the total points into a graph.
• I then counted how many people choose the same mood and I did a piechart to show
my results.
Table and Graphs
Table and Graphs

Strengths and weaknesses

• There is a trend in the people color taste according to

ethnicity, gender, age and grade;
• It’s sure that this trend is not only representative of a small
number of people;
• I should include more people in my investigation;
• I should change the way I performed it by asking the
questions in different ways and in different times to be sure
that the outcome is not affected by a particular situation or