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EEI Lesson Plan Template

Name: Kathy Stone Pima Course: ESE 290B Instructor: Ana McGovern

Subject: ELA Topic: Compare and Contrast Grade Level: 6 Duration:

Genres and themes 30 minutes
List of Materials, Handouts, Rubrics, and other Documents: [List everything you will need to teach this lesson here, then insert
actual examples in the Appendices below the plan]

Audiobook of Among the Hidden, Venn Diagrams,

Purpose: This lesson will help students be able to compare and contrast lives of children from different genres of writing, one a
real character from an article about the orphan trains, the other from dystopian fiction.

Components Description of Plan

Content Standard 6.RL.9 Compare and contrast texts in different forms or genres (e.g., stories and poems;
Choose ONE standard and type it out historical novels and fantasy stories) in terms of their approaches to similar themes and
along with the number.
Learning Objective Bloom’s Level: Analyze
 Choose ONE level of complexity from
Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Objective: SWBAT… After reviewing the lives of Lee and Luke, students will be able to
 Write ONE objective that is ONE create a venn diagram and paragraphs to compare and contrast the lives of Lee and
simple sentence with ONE carefully
Luke. (Luke is from a dystopian novel, Lee is a real person written about in an article
chosen verb
on the orphan train).

Est Anticipatory Set Teacher will (TW): Students will (SW):

# of  A quick "hook" to grab the 1. TW What do you remember 1. Students will discuss Lee
Mins student's attention about the life of Lee? 2. Students will discuss Luke
 Activates prior knowledge of
the objective 2. TW…What do you remember
 Requires active participation
about the life of Luke?
from ALL learners
 Students must literally interact 3. TW state the objective.
with the OBJECTIVE
Est Teaching-Input Teacher will: Students will:
# of  Using effective and varied 1. Play a chapter from Among the 1. Listen, make comments, ask
strategies, the teacher Hidden to refresh students questions
provides information and memories of the life of Luke
vocabulary students will need 2. Read a short excerpt of the life
in order to grasp the concept, of Lee to refresh students
strategy, or skill.
memories about the life of Lee.
 Check for Understanding.
Est Teaching-Modeling Teacher will: Students will:
# of  Teacher demonstrates and 1. Model making a venn diagram 1. In groups of 2 or 3 create venn
Mins shows examples of what for the lives of Luke and Lee on diagrams to compare and
students are expected to do the board. contrast the lives of Luke and
(how to solve the problem, Lee
answer the question, do the
activity etc.).
 Check for Understanding.
Est Guided Practice Teacher will: Students will:
# of  An opportunity for each 1. Ask students what they have on 1. Share in groups what they have
student to demonstrate new their venn Diagram come up with in their venn
learning by working through diagram
an activity or exercise with the
EEI Lesson Plan Template

teacher’s guidance.
 This is the heart of the lesson
and should have the most
minutes assigned to it.
Est Closure 1. SW…Create a topic sentence for a paragraph about how their lives are
# of  ALL students must engage in similar
Mins brief closure activity to cement
learning and optimize transfer. 2. SW Create a topic sentence for a paragraph about how their lives are
 Do not introduce anything different
new during Closure.
 Check for Understanding.
 Students must re-engage with
n/a Independent Practice Students will create supporting details for their topic sentences if time allows. They
 AFTER proper closure, it is are encouraged to take home for homework for extra credit:
important to provide time for
additional practice. It may be
group or individual work in
class or it might be
 Do not introduce anything
new during Independent

Checks for Understanding 1. Ask students questions about the lives of Lee and Luke
 List at least THREE quick, informal 2. Walk around and observe venn diagrams
strategies that you used to check 3. Listen to student comments
understanding throughout the lesson.
 Checks should be varied (i.e., self-
check, verbal check, written check).
Assessment Options Pre- and Post-Assessment of Objective: Pre – Ask students how characters in
 Describe how you will pre- and post- dystopian literature are similar or different to characters in historical articles about
test students’ understanding of the children
objective. These do not need to
happen on the same day as the Post – Review students venn diagrams and paragraphs
 Alternative options for diverse
learners should also be provided
Alternative Assessment Options:

Differentiation Options Content – Scaffold: Illustrate similarities and differences in pictures

Describe how you will reach diverse Content – Challenge: Write similarities and differences in paragraphs
learners by varying the:
 Content Process – Scaffold: Only produce venn diagram or venn diagram and topic sentence
 Process Process – Challenge: Produce paragraphs comparing and contrasting Luke and Lee
 Product
Product – Scaffold: Work in groups to discuss in order to fill in venn diagram
Product – Challenge:
21st Century Learning Technology: Audiobook
Describe how you will incorporate
technology and/or the 4 Cs: Critical Thinking: How were Luke and Lee’s lives alike and different?
 Critical Thinking
 Creativity Creativity: Drawing or writing paragraphs to show similarities and differences in the
 Collaboration
lives of Luke and Lee
 Communication
Collaboration: Working together to create Venn Diagram
EEI Lesson Plan Template

Communication: Discussing what to put on Venn Diagram

Appendices/Additional Information: [insert materials/links/screenshots below]

You tube video chapter 8 Among the Hidden