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Bureau Veritas FIR No: RJI/BRD/FIR-003,

(India) Private Limited FIELD INSPECTION REPORT Date: 09.03.2018

BVIL REF: IND.M.4.17.0999 Page 1 of 1

Project: --- Manufacturer: Abeinsa

Supply intended for: Reliance Jio Infocom Ltd. Order No: 118/63024723 Dtd. 17.11.2017
Placed with: RJIL To Abeinsa
Inspection ordered by: Abeinsa
Supplier: ----- Supply / Item: Witness of Mechanical Tests at Lab.
Sub Supplier: Advance Metal Testing Laboratory
Performing Office (PO): BV - Baroda Contracting Office (CO): BV - Mumbai
Drawing No.: ---- ITP No: ----
Test Req. DIP/Lab/012,014
A] Measuring Instruments Used (including satisfactory verification of suitability):
Instrument Description Id / Serial No Scale / Calibration Calibration Lab details
Certificate No
(Type, Title, Mnfr) Range Due Date (NABL,ISO17025 Acc,etc)

- -

Quantity offered: Quantity accepted: Quantity rejected (#):

As per below As per below -
B] Details of Inspection Carried out: A visit was made to perform following mentioned inspection activities at M/s.
Advance Metal Testing Laboratory – Makarpura GIDC, on date: 09.03.2018:

 Brief details of inspection activity carried out :

1) Tensile Test wintessed - Found to meet specification requiremnet except for Sample Id. No. 154/2/18 (Pipe 193.7 x
4.8 Thk. In Tensile Test)
2) For detail refer Lab. Report No.: PA-5727, 5728, 5729, 5730, 5533, 5534, 5535, 5536, 5537, 5538, 5539, 5540 Dtd.
3) For detail refer Lab. Report No.: PA-5644, 5643 Dtd. 09.03.2018

* Category: (1) Accepted (2) Conditionally Accepted (3) Re-inspection Required (4) Rejected (5) Advice/Instruction from client required

Inspection Date(s): * ANY NON Yes

09.03.2018 CONFORMITY
Inspection Place(s):
M/s. Advance Metal Testing * ORDER Complete
(Surveyor’s Name)
Laboratory - Makarpura STATUS Supplier’s Signature & Date Surveyor’s Signature, Stamp & Date
GIDC Balance Telephone no. Mobile no. 9825611718
* - Circle the relevant details OR strike out the non-relevant details
# - Include the reasons for rejection in the ‘details’ of the report Format FIR r5 – 19th Aug 2015

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