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BEHAVIOUR WHEN BRAKING The braking circuit is the classic type divided into three sections: — front wheels controlled by separate hydrai circuits; — rear wheels controlled by a single hydraulic circuit; The philosophy of the ABS arrangement is therefore based on the individual control of the front brakes and in accordance with the SELECT LOW principle for the rear wheels. The term SELECT LOW means that the electronic unit processes the signals deriving from the impulse pick-ups of the rear wheels separately and carries out adjustment of braking power ap- plied to both wheels according to which one tends to lock, even if this system unnecessarily af fects the wheel which is not about to lock. At this point the importance of the reaction of the tear wheels as regards vehicle road-holding during braking should be emphasized. For this rea son, any failure whatsoever affecting the rear circuit leads to the complete automatic disconnec: tion of the ABS control system 1 Hydraulic cieeuit, frone RH wize! 2 Hydaulieeizcut, ear wheels 3 Hydraulic eizeuit! from LK, whee 16