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Proses pengembangan pernyataan visi misi
Salah satu metodenya
1. memilih beberapa artikel mengenai pernyataan visi misi dan memerintahkan
manajer untuk membaca sebagai informasi awal
2. meminta manajer untuk menyiapkan pernyataan visi misi untuk organisasi
3. fasilitator/komite mengkompilasi pernyataan2 dan menjadikannya sebagai
draft awal pernyataan visi misi untuk dibahas dengan para manajer
Pentingnya Pernyataan Visi Misi
Pentingnya pernyataan tertulis menurut King and Cleland:
1. memastikan kesatuan tujuan organisasi
2. menyediakan dasar dalam mengalokasikan sumber daya
3. menciptakan tone/iklim organisasi
4. sebagai petunjuk dalam menilai apakah individu dalam organisasi sesuai
dengan tujuan dan arah organisasi
5. memfasilitasi penerjemahan tujuan perusahaan ke dalam struktur organisasi
yang sesuai
6. menetapkan tujuan organisasi dan menerjemahkan tujuan ini agar biaya,
waktu dan kinerja dalam mencapai tujuan dapat diukur dan dikendalikan.
Karakteristik pernyataan misi
1. Ruang lingkupnya luas, tidak terbatas pada jumlah moneter, angka,
persentase, rasio maupun objectives
2. Kurang dari 250 kata
3. Menginspirasi
4. Identifikasi kegunaan dari produk perusahaan
5. Mengungkapkan bahwa perusahaan socially and environmentally responsible
6. Mencakup 9 komponen :
a. Customer
b. Produk/jasa
c. Pasar
d. Teknologi
e. Mementingkan pertumbuhan/keberlangsungan/laba
f. Filosofi
g. Konsep diri
h. Perhatian pada pandangan publik
i. Perhatian pada karyawan
7. Rekonsiliatif
8. Terus menerus/long lasting
Contoh 9 komponen pernyataan misi
1. Customers
We believe our first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses, patients, mothers, and all
others who use our products and services.(Johnson & Johnson)
2. Products or Services
Standard Oil Company (Indiana) is in business to find and produce crude oil, natural
gas, and natural gas liquids; to manufacture high-quality products useful to society
from these raw materials; and to distribute and market those products and to provide
dependable related services to the consuming public at reasonable prices. (Standard
Oil Company)
3. Markets
We are dedicated to the total success of Corning Glass Works as a worldwide competitor.
(Corning Glass Works)
4. Technology
Control Data is in the business of applying micro-electronics and
computer technology in two general areas: computer-related hardware; and
computing enhancing services, which include computation, information, education,
and finance. (Control Data)
5. Concern for Survival, Growth, and Profitability
In this respect, the company will conduct its operations prudently and will provide the
profits and growth which will assure Hoover’s ultimate success. (Hoover Universal)
6. Philosophy
Our world-class leadership is dedicated to a management philosophy that holds
people above profits. (Kellogg)
7. Self-Concept
Crown Zellerbach is committed to leapfrogging ongoing competition within 1,000
days by unleashing the constructive and creative abilities and energies of each of its
employees. (Crown Zellerbach)
8. Concern for Public Image
To share the world’s obligation for the protection of the environment. (Dow Chemical)
9. Concern for Employees
To recruit, develop, motivate, reward, and retain personnel of exceptional ability,
character, and dedication by providing goodworking conditions, superior leadership,
compensation on the basis of performance, an attractive benefit program, opportunity
for growth,and a high degree of employment security. (The Wachovia Corporation)
Contoh Pernyataan Visi
1. Tyson Foods’ vision is to be the world’s first choice for protein solutions while
maximizing shareholder value. (Author comment: Good statement, unless Tyson
provides nonprotein products)
2. General Motors’ vision is to be the world leader in transportation products and
related services. (Author comment: Good statement)
3. PepsiCo’s responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in
which we operate—environment, social, economic—creating a better tomorrow than
today. (Author comment: Statement is too vague; it should reveal beverage and food
Contoh Pernyataan Misi
1. Dell’s mission is to be the most successful computer company (2) in the world
(3) at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve (1). In doing so,
Dell will meet customer expectations of highest quality; leading technology (4);
competitive pricing; individual and company accountability (6); best-in-class service
and support (7); flexible customization capability (7); superior corporate citizenship
(8); financial stability (5). (Author comment: Statement lacks only one component:
Concern for Employees)
2. Procter & Gamble will provide branded products and services of superior
quality and value (7) that improve the lives of the world’s (3) consumers. As a result,
consumers (1) will reward us with industry leadership in sales, profit (5), and value
creation, allowing our people (9), our shareholders, and the communities (8) in which
we live and work to prosper. (Author comment: Statement lacks three components:
Products/Services, Technology, and Philosophy)
3. At L’Oreal, we believe that lasting business success is built upon ethical (6)
standards which guide growth and on a genuine sense of responsibility to our
employees (9), our consumers, our environment and to the communities in which we
operate (8). (Author comment: Statement lacks six components: Customers,
Products/Services, Markets, Technology, Concern forSurvival/Growth/Profits,
Concern for Public Image)