Anda di halaman 1dari 2

1) Did she go out last night?

you know if she went out last night?

2) Where did she meet her brother?

Do you know where she met
her brother?

3) How was the film? Do you

know how the film was?

4) Was David the first to arrive?


5) Did Lucy work at home yesterday?

Do you know if Lucy worked
at home yesterday?

6) What was the problem? Do

you know what the problem was?

7) Who did we see at the party?

Do you know who we saw at the party?

8) Did Zac call his mum yesterday?

Do you know if Zac called his
mum yesterday?

9) Were they at the beach? Do

you know if they were at the beach?

10) Where was the class? Do

you know where the class was?

11) Why did they arrive so late?

Do you know why they arrived so late?
12) Was she at home yesterday?
Do you know if she was at home yesterday?

13) How did she do it? Do you

know how she did it?

14) Were they in the garden? Do

you know if they were in the garden?

15) Did they arrive late? Do you

know if they arrived late?

16) Did John finish the report?

Do you know if John finished the report?

17) Were we late for the meeting?

Do you know if we were late
for the meeting?

18) What did they do at the weekend?

Do you know what they did at
the weekend?

19) Why was she so early? Do

you know why she was so early?

20) Where was Julie yesterday afternoon?

Do you know where Julie was
yesterday afternoon?