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its effect on pregnancy The Rh factor describes the presence of protein par des (D an gen) in a blood
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of blood recipients. n fact, a the that are fatal, that is the death with rhesus absence, can occur
blood clots people eople with rhesus nega ve have a number of difficul es because throughout the
world, about rela vely fewer nega ve rhesus. In white people, rhesus nega ve is onty about 15%, in
backs pregnano and in Asian people is almost en rely a person with rhesus posi ve. ln Indonesia, the
case of with rhesus nega ve as quite common. Generally found in foreigners or people who have
foreign lineages such as Europe and Arabia, although not directly. There are also people who do
nothave a history of foreign descendants, but the numbers are fewer.1. Rh incompa bilitylf a rhesus-
mega v woman contains a baby from a rhesus-posi ve partner, then there is a possibility that the
baby wil inherit his father's favorable rhesus. Thus a rhesus nega ve pregnancy will occur with a
rhesus po baby. This is called pregnancy with rhesus irregulari es (rhesus incontabilita)