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e SELECTseries 7 Fixes
Description ID
When using segment numbering on the accompanying circuit, the software will automatically number
the vertical section of the wire connected to PB119 as wire number 3. D-17318
Cross reference text position resets when the child cp text is changed D-19388
The software shouldn't display the link index of wire link if they are linked. D-19491
In IECcircuit
Short standard thedetected
is not Setup values
when ofyouPLC Generator
connect wires is wrong
with the same wire number but different D-39033
Installation. D-42054
When you navigate on an EDC record in the EDC palette it always rolls up the palette regardless of
whether you have auto hide turned on or not D-48917
Improve the performance of deleting symbol on Micro Station version. D-54080
Unable to properly replace multi-line text using the Project API Builder D-56312
The software doesn't support Z dimension of Panel Layout Symbol in Micro Station D-66506
BOM Import function text not displayed in Place By ID Dialog. D-70021
UNDO failure - Parent cross-ref of child move/delete --> UNDO D-71033
Update family, the software can't update the related attribute for the Single Line mode symbol D-71238
Software will not recognize shortest distance regions D-71536
Error when Copying a page with an ampersand in the page description. D-73531
The Individual
Delete menu Paths
for System Option Profile
archive project cannot
in Project work > ProjectWise tab became gray and not
Manager D-73874
available. D-74292
Wire link text including wire number is not updated when wire number is changed D-75205
Wrong tool settings (Drop Element, Place Fence) appear with some commands D-75208
Setup and Wiring Rule Configuration dialogs will not be closed correctly in the Shortest Distance
Routing dialog D-75565
Create a project in PW client and edit the text in the Option, the software will pop up an error D-76040
x-ref text changes lost after page update - ST 8001008049 D-76890
Backup restore could scramble DB project Revision records D-78478
Automatic Wire Number deletes numbers from forced wires D-79466
Light Manager is invalid. D-80433
Checking in opened page in PW reports Internal Error about "The calling thread cannot access this
object because a different thread owns it." D-83722
The software can not run publisher when projects use drawing set subfolders. D-83987
Need "yes to all" option for deleting wire numbers D-84187
PLC address not in Device Usage chart for new families D-85179
In PLC generator, the page format cannot be loaded properly if the Region is German or other
European settings D-85192
The real time short circuit EDC message is incomplete. D-85445
Plant Exchange feature can't synchronize part number correctly for terminals D-86144
Edit Optionsa of
Converting a multithat
drawing userhas
project and without
symbols there will
a be an error
device ID (Lug) causes problem when validating D-86201
page. D-86668
Users aren't prompted with the Symbol Text dialog when attributing sharing is disabled. D-87155
Error assigning part number to a symbol that has an attribute value being populated from a custom
parts database field. D-88619
Symbol Text width settings were ignored. D-89790
Unhandled exception occurs when click the “See Page Pending Status” button in Project Manager in
a Citrix environment D-90827
Plant Exchange Synchronization issue when altering mapping D-91175
An error will pop up when user edited wire number in the sample project: SAMPLE WASHER. D-92583
Migration Wizard at first reports error when I click Import button in Migration Wizard > Import Legacy
Page Formats dialog D-93621
Cannot open/see the page converted from (No Suggestions)/AutoCAD in ProjectWise D-93996
An address filewhen
occurs cannot berestore
you displayed on page
a project after
with restoring
pending wire anumbers
project infrom
promise standalone to D-94111
AutoCAD D-94112
Line weights lost on symbols when projects opened in SS5 D-94449
Failed to configure ProjectWise SS4 data source for Promise/Substation and then it’s failed to create
new project, page and other operations D-95011
An error can sometimes occur when creating new project revisions. D-96076
Cannot replace and
The Installation a symbol when
location it exists
Combo in the
Boxes onproject catalog
the device properties dialog is not sorted or filtered for D-96082
distinct. D-96086
When user1 logs into the software using Citrix, user2 will get the message "Do you want to open it in
Read-only mode?". D-96090
Display Languages project options not available in Standard edition D-96091
Language text in symbols don't change to match the selected language in the options dialog. D-96092
Project Manager slow in large PW data source environment D-96093
The Russian build doesn’t load modes correctly D-96099
Project migration fails at 9% in this project. D-96785
Project migration stops at 39% in this project. D-96883
API select entities call brings up promis-e right-click menu by mistake D-97107
Publishing project with pending changes doesn't capture the changes before publishing. D-97304
If I click the Search device ID to select a new device ID in the Device Properties dialog, the software
cannot assign the correct installation and location. D-97830
An error occurs when click on Auto-Wire Number button in new mode D-97899
Replace symbol text only replaces half the text each time D-97939
Wrong terminal number attributes are populated on wiring diagrams D-97940
Display name in your parts database mapping must match the internal name. D-97946
Migration freezes during macros D-97949
Symbol attribute value always is '?' when insert symbol on the page D-97957
The Russian characters cannot be supported in Field text and Wiring Diagram Charts D-97959
All texts are showed garbled when modifying symbol D-97960
An error occurs after you restore an old project and click No in the Alert upgrading database dialog D-97961
The Plant Data Exchange importing is incorrect after we assigned part numbers of different kinds of
symbols to imported device IDs using Device BOM to assign them to inserted symbols D-98045
The installer cannot be run in a Windows XP system by directly clicking the msi file. D-98178
The Panduit button in Filter of BOM Explorer dialog cannot be displayed for the first time D-98240
An error occurs when modify an existing mode display tag D-98241
Error restoring projects using an Oracle database. D-98399
There are two readme file in the product install. D-98422
Database replication triggers were creating a loop. D-98832
Short circuit is not detected when you connect wires with diagonal wire D-98864
The Publisher of setup.exe is unknown message appears. D-99006
The software loads the wrong page template after upgrade from SS3 to SS6 D-99024
After preview a page in Project Manager dialog, the software will display this preview drawing to
symbol preview in Insert Symbol dialog D-99103
File Install_Guide.pdf lost in Ss6 release D-99173
Inconsistent upgrade message for each build D-99174
Wire segments incorrectly appear as "Automatic" on Assign/Edit Wire Number D-99220
Import catalog failed if we don’t Run as Administrator D-99266
Symbol Text comes in with Question Marks under certain conditions D-99304
The software can't display the right permission for the Cache file based on the Standard user access D-99369
After insert terminal symbols, then insert macro with terminals, there will be cross reference text with
the terminal symbols D-99482
In the Part Database Manager, the new added database field is grey, can not be edited if the 'Display
Name' of the field has been renamed. D-99604
An error will pop up when installing the software on Windows XP D-99862
The wire position setting is incorrect in Option -> Wire Options -> Wire Property Display D-99864
Undo field box placement doesn't undo device's installation and location D-99865
After undo moving the wire link, the software will duplicate the wire link cross reference. D-99866
After using Standalone Ss6 build to update the Standalone Ss5 build, there will be an error based on
converting catalog from 5.06 D-99868
The software exception
doesn't occurs
changewhen modifying
the line style andfamily in Device
line color afterProperties
changing thedialog
Use in the Edit Wires D-99869
dialog. D-99870
Device in terminal strip adopts part number of next placed terminal D-99874
Project Publisher Index Page Hyperlinks are incorrect D-99875
Out of Memory Exception occurs when running Project Publisher on this project. D-99876
If I set the seed file of a new mode, the software should not update the seed file of Schematic mode,
Documentation mode, Construction mode and the new mode at the same time. D-99879
Clicking PLC Generator results in an exception error D-99888
Afterlabel origin of
converting Multi-text
catalog, the in
and CPcan't beare
text converted correctly
displayed incorrectly for mirrored symbols in D-99890
macros D-99891
The software cannot save the drawings by creating a new page if enable ProjectWise Integration D-99892
Wrong offset for 2nd line of text on graphical plans D-100152
The software always maintains the INS and LOC of wire links when copying wire links, even though
users select maintain wire link - Tag only. D-100233
Wrong wire link appearance on page D-100323
The software displays the disorder variables with the Report Template Designer D-100448
Error restoringwill
The software project
pop up an error if users rebuild project database when the project includes an D-100529
offline page. D-100562
Part number lost when device ID is matched D-100657
Convert the .zip from 5.06 to Micro station, the text Label of LCC1-PMS1 macro moved upward
during inserting if we set the display language as English D-101913
After converting .zip from 5.06 to Micro station, some label texts moved towards the left D-101914
"Rename existing symbols" of Field Parameters dialog is ineffective at first. D-101986
Duplicate wire number checking ineffective when Installation and Location not considered D-102180
Connect a vertical wire between two terminals and you are given an invalid EDC message that
The softwareyou displays
are creating a diagonal
the wrong valuewire
of the variable"Location Fields-Location" in the Bom Report D-102586
Designer D-102599
Page List Report cannot display page descriptions correctly D-102614
An error about reading title block was recorded in log file when converting the customer's project. D-102674
Wire Link ID display does not adhere to display settings D-102702
After rebuilding the catalog mdb file, the name of the symbol types were changed. D-102703
Diagonal wire symbols are incorrect in the macro “ANTIPLUG” D-102749
Large family definition will exceed field limit, then symbols can't be placed as part of family D-102753
Xref mark on parent ignored in SS4 - ST 8001007942 D-102754
In the Part Database Manager, the new added database field 'FFF_NewMode' disappeared after the
related new mode was created. D-102757
The part number is NOT listed properly in BOM with terminal Device ID D-102759
Cross references appear at terminal symbols D-102763
Incorrect x-ref occurs after delete a symbol D-102765
Changing part numbers in Data Editor updates the balloon number with the part number D-102766
Text settings specified in the seed file are not coming through when a new page is first created D-102767
If a terminal has multiple part numbers and you place separate layout symbols for each part number,
the terminal # is not populated D-102770
Wire link text with target not updating when target changes D-102771
The shortcut tooltips should be updated with some meaningful words D-102772
Some of the Russian fonts cannot be supported D-102917
New symbol graphics default to wire number level D-103084
The exception was thrown when Cable ID was added to the wire link cross reference display settings D-103222
Remove the "Visualization content" from the installer D-103270
ProjectWise attributes are not updated efficiently D-103326
Change the duplicated wire number/Device ID dialog to EDC in Page Copy D-103341
The Russian character cannot be supported with the Russian font in Device ID, Part Number and
Symbol attribute created D-103458
Shortest Distance takes much longer to process than in legacy version D-103792
Migrated projects in SS6 have no device IDs D-103911
Time to create a new page in PW is too long D-104302
UNDO wire link ID change to re-link does not work D-104650
Unable to export to DWG for migrated project D-104721
Restore of AutoCAD project to Standalone SS6 cannot read all pages D-104722
Improper projectWise user/folder rights causes error D-104807
Page List Report cannot display page descriptions correctly D-104882
Invalid "BENTLEYECAD exists" prompt if there is SQL Server 2005 installed D-106049
Project Builder API file Z Coordinate not implemented D-106342
After replacing device ID in a new mode, the device tags will be deleted from drawing and database. D-106472
Field wire list and wire list with polylines is incorrect D-106768
The software always pops up that the program name "PWModuleInstall.exe" is Unknown. D-106769
The software pops up an incorrect message when renaming a symbol/family of read-only catalog in
Catalog Manager. D-107461
The seed file setting doesn't work when generating a page through the Project API Builder D-107462
Migrated projects hidden wire numbers are all displayed D-107548
Migrated macros switch terminal number with cp text, showing 'I' D-107564
Migrated macro wrongly assigns contact to first position D-107652
Some textmacro wrongly
position uses
and font of alternate childinsymbols
some labels from
converted the same
macro row
are not consistent with that in legacy D-107653
versions D-107867
Project Builder API file Z Coordinate for MAC is not implemented D-108070
PLC symbols with large amount of CPs can't be modified D-108337
The software cannot maintain the blank installation and location info when copying the circuits with
wire numbers
Cable Diagramsby alter
Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
rotation upon "update wiring diagram or Dynamically update connections" is D-108692
toggled. D-108693
Legacy Migration - Symbols with BMP's not handled properly D-108697
Installation/Location of devices placed by macro blanked due to wire link Project Options D-108700
Support drag and drop to adjust the CP order in Symbol Creation Wizard D-108704
Fix the data field size mismatch between SQL Server, Oracle and ECADProject.mdb D-108707
It reports error about Device_ACKPartNumber table in SQL replication testing D-108858
A part number
Sometimes thewithout
project balloon
manageris crashes
added inwhen
after assigning
a projectballoon numbers XP
on the windows on page1
system shared D-108978
folder D-109729
The terminal numbers are not displayed after inserting wiring diagram symbol D-109744
ProjectWise attribute mapping is not applied until a drawing changes with new mapping. D-109866
PLC creation requires better documentation. D-110402
The page that is checked out in ProjectWise Explorer cannot be deleted when change the option
"Save pages in drawing set subfolder" D-110519
Drawing Set, Installation, Location, Page Name cannot be displayed in ProjectWise Explorer when
turn on the toggle "Save pages in drawing set subfolder" in Options D-110520
The information in the help file for the Project Database tab of the setup dialog is outdated D-111238
An error
error message
message occurs
occurs when
when replace
rename family withversion
page with multiple(duplicate)
pages. in subfolder in ProjectWise D-111239
Explorer D-111240
When different potentials are mended together a better EDC message is needed to allow users to
select which wire properties to maintain. D-111332
Clicking ‘Options > Wire Settings’ reports error in restored ‘SAMPLE- WASHER’ sample project D-112073
When using ProjectWise the delete or rename commands will operate on the wrong file of the same
name but different extension. D-112235
Project restore deletes PW files and then adds them back instead of replacing the documents. D-112728
The help button and the Panduit button is overlapped on the 'Select Part Number' dialog. D-113022
Shortest Distance fails to complete for one project D-113731
The Address is missing from the page if restoring a project with PW. D-113747
Projects created by API builder in ProjectWise do not display page attributes. D-113907
ProjectWise dll conflict with PW API wrapper D-114115
Linked wire links appear unlinked in certain scenarios. D-114231
Project publisher properties read 'Bebtley FDF Creator' D-114885
Parts Database Manager "Save change" is ineffective D-114888
Forced Routing Manager does not include a wire's installation and location in the tree view. D-47055
After selecting a group of wires and selecting one of them to modify only the one you are actually
modifying should remain highlighted. D-86859
User1 open a page, and then User2 clicks Panduit Labels menu, the software will pop up an EDC
dialog which can't be closed. D-93985
Unable to edit potential groups when creating a compound family and selecting an existing family. D-94494
Internal Error occurs by clicking the Edit Group button when the role of the selected family is
A prompt isindisplayed
family creation.
when the Include reference file parts in BOM toggle is checked without any D-94701
value. D-95041
Added CP hidden text to Device Usage dialog D-97576
Voltages assigned to levels do not transfer to i-models D-102587
The text 'Device ID' appears in some reports preview UI. For example: BOM_Itemized-A4, Field
Wire List-A4, etc. D-103221
Error when non-project folder is mixed with project folders in PW D-103325
When linking wires with a wire link star connection, the placement of devices can create incorrect
wire arrangement D-104044
The Accusnap and floating origin are turned on by default in powerplatform. D-109564
Edit wire number by right click the wire item is not displayed D-16940
Wire number will not appear on wire link D-17814
Delete a symbol, blank value will be displayed in the "Engineering Design Consideration" dialog D-18140
Please fix the index order in Wire Link Usage dialog D-18672
Assign page
Switch wire number by branch based
after re-sequencing wire on Installation
links andtime
for the third Location doesn't
and the work
wire link correctly
cross reference will D-18746
disappear D-18864
Manual wire number cannot increment automatically D-18972
Refresh wire link ID after the user drag it in the wire link usage dialog D-19030
After aligning wire numbers the software might overwrite unrelated wire number with one you aligned D-19186
Quickly press the right key of mouse while drawing a 3 phase wire and you get an error message. D-19368
Branch wire properties not properly handled over a terminal. D-19409
If your wire loop over size is equal to the spacing between components a problem will occur D-19679
Insert Wire Link symbol with different Wire Link ID messes up the wire start point toggle. D-19682
In some cases you could designate two starting points for wire links on the same potential. D-19918
The software cannot update the wire use automatically when I switch the page. D-20111
Wrong wire link type will be displayed if the wire link tag is a lowercase letter. D-20203
The wire starting point disappears in the Wire Link Usage after insertion macro with pair wire links D-20336
If you display the wire number and gauge on two lines the show wire number toggle only turns off the
first line of text D-49872
The draw wire command doesn't take on the specified weight in the level manager. D-59206
Error with shortest distance and branch wire numbering D-64182
Manually positionedoption->wire tag format
wire numbers dialog,
revert missing
to default validation
position whencheck
'Apply properties by' setting is D-67964
changed. D-68307
After duplicate wire number, the software does not display the right color of the wire number D-71303
When we Assign/Edit Wire Number manually, the Font Style settings were not remembered, while
the Oblique value for Italic setting wasn’t reset D-73560
I should be able to delete a group of wire numbers at once. D-87182
Wire layer color text ignored on auto wire numbering D-87246
The software can only change the text style of wire tag if user try to modify the text style of multi-line
wire number. D-87788
The text in Wire Label Display dialog is truncated. D-92457
Copy wire links on a page and they all have the same ID and index D-97534
Error deleting diagonal wire outside page border D-98671
Undo a wire number change and it creates a mismatch with the database. D-98733
Inappropriate EDC dialog shown when connecting wire between connection points D-99267
Wire Labeling - Negative offset not allowed D-105926
Wire Manager:ERROR Message with Multiple Angled Connections on one connection point D-106356
The potential group space disappears after reset layout in wire manager D-106751
Wire manager, apply button drawing screen update defect D-106916
Pound Button doesn't give the largest of a tag type if all of that tag type has been deleted D-107893
Wire Manager Pound Button not Setting tag category when adding a tag D-108049
Popup error dialog if smart moving the wires in the JIC DEMO project. D-114399
The arrange connections tree view is not correct if delete a diagonal wire and then undo it. D-115179