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20 FEBRUARY 2018

A realy great monring. I am realy excited on being back in school. It has been 5 years after i
left my secondary school. Although i am only doing my ROS for only three days at SEK Pasir Pekan. I
took that as an oppurtunity for me to get comfortable with the school environment. I am doing ROS
with other practical members izzati, balkis and yusra. When we entered the school gate, we were
greeted by the students there as the title of “cikgu”, “ustaz” and “teacher”.we still cannot get used of
it so we just responded it with a smile. After that, we went to Senior Administrative Assistant to
report ourself. After finished our first meeting, we have been given a relief class for each. It is for us
to get used with the students. So we were really excited to get our first class relief and very nervous
to enter the classroom. The first class relief went well because i am doing some quizes and helped
the students on doing their english homework. The students were very active and most likely they
were really focused in classrom especialy becaouse new teacher was teaching in the front. The day
well spend after we met up with the school counselor and we conclude our day with a smile.


Today is the same like yesterday. Nothing special for today. Just to enter the clas relief which
is take care of student examination. Tricks to copy others answer are always the same. Same tricks
same resolution for me. Although they will think i am a strict teacher, i can accept it because i am
only a practical teacher and i am doing my best to fulfill the techer’s responsibility nd creadibilities.
The students may thinks that they can do anything when i am around. The day passed quickly as i do
not have nothing to do except reads the short stories and poems for form 4 and 2. While i am
reading, the time passed and the day ends with all the teachers go to the “surau” for Zohor prayer.

8 MARCH 2018

The day starts with special meeting with the male teachers only. It is because some students
are breaking the rules so the teacher need to take the actions so that the problem will not get
25 FEBRUARY 2018 (Sunday)

The first day practical at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Ibrahim (2) in Pasir Mas. I am really
excited to be coming back at my old school. Its like a dream comes true for me.