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Fall 2010

Little Kidz Klub

Little Kidz Klub is available for ages 3-TK. Our focus this year is to do ONE THING – help kids see and KNOW that God
Loves them. Once they see and know this reality – it seems all other learning will focus around that main point. We will
move into learning how Jesus wants to be their friend as well. We want to prepare them for the day when they trust him
as their Savior and Lord, and this main truth of knowing God loves them will bring them along on this journey! We have a
memory verse we will focus on each week - we really want to involve parents in the learning this year as well. So each
week we will email you a summary of the past lesson . We encourage you to take the time to read over this and try to do
one or two things throughout the week to help your little one build on what they learned on Sunday. The teaching team
consists of Becky Bilby, Anita Cirulis, Jill Verduin, Chris Henryson, Kari Ringelberg, Erin Johnson, and Susan Henrich.
We would love to have your little ones join us for an amazing Bible Journey!

Make sure to check out our BLOG

• quick reference to New Hope events That is about the best way to
• links to other cool sites sum up our first night of Kidz
• updated info Klub. We had a wonderful turn
• many good training resources out and we are excited to come
alongside you as you train your
children in the way of the Lord. We
have a number of great opportunities
The Kidz Klub group will
in the upcoming months to get to-
be meeting at Pumpkin
gether to have fun and to internalize
Land to take in the Corn
the truths of Scripture. Please take a
Maze. Our plan is to en-
moment to reserve some of these dates
joy the events at Pump-
on your calendar and also take a moment
kin Land and then have a
to pray for the many ministers who will be
hot dog and s’mores
making this year possible.
roast around the camp
fire provided at Pumpkin
When: Saturday, We would like to ask each of you to pray for God to
October 16 move in the hearts of the children this year. Please
Time: 5:00 PM pray that they will not only understand the truths that
Where: Pumpkin Land are taught but that they will come to trust and rely on
Corn Maze
Cost: Admission $5.00
be their only hope and joy.
and that they will find him to
know the God of scripture
them. Pray that they will
that they will then share this

for large Maze

relationship with Him and

love with the children of

(pay at Pumpkin-
Food Donation: $2.00 per

person to be paid at the
New Hope.

Come find your way out

of the maze and then join
us at the campfire. We
will have a signup over
the coming weeks just to work in their lives. That He will draw them into a close
get an idea on the tering to the children. Pray that the Spirit will move and
amount of food. We would also like to ask you to pray for those minis-
We will continue to work our
way through the study Snack s
“Jesus, What a Savior”.
— What does it mean to
become like Jesus?
This curriculum helps answer
these important questions by
explaining elements of the
Gospel message, its purpose, &
promise. We’ll focus heavily on
the doctrine of sanctification -
the process by which a Chris-
tian becomes more conformed Kidz Klub Calendar of Events
to the likeness of Jesus.
19-Sep Lesson 21 Using Your Abilities For God
26-Sep Lesson 22 Laying Up Treasures in Heaven
3-Oct Lesson 23 Guarding Your Heart
10-Oct Lesson 24 Honoring Your Parents
16-Oct Pumpkin Land
17-Oct Congregational Meeting (No Kidz Klub)
Stay tuned for updates on our Haiti Christmas 24-Oct Lesson 25 Loving Your Neighbor
Project. Details will be coming soon.
31-Oct Lesson 26 Loving Your Enemies

Hiding God’s Word in our Hearts

Jesus tells us in Matthew 4:4 that we are “not to live by The goal of Scripture memory is the long term internalization
bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the of the Word. We will be encouraging the children to not only
mouth of God. During our snack time we will be encour- memorize the verses from week to week but to keep reviewing
aging the kids to not only eat “bread/snacks” but to also verses from the past. We will have an opportunity for the
eat the “bread of God/scripture memory”. Could you kids to share their verses each week. We will track the num-
dedicate some time each day to review our weekly mem- ber of verses that are said and also give bonus points for
ory verses with your children? older verses that are still memorized. Our goal is that by the
end of the year the children will have a foundation of verses
I have read that our power to defeat the enemy and our
that they will carry with them throughout their lives.
sinful desires is directly related to the amount of God’s
Word we are consuming. The psalmist tells us that he Some of you may be asking “how can we keep all these verses
has “hidden God’s Word in his heart so that he might in our heads?” A rather simple way to do this is to review the
not sin against God.” We ask you to focus on this area new verse every night before going to bed. We have encour-
over the coming year. This year we will be memorizing a aged the kids to tape their lists beside their beds so they can
number of key verses throughout the Bible. remember to review them. After reviewing the current verse
they can review the verses from the previous weeks. You will
19-Sep Colossians 3:23
find this only takes about 5 minutes and is highly effective.
26-Sep Matthew 6:20-21 You can also review these verses at other times of the day,
3-Oct Proverbs 4:23 driving in the car, around the dinner table – whatever works
best for you.
10-Oct Ephesians 6:1
24-Oct Mark 12:31b
31-Oct Matthew 5:44-45a