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Fourth Grade County Report

Due Dates:

Signed and Returned Form: ___________________

Research Completed in Class by: _______________
Send Poster with Student by: __________________
Poster Completed in Class by: __________________
Presentation/Poster Due: _____________________
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Currently your student is in my class for science and history. One of the required 4 th grade
curriculum social studies units is to know about all the counties in Utah. We will be doing a
county project for the duration of this unit. Your child has chosen to do the county poster
below is information to help them succeed. The project is described below with a checklist on
the following page and a checklist proceeded by a rubric.

The project is completed mostly in class during this unit. Each student will research and
present one county that will be assigned to them. Students are responsible for:
- filling out the packet given to them in class to complete their research
- making a tri-fold cardboard poster.

We will have three in-class research days. I will give students information packets about their
county that they will use for research. Some information will need to be researched on their
own time at home. There is a lot of information that can be found online. The public library
has county books that could be used for additional research. The last page of this packet
includes a list of resources that you may use.

County Poster
Students will have four in-class poster-making days. Please send
a tri-fold poster (cardboard), some pictures, any typed
information, colored paper etc. with your student on or before
_________________ so they will have something to work on in
class. Students need to type their information at home to glue on
the board or use their best handwriting. These posters will also
be presented in class and again at our 4th grade County Fair. As
this is a major fourth grade project, high
quality work is
expected, however this should be the child’s
work. I have included a picture of an example high quality

Thanks for all your support! If you have any questions, please send an email. ~Mrs. Griffiths

________________________________ CUT HERE_____________________________________

Please sign and return by ________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: ______________________________________________________________________________

County Report Checklist
Part One
o Research packet completed. Every single question is answered. (This is
done mostly in class but also requires online research at home)

Please make sure to include all of the information below on your poster.
You can also add pictures or artifacts of your county to display on your
poster. Please make a list of your resources you used for research on the
back of your poster.

o Name of your County

o Area
o Population
o County Seat
o Interesting facts (at least five)
o History (at least ½ page written in paragraph form)
o Attractions/Points of Interest/Recreation (National Parks, monuments,
hiking, fun things to do, etc.)
o Natural Resources
o Jobs (What kind of jobs can you get in your county?)

Add at least 2 maps. (You can print them off, or you can draw them.)

o Map of Utah showing the location of

your county
o Map of just your county (The map
could include the county seat,
national parks or monuments,
physical features, etc.)
Student Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

County Report Rubric

Name: ______________________ County: ______________________________

Research Packet and Presentation

Points Received Total Points

Filled out packet 20

Presented all material 20
from packet to the class
Used a clear voice and 10
eye contact when
Total Points 50


Points Received Total Points

Included all key points

from packet on poster.
(Name of county, area,
population, county seat, history, 20
attractions, natural resources,
jobs, and at least 5 interesting

Used color 5
Was Neat and Organized 10
Two maps 10
Resources on the back 5
Total Points 50

Total Score 100


Provo City Library:

You can find folders with information about each county in Utah.
They are located in the children’s section and are available to look at
even if you don’t have a Provo City Library Card.

Springville Library:

They have a limited selection in the adult non-fiction section of the