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A. Fill in the blank to make a good sentences 12.

01 : 30
It is…..
1. A rabbit is belong to ………animal.
a. Half one past c. one past half
2. There is a dipper, soap, and……….in the
b. Past one half d. half past one
13. The students are having a biology lesson.
3. Ther are some pillow and boister in the…….
They are doing some experiments. They are in
4. There are some fruits and…. In the
a. Library c. canteen
5. My mother save her money in the….
b. Laboratory d. classroom
B. Choose one of the answer correctly 14. The day after Wednesday is….
a. Thursday c. Monday
1. We can write into number two thousand and
b. Sunday d. Friday
fourteen is…
a. 2004 c. 1994 This text for question number 15-18
b. 2014 d. 2010 Our living room is not big but comfortable. It has
2. We can write into number nineteen eighty one table and flour chairs. There is a vase of
eight is…… flowers on the table. A clock is hanging on the
a. 1988 c. 1998 wall. To the right of the clock, ther is calendar. On
b. 1999 d. 1899 the floor, in front of the television set, there is a
3. Friday is the….day of the week. rug with two cushions on it. In the corner of the
a. Second c. fourth room, there is small table with a cassette player
b. Thirtd d. fifth and some cassettes.
4. What month is last month of the year? 15. What is the writer’s living room like?
a. January c. July a. Small but comfortable
b. February d. September b. Big and uncomfortable
5. What is the last day of the week? c. Modern
a. Sunday c. Saturday d. Not so bad and comfortable
b. Monday d. Friday 16. The following are things in the writer’s living
6. There…..some books in my bag. room, except….
a. Was c. are a. a table c. a vase of flower
b. Is d. were b. some chairs d. a refrigerator
7. There….in the yard. 17. where is the clock?
a. Is two sheep c. are two sheep a. On the wall c. on the table
b. Is two sheeps d. are two sheeps b. On the floor d. on the chair
8. There are two vases….that table. 18. Where are the cassettes?
a. On c. at a. On a small table
b. In d. below b. On a cassette player
9. The plural form of foot is…. c. In front of the TV set
a. Foot c. feet d. Beside the rug
b. Foots d. feets
This text for question number 19-22
10. School usually a rising flag ceremony on….
Well every body,
a. Sunday c. Monday
I’d like to introduce you, my self
b. Tuesday d. Thursday
I am Mrs. Farida. My name is Farida Damayanti.
11. The plural form of mouse is…..
I am your Biology teacher
a. Mice c. moss
I live at Brigjen Katamso Street No. 25
b. Mouse d. mices
Okey. I think it’s all a. Fine, thank you c. how are
Thank you you?
19. The text is…. b. Thank d. how do
a. an announcement you do?
b. an invitation
c. an introduction 27. X : How old are you?
d. an advertisement Y :…..
20. Farida is……teacher a. I live in Jl. Hasanudin
a. English c. Math b. I study in senior high school
b. Biology d. History c. I come from Singapore
21. Where does she live? d. I am fourteen years old
a. At rose street c. at 28. Nella : What time do you go to school
Brigjen Katamso street everyday?
b. In Ahmad Yani str eet d. in Tiara : I usually go to school at….
Jenderal Sudirman street a. A quarter to six
22. Closing word based on the text above is….. b. A six o’clock
a. Okay c. I think it’s all c. Half past six
b. I think d. thank you d. Half past five
23. Andika : Hi, Rifky please meet my 29. … my friend
friend Dony. Dony this is my friend Rifky. a. She c. They
Rifky : How are you doing? b. You d. We
Doni :…? 30. Yeni : Hello Dwi. How are you?
a. How are you doing? Dwi : I am fine and…..
b. What’s up a. pleased to meet you
c. I am fine b. to please to meet you
d. How do you do? c. pleased to meets you
24. Rian : How do you do? My name’s Rian. d. please to meet you
I’m from Tegal 31. Fani : How do you do, Dina?
Luky :….? I’m Jimmy. From New York. Dina :……
I’m so pleased to meet you. a. I am fine c. How do you do
Rian : I’m pleased to meet you. b. Not bad d. I am oke
a. Very well thank 32. What is twenty minus five?
b. How are you? a. Ten c. Thirty
c. How do you do? b. Twenty d. Fifteen
d. I’am fine thank 33. Twenty-thirty-fourty-….
25. The bell rings. It ends the school day. You a. fity c. seventy
say….to your teacher. b. sixty d. eighty
a. Glad to see you here 34. How do you read 352?
b. Have to see you see a. Three hundred and fifty two
c. Goodbye, Mam b. There hundred and fourty eight
d. Good morning, Mam c. There hundred and fifty eight
26. Mr. James : Good morning, Sir. d. Three hundred and eigthy five
Mr. Robert : Good Morning
Mr. James : How do you do?
Mr. Robert :…….
35. Irvan : What time does the school end from Hanata : … name is Yes
Monday to Thursday a. Her c. His
Nana : The school and at b. Its d. My
a. A quartet to one 43. Adiana : is the girl attactive?
b. A quartet to twelve Hendi : No, she is not, ……is very ugly
c. A quartet past twelve body is shot and thin.
d. There o’clock a. her-she c. her-her
This text is for number 10-14 b. she-her d. she-she
Mrs. Hartati is my mother. She is a housewife. 44. Rere : Ira, this is Anisa
Her hobby is gardening. She has a garden behind Ira : Nice to meet you, Anisa
the house. It is not wide but clean. Annisa :……..
In her spare time, she always works in the a. Thank you c. Fine
garden. She plants some flowers like roses, thank
jamanes, orchids, sun flowers, and some other b. Nice to meet you d. I’m Ira
beautiful plants. She grows and waters them 45. Harry : May I borros your dictionary? I
everday. don’t bring mine today
36. The text is about…. Anita : Sure, Here it is
a. Mrs. Hartati c. some Harry : Thank a lot.
flowers Anita :….
b. gardening d. school a. Good bye c. Up to
garden you
37. How is her garden? b. You’re welcome d. Thank
a. bid and clean c. wide and big you
b. it is not wide but clean d. clean but wide
38. Where does she gardening?
a. behind the house c. under the
b. in font of the house d. at the
39. What flowers does she plant?
a. jasmine, lily, orchid
b. roses, jasmanes, orchid, sun flower
c. sun flower, water lily, rose
d. orchid, roses, jasmanes
40. When she does like doing her hobby?
a. leisure time c. this
b. everday d. last week
41. Henry : Are you Dani?
Hari : …..I’m Hari
a. Yes, Im c. No, I’m
b. No, I’m d. No,
You’re not
42. Salma : Hanata, what is your sister name?