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First Year, Commercial Communication

Reply to orders(Quotation letter):

1. Invite Interior decoration firm to submit a quotation for carrying out renovation work of your
computer centre.They are to submit designs for Interior decoration and to quote their terms separately
for painting in plastic Emulsion and for oil Distemper.

2. A pharmaceutical Product Company requires brown glass bottles of different sizes; they ask Borosil
Glass Works Ltd. to submit a quotation for the supply of 5,00,000 bottles to be supplied at their factory
in one month after the order is placed.

3. A retailer has requested you to supply 6 fax machines at 20% discount for a valued customer. Draft a
reply letter stating that the rate of discount cannot exceed 15%. Make an attempt to get the order.

4. You have received an urgent order for 25 Vacuum cleaners from a hotel. Owing to a rush or orders
there will be a delay of three weeks in delivering the goods. Write asking for extension of time.(order)

5. You had ordered 20 computers for a computer education class, to be opened shortly. A dispute
among the partners has forced postponement of the opening of the class. Write cancellation order
unless the vendor is prepared to hold the order until your classrooms are ready. (Cancellation )

6. You are a bulk supplier of electronic items- washing machines and Refrigerators.You have received an
order from a dealer of these items in the neighbourhood town.Write a letter stating the reasons as to
why the order cannot be executed.

7. Rajesh furniture has received an order for six steel cupboard, based on an old price list. Price has
increased by 10% since then. Write a reply saying that you are willing to supply goods at the old price, if
the order is worth more than Rs.10,000. ( Adjustment)

8. Write a letter to a Manager of a bank, complaining to him of the rude behavior of the cashier.Inform
him of your long standing as depositors.(Complaint Letters)

9. A customer shas bought a washing machine three months ago has complained that it is defective,and
demanded that it should be exchanged.Examination of the machine shows that the washing machine
programme has been changed midway during the process, thus causing damage to the programming
system. Draft a reply explain that the machine cannot be exchanged.

10. Write 50 one word substitute. (Ex. A disorder in which a person believes himself or herself to be
God or specially chosen by God-Theomania).

11. Write 50 Synonyms and Antonyms.

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