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A History of Modern Morocco

Susan Gilson Miller

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Online ISBN: 9781139045834

Hardback ISBN: 9780521810708

Paperback ISBN: 9780521008990


Glossary pp. 239-240

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Cambridge University Press

Glossary of Arabic Terms

qadl. pl. qudul notary

amin, pl. umana Government tax collector, overseer, head of a pro-
fessional corporation
qaskar nizami The modernized professional army of the later nine-
teenth century
baraka Mystical power of saints and sharifs; miracle-working abilities
bayqa Oath of allegiance to the sultan
bled (Ar., bilad) Countryside, rural area
dahir Royal decree
dhimmi A non-Muslim, Jew or Christian
fatwa Legal opinion issued by one of the ulama
fiqh Islamic jurisprudence
habous, hubus, habus Religious endowment in perpetuity
harka Military expedition to the interior
hectare (fr.) Piece of land of about 2.5 acres
hurm A sacred sanctuary
islah (pl. islahat) Reform, religious and political
jaysh, gish Tribal military contingents offered in return for tax exemption
khalifa “Deputy,” heir apparent to the throne
khutba The Friday prayer in the mosque
latif A prayer for divine intervention in times of distress
millah, mellah Jewish quarter of the Moroccan city
madina The old city, the walled section of a town
mahalla Army troop on the march
makhzan Lit. storehouse or treasury; in Morocco, makhzan signifies
the government or the state
marabout, (Ar. murabit) Holy man, saint


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240 Glossary

maks Non-Qurpanic taxes that raised popular resentment

mujahid Warrior in defense of Islam
mithqal Sum of money equal to ten dirhams (c. 1900)
pasha Governor of a large town
qaqid Governor of a rural area
salafi A member of the Muslim reform movement founded by
Muhammad qAbduh
shariah Islamic law
sharif, pl. shurafa Nobility; descendant of Prophet Muhammad
siba Dissidence, territory not under mahzan control
tabor A military unit of varying size, between three hundred and twelve
hundred men
tajir, pl. tujjar A member of the merchant class
tamazight The main dialect of Berber in Morocco
tanzimat The Ottoman reform movement of the nineteenth century
tartib A universal tax on wealth paid in cash
umma The Muslim community or nation
qushr, pl. aqshar Qurpanic tax of one-tenth on agricultural produce
zaqim Charismatic political leader
zakat A Qurpanic tax of 2.5 percent paid on capital goods and livestock
zawiya A religious lodge or retreat; a religious order

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