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Compare and


Comparing is when you are looking for similarities between two


Contrasting is when you are looking for differences between two


You can use a Venn diagram to help compare and contrast

characters, settings, and events while you read.

Key Words:
Compare: Contrast:
 Alike  Different
 The Same  However
 Similarly  But
 Both  Differences
 In Common  Whereas
 Also  While
Sentence Frame Activity:

Are you like your classmate? Have you ever compared and
contrasted yourself with your classmate? Do you like finding the
similarities and differences with him/her? My classmate,
_________________and I are both alike and different in many ways.

___________________ and I have many things in common. We

both____________________________________________. In addition, we
share the characteristic of ____________________. He/she enjoys
_________________just like me.

My classmate and I are different too. On the one hand

_______________ likes ____________________but I
enjoy_________________. Another difference is that I_________________
but_________________ does not.

Lots of people notice how they are the same and different from
their classmates. Although ____________and I share some things but
not others, we both love to learn in Mrs. Tussey’s classroom. It is
awesome getting to know my classmate.
Citing an Author
Why is it Important?
 Gives credit to author
 Shows the reader where you got your information
 Gives you (the writer) credibility which makes you more
 It is the law!

What should it look like?

 (Author Page #).
o Examples: (Tussey, 1) or (Ornoski, 7).
 Put punctuation after the citation
 Only use quotes around a direct passage
o Examples: Venus is also known as “the hottest planet”
(Ornoski, 7).

Do Write
 For instance…
 On page 5, …
 This quote shows that…
 According to the text…

Do NOT Write
 The book says… (a book can’t talk)
 My book… (only the author can say that)
 I think… (just say what it is)
 I will show you… (just do it)
1. Author. Date Published. Title of Book. Page
2. Author. Date Published. Title of Article. Website