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Mata Pelqaran : BAHASA INGGRIS
Han I tanggal : Rabu, 21 Februari 2018
: Pukul 07.00 - 09.00 WIB (120 menit)
1. Tulis nomorAnda pada lembar jawaban komputer (LJK)!
2. Periksalah dan bacalah soal-soal dengan teliti sebelum menjawab!
3. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yangAnda ar,ggap mudah!
4. Kerjakan pada LJK yang disediakan!
5. Hitamkanlah bulatan pada hurufjawaban yangAnda anggap benar dengan menggunakan pensil 28!
6. Apabila ada jawaban yangAnda anggap salah maka hapuslah jawaban yang salah tersebut sampai
bersih, kemudian hitamkan bulatan pada hurufjawaban lain yang Anda anggap benar!
a. sebelum di jawab A B C D

b. sesudah duawab A B C D

O O (D O
c. sesudah diperbaiki A B C D

O (D O O
Hitamkanlah salah satu bulatan pada huruf A, B, C, atau D yang Anda anggap benar pada Iembar jawaban komputer!

Read the text to answer questions I and,2. Read the text to answer questions 3 to 5!


Fia, I am sory I have to tell you that the meeting related to
the tour that we have planned before can'tbe carried out. yot.r p6$T-
The representative of the tour agent is still out of town. I ETAFBY (}PTI OI\XIS ETfE hI I !\CG
can'tsay when we will meet. Can you tell others? I will
contact you later. Nino. YtfEDhr EsEAy, NO\fEHEIES! !E)-nt, ztl-I €i
T=reg=m t"-ilt* :

l. The message is written to

lrlnr E+ffir_flffir# r,* -rFrE *lfr-rs
A. inform the cancellation of a meeting
B. let Fia know that there will be tour meeting
C. tell about the plan to reschedule of a meeting
D. report the absence of the personnel of the tour agent
Ttais rnrill tee a unique opportr-rnitSr for t^rHS
Secorrciar3r lW arrud V Farents and Strrcte,nts to
2. What will probably Fia do on receiving the message? rrreet rellrese rttati:ves of post-seconc*ar1r
A. Meet Nino as soon as possible. institutiotns (IGEGEPs, \focatienal Ed-, etc -)
B. Ask for sure the exact time of the next meeting. vvlrictr are of irrterest ts rmarl!/ tttHS strrcle,nts-
C. Wait for the representative of the tour agent to Yst-r rruill ber a,]rle tla fi,ncil out rfiore a'trrrr-rtthe
contact her. \rarietSr rnf mrosrarrrs r*lrl-ric,l-* are beirrp! crffi=l-ecI,
D. Forward the message to other members of the tour the adurrissirclr"rs,pelricisso t,lre prere rtrL^tis ites
committee. allc* ilTt{s re -

3. The text is written to ask WHS Secondary IV and V

Parents and Students . . ..
A. to join a celebration event to welcome the
representative of the post-second ary institutions
B. to know the variety of programs which are being
offered by the school
C. to attend a meeting with the representatives of post
secondary institution
D. to learn the admissions policies of second ary
4. The message of the announcement is that by attending 10. What will the candidate of the competitors do after
the event you will get .. . . reading the text?
A. Enrol in the competition.
A. a chance to know the representatives of post B. Start designing a T:shirt.
secondary institution C. Submit their T-shirt design.
B. detailed information related to programs offered by D. Confirm not to join the competition.
post second ary institution
C. explanation of the post secondary admission policies 1 1. The participants must be ready with their designs by 20
D. free access to study in the post secondary institution
May 2015 ... it is the deadline fbr submitting them.
A. so
5. " . . . the variety of programs which are being offered ,. . ." B. if
C. when
The underlined word is closest in meaning to . . .. D. because
A. awarded
B. granted Read the text to answer questions 12 to 13!
C. provided
D. presented

Read the text to answer questions 6 to 8!

Dear Meta, I planned to pick up aunt Bella at the airport
Y*u nrq spe'*inlh,ixvited t* *etr*brate Tanrrxn)rl & Taffii$ha"r #th ffiirthdey st T-KH
this afternoon but it seems I couldn'tmake it. My boss asks FS$-L.{1Erf"}#$l ilqrn^re jerin x* f',*rx fiall-fii}od tircr* *fjlimlBing* arx.wli.reg* clinlu*ing
me to meet an important client. Would you like to pick her and nt**y $1*r* rxrprisr.r*

up? Her flight will arrive at 4 p.m. Tell me soon. Fxrty llafet ls'e&{x;* #*3 t {Sarmday}
Far(y'[irxl*r ]-.$Spxsr tll *"{*#Fffir
Resti Fart3" liet:alsr 3*** frast C*sst Farkwat, #*t**s $in6xp*r,* *+ss?s
iH*xt tt tlurger King. ixhi*ri tr\'xrirhri&.trrtuurr_rrtii

6. What does Resti do? t* RS&'"FL*y So* &fay

A. A student. Flxm** text Apar*u at #$?3$s?S 3

B. A secretaty.
C. A teacher. La:*k Sprlvard trr xeeirrg y*ru tleerel

D. A director.
12. What is the purpose of writing the text above?
7 . What will Meta probably do on receiving the message A. To make people learn fun activity at birthday
above? celebration.
A. Call aunt Bella to ask her position. B.
To tell about Tanmayi and Tanisha 6'hbirthday.
To make people attend a birthday party.
B. Check aunt Bella'sflight schedule. D. To invite people to come to Polliwogs.
C. Contact Resti'sboss to cancel the meeting.
D. Confirm Resti whether or not she can do the 13. What will someone probably do on receiving the
message. invitation above?
A. Buy socks for all adults and children.
8. "Would you like to pick her up?" B.
Confirm his/her coming to Aparna.
Call Tanmayi and Tanisha soon.
The underlined word refers to D. Check the party location.
A. Resti'sboss
B. Aunt Bella Read the text to answer questions 14 to 16!
C. Resti
D. Meta
THE NEW J-82 You'lllike the smart
Read the text to answer questions 9 to 11! appearance of this new Buco jacket. Made
of garment quality steerhide, it is decorated
with highly polished, nickel plated high
dome bars throughout. Among its many
T-S}|IB.T Design Ccrrtpetition other features are a genuine Satendure
quilted lining, full action back, weather tight
ffisa e ffiffi #mw*#Sd'ffi6gr- #ffie$w# #gomwd36'm.***# tr*S&S'sq' zippered sleeves, and a new improved
tlesign rfiLr,st have a rnaxirnurrr *rf 3 colours arrrl completely redesigned belt.
neerls to be subrnitted hy 2(} May 2()15 ttr
eorrr petiti ons @drn,rcworld .sorrr
No. J-82

14. What does the writer write the text for?

A. To introduce a new jacket.
B. To describe a high quality jacket.
C. To persuade people to buy a jacket.
D. To make people to wear this new Buco jacket.

9. Where is this kind of announcement usually found?

A. On the billboard.
B. In the ncwspaper.
C. In the student textbook.
D. On the school announcement board.
15. Something catches our attention to this jacket is its .... Read the text to answer questions 20 to 22!
A. colour
B. appearance
C. strong zipper
D. redesigned belt

16. "Made of garment quality steerhide ..."

The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
A. a piece of clothing
B. a clothirrg ornament
C. a fashion rnodel
D. a kind of outflt

Read the text to answer questions 17 to l9I

flt*utsCIia,rtt,* faln,tm { ndir* Ptyr*m iqu,B

Award winning Euro- ',Sjs{## ffi l$*'rlsSfs.r*sr

style hotel with 24
unique guest roorns

Enjoy charming history

with modern luxuries in
the heart of Pittsburgh
Close to new
convention center,
stadiums, Cultural
District, Aviary, The
Warhol, Science
Center, river trails and

illtxtriti*m ila:rts
U*leur ffiiltrltiue
Fie,r 1 ul[:l+:lg]rji;'tr il Srrr:l]
t7. The text is directed to F*:r
i, ruili*e* ,i l#hl,* it * ill,lJ
A. travelers who want to enjoy a city life .-s, S*if;t Safu:'* The naturally sweet, mild flavor of our Sap is an
B. families who want to have peaceful atmosphere '$ua h*er * urttr:rl:i+lenmt
ideal sweetener for use on pancakes, waffles,

C. tourists who want to enjoy a beautiful scenery ffii*ries I f;aHmrfres 55 toastes, cereal, and all your favorite dessert
recipes. Coconut Sap can be used as a healthy

D. students who want to have outdoor activities Fai itipidier *u sweetner in coffees and teas.

l,+iitttutl*':t i'ilririti'lii
r*ilti J:i:i;i, 'lt 3;
'i,irr* 1l.r+

18. To attract the customers'attention, the hotel is described f;hu$rstrnt I f,h*l :rt*ru{il g When the coconut tree is tapped it produces a nutrient Ii:

as .... $*dierml $rdiulrq f* r:ng rich

that exudes from the coconul Uesssrns.

A. a building with high quality material This sap is very low glycemic (Gl of only 35), is
B. an easy access to many parts ofthe heart of Pittsburg furfunhfdr*tesifrfrurides l3q'tr'4%an abundant source of minerals, 17 amino acids, vitamin C, broad-spectrum B vitamins, and has a
an area with complete facilities for fun outdoor
l.:BtriL,Br.r,: !'ls
nearly neutral pH.
f ii;( l,LJlr;I +)i
i' ii:{ 4

D. the blend of traditional and modern building in the Frsti*n I Fr*t*rrter $,9
middle of a city '#-rllitr
,lti* lt-tl;,*r.i ilti rt i',rt'Ji)
i*1,: ijiti *t* il rtit,irii:if l:tl*i *.* l1*
'r'*iE trxi;,ri*tt*

:;;iiI *iir:r riir rq"qjr:rrIi: i,ir, ;:ili;iii;,i,i rl,+:i
19. "Award winning Euro-style hotel with 24 umque guest -- -- *w.e
rooms". ffiffiiil$iffi-- ,ilr

The underlined word is closest in meaning to

A. usual
B. unusual
C. remarkable
D. ordinary
20. It is important to read the label because we will know
that the product . . ..
A. has many functions for our health
B. is more nutritious than agave
C. contains 14% carbohydrates
D. has sweet taste

2l . What does the product contain most?

A. Carbohydrates
B. Cholesterol
C. Sodium
D. Fibre
22. "This very low gl),cemic is abundant source ofminerals."
The underlined word is closest in meaning to . . ..
A. rich
B. poor
C. lack
D. simple
Read the text to ans\ryer questions 23 to 25! 26. The pu{pose of the text is to describe the Great Pyramid
of Gizz....
A. to make people visit it
B. to make people preserve it
C. to highlight its attractions and functions
D. to give guidance to those who want to visit it
2l . The height of the Great Pyramid of Grza is decrease
because of ....
A. human being
B. the nafural phenomenon
C. the development of technology
D. the increasing number of population
28. On getting information of the Great Pyramid of Grza,
the readers will kno'w....
23. The text is written to .. . . A. why the pyramid should be visited
A. give support to someone B. what to do when visiting the pyramid
B. encourage someone to be a winner C. the best time to visit the pyramid
C. make someone achieve something great D. how to keep the pyramid in good condition
D. show appreciation to someone'sachievement
29. "It weighed about 20 tonnes and could easily be pushed
24. The rewards of your hard work and dedicated efforts open from the inside."
have been outstanding." The underlined word refers to ....
A. the Great Pyramid of Grza
The sender wants to say that . . .. B. Khufu'sfather'spyramid
A. something good is waiting C. grandfather'spyramid
B. it is important to work hard D. a swivel door

C. all the hard work has been repaid

Read the text to answer questions 30 to 32!
D. working hard is needed to achieve something
I was on a tour bus with my classmates. We were on
25. "Congratulation on your brilliant success". our way back to school after a long day visiting museums
The underlined word is closest in meaning to .... and an amusement park. No wonder we left very thirsty. So
A. usual we gave a big hurrah when two of our friends distributed
B. unique soft drinks. Soon the bus was noisy with gulping sounds.
C. important Everyone was enjoying his lher own drink. Everyone?
D. remarkable
Well, no ... I found the taste of the soft drink kind of funny.
Read the text to answer questions 26 to 291
It was sour. I felt suspicious and quickly looked for the
expiry date printed on the back of the cartoon. May 20!
The Great Pyramid of Gtzawas built as a tomb for the Gosh ...that was nearly two months ago. I stood uP, cleared
Egyptian pharaoh Khufu. It took approximately 20 years my throat and said, "Stop drinking! These soft drinks are
to build and has three burial chambers inside. When it was already expired. The expiry date is last May.
originally built (in approximately 2550 BC) it was almost "At once almost everyone stop drinking. Some of my
friends even threw their half empty drinks into the garbage
147 meters tall. Today, because of erosion, it is only about
bins along the bus aisle. Then I heard a voice shoutin5,
139 meters tall. If you visit Egypt today you can enter the
"you fool, that'sMay next yea\ not May this year!" Now
Great Pyramid through the Robbers'Tunnetr.
The Great Pyramid of Gtza is the oldest of all Seven everybody gave me a dark look. I felt terrible because I
Wonders of the World. This pyramid is the largest of all knew that we were still thirsty. I found out later that the
three pyramids that border El Grza, Egypt and it is also drinks tasted sour because they had a new lime flavour.
the largest pyramid ever built. The pyramid was built with
about 2.3 million stone blocks and it is thought to weigh 5 .
30. After the incident above, the writer may ....
A. be hated by his friends
9 million tonnes. The ancient name of the Great Pyramid B. be careful in consuming soft drink
of Giza was Khufu'sHorizon. This pyramid is the only C. check the truth before saying something
D. not check the expired date of the soft drink anymore
one in Egypt known to have passages inside that go up and
go down. If you wanted to visit the king'schamber you 31. The writer thought the soft drink has been expired
would have to walk down, all the way bent over. The Great because of its ....
Pyramid of Gtza once had a swivel door atthe entrance. It A. srze
B. taste
weighed about2} tonnes and could easily be pushed open C. texture
fiom the inside. On the outside it was very hard to find D. colour
because it fit perfectly. There are only two other pyramids 32. The writer would not reahze his mistake ... one of his
known to have had swivel doors. One was Khufu'sfather's friends read the coffect expired date on the label.
pyramid and the other was his grandfather'spyramid. A. although
The mortar that was used to build the pyramid cannot be B. because
C. unless
reproduced today. Even though it has been analyzed they D. when
still can'tmakeit. It is stronger than the stone that was used
to build the pyramid and is still in place today. There has
been no writing or hieroglyphics found inside the Great
Pyramid of Gtza.
Read the text to answer questions 33 to 36! 37 . What is the best title for the text above?
When inserting the SIM Card to cellphone, make sure that the A. Pandora box.
cellphone has been switched off and follow the direction bellow: B. A magic box.
C. The mighty Zeus.
. D. Pandora and Epimetheus.
First of all, press the locking catch and slide the cover then
lift it off the phone. 38. Why did The mighty Zeus warn the couple not to open
ffter that, push two catches in the oppcsite directions and the box?
remove the battery. A. A11 the bad things inside would fly away.
o \ext, slide the SIM card carefully into the slot and make sure B. There would no more hope for them.
C. There were valuable goods inside.
that the golden connect arson are facing to the connector of D. It contained magic things.
the phone.
. Then, put the battery and align it until snaps into its place. 39. The second paragraph is about . . ..
. Finally, insert the two catches ofthe back cover corresponding A. Pandora who was shocked to see and found the box
slot in the phone and slide the cover forward button of the B. Pandora who regretted to keep the box and let it
phone until locks into place. unlock
r pon't C. Pandora who wanted to check the box and let 'the
forget to switch on the cellphone. hope'wentout
D. Pandora who broke the promise and made bad thing
33 . The text is written to .... spread in the world
A. show how to turn on a cellphone
B. explain the steps to maintain the SIM Card 40. The story teaches us to . . ..
A. trust anyone
C. give guidance to insert the SIM Card to cellphone B. control yourself
D. tell about the importance of inserting the SIM Card C. obey your parents
to cellphone D. believe in God

34. What will happen if the golden connect arson are not Read the text to answer questions 4l to 441
facing to the connector of the phone? The word tsunami comes from the Japane se: tsu means
A. The cellphone won'tbe on. harbour and nami means waves. A tsunami is a series of
B. The card will not function.
C. The card will be broken. ocean waves that can travel over hundreds of kilometres
D. The cellphone will be broken. at a very high speed. They are hardly seen in the open
ocean, but when they reach the shallow water near the
35. If we don'tremove the battery,we won'tbe able to .... coast they get taller and taller up to 30 metres. The waves
A. connect arson to the connector of the phone are so powerful that they can destroy everything that gets
B. make the cellphone snap into its place
C. cover the forward button of the phone in their way.
D. put the SIM Card in the slot Tsunamis are created by earthquakes on the ocean
floor. The earth'scrustis made up of many plates that
36. "Put the battery and align it until snaps into its place". always move. Where such plates meet one of them may
(the 4th steps) move on top of the other. When a plate moves upward it
The underlined word refers to .... pushes the water above norrnal sea level. That is when a
A. the connector
B. the SIM Card tsunami is born.
C. the battery The energy ofthe earthquake creates waves thatspread
D. the slot into all directions very quickly. In the open ocean tsunamis
can reach a speed of up to 900 kilometres an hour. When a
Read the text to answer questions 37 to 40! tsunami approaches the coastline it slow,s down to maybe
According to old Greek legends, the mighty Zeus went 50 km an hour. The water has nowhere to go so it piles
to see Hephaestus and ordered him to make a woman out of up in some cases it gets taller than a ten-storybuilding. It
clay.They named the woman Pandora and made her alive. Then crashes onto the coast and destroys houses, beaches, roads
Zeus gave the woman to a young man named Epimetheus, without difficulty.
as his wife. Zeus gave the couple a box with a key with one
condition that they must never look inside. The young couple 4l . What is the text about?
agreed. A. The appearance and the strength of tsunami.
One duy,Pandora became curious to know what it was in B. The danger and the steps to handle tsunami.
the box. So when her husband slept, she quietly crept took the C. The formation and the height of tsunami.
key. She unlocked and opened the box. Pandora was shocked D. The cause and the effect of tsunami.
to know that the box held many bad things and all of them
could fly. But it was too late and all of them flew when she 42. The water is very high along the coastline when tsunami
opened the box. And the first to escape was anger, followed happens because ....
by pain, then jealousy, disappointment, greed and old age. A. it is trapped
B. its speed increases
Out flew measles, mumps, rubella, Bubonic plague, chicken C. it spreads into all direction
poX, Leprosy, hepatitus B, A11 escaped from Pandora'sbox. D. it crashes onto the coast
Pandora was horrified. What on earth had she done? Soon all
of the things had escaped, ... all, that is, except one. As she
peered into the box, she slowly became aware. A little thing
called <hope>) was still trapped in there. Pandora sighed and
let it go. She knew, if there was hope, then no matter what
else happened. The human race could cope.
43. What happens when the plates of the crust'searth bump Read the text to answer questions 48 to 501
into each other?
A. The water piles up and runs at speed of up to 900 There was once a crow who did not like his feathers. "I
km. wish I were a peacock!" he would say. "You are beautiful
B. The water is pushed up and creates tsunami. as you are!" the other crows insisted. "How plain and dull
C. The coastline will be full of waves.
D. They will be destroyed into pieces. you seem to me!" he complained and flew off to admire
44. Who will be interested to read the article above? The peacocks walked around with their colourful tail
A. Life guards who has to save swimmer in the beach. feathers outstretched. To the delight of the crow, some of
B. Students who like to learn natural phenomenon. the peacock feathers lay on the ground when the peacocks
C. People who like to go to the beach.
D. Scientist who like to learn sea life. left. Crow flew down to the ground and stuck the feathers
into his wings and tail. He attached a few sticking up
Read the text to answer questions 45 to 471 from his head. "Now I am as beautiful as a peacock," he
said. But, when he went to join them in their walking, the
Iguana is a type of hzard that lives in tropical areas of
peacocks punched him and hit him. What a fuss !
Central and South Ameri ca and the Caribbean. They were
"You are not apeacock," they said, "Don'timitate us !"
first described by Austrian naturalist Josephus Nicolaus
Laurenti in 17 68. Bruised and still dragging some broken peacock feathers
in his tatl, he returned home.
There are two different species of hzard: the Green
After all his insults, oo one wanted his company! As
Iguana and the Lesser Antillean Iguana. The two species
he sat alone, the other crows said, "It'sfoolish to try and
of lizard both have a dewl dp, zrow of spines runnirg down
be what you'renot. Learn to love the feathers you'vegot.
their back to their tail, and a third eye on their head. This
eye is known as the Parietal eye, which looks just like apale
48. The story is written to make the readers ....
scale on the top of their head. Behind their neck are small A. fell happy
scales which look like spikes, and are called tuberculate B. learn something
C. careful with their life
scales. They also have a large round scale on their cheek D. think of the animals'life
called a subtympanic shield.
Iguanas have excellent vision and can see long 49. In the story the crow was described as ... bird.
distances, shapes, shadows, color and movement. An iguana A. an over confidence
uses its eyes to navigate through trees and forests, &s well B. a less confldence
C. an irresponsible
as to find food. They also use their eyes to communicate D. a careless
with members ofthe same species. An iguana'sear is called a
tympanum. It is the iguana'sear drum and is found right ((
50. ... when he went to join them in their walking
above the subtympanic shield and behind the eye. This is a (par. 2 Line 7)
very thin, delicate part of the iguana, and is very important What does the word in bold refer to?
to its hearing. A. The peacocks.
B. The beautiful peacocks.
C. The other crows.
D. The peacocks and the crows.
45. The text is written to . . ..
A. explain how an iguana lives
B. tell about special parts of iguana'sbody
C. describe the survival ability of an igu ana
D. give detailed physical description of igu ana \

46. What is the function of the iguana'seyes?

A. To surviv.r and to communicate.
B. To communic ate and to reproduce.
C. To look at the enemy and find food.
D. To run away and to flnd partners.
4J . also use their eyes to communicate with members
of the same species".
From this statement we can say that when an iguana
communicate with others, it will . . ..
A. make noise sound
B. move around fast
C. activate its body
D. keep silent