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O u r G l o b a l T e a m

We are one global firm, with 4,800

individuals from varied backgrounds,
working collaboratively across 39
offices in 26 countries. Our teams
have delivered lasting results to more
than 4,100 companies worldwide.
Bain delivers results around the world.

Amsterdam 8 Chicago 32 Helsinki 17

Atlanta 30 Copenhagen 17 Hong Kong 23
Beijing 23 Dallas 33 Ibérica 13
Boston 31 Dubai 10 Johannesburg Not shown
Brussels 9 Düsseldorf 11 Kyiv 15
Buenos Aires 38 Frankfurt 12 London 16
Los Angeles 34 New York 36 Shanghai 23
Melbourne 22 Palo Alto 37 Singapore 26
Mexico City 35 Paris 18 Stockholm 17
Milan 14 Rome 14 Sydney 22
Moscow 15 San Francisco 37 Tokyo 27
Munich 12 São Paulo 38 Toronto 39
New Delhi 24 Seoul 25 Zurich 19
Bain commands broad and deep expertise.
Industrial Goods Consumer Products Retail
& Services
Bain’s Industrial Practice Bain has helped the majority Bain has worked with leading
Global spans the globe, encompassing of the top 50 global consumer retailers around the world to
Expertise every major business subsector. products companies increase create winning concepts, tar-
We help industrial clients grow profits and build value. We geted consumer offerings,
their value by successfully invented the High Road/ improved store operations and
At Bain, we command combining new economy Low Road category strategy optimized product sourcing
broad and deep expertise tools, innovative strategies approach, and pioneered the strategies. Bain’s leading-edge
across every economic and traditional operational Innovation Platform concept approaches include Localization
excellence. Our deep experi- to improve odds of successful and BothBrainSM Innovation
sector and region of the
ence, insights and analytical innovation. Using proprietary to enhance consumer loyalty
world. Our consultants
tools have shown companies tools and fact-based analysis, and improve store productivity.
draw on this experience how to jump-start profitable Bain rejuvenates brand growth, Our Retail Practice has part-
base to help clients beat growth, break into emerging improves operations and nered with the World Economic
their competition and markets and optimize their designs high-performance Forum on its Innovation in
achieve exceptional global operations. organizations to support Retail initiative.
winning strategies.
financial returns. Our
clients outperform the
market 4 to 1.

Bain is the market

leader in private equity.
We wrote the book on
customer loyalty strategies. Telecommunications, Financial Services Healthcare
Our innovative approach Media & Technology
allows consumer products
Bain’s Telecom/Media/Tech Bain helps the world’s leading Bain works with healthcare
companies to tee up big
(TMT) Practice shows companies financial institutions navigate clients worldwide, helping
wins—over and over. how to defend old markets, relentlessly challenging market them deliver innovative products
We are a strategic enter new ones, improve conditions to achieve their full and solutions in environments
partner of the World performance, control costs potential. We help clients in of increasing price pressure.
Economic Forum. and profitably invest resources. all major sectors of financial Our experts drive results in
Our TMT teams help clients services develop winning projects spanning hospitals,
understand the implications strategies, maximize customer doctors, multinational pharma-
At Bain, we are not of technology evolution and relationships, enable their ceuticals, emerging biotechs,
trapped in any single how to capitalize on the organizations and harness medical device companies,
inevitable resulting market operations and IT to drive intermediaries and medical
industry’s traditions.
disruptions. We’ve worked profitable growth. Bain has suppliers. We’ve helped them
Our experts possess
for more than half of the 50 worked with the majority enter new markets, manage
perspectives from a largest TMT companies. of the Fortune top 50 R&D, improve operations and
wide range of industries financial institutions. enhance customer loyalty.
and business models.
The result: We offer
a global reach with
local experience.

BothBrainSM is a service mark of Bain & Company, Inc.

Strategy Mergers & Organization 8,000
Bain helps companies find the Bain offers a unique approach In an increasingly complex
next wave of profitable growth to gain strategic advantage world, Bain helps build organi-
Our clients
in turbulent economic times. through M&A, including zations that allow businesses
Growth strategy is a core product 1) a proprietary approach to to act with speed and flexibility.
and accounts for more than 30% diligence, used by top PE We have completed more than
the market
of our global strategy business. firms 2) tailored integration 1,500 organizational assignments 4 to 1
Bain focuses on growth in terms focused on “value drivers” worldwide in the last five years.
of revenue, cash flow and 3) a unique perspective on Bain has developed tools to
shareholder value, all of which human capital 4) expertise improve effective decision 4,000
are needed for sustainable, in cross-border deals. We’ve making: Our High-Performance
profitable performance. Bain’s screened more than 30K targets Scorecard allows companies to
unique approach is illustrated and supported hundreds of benchmark themselves against Bain
in Chris Zook’s trilogy: Profit integrations across all indus- more than 1,000 businesses in clients
from the Core, Beyond the Core tries, ranging from deals Bain’s database.
and Unstoppable. involving the Fortune 50 to
smaller “tuck-in” acquisitions.

S&P 500
80 90 00 07

Note: Calculation and data attested to by

PricewaterhouseCoopers through December 2007.

Performance Private Equity Customer Strategy & Information

Improvement Marketing Technology
Bain takes a holistic and sys- Bain started the private equity Bain is the recognized world Bain takes a holistic approach
tematic view of performance consulting business and is its leader in developing customer to IT. Our IT work starts with
improvement to achieve opera- largest provider worldwide. loyalty-based strategies that a comprehensive understanding
tional excellence. We are able We work on half the large improve performance. We of our client’s business strategy
to unlock large sources of transactions and with more unlock growth through unique and desired results, which
value by optimizing operations than two-thirds the capital customer insights and innovative creates a foundation for IT to
across functions and interfaces globally—helping our clients products that target high-value be effective and aligned tightly
in addition to looking for achieve superior returns. We customers. The Wall Street with the business. Our IT
improvements within each put our money where our Journal best seller, The Ultimate work is objective—Bain has
functional specialty. The bene- mouth is—we invest in com- Question, teaches companies no vested interest in IT imple-
fits are lasting—our major panies on which we perform how to use Net Promoter ® mentations. Bain is one of
clients achieve an average of due diligence and trade equity Score to turn customers into the few firms that does IT due
15% revenue growth and 7% for fees in companies we promoters who generate profits diligence, IT turnaround and
margin improvement. advise post-acquisition. and sustainable growth. IT post-merger integration.

Net Promoter Score® is a registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc.,

Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems. 5
Europe, Middle East and Africa

• Amsterdam
• Brussels
• Dubai
• Düsseldorf
• Frankfurt & Munich
• Ibérica
• Italy: Milan & Rome
• Kyiv & Moscow
• London
• Nordic: Copenhagen, Helsinki & Stockholm
• Paris
• Zurich

• Est. in 1998
• Located in Amsterdam’s
tallest building
• Each day the office gathers to Expertise
share lunch in the cafeteria
Chris, strategy guru
A best-selling author, Chris’s first book, Profit from the
Core, explains how companies can locate and profit from
their core businesses. He followed that with Beyond the Core: Expand Your
Market Without Abandoning Your Roots and, most recently, Unstoppable:
Finding the Hidden Assets to Renew the Core and Fuel Profitable Growth.

Sarphati Park
r Pa
rk S Client Challenge
O oste Ooster Park
n 1 E.
r baa
ntuu Mobile Telecom Co. was an unprofitable follower seeking to gain share


Tol St. tS
at in a maturing market.



Ferdinand Bol St.


Mr. Treublaa Office

t. S

Martin Luther
• Focus on customer segments and distribution channels that best fit the
King Park Amstel Station

President Kennedy Ln. er

ald company’s value proposition
l Riv W
Zorgvillet st e eg • Optimize customer interactions to deliver the right products and services
to the right segments
Ringweg Zuld
• Achieve cost parity with best practice comparables

Our Work
Revenue growth (indexed) Profit growth (indexed EBITDA)
Top industries 100 100
100 100
1 Telecom/Media/Tech 80
2 Consumer Products 60
3 Healthcare 40
4 Industrial Goods & Services
0 –100
5 Private Equity Before case After case Before case After case

Outside the Office “The Amsterdam office combines big clients and big cases
Joost, saxophonist with Bain’s laidback atmosphere.”

Joost plays in a local jazz band —Fleur, consultant

and is a founding member of
Amsterdam’s Big Bain Band.
Sander Koster, adviser—Nigeria gas Royal Dutch Shell
Geert Postma, managing director Aletra Capital Partners
Philippe Thibaut, general manager SigmaKalon Group
ArieWillem van Doorne, COO Bikkair
Alexander Wouterse, vice president Hagemeyer

• Est. in 1990
• Located in the heart of Europe’s capital
• Works for local Bel20, midcaps and
international HQs and funds

Nicolas, consumer products expert
Nicolas coauthored “How Do Leaders Drive Category
Growth?” Looking at more than 200 consumer products
companies, Nicolas explained that the most valuable
products are category leaders in the premium segment.
“I chose Bain
Brussels for its
strong competitive Philippe, authority on CEO success
position, growth, Philippe interviewed the heads of 157 multinationals for
highquality work and, most his book, Maximum Leadership, in which he describes
importantly, for its people.” the five strategies for success employed by the world’s
—Eduard, manager leading CEOs. Prior to Bain, Philippe was the CEO of
ADB, a Siemens electronics company.

“I joined the Brussels office

because it was a fast-growing
Client Challenge
business, in the middle of Europe,
and had a lot of connections with Food Co. suffered from low profitability and growth, with unsuccessful
other European ventures in new geographies and noncore businesses.
offices.” Recommendations Profit (indexed)

—Sabine, • Achieve full potential of core 5

consultant business; decrease new
venture activity 4

• Reinforce innovation pipeline

Outside the Office • Improve execution of geographic

Brussels office, expansion 2

Bain World Cup host Results 1
Brussels hosted more than 550 • Revitalized revenue growth from
employees from 29 offices for the 0% to 8% in five years 0
Year 0 Year 5
20th annual Bain World Cup
soccer tournament.
Louis Amory, managing director Maisons Blavier S.A.
Jérôme Lamfalussy, partner ECapital
Dirk Feyants, general manager, accessories & supplies SigmaKalon Group
Robert Fontaine,
head of marketing office & customer valuation Mobistar
Peter Grypdonck, managing director Belgium eBay, Inc.

• Est. in 2007
• Located between the Palm Deira
and the World Islands
• Prior to opening in Dubai, served
Middle East out of Paris for more
than 10 years

Expertise Client Challenge

JeanMarie, Consumer Products Co. had achieved more than 60% market share and
veteran in the high profit margins. The company questioned whether it should diversify to
Middle East sustain doubledigit growth.
Jean-Marie has led more than Recommendations
40 Bain cases in the Middle East
and in countries of the Gulf • Grow core business to full potential (vs. diversifying)
Cooperation Council. He has • Improve instore execution and build per capita consumption
worked with government bodies, • Transform the category from value to premium
private equity firms, local businesses Results
and multinational corporations.
• Abandoned aggressive diversification plan

Consumer Products Co. net profit

Outside the Office $125M 25 123

Naji, map collector

100 16
Naji collects antique maps, 7
75 24
specializing in maps of the
Middle East. One of Naji’s 10
favorite maps measures distance 34
in days of camel rides. 25

2006 Availability Population Per capita Market Price Cost 2015
Actual consumption share Forecast

“Bain Middle East gives me the opportunity to be part of a

fast-expanding office in a region with staggering growth.
It stimulates my entrepreneurial spirit while exposing me to
unique opportunities.” —Mazen, consultant

“Dubai, where only 8% of the population is native to

the area, is an incredible place to gain a multicultural
experience.” —Cyrille, manager


• Est. in 2003
• Located downtown next to the
Rhine River
• Fridays BBQs on the outside terrace

“In the everchanging project environment, Düsseldorf’s

supportive and informal culture is a comforting constant.”
—Inga, consultant

“Being part of a young office in the highly competitive

German consulting market is energizing and rewarding.”
—Christoph, consultant

Client Challenge

Historically, Personal Care Co. drove sales growth through acquisition.

With declining acquisition opportunities, the company required 4.5%
organic growth to remain competitive.

Alumni—German practice • Achieve portfolio transparency to identify opportunities
• Focus on most attractive geographic markets
Other • Prioritize investments in growth by brand
Blue Chip Organic growth

60% 8%

Small/Medium Enterprises
6% Growth exceeded target
4% 4.5% 4.5%


Company type 0%
Target Year 1

Outside the Office

Henrik, partner and office head of Düsseldorf,
member of Young global Leaders (YGL)
Henrik meets with the global network of YGL on a regular
basis. YGL was initiated by the World Economic Forum to tackle
large-scale problems, such as poverty and global warming.

Frankfurt & Munich;

• Est. in 1982 (Munich) and
2007 (Frankfurt)
• Located in Munich’s city center at
the Stachus; in the Westend Duo,
near Frankfurt’s opera house
• Bain’s fifth-largest office (Munich)
and one of the newest global
offices (Frankfurt)

“The Munich office is an impressive success story. We’ve

had double-digit growth over the last six years in a com
petitive market.”
—Alexander, manager

Outside the Client Challenge

Auto Co., an independent subsidiary of a leading manufacturer, suffered from
Ricarda, significant and increasing operational losses from its small-car business.
instructor Recommendations

Together with her sixsibling crew • Realign business model to focus on strategic core
team, Ricarda regularly partici • Phase out unprofitable vehicle lines
pates in regattas all over Europe. • Restructure operations across entire value chain
• Integrate small-car business into Auto Co.

Our Work Results

Operating profit $700M in profit improvement
Top industries
1 Industrial Goods & Services & Automotive

2 0
Financial Services

3 Telecom/Media/Tech 200

4 Private Equity

Ingo, 800
Before case Phaseout Restructure Integrate After case
and banking
Ingo has worked with all the
Dr. Markus Conrad, CEO Tchibo GmbH
major German-based insurance
Dr. Christian Illek, board member Deutsche Telekom, AG
companies. He regularly hosts
Mirjam Schöning Naujoks, director Schwab Foundation for
Bain’s Insurance Lounge and
Social Entrepreneurship
Banker’s Lounge, bringing
Christian Stahl, partner Apax Partners
together c-level experts to discuss
Dr. Theodor Weimer, head of Unicredit Markets &
the latest industry trends.
global investment banking Investment Banking

• Est. in 1994
• Located in the Puerta de
Europa Towers
• Advised ~70% of Ibéria’s large
private equity transactions

Our Work Community Service

Top industries

1 Telecom/Media/Tech

2 Private Equity

3 Consumer Products

4 Energy & Utilities

5 Transportation Services

Outside the Office “After 20 years at Bain and working from six offices across
Teresa, corporate mother our three regions, I came to Madrid for the opportunity to
grow the business in Spain and Portugal.”
—Matthew, partner

Client Challenge
Teresa balances running Madrid’s Home Appliances Co. had only grown at market levels, and recent
Private Equity Practice with her performance had deteriorated due to store openings by top competitors.
other passion: her family. Teresa
and her husband have two
children, ages three and four. • Identify priority customer segments
• Determine strategic product categories and redefine positioning
• Optimize marketing spending; improve storeopening performance
Jordi, outdoor enthusiast • Improve inventory management and reduce outofstock items


• Enhanced sales by 27%

• Increased gross margin by 8%
EBIT (indexed)
400 350
Since joining Bain four years ago, 300
Jordi has hiked the Himalayas, 200
mountain biked in the Andes, –100
skied in the Arctic Circle and
run the New York Marathon. Before case After case

Italy: Milan & Rome

• Est. in 1989 (Milan) and 1991 (Rome)
• Located near the Duomo Cathedral
in Milan; in the heart of the Parioli
district in Rome
• Consulting market leader in Italy

Torino St.
pa St.

Duomo di Milano




i St


Claudia, luxury goods and fashion expert
Claudia developed a database, “Luxury Goods Worldwide
Corso Italia

Crocefisso St.

Park of the
Market Observatory,” that has become one of the most
Basillicas delle A
Basilica di rmi St. valued and studied market sources in the international
San Lorenzo
luxury goods industry.

Our Work
“Bain is an informal environment where everyone’s opinion
Top industries
is valued. I appreciate that my contribution counts more
1 Financial Services
than my seniority.” —Caterina, associate consultant
2 Consumer Products & Retail

3 Telecom/Media/Tech
Client Challenge
4 Energy & Utilities SKUs SKUs reduced...
Grocery Co. was struggling to strike 100% 100
5 Mergers & Acquisitions
a balance between low price and 50%

product selection to meet dynamic 0%

Before After
customer needs.
Outside the Office Inventory days ...inventory days decreased
Recommendations 100% 100
Francesco, life coach
• Develop new concept store 50% 40
A member of the International • Reduce SKUs 0%
Before After
Federation for Family • Focus on private label growth
Development since 1996, Sales ...and sales improved

Results 150%
Francesco devotes weekends to 100
helping couples reach a bal • Decreased SG&A costs by 40%
ance between work, personal • Increased EBIT by 36% Before After

and social engagements.

Franco Baronio, managing director Banco Popolare
Paolo Bertoluzzo, CEO Vodafone Italy
Francesco Conte, managing director BC Partners
Alessandro Profumo, managing director & CEO Unicredit Group
Fabio Vaccarono, managing director Sole 24 Ore System
Kyiv & Moscow;

• Working with clients in the region
since 1990
• Located in Kyiv’s Renaissance
Business Center; in Moscow’s
Lotte Plaza Outside the Office
• Team is a mix of Ukrainian, Russian Orest, choir singer
and other foreign nationals
Orest enjoys singing Ukrainian and European
classical music in a choir. For the past decade,
he has performed on all the classical stages
Obser vatorn

go S
t. Square in Kyiv. After Orest joined Bain, he continued
by nsko
K otsyu to follow his passion and has never missed
Yu. St.
a rehearsal.

Kyiv Office sk







Client Challenge


a ra
National Circus
o nch Chapayeva
of Ukraine
aH Bank Co. sought to establish leadership in an emerging Eastern
Ol B. Kh
Perem Kyiv Drama ytsko
go S
European market. Aiming for 10–15% market share, Bank Co. would
ohy A Theatre “Bravo”
have had to outperform the market’s sharp growth continuously.
New Arbat
Moscow • Modernize HR and stabilize staff • Boost sales through marketing
• Fill branches via new products • Restructure and focus network
y Pereujck
Novinskiy Blvd.

Kremlin Metro Station • Rated by a leading global finance magazine as top bank in an
emerging market one year after working with Bain

Russian Ministry
of Foreign Affairs “The influence I have seen Bain lend to the growth and
Smolenskaya Ulitsa
development of Ukraine's businesses is inspiring.”
—Anatoliy, consultant
Yury, foreign
“Being part of Bain Moscow's opening has been an
enlightening rollercoaster ride. My level of contribution
as an AC is exhilarating.”
The Ukrainian national TV
—Nadya, associate consultant
channel frequently interviews
Yury as a leading expert on for-
eign investments. Recently Yury Alumni
served as the keynote speaker at Vladimir Bernstein, CEO Real Estate Development Group
the international conference, Aleksey Karavaikin, vice president TNKBP, Investment Governance
“Attracting Investments into Mark Magaletsky, principal banker EBRD
Ukrainian Companies.” Vsevolod Rozanov, vice president & CFO Mobile TeleSystems
Alexander Savin, CEO A1 Group

• Est. in 1979
• Located in the heart of London
• 25 nationalities represented
• Johannesburg is a London satellite

James, strategy expert
James leads Bain's Global Strategy Practice.
Throughout almost 20 years at Bain, James has worked
with over 30 global companies to develop and deliver
sustainable, profitable growth strategies. He is the
author of numerous articles on growth, and is the
coauthor of the bestseller, Profit from the Core.

Community Service
Client Challenge Results
Three-quarters of the London office
has provided more than 3,000 hours Department Store Co. was losing Operating margin
to Bain’s community service programs.
share and saw its profits declining. 12%

Recommendations 10 9.3%

• Redefine product offering 8

based on consumer insight

6 5.5%
• Expand store footprint by 40%
• Reallocate 20% of space in
existing stores 2
• Restructure buying and
Outside the Office merchandising operations; Year –2 Year 0 Year 5
Revenue Start of Bain
implement new category growth support
Nick, founder of the Department
management tools +6% +9%
Jennie Marsh Trust Store Co.
Competitor +9% +3%
While at Bain, Nick established
a charity to support African
orphan care and education.
Fourday weeks, several leaves “I’m given the opportunity to challenge myself every day.
and a transfer to Johannesburg The only ceiling is my own aspirations.”
have helped Nick serve his cause. —Natalie, consultant

Deborah Cornelius, director of strategy Burberry
Stuart Gent, executive vice president Bain Capital
Murray Hennessy, CEO Avis Europe
Rob Moffat, strategy manager Google
Jon Wright, founder Innocent
Nordic: Copenhagen, Helsinki & Stockholm

• Est. in 1994 (Stockholm), 2006
(Helsinki) and 2007 (Copenhagen)
• Located in the city centers of
Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm
• 16 nationalities represented; working
language is English

“The environ
Client Challenge
ment at Bain
Nordic is one Global Manufacturing Co.
that constantly needed to overhaul its supply
challenges me chain to improve cash utilization
and provides and profitability.
new learning opportunities every
day.” Recommendations

—Staffan, manager • Improve product specifications

• Identify lowcost sources in
China and Russia
“Team spirit here is very strong. • Consolidate suppliers;
I was made to feel a welcome employ indirect purchasing
member of the team from day one.”
• Renegotiate contracts to
improve lead time
• Upgrade and restructure
equipment base

• Delivered threeyear road

Outside the Office Our Work map to achieve savings
Anders, French horn Top industries Target savings
musician $400
1 Industrial Goods & Services
Anders has played the French
2 Private Equity $300
horn since he was a child. He
studied music in Gothenberg and 3 Telecom/Media/Tech
then played with the Dutch 4 Financial Services
Philharmonic Orchestra. Since $100
5 Consumer Products & Retail
joining Bain, Anders keeps up
his love of music by maintaining 6 Healthcare
a regular practice schedule.

Tomas Ekman, partner 3i
Jonathan Kimber, global supply director Oriflame
Tarjei MellinOlsen, founding partner Medici Corporate
Tero Telaranta, vice president Cargotec
Per Waldemarsson, managing director Brokk

• Est. in 1985
• Located near the Champs Elysées
• Fitness center and concierge services
provided, including event booking
and laundry services

Client Challenge

Global Tool Co. asked Bain to help it acquire French Tool Co.
Margin potential and integration challenges were major concerns.

Recommendations Equity value of acquired

company (indexed)
• Focus on high-value drivers by: 2.5X 0.2 2.4
– enhancing revenue through cross selling 0.4
and business expansion 0.4

– leveraging synergies achievable in 1.5 0.4

Expertise purchasing, manufacturing, logistics 1.0
Paris leadership, and SG&A
growth experts – establishing go-to-market strategies for 0.5

Fifteen partners each country 0.0

• Manage cross-border cultural gap with


Operations synergies

Sourcing synergies

SG&A synergies

Revenues synergies

and managers
published a five- intensive communication
week series on
“The Art of
Growth” for Les • Integrated teams successfully
Echos, a leading French daily • Secured ongoing business during the integration process
business newspaper. • Achieved 75% of two-year synergy target in first six months

“There is an open dialogue in Bain Paris. Issues are raised

Outside the Office
candidly and resolved by our leadership.”
Laurence, philanthropist —Ada, manager
Laurence heads up Action “The Paris office is dynamic, diverse and challenging. The
Solidarité Pays Oubliés, an intellectual demand is high and prompts you to deliver the
organization that sponsors best you possibly can.”
education and childhood nutrition
—Alexandra, consultant
projects in countries like Haiti
and Mongolia. Alumni
Catherine Baton,
financial controller & business planning Danone France
Evrard de Montgolfier, development director Artémis
Bernard Gautier, managing director Wendel Investments
John Perkins,
senior director, Northern & Southern Europe Apple Computer Europe
Pauline Quéré, senior director product Carlson Wagonlit Travel


• Est. in 1998 “At Bain Zurich, people can make things happen quite
• Located in a historic, early easily. If you have a good idea, you’re encouraged to go
1900s building out and do it!”
• Sponsors enjoyable office-wide
—Miltiadis, manager
events, such as ski trips

Community Service
“The Zurich office offers a great balance between
Bain Zurich worked with the CEO
international, stateoftheart strategy consulting with
of Job Factory, a nonprofit that offers
top clients and a downtoearth, small-office culture.”
apprenticeships to disadvantaged
teens, to develop a franchise model to —Isa, consultant
scale the business across Switzerland.

Markus Binkert, managing director Swiss International Air Lines
Dr. Holger Müller, strategy director Novartis Pharma
Stephan MüllerKniestedt, CEO Unic AG
Aymeric Sallin, founder & managing director NanoDimension
Janet Voûte, CEO World Heart Federation

Client Challenge Share price (indexed)

Power Co. was near collapse due $25

to noncore portfolio investments

and numerous reorganizations. Power Co.'s share
Josef, global 20 price grew >15x since
Estimated impact of asset destruc implementing Bain's
strategy recommendations
tion was $40B.
expert Recommendations
Josef imparted the four key suc- • Refocus on core business
cess factors for global expansion • Invest in key segments

in his article “Making Foreign

and geographies
Moves Pay Off,” which provides
• Divest noncore assets 5
reasons for the 60% failure rate
and reveals the success drivers Results
for the companies that achieve
• Added $47B to market cap 0
profitable foreign growth. 0 1 2 3 4 5


Asia Pacific

• Australia: Melbourne & Sydney

• Greater China: Beijing, Hong Kong & Shanghai
• New Delhi
• Seoul
• Southeast Asia: Singapore
• Tokyo
Australia: Melbourne & Sydney

• Est. in 1989 (Sydney) and
2000 (Melbourne)
• Located in the central business
districts of Sydney and Melbourne
• Hosted 100 transfers in the last
two years

Greg, social entrepreneur

Greg became the founding CEO of the Australian

Charities Fund (ACF) while continuing his client
work. More than 160 organizations have benefited
Our Work
from funding, skills and corporate resources as a
Share price (indexed) result of Greg’s and ACF’s work.

Client Challenge
After a period of growth, Wine Producer Co. faced an oversupplied
market and performance challenges, resulting in disappointing profits
Bain clients
and margins.

7 Recommendations

• Align brands and costs with price segments

5 • Turn around sales performance in key export markets
• Rationalize wine-making, bottling and distribution assets
Shares on ASX
3 Results
Annual profit improvement (indexed)
1 2.5X
0.2 2.1
2.0 0.7
1994 2000 2007
1.5 0.3
Outside the Office 0.5
Damien, marathoner Before case Brand and cost Export Supply chain After case
alignment turnarounds rationalization
Transfers to several Bain offices
enabled Damien to compete in
races on four continents. His “The leadership team shares details about all aspects of
best marathon time is two hours, office performance on a regular basis, which helps us feel
26 minutes. like we’re all contributing to the running of the business.”
—Catherine, consultant

“With a steady flow of folks on international transfer, our

offices are like the United Nations—but with a distinctly
Australian flavor.” —Michael, partner

Greater China: Beijing, Hong Kong & Shanghai;;

• Est. in 1988 (Hong Kong), 1993
(Beijing) and 2004 (Shanghai)
• Located in Hong Kong Central, in
Beijing’s Central Business District and
on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai
• Work with clients in over 30 industries

“Working at Bain Hong Kong provides infinite learning

opportunities and the chance to develop and grow with
very talented people.”
—Quincy, consultant

“Bain’s strong Private Equity Practice has given me the

Community Service opportunity to work with top global funds and preIPO
firms across industries. I’ve quickly established a robust
understanding of the Asian markets.”
—Xuan, consultant

Client Challenge
Outside the Office
Financial Services Co. had a singleproduct, singlechannel business.
Peter, outrigger canoer
The company was losing share and agents.
Peter paddles two nights and
one morning a week. He and
his team compete annually in the • Implement a major customer retention program
outrigger canoe world champi • Enhance product offering
onships—a seven-hour • Initiate retentionbased compensation; develop a new agent model
endurance race that requires • Strengthen executive leadership team; equip with a clear vision
surfing Hawaii's 20-foot waves.

• Reduced customer churn by 50%

• Improved agent retention
Shareholder value (indexed) Increased shareholder value
by 60% in 3 years
Our Work 150
100 100
Top industries
1 Industrial Goods & Services
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
2 Consumer Products

3 Telecom/Media/Tech
Top capabilities Jim Hildebrandt, managing director Bain Capital
1 Strategy Cecilia Ho, general manager International Paper
Jason Hu, vice president CDH Investments
2 Mergers & Acquisitions
Jian Pan, vice president MBK Partner
3 Customer Strategy & Marketing Rick Yan, CEO
New Delhi

“I value the entrepreneurial spirit of the New Delhi
• Est. in 2006 office. Across all levels of our team, there is a real
• Rapid scale-up and growth of office
sense of building the business.”
• 23 transfers from and 55 to New Delhi
—Karan, partner

“The growth and diverse work of the New Delhi office

has provided me with an accelerated learning environment.”
—Karthik, associate consultant

Our Work
Client Challenge Results
Top industries Market share
1 Telecom/Media/Tech After 15 years in India, Packaging Packaging Co.
2 Consumer Products & Retail
Co. had achieved only a 0.1%
Packaging Co.
market share.
3 Private Equity
4 Industrial Goods & Services

• Move product from premium to 60%
Financial Services
Rest of
mass position market
• Increase focus on core 40%
customer base
• Eliminate supply chain 20%
complexities to reduce costs
Year 0 Year 10E

Ashish, healthcare expert
Ashish has a wide experience base in healthcare, from
branded and generics pharmaceutical companies, to
medical device players, to healthcare companies. His
journal contributions include In Vivo’s “Healthy Conver-
gence” and “Redefining Big Pharma’s Business Model.”
Community Service

Sri, private equity expert

As a leader in Bain’s Private Equity Practice in the US
and now in India, Sri has helped PE funds make
investment decisions across many industries. He has
written articles for the Economic Times, Financial
Express and has been quoted in many publications
including the Financial Times.


• Est. in 1994
• View of Namdaemun, Korea’s
No. 1 national treasure
• Management consulting market
leader in Korea

Community Service
“It is not a coin
Bain Seoul conducted a pro bono study to identify ways of maximizing
cidence that
employment potential in Korea. The results were presented to 400 opinion
Bain promoted
leaders from the Korean government, including the prime minister, and
me to be the
from business and academic circles.
first female
Korean partner in a global con What is the full potential of Korean human capital and how can it be achieved?

sulting firm. Bain has presented Total population

me with tremendous career 50M
1 2 3
Increase economically Reduce Reduce potential
opportunities and the necessary active population unemployment unemployment
triggering factors
support to be successful.”
—Yeon-Hee, partner

“Korean companies have enor Total Under the Production Economically Economically Unemployed Employed
population age of 15 capable inactive active
mous potential to be global
leaders. I am thrilled to offer
strategic direction that takes Client Challenge
these companies Conglomerate Co. was looking to acquire one of the largest and most
to the next level.” profitable Korean construction companies in a highly competitive deal
—Soomin, environment.

• Complete a feasibility study, due diligence, price negotiation and PMI

planning to support bid
Market value (indexed)
Expertise – Confirm investment thesis
– Identify synergy potential
ChulJoon, 2X
– Quantify full potential value
private equity
market leader Results
Since founding Seoul’s Private • Received perfect score from target’s
Equity Practice in 1998, Chul- evaluation committee
Joon and Bain have been • Won the deal—the largest in Korea’s history 0
Year 0 Year 1
involved in more than 80% of
all major M&A deals in Korea.
Chul-Joon now leads Bain’s Alumni
Private Equity Practice in Asia, Hyun Sang Cho, executive vice president Hyosung Corporation
which boasts a strong leader- Jin Hwan Choi, senior vice president Hyundai Capital
ship position in size and YoungHo Hur, principal CCMP Capital Asia
growth rate. JungAh Lim, managing director Motorola Korea
JeongHun Shin, executive managing director & CFO HAITAI
Southeast Asia: Singapore

• Est. in 1993, regional hub for ASEAN
• 15 nationalities represented
• Works with 60% SE Asian clients
and 40% multinational clients

Community Service
Ed, financial services expert
Ed was asked to develop a Southeast Asian government’s
master investment plan. Ed’s plan resulted in the estab-
lishment of a $1B government investment fund.

Our Work “Much of our work involves developing AsiaPacific

300 strategies for our clients, which requires us to thoroughly
Bain ASEAN* clients

understand markets across the region. We are challenged

Bain Southeast to think in a holistic and integrated way.”
Asia clients

outperform the —Louisa, consultant
market 3 to 1

Client Challenge
100 ASEAN indices
Global Bank Co. needed to accelerate growth in its consumer wealth
management business to achieve clear market leadership.

2000 2003 2006 • Enhance product offering and benefits
*ASEAN: Association of Southeast Asian Nations • Improve customer economics and acquisition channels
• Develop a relationship management model
Outside the Office • Revamp the organization structure
Yining, dancer Profit (indexed)
Results 3.0X 2.8
Yining maintains a regular
• Created more than $25B in consumer
rehearsal schedule to perfect 2.0
deposit growth
her art. A recent fourmonth sab
• Increased profitability by $1B 1.0
batical enabled her to study the
• Acquired more than 100,000 new
Argentine tango in Buenos Aires 0.0
affluent customers Year 0 Year 5
and the Brazilian samba in Rio.

Tobias Damek, associate, principal investments Lehman Brothers
Will Hoon, president Eu Yan Sang
Sanjiv Kapoor, director Temasek Holdings
Terence Poon, vice president Citibank
Zee Yoong Kang, director NTUC Joblink

• Est. in 1981
• Situated in Marunouchi
• Transfer experience: over 25%
of Tokyo consultants “I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the Tokyo office
for driving growth in Japan. I am convinced that Bain is
the best place to achieve my aspirations.”
Imperial Palace Imperial Gardens
Hibiya St. —Shigeto, consultant

Office “We work with many of the leading Japanese companies
Marunouchi Naka St.
on their most important problems. My teams’ impact has
frequently been found in local and global newspapers.”
Marunouchi Building
Babasaki St.

—Takeshi, consultant

Tokyo Station

Client Challenge
Our Work
Bank Co. needed to develop a postconsolidation integration plan that
Top industries
leveraged each banks’ strengths and adjusted their tailored strategies.
1 Private Equity
2 Financial Services
• Build a centralized function, specializing in solution business proposals
3 Telecom/Media/Tech
• Target mediumsize businesses with 0.31B JPY in revenue;
4 Consumer Proucts & Retail
conduct direct marketing
5 Industrial Goods & Services
• Focus on mortgages for individual customers

Top capabilities Results

1 Strategy
• Significantly outperformed bank competitors
2 Customer Strategy & Marketing
Market value Case Increased stock
end price by 3x
3 Mergers & Acquisitions ¥300B after the case

4 Performance Improvement
5 Organization

Outside the Office
Shinji, lecturer Jan Sep Jan
98 03 08
Shinji applies Bain’s approach to Note: Case period May–Sep 1999 and Jul–Sep 2003

educate graduate students on how

to enhance Japan’s social welfare Alumni
through health and sport. Shintaro Hori, chairman & senior executive Bain Capital Japan
Sakie T. Fukushima, regional managing director Japan, Korn/
Ferry International
Ichiro Ando, senior VP, chief strategy planning officer McDonald’s Company
Shinichiro Nakamura, president Daiwa Steel Tube Industries
Hidetaka Sasai, president & CEO Omron Colin

The Americas

• Atlanta
• Boston
• Chicago
• Dallas
• Los Angeles
• Mexico City
• New York
• Palo Alto & San Francisco
• São Paulo & Buenos Aires
• Toronto

• Est. in 1996
• Located in the heart of Buckhead’s
business district
• Two teams dedicated to serving
private equity

Our Work
Top industries

1 Industrial Products
Alan, leader of Global Financial Services Practice

2 Consumer Products & Retail

With 20 years at Bain, Alan specializes in strategy,
innovation and new business development. During an
3 Financial Services
18-month leave, Alan gained valuable experience starting
Top capabilities a high-risk mortgage and credit card origination business.
1 Strategy

2 Performance Improvement
Outside the Office
3 Customer Strategy & Marketing
David, Jeopardy! champion
Community Service David won $45,000 as a threeday champion on
• Donated ~$3M in professional Jeopardy! He put his winnings toward his MBA tuition.
services to the Woodruff Arts Center
in Atlanta in 2007 and 2008
– Woodruff Arts Center and its
divisions include the Atlanta “Our office is in a fantastic location. You can live in a
Symphony Orchestra, High great house with a backyard, five minutes from work.”
Museum of Art, Alliance
Theatre and Young Audiences —Jennifer, manager
• Bain supported the development
of a strategic growth plan for the
enterprise, including:
Client Challenge
– Creation of an enterprise level Share price (indexed)
mission and vision Baby Clothing Co. sought to 3
– Development of strategic
turbocharge growth.
focus areas
– Design of near-term priorities Recommendations Increased share
price by >2.5X
to drive execution
• Develop fiveyear growth plan 2
• Results to date include unprecedented
levels of collaboration across to include IPO
the organization • Build strategy to enter mass channel
– New method of allocating • Identify supply chain improvements
shared funds based on
collaboration and education Results
based incentives
• Facilitated productive IPO
– Introduction of cross-arts,
theme-based events • Acquired major competitor
– Improved processes for • Successfully entered mass channel
collaboration and communica- • Reduced order cycle time by ~20% IPO Year 2
tion across the organization
and its individual boards

• Est. in 1973 as the first Bain office
• Situated between Back Bay and
the South End
• Winner of the 2000 and 2006
Bain World Cup soccer tournaments

“What differentiates Alumni

Bain most from my Kenneth Chenault, chairman & CEO American Express
previous consulting Joel Davidson, executive vice president & COO America Online
Steve Pagliuca, managing director Bain Capital
firm experience is the culture—
Mitt Romney, former governor State of Massachusetts
entrepreneurial, nonhierarchical,
Michael White, chairman & CEO PepsiCo International
energetic, passionate, caring
and respectful. Bain Boston
Client Challenge (Bain Boston results challenge contender)
successfully balances an intense
Consumer Food Co. faced declining margins due to an increase in
pursuit of results for our clients
commodity and production costs.
with a genuine interest in the
development of our people.”
• Focus manufacturing flexibility on most profitable core brands
—Shawn, consultant
• Optimize supply chain around most efficient Production costs (indexed)
lines and factories 100

• Invest in automation and capacity at top plants; 70

“I have a strong outsource select products 30%

interest in healthcare Results 50 ment

and have been • Improved gross margin by 300 basis points

impressed with the • Increased capacity utilization by over 20% 0 Before case After case

opportunities the Boston office

has provided me, both from
a partnerexpertise and
caseexperience perspective.” Darrell, management tools expert

—Lea, consultant In 1993 Darrell surveyed senior executives on usage,

satisfaction and effectiveness of widely used management
Community Service tools. Since then he has regularly published Management
Tools: An Executive’s Guide. The survey has been widely
cited in many top-tier US and international publications.

Marcia, organization practice leader

Marcia leads Bain's Organization Practice in North America.
She has authored a number of articles on organization,
leadership and executive compensation, which have appeared
in the Harvard Business Review, the Financial Times, the
Wall Street Journal and the European Business Journal.


• Est. in 1992 Expertise
• Located in “the Loop” Ted, leader of Global Merger
• Team from 27 of the 50 states; more Integration Practice
than 20% from outside the US
Ted has led or supported over 20 merger integrations
Community Service
across a wide range of industries. He also recently
Over 30 volunteers authored a HBR article titled “Human Due Diligence.”
prepared more than
200 tax returns for
low-income Chicago Client Challenge
families, recovering
an incremental $450k. Consumer Products Co. faced softened consumer demand, rising
raw material costs and issues with fixed-cost absorption. The resulting
pressures drove prices down and encouraged fierce, often irrational,
competitive behavior.


• Eliminate pricing gap with competitors

• Gain share via a customerfocused business model
• Improve profits through product mix makeup and raw materials procurement
• Make production decisions that fully account for marginal economics
of commodity markets
• Operate more efficiently in manufacturing plants

Profit improvement (EBITDA)

20 125

Sales, pricing Operations Cost Overall
& procurement management improvement

Outside the Office “The Chicago office is growing at a robust pace, making
Dave, rugby player it an exciting place to work. There’s always a chance to
As a member of the Chicago learn something new.”
Griffins, Dave plays competitive —Nikki, consultant
rugby against 18 teams across
the US.
Steve Berg, partner Castanea Partners
Gary Leff, founder Stir Crazy Restaurant
Michael Osanloo, EVP of strategy Kraft
Austin Rothbard, president Cabo Yachts
Katie Weaver, director of accountability Chicago Public Schools

• Est. in 1990
• Located in Las Colinas, a conven-
ient location to accommodate both
urban and suburban lifestyles
• Given our close relationship with
Bain Mexico City, Bain Dallas “Given the high proportion of turnaround cases in Dallas,
serves Southwest United States
and Central American clients I’ve had the chance to ‘get under the hood’ of a business,
have an impact and see results very quickly.”
Our Work
—Jide, consultant
Top industries

1 Consumer Products
2 Industrial Goods & Services
Ted Beneski, managing partner & CEO Insight Equity
3 Telecom/Media/Tech Greg Brenneman, CEO Quiznos
Dan Connors, CEO Wire One Communications
4 Retail
Mark Jones, chairman, president & CEO Texas Wasatch Group
5 Transportation Services David Lenhardt, senior vice president PetSmart

Outside the Office Client Challenge

Donald, concert violist Dairy Co. acquired a number of specialty dairy brands. The company
Donald graduated from the Trio sought help with integrating the brands to grow sales.
di Trieste International School of Recommendations
Chamber Music and studied
• Integrate specialty brands into a new branded company
under the Dallas Symphony
• Develop fiveyear marketing road map; define pricing and trade strategy
Orchestra’s associate principal
• Develop the organization to support integrated operations
viola. Donald did a sixmonth
• Design architecture to support integrated supply chain
externship, working for the orches
tra’s vice president of marketing Results
and communication. Dairy Co. profit (indexed)
15 230
200 85


Before case Supply chain Pricing/product Trade spend After case
Community Service

Stan, airline expert
Stan took a two-year hiatus from Bain to lead the
turnaround of Airline Co., the largest US charter air-
line, as CEO. During Stan’s tenure, Airline Co.’s cash
balances tripled, profitability was restored and the stock
price ultimately rose over 500%.

Los Angeles

• Est. in 1996
• Located in Century City, near
Fox Studios
• Owners of box seats to the Dodgers,
Kings, Clippers, Lakers, the Holly-
wood Bowl and the LA Philharmonic

Client Challenge
Outside the Office
Consumer Products Group Co. was a follower in the fragmented US
Stephan, tsunami volunteer
consumer packaged goods category, with low and declining margins,
Stephan traveled to tsunami
a weak brand portfolio and eroding market share.
stricken Thailand to support the
recovery efforts. Bain LA’s Take 2 Recommendations
program enabled him to spend • Conduct strategic acquisitions
several weeks in Thailand and • Introduce premium products
make a meaningful impact. • Implement a dramatic cost reduction program
• Redesign product development and manufacturing processes
• Transformed from a weak No. 4 to a strong and growing No. 2
Tripled revenue Improved profit 5X Achieved 1,000%
return on Bain fees
Revenue (indexed) Profit (indexed) Return on Bain fees
4X 5X 5 1,000% 1,000
3 3
2 2.5 500%
1 1 1
Community Service 0 0 0%
Year 0 Year 2 Year 0 Year 2 Year 1

Over two-thirds of Bain LA’s associate

consultants dedicate their time to Expertise
consulting youth and education
Dave, media and entertainment adviser
organizations. The team’s first case
was a spin-off strategy for WriteGirl, Dave has broad experience in film, television and video
a creative writing and mentoring games. He also advises private equity investors focused
organization for young women. on media, has served on a number of early-stage venture
boards and founded the investment firm, eVolution.

Russ, chief talent officer

As the chief talent officer and a senior partner
with the firm, Russ is dedicated to maintaining top
Our Work talent through training and development programs that
Top industries
support consultants throughout their careers at Bain.
1 Telecom/Media/Tech
2 Consumer Products & Retail
Rich Bergsund, CEO
3 Private Equity Phil Kleweno, chairman of the board PlanetOut
Marco Petruzzi, president & COO Green Dot Public Schools
4 Industrial Goods & Services
Bryan Taylor, partner Texas Pacific Group
5 Healthcare Matt Tupper, president & CEO POM Wonderful
Mexico City

• Est. in 1997
• Located in “El Pantalon”
• On average, consultants are
citizens of two countries

“The diversity of experience at Bain Mexico is exciting.

Race Track We work with large multinationals to small startups across
of the Americas
de la
Reform more than 10 Latin American countries.”
Pa Paseo s
lma te
duct —Jorge, consultant
Bosque tit Via
Chapultepec s an
on Alem
Mexico City C uel
Office Mig
Libre Toluca
Ave. Rio Churu
“Not a native of Mexico, I appreciate the support and
camaraderie the office has given my family and me during
Ciudad our transition to Mexico City.”
Anillo Periferico —Nicolas, manager

Our Work
Client Challenge
Top industries

1 Consumer Products Airline Co. saw its profitability suddenly collapse by an estimated
600% in one year.
2 Financial Services
3 Transportation Services
• Replace assorted fleet with a unified set of aircraft
Top capabilities
• Exit unprofitable routes
1 Performance Improvement
• Redesign remaining routes to serve key markets better
2 Strategy • Realign executive compensation based on company performance
3 Organization Results
• Realized $10M per year as a result of the new fleet

EBIT to sales Profitability now comparable to the best US airlines

innovator 0

Carlos views supply manage- –10

Major US Lowcost Lowcost Airline Co. Lowcost
ment as a means of innova- airlines carrier 1 carrier 2 carrier 3

tion. His recent article,

“Supply Management:
Strategy’s Hidden Accelerator,” Alumni
challenges companies to Eric Fullmer, managing director Caoba Capital
Carlos Lukac, CEO Innopack
extend and deepen capabilities
Aura Martinez, vice president of strategy ING
to achieve a supply-side
Carlos Montemayor, cofounder & CEO Inflection Point Systems
competitive advantage.
Geoffrey Weston, vice president of cargo Royal Jordanian Airlines

New York

• Est. in 2000 Expertise
• Located in Times Square Rob, customer strategist
• 22 nationalities represented
and 19 languages spoken Rob coauthored the study, “Closing the Delivery
Gap,” which identified that while 80% of companies
7th Ave.

6th Ave.

5th Ave.
9th Ave.

8th Ave.

50th St. think they’re delivering a superior experience to their

49th St.
Central Park Rockefeller
customers, only 8% of their customers agree.
Restaurant Row

Runyon’s Way
Grand Central

42nd St.
New York “From the day I arrived at Bain New York, I have received
41st St.
continuous training. The subject matter has shifted from

Bryant Park
an analytical to strategic to a managerial focus."

40th St.

39th St. Square Garden —Mariame, manager
35th St. Empire State

Community Service
Bain New York
teamed with the
Clinton Foundation
to reduce fertilizer costs in Malawi
and Rwanda. The work focused on
identifying cost-effective fertilizers,
negotiating price discounts and
improving distribution to small farms.

Outside the Office Client Challenge

Payal, classical Since being acquired, Drug Co.’s operating profit slipped by 30%.
Indian dancer Private Equity Firm wanted to reignite profitable growth and position
With 20 years of experience, it for optimal sale. Public debt
(value per dollar)
Payal was selected for New York’s Recommendations $1.00 $0.95
premier Indian dance troupe,
Bollywood Axion. Payal and the • Focus on key customer segments
troupe have been featured in • Streamline product assortment 0.75

Hollywood, Bollywood and on and rationalize pricing

reality TV. • Improve ordering mechanics and 0.50

instore training to decrease inventory

Results 0.25

• Improved EBITDA by 60% in 18 months

• Reduced inventory by 15% Before case After case

Palo Alto & San Francisco;

• Est. in 1978 (San Francisco) and
2001 (Palo Alto)
• Located in San Francisco’s
Embarcadero Center; on the top
floor of Palo Alto’s tallest building
• 150 transfers into and 110 transfers
from the Bay Area over five years

Outside the Office Expertise

Larry, triathelete for a cause
Kris, retail strategist
Kris is a frequent speaker and writer on retail strategy
and has been quoted in the popular business press,
including in USA Today and Newsweek.

Larry has competed in several

Ironman triathlons, raised more than Client Challenge
$25,000 and drawn attention to Tech Co. faced fundamental market shifts, slowing industry growth and
the importance of early detection eroding share and prices. Its operations were no longer competitive given
and treatment of breast cancer. the new market environment.
George, museum chairman Recommendations

• Identify cost reduction and efficiency opportunities across all functions,

including manufacturing, R&D, sales & marketing, G&A and IT


After serving for 10 years on Bain identified potential savings of up to 20% of total costs

the board of directors of the G&A and IT

Exploratorium, a handson museum Sales & Marketing Results

R&D achieved
of science, art and human to date
perception, George is now
its chairman. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4+ Full potential

Community Service Alumni

Peter Berkowitz, VP of real estate and strategy 24 Hour Fitness
Alastair Dorward, CEO Method Products
Kim Goodman, executive vice president American Express
Jesse Rogers, managing director Golden Gate Capital
John Donahoe, president & CEO eBay, Inc.

“I don’t think any other job would continue to provide

so much learning at this stage of my career—that’s true
of Bain in any office.” —Travis, partner

São Paulo & Buenos Aires;

• Est. in 1997 (São Paulo) and
2008 (Buenos Aires)
• Located in premier business and
entertainment district
• Sponsors Do Your Own Thing (DYOT)
social and community activities

a St. Client Challenge


l da S
os B

After enduring a financial crisis, Apparel Co. needed a clear strategy to

Rocio useum
ga M
Ipiran create growth.

Share price (indexed)

s St.
São Paulo Recommendations 400
Office Qu
s St.
St. • Reposition brand to expand into the more
piada Apparel Co.
Olim Cas
attractive segment of affordable fashion 300


• Invest in a powerful private label card


de • Enhance distribution channels; double number

Car 200

of stores

o R
d. Ibovespa
• Refocus efforts to win back wholesale clients
100 S&P 500
Outside the Office Results
Andre, exercise fanatic
• Revitalized revenue growth by 20% by 0
Andre champions runs, triathlons repositioning brand Year 0 Year 1

and adventure races for his

Bain colleagues. Most recently,
a Bain team completed a
40-km mountain bike, 20-km Expertise
trek, 10-km canoe and 100-m Rodolfo, profitable innovator
rappel race.
Rodolfo developed an innovative consumer banking
model for emerging market clients. Using the model
to service the untapped and most profitable low-income
segment has transformed the low-income segment into
a highly profitable business with >30% ROE.

Our Work “Bain São Paulo offers both the prestige of being part
Top industries
of a highcaliber international firm and the excitement
1 Transportation Services
of working in a leading emerging market.”
—Karina, manager
2 Financial Services

3 Consumer Products
Top capabilities Luis Bueno, international new business manager Natura
1 Strategy Jairo Carolinski, strategic planning director Cosan Group
Rodrigo Osmo, new business director Gafisa Real Estate
2 Performance Improvement
Claudia Sender, general marketing manager Whirlpool
3 Mergers & Acquisitions Sergio Werneck, director of internal control & analysis AES

• Est. in 1989
• Overlooks Toronto’s scenic lakefront
• 13 languages are spoken in the office

Client Challenge
Home Co.’s share price fell by 50% due to ineffective diversification,
a slowed core business and elevated oil prices.
Margin improvement (indexed)
expert Recommendations 2.5
Alistair and his teams have • Realign business around profitable
helped their operations clients segments; reassess viability of low- 2.0

achieve more than $3 billion per margin products

year in improved profitability. • Reorganize product development and 1.5

sales force focus

1.0 1.0
• Institute a long-term pricing model;
Community Service
implement competitive RFP process
• Consolidate manufacturing footprint;
increase equipment effectiveness 0.0
Year 0 Year1 Year 3

• Increased market share in target markets by 5 points

• Realized $300M in improved cash flow from noncore divestitures

Outside the Office “I have been a part of groundbreaking decisions for

Canadian companies—decisions that have made the front
Alison, home builder
pages of newspapers.”
Alison has helped build five —Herbert, manager
Habitat for Humanity homes
“There is a close support network between the women in
in Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana
the Toronto office. Women’s events are highlights in my
and Uganda. She runs Bain’s
calendar because they provide a chance to connect with
worldwide partnership with
women on professional and personal issues.”
Habitat, sponsoring new hires
—Michelle, consultant
on destination builds.

Andrew Claerhout , director Teachers’ Private Capital
Stéphane Dubreuil, senior VP of consumer solutions TELUS
Ross Petersmeyer, vice president of strategy GreatWest Life
Joseph Shlesinger, managing director Callisto Capital
Thecla Sweeney, principal Birch Hill Equity Partners
Office contact
Europe, Middle East
and Africa

Bain & Company Netherlands, LLC

Rembrandt Tower, 25th Floor
Amstelplein 1
1096 HA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel: +31 20 7107 900
fax: +31 20 7107 950

Bain & Company Belgium, Inc.

Blue Tower, 24th Floor
Avenue Louise 326
1050 Brussels
tel: +32 2 626 26 26
fax: +32 2 646 28 53

Bain & Company Nordic, Inc.

Bredgade 31A
1260 Copenhagen K
tel: +33 41 03 00
fax: +33 41 03 10

Bain & Company Germany, Inc.

Mönchenwerther Str. 11
40545 Düsseldorf
tel: +49 211 42476 0
fax: +49 211 42476 200

Bain & Company Germany, Inc.

Bockenheimer Landstrasse 24
60323 Frankfurt
tel: +49 69 667 778 0
fax: +49 69 667 778 200
Bain & Company Nordic, Inc. Bain & Company Russia, LLC
Urho Kekkosen katu 3B, 5th Floor Lotte Plaza Business Center
00100 Helsinki 15th Floor
Finland 8 Novinsky Boulevard
tel: +358 9 6850 550 Moscow, 121099
fax: +358 9 6850 5599 Russia
email: tel: +7 495 721 86 86
fax: +7 495 721 86 87
Bain & Company South Africa, Inc. email:
Nelson Mandela Square
West Tower, 2nd Floor Bain & Company Germany, Inc.
Maude Street, Sandown Karlsplatz 1
Johannesburg 80335 Munich
South Africa Germany
tel: +27 11 881 5450 tel: +49 89 5123 0
fax: +27 11 881 5455 fax: +49 89 5123 1113
email: email:

Bain & Company Ukraine, LLC Bain et Compagnie

Renaissance Business Center 50 avenue Montaigne
24 Vorovskogo Street 75008 Paris
Kyiv, 01054 France
Ukraine tel: +33 1 44 55 75 75
tel: +38 044 490 70 10 fax: +33 1 44 55 76 00
fax: +38 044 490 70 11 email:
Bain & Company Italy, Inc.
Bain & Company Inc. United Kingdom Piazza Ungheria, 6
40 Strand 00198 Rome
London WC2N 5RW, England Italy
United Kingdom tel: +39 06 8525 01
tel: +44 20 7969 6000 fax: +39 06 8540 351
fax: +44 20 7969 6666 email:
Bain & Company Nordic, Inc.
Bain & Company Ibérica, Inc. Regeringsgatan 38, 6th Floor
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28046 Madrid tel: +46 8 4125 400
Spain fax: +46 8 4125 410
tel: +34 91 790 30 00 email:
fax: +34 91 790 31 00
email: Bain & Company Switzerland, Inc.
Rotbuchstrasse 46
Bain & Company Italy, Inc. 8037 Zurich
Via Crocefisso, 10 Switzerland
20122 Milan tel: +41 44 3608 600
Italy fax: +41 44 3608 686
tel: +39 02 58288 1 email:
fax: +39 02 58314 070
Asia Pacific Bain & Company Korea, Inc.
KorCham Building 10th Floor
45 Namdaemunno 4-ga, Jung-gu
Bain & Company China, Inc. Seoul, 100-743
Unit 2407-09, Office Tower 2 Korea
China Central Place tel: +82 2 6320 9300
No. 79, Jianguo Road fax: +82 2 6320 9301
Chaoyang District email:
Beijing 100025
P.R.China Bain & Company China, Inc.
tel: +86 10 6533 1199 31F, 2 Plaza 66
fax: +86 10 6598 9090 No. 1366 West Nanjing Road
email: Jing’An District, Shanghai 200040
Bain & Company Middle East, Inc. tel: +86 21 2211 5588
Dubai World Trade Center, Level 16 fax: +86 21 2211 5500
Sheikh Zayed Road email:
PO Box 9237
Dubai Bain & Company SE Asia, Inc.
United Arab Emirates 8 Shenton Way, Level 50
tel: +971 4 508 0500 Singapore 068811
fax: +971 4 508 0509 Singapore
email: tel: +65 6222 0123
fax: +65 6222 0122
Bain & Company India Private, Ltd. email:
5th Floor, Building 8, Tower A
DLF Cyber City, Phase II Bain & Company, Inc.
Gurgaon, Haryana, 122 002 126 Phillip Street, Level 22
India Sydney, New South Wales 2000
tel: +91 124 454 1800 Australia
fax: +91 124 454 1805 tel: +61 2 9024 8600
email: fax: +61 2 9024 8500
Bain & Company (Hong Kong)
30/F, One International Finance Centre Bain & Company Japan, Inc.
1 Harbour View Street Meiji Yasuda Seimei Building
Central 9th Floor 2-1-1 Marunouchi
Hong Kong Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
tel: +852 2978 8800 Japan
fax: +852 2978 8801 tel: +81 3 6267 4800
email: fax: +81 3 6267 4900
Bain & Company, Inc.
Rialto Tower South, Level 52
525 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
tel: +61 3 8614 8000
fax: +61 3 8614 8011
The Americas Bain & Company Mexico, Inc.
Corporativo Arcos Oriente
Bosque de Alisos # 47-B, 4th Floor
Bain & Company, Inc. Col. Bosques de las Lomas
3280 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 2400 Mexico, D.F. 05120
Atlanta, Georgia 30305 Mexico
USA tel: +52 55 5267 1700
tel: +1 404 869 2727 fax: +52 55 5267 1727
fax: +1 404 869 2222 email:
Bain & Company, Inc.
Bain & Company, Inc. Three Times Square, 25th Floor
131 Dartmouth Street New York, New York 10036
Boston, Massachusetts 02116 USA
USA tel: +1 646 562 8000
tel: +1 617 572 2000 fax: +1 646 562 8080
fax: +1 617 572 2427 email:
Bain & Company, Inc.
Bain & Company, Inc. Two Palo Alto Square
190 South LaSalle Street, Suite 3400 Palo Alto, California 94306
Chicago, Illinois 60603 USA
USA tel: +1 650 845 3600
tel: +1 312 541 9500 fax: +1 650 845 3601
fax: +1 312 541 0089 email:
Bain & Company, Inc.
Bain & Company, Inc. One Embarcadero Center
5215 North O’Connor Boulevard San Francisco, California 94111
Suite 500 USA
Irving (Dallas), Texas 75039 tel: +1 415 627 1000
USA fax: +1 415 627 1033
tel: +1 972 869 2929 email:
fax: +1 972 869 7915
email: Bain & Company Brazil, Inc.
Rua Olimpíadas, 205 - 12º andar
Bain & Company, Inc. 04551-000 - São Paulo - SP
1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2000 Brazil
Los Angeles, California 90067 tel: +55 11 3707 1200
USA fax: +55 11 3707 1210
tel: +1 310 229 3000 email:
fax: +1 310 229 3050
email: Bain & Company Canada, Inc.
2 Bloor Street East, 29th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8
tel: +1 416 929 1888
fax: +1 416 929 3470
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