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1, Detective Michael Castaldo, swear and affirm the following: An investigation involving the Hamilton Township Police Department and the Mercer County Homicide Task Force is being conducted into the murder of a Danny A. Diaz-Delgado, which occurred in Hamilton, New Jersey, on or about March 23-24, 2018. On March 24, 2018, at approximately 2:02 pm, the Hamilton Township Police Department received a 911 call for an unresponsive male at the embankment of the Assunpink Creek near the comer of Sixth Avenue and Assunpink Boulevard in Hamilton, New Jersey. Hamilton Township police officers, as well as Emergency Medical Services personnel, responded to the area of Assunpink Boulevard and Sixth Avenue. Upon their arrival, officers discovered a deceased Hispanic male at the embankment of the creek dressed in gray jeans, a black jacket and red and black sneakers. The deceased male was lying face down with his hands bound behind his back with what appeared to be pink duct tape and a cut black electrical cord, The male also had pink duct tape around his neck and mouth and multiple holes in his black jacket consistent with bullet wounds. Officers secured the scene and made notification to the Mercer County Homicide Task Force. ‘The male was pronounced deceased at 2:30 pm. At approximately 3:11 pm, I arrived at the scene and observed the crime scene taped off and secured by multiple Hamilton Police Officers. During my review of the scene, I observed what is described above. I also observed multiple (approximately six) holes in the back torso of the victim, consistent with bullet wounds. While observing the scene, detectives located a total of nine (9) shell casings, consistent with a small caliber firearm, along the embankment of the creek within a few feet of the vietim’s body. Early in the investigation, detectives leamed that Danny A. Diaz-Delgado with a date of birth of 5/28/1997 had been reported missing by his mother, to the Trenton Police Department, reported that Diaz-Delgado left their residence at ~ Trenton, New Jersey, at approximately 5:00PM on March 23, 2018 and never returned. Diaz-Delgado left his residence in his 2005 Toyota Corolla, blue in color, bearing New Jersey registration reported that at the time of Diaz-Delgado’s disappearance he was dressed in a black Adidas jacket, gray jeans, red sneakers, and a black hat, which fit the clothing description of the victim The Middlesex County Medical Examiner’s Office responded to the scene and collected the body of Diaz-Delgado for an autopsy. While evaluating the body at the scene, it was discovered that the victim had an additional three to four (3-4) holes in the font torso area of his clothing which were consistent with bullet wounds. At approximately 6:20 pm, detectives arrived at Trenton, New Jersey, in an effort to speak with the family members of Diaz-Delgado. In speaking with family they learned that Diaz-Delgado left the residence sometime around 5:00PM on March 23, 2018 in his 2005 Toyota Corolla. _ ‘escribed Diaz-Delgado’s clothing which matched the description of the victim. She also provided them with contact information for some of Diaz Delgado’s closest friends. While speaking with the family, detectives were advised that Diaz- Delgado was going to meet someone when he left the residence on March 23, 2018 to purchase a PlayStation 4 system and PlayStation 4 games from separate sellers for his younger brother and would return within Thour. When Diaz-Delgado failed to return, his brother began calling him at approximately 8:00PM on -, but received no response. Detectives learned that Diaz-Delgado had communicated with unknown individuals through Facebook Instant Messenger in reference to purchasing the PlayStation items. ‘These messages were later found on Diaz-Delgado’s cellular telephone in the Facebook Instant Messenger content. I also learned that Diaz-Delgado utilized ‘two cellular telephones. An Apple I-Phone 6s, which belonged to his step-father ¢ . and another I-Phone (unknown model) that Diaz-Delgado had recently purchased himself and advised detectives that the I-Phone 6s ‘was currently in Diaz-Delgado’s bedroom and turned it over to detectives. The other cellular telephone * was believed to be with Diaz-Delgado when he went missing. At approximately 8:10PM, detectives made contact with one of Diaz-Delgado’s close friends as provided by his mother. While speaking with the victim’s friend, detectives learned that he last spoke to Diaz-Delgado on Friday (3/22/18) and was told that Diaz-Delgado was a fan of video games and had recently wanted to purchase a PlayStation 4 for his younger brother. Diaz-Delgado often communicated with individuals through Facebook Instant Messenger and that Diaz-Delgado had recently talked about purchasing the PlayStation 4 through an unknown seller on Facebook. Another close friend of Diaz-Delgado stated that he last had contact with Diaz-Delgado on Sunday (3/18/2018) and confirmed that Diaz-Delgado was recently looking into purchasing a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation games for his younger brother from an unknown seller on Facebook. A search of Facebook for Danny Diaz-Delgado provided a Facebook vanity name“ ". A forensic search of Diaz-Delgado’s I-Phone 6s, which was previously turned over to us by his mother and step-father revealed a conversation with an unknown individual utilizing Facebook Messenger. The conversation is between Diaz-Delgado and an unknown indi dual identified by Facebook Profile Identification, Numbe The conversation discusses “Ps4” and a “previous offer”. The conversation continues by each party discussing particular areas in Trenton, New Jersey in an apparent attempt to set up a meet location. This particular Facebook Messenger conversation was deleted and only a portion of it was recovered during the forensic search of the I-Phone 6s, As a result of obtaining the data in the conversation, it was learned that the Facebook Profile number was assigned to a Facebook vanity name of “Ru Hunter” bearing Facebook URL Jpon viewing the Facebook page, T observed multiple images of an unknown black male, I conducted a Facebook search of “Ru Hunter” and observed a second Facebook page with the same vanity name. The Facebook URL for this page is = __ While viewing this Facebook profile observed additional images of the same unknown black male. I conducted a search of “Rufus Thompson” on a subscriber based internet search engine providing, among other things, names and addresses of a particular person searched and learned that a Rufus ‘Thompson with a-date of birth of 11/14/1988 is listed as living in the City of Trenton. The search provided him with the following three addresses; 84 Mechanics Avenue, 192 Liberty Street, and 110 Hancock St. Detectives conducted a search of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for Rufus Thompson with a date of birth of 11/14/1988. As a result of my search, detectives leamed that Rufus Thompson with a date of birth of 11/14/1988 was listed as residing at 192 Liberty Street, Trenton, New Jersey and detectives were able to acquire a computer generated image of Rufus Thompson from the search. After comparing the computer generated image from New Jersey Motor Vehicle ‘Commission and the images previously obtained from Facebook profiles “Ru Hunter”, detectives identified owner of the two suspect Facebook accounts is Rufus Thompson, On March 25,2018,» __-mother of Diaz-Delgado advised that Diaz-Delgado used Chase Bank as his main bank account. Further, she stated that Diaz-Delgado would consistently utilize the branch located at 635 S. Clinton Avenue Trenton, New Jersey (Roebling Market). Chase Bank was able to confirm that there were three separate ATM withdraws for Diaz-Delgado’s account on March 23, 2018. The first occurred at 6:02PM for $240.00, the second occurred at approximately 8:38PM for $500.00 and the third at 8:40PM for $200.00. It was further confirmed that all transactions occurred at Chase Bank 635 S. Clinton Avenue Trenton, New Jersey (Roebling Market). Chase Bank was also able to provide digital images of the person operating the ATM. during each of the transactions. Upon receiving those images, | observed that the first transaction ‘was completed by the victim Diaz-Delgado, while the other two, occurring at 8:38PM and 8:40PM, where completed by a black male wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt or jacket. After viewing the images and comparing them to the images previously obtained from Facebook profiles “Ru Hunter" and New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, I confirmed that the person depicted in the images was the defendant, Rufus Thompson, ‘On March 25, 2018, at approximately 1:38 pm, the vietim’s vehicle was discovered in the area of Jemison Alley, parked behind the r/o 307 Ardmore Avenue in Trenton. During the Facebook conversation between Danny Diaz-Delgado and Rufus Thompson, Danny Diaz-Delgado ‘mentioned that at one point he was at South Cook and Culbertson Avenue, which is approximately 150 feet from the rear of 305 Ardmore Avenue, which is next to 307 Ardmore Avenue, On March 26, 2018, I began to search the Facebook profiles of “Ru Hunter”, same individual believed to be, Rufus Thompson. I noticed a photograph of Rufus Thompson on “RuHlunter’s” Facebook page along with a white female identified on the Facebook profile as . [positively identified vas) . ‘Trenton, New Jersey. This is the same area where the victim's vehicle was located and previously referred to as the rear of 307 Ardmore Avenue, Trenton, On March 26, 2018, a Mercer County detective observed a black male wearing a black sweat suit, exit 305 Ardmore Avenue along with a black female. He was positively identified as the defendant, Rufus Thompson, Detectives continued surveillance of the vehicle and observed ‘Thompson return to the area of Ardmore Avenue and enter the residence located at 305 Ardmore Avenue with the black female, On March 29, 2018, I received results from Facebook in an attempt to recover the conversation between Danny Diaz-Delgado’s and Rufus Thompson’s Facebook Messenger. The conversation revealed that on March 23, 2018, Danny Diaz-Delgado had a conversation with Rufus Thompson from 5:39 — 6:47PM. In that conversation, Danny Diaz-Delgado was arranging to mect Rufus ‘Thompson in the area between South Cook Avenue and Culbertson Street in the City of Trenton to purchase a PS4. ‘The Facebook messenger conversation included several details and descriptions of the area around South Cook and Culbertson Street that detectives were able to corroborate. Additionally, there were photos found on Rufus Thompson's Facebook account of what appeared to be in the amount of approximately $240, in $20°s. The photo was posted online after the initial transaction by the victim at Chase Bank on March 23, 2018. Ru Real Right is identified as being Rufuus Thompson through Facebook photographs by law enforcement officers. Rufus Thompson's Facebook page was changed from Ru Hunter to Ru Real Right on March 26, 2018. Ru Hunter and Ru Real Right were also identified by the same Facebook Profile Number which i - On March 29, 2018, detectives executed a search warrant at 305 Ardmore Avenue. It was leamed that there is a separately secured basement area of the home to which Rufus Thompson had access. This was learned ‘through an individual who was in the residence of the home, as well as a child who was also present. Further, during a search of Rufus Thompson's Facebook account it was learned that on or about March 20, 2018, Rufus Thompson was staying in the basement and told a friend he was “moved in” and to “come show [him] what [he] don’t want”. During an interview :, She stated that the defendant, Rufus Thompson, had access to the basement at 305 Ardmore Avenue, where he previously resided for several months, up until the landlord locked the exterior door late Saturday, March 24, 2018. Detectives were able to interview an occupant of 305 Ardmore Avenue who stated that Rufus Thompson could easily gain access to the basement by using a knife or screwdriver at any time. During execution of a search warrant for the basement of 305 Ardmore Avenue, detectives recovered pink duct tape and found a television set with its power cord cut off. At the crime scene, a cut power cord was found tied around the victim's wrists, behind his back. Also, several articles of correspondence in the name of Rufus Thompson, along with an empty PlayStation 4 box were recovered. Detective Michael Castaldo ‘Swom and subscribed before me March 30, 2018 Heather Hadley, Attorney at Law