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For junior engineers electrical and electronics

Test held through NTS on 16 Oct 2016

Note: Purpose of this document is just to familiarize with pattern of NTS test for upcoming
NTDC jobs.
Paper composition:
General knowledge = 17 questions
Post related (technical) = 83 questions

General Knowledge portion

Q1: FIFA world cup 2018 will be held in?
Q2: PTI and PML (N) agreed on
(a)JIT b) High commission c)judicial commission d) NAB e)FIA
Q3: Nawaz Shareef is currently elected for prime minister for ____ times.
a)4th b)2nd c)5th d)3rd
Q4: Iran-Pak gas pipeline is called.
Peace pipeline
Q5: Operation Zarb-e-Azab is for
a)terrorism b)Political instability c)Radicalism d)All
Q6: current president of India.
Pernab MukherJee
Q7: Current chief minister of Punjab.
Shahbaz Shareef
Q8: Allai hydropower project is in
a)Punjab b)Bluchistan c)KPK d)Sindh
Q9: Ishaq Dar is:
Finance Minister
Q10: Amjad Sabri who shot dead in Karachi is:
Q11: APS attack is on:
a)14 dec 2014 b)16 dec 2014 c)6 dec 2014 d)8 dec 2014
Q12: Malalah Yousaf Zai shared 2014 Nobel peace prize with:
Kailash satyarthi
Q13: Pakistan won 3rd Asian Kabaddi 2016 by defeating:
a)China b)Bangladesh c)India d)Brazil
Q14: 2015 Cricket world cup champion is:
a)New Zealand b)Australia c)England d)Pakistan
Q15: Bangladesh banned which religious scholar recently?
a)Zakir Ali b)Zakir Muhammad c)Zakir Naik d)Muhammad Owais
Q16: “State of world’s children 2016” is published by
Q17: Abdus Sattar Edhi is died due to disease?
a)Kidney b)Heart c)Diabetes d)hypoglycemia

Post Related(Technical)

Q18: In DC motor which loss decreases with increase in load

a)friction and windage loss b)core c)brush contact loss d)None
Q19: Transformer Oil should be free from
a)Odour b)Gasses c)Sulphur d)Moisture
Q20: Constant current transformer should not have
a)moveable secondary winding b)high resistance c)primary and secondary winding surrounding
core d)none
Q21: Green functions is useful for solving
a)ordinary differential equation b)partial differential equation c)first order ordinary differential
equation d) second order differential equation
Q22:In piston maximum temperature is at:
a)ring set b)Gudgeon pin c)topsides d)top centre
Q23: Copper wire which has highest tensile strength
a)Soft drawn b)medium drawn c)hard drawn d) none
Q24: Outdoor substation lightening arrestor is placed near
a)Isolator b)current transformer c)Power transformer d)Current breaker
Q25: Isolator tests
Q26: P = 3000KW, d = 30km transmission line voltage will be:
a)11KV b)66kV c)33KV d)132KV
Q27:Condensors take steam coming out of:
a)boiler b)turbine c)super heater d)Economizer
Q28: Coal which has lowest calorific value:
a)Steam coal b)Bituminous c)lignite d)Anthracite
Q29:Graphic representation between discharge and time is called:
a)monograph b)Hectograph c)Topograph d)Hydrograph
Q30:Coal from storage to boiler is taken through:
a)Buckets b)V-ballets c)Trolleys d)Manually
Q31: Main drawback of feedback system is:
a)Inaccuracy b)Inefficiency c)Insensitivity d)Instability
Q32: phase margin specifies
a)Absolute Stability b)Relative Stability c)frequency response d)
Q33:Non-linearity caused by servomotor is due to:
a)coulomb friction b)Dead space c)Saturation d)dissemination
Q34:In force-voltage analogy Inertia is analogous to:
a)Capacitance b)Inductance c)Inverse of capacitance d)Inverse of Inductance
Q35: When control unit commands ALU to perform an operation, machine cycle is involved in
which step?
a)1st step b)3rd step c)2nd step d)4th step
Q36:Padders in receivers are used for
a)Increase sensitivity b)…… c)fine tuning d)decrease noise
Q37:PCM quantization noise depends on
a)Number of quantization levels b)Sampling rate c)Index number d)none
Q38:Graphical difference between nFET and pFET is
a)inversion bubble at gate b)Inversion bubble at source c)Inversion bubble at drain d)all
Q39:Probability of defective bulbs = 0.12, Total bulbs = 8000 then number of defective bulbs:
a)960 b)96 c)9600 d)96000
Q40:In poison distribution probability of success is very close to
a)1 b)0.5 c)0.2 d)0
Q41:Technique used to enable multiple broadband signals to be transmitted over single mode
a)Subscriber b)wavelength division multiplexing c)time division multiplexing d)frequency
division multiplexing
Q42:single flip flop is constructed using
Q43: ___Cells make concentration layer of lens
a)Strong b)Fibrous c)Weak d)Optical
Q44:Which communication system is digital
a)FM b)AM c)PAM d)PCM
Q45:PWM is generated by:
a)a mono stable multi vibrator b)astable multi vibrator c)Integration of PPM signal d)derivative
the PPM signal
Q46:In communication receivers the fidelity is provided by
a)Audio stage b)Detector stage c)mixer stage d)All
Q47:Balanced modulator produces
a)AM b)SSB c)USB d)DSB
Q48:Reciever with poor IF selectivity will have poor
a)sensitivity b)blocking of adjacent element channels c)Diverse reception d)none
Q49:AGC voltage is applied to the stages which are
a)Before the detector stage b)After the detector stage c)at detector stage d)both a & c
Q50: Closed loop system
Q51: In position control system, device which provides rate-feedback is
a)…. b)Tachogenerator c)…… d)…….
Q52:Not applicable to non-linear system
a)Functional analysis b)Nyquist criterion c)Quasi-linearization d)phase-plane representation
Q53:A control system with excessive noise, is likely to suffer from
a)Saturation in amplifying stages b)loss of gain c)Vibrations d)Oscilations
Q54:Basically a controller is
a)amplifier b)comparator c)clipper d)Summer
Q55:Pole shoes of DC machine fastened to pole core by
a)welding b)soldering c)steal clamp d)counter sunk
Q56:Brushes on commutator are shifted from GNP to
a)obtain highest generated voltage b)Avoid sparking c)to increase generated efficiency d)to
produce sparking
Q57:admittance is reciprocal of:
Q58:Power in AC is consumed by
a)inductor b)Capacitor c)Resistance d)All
Q59:Negative maximum of cosine waveform is
-1 at 180 degree
Q60:RF chokes are air cored to
a)keep frequency low b)keep inductive reactance low c) to keep frequency high d)to keep
inductive reactance high
Q61:Form factor for 220V and 50HZ AC is
a)1.5 b)1.14 c)1.11 d)0.85
Q62:In common base amplifier output voltage is taken from
a)collector b)Emitter c)Base d)both A & C
Q64:V = 50v AC, f = 10kHZ, I = 7.96mA then Inductance = L = ?
a)1mH b)10mH c)100mH d)1H
Q65:Instantenous of sinusoidal AC current at 45 degree is called
a)Peak-peak b)RMS c)Peak current d)average
Q66:Current and voltage are out of phase the power is
a)0 b)minimum c)maximum d)square root(3)VI
Q67:Form factor is ratio of
a)avg to rms b)peak to rms c)rms to avg
Q68:Mutual inductance ……….
Q69:which is universal gate
a)AND b)OR c)NOR d)XOR
Q70:127 decimal to binary
a)….. b)…… c)1111111 d)0111 1111
Q71 igital electronics base on how many number of basic operations
a)2 b)3 c)4 d)5
Q72:Programmer most likely prepare
a)general system design b)specific system design c)general program flowchart d)specific
program flowchart
Q73:Thyristor is
4 layer 3 PN junction device
Q74:In three phase half wave diode rectification, average output voltage to per phase maximum
AC voltage is
a)1 b)1.169 c)0.827 d)1.57
Q75 ata communication in telegraph line
a)simplex line b)wideband c)narrowband d)dialed service
Q76:Knowldege of transfer function gives
a)The order of System b)The time constant c)The output for any given input d)The steady state
gain e)All
Q77:Video Transmission in TV broadcast is
a)FM b)PM c)AM d)SM

Other Questions whose Answers are not validated from NTS

Q78: Scalar product of parallel vector is an addition of:

Product of their magnitude
Q79: Structured data that can be used for assessing the system is called
Date Base
Q80: horizontal and vertical component of earth magnetic field is equal , angle of dip is ?
60 , 90 , 45 , 30
Q81: If zener regulator current is dropped below knee current then
a)Zener will damage b)voltage will be constant
Q82: An electrode b/w cathode and anode is called ____
a)Filament b)Grid c)…. D)…..
Q83: Optical power depends on ------- associated with optical fibre receiver. (Repeated from
previous NTS discos papers)
Q84: A transformer transform ______
Q85: Knowldege of transfer function gives
a)The order of System b)The time constant c)The output for any given input d)The steady state
Q86: Which will enter to super heater of boiler __
Wet steam
Hot steam
Cold steam
Q87: The process of AC to Dc conversion is called ______
Q88: The _____ field last as long as current flowing in the wire.
a)Electric field b)magnetic field c)…. d)…..
Q89: At breakaway point, several branches of root loci coalese because the system characteristic
equation has
Q90: . A semiconductor device is connected to battery, upon changing the polarity of battery the
current reduced to zero, device is
N- type semiconductor
P- type semiconductor
P-N junction
Q91: Which wave does not require any physical medium for its propagation?
Q92: . Principle of fiber optics transmission is
Total internal reflection
Q93: form same peak value, of which signal the RMS value is smaller
Full-wave rectified
Q94: . Filter used for extracting original signal from sampled signal isband pass
band stop
high pass
low pass
Q95: A matrix has “m” rows and “n” columns then order of matrix is?
Q96: If a and b vectors are anti-parallel, then their resultant is
Q97: Which one is closed loop system?
Q98: Which is not true about VHDL?
a)Strong language b)case sensitive language c) … d)
Q99: In critically damped system, damping factor of system is
Q100: Electric dipole moment per unit volume of dielectric is called