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General Instructions:

Starting the Bulk Load:

1. The grey area is to be left as is, this section is auto populated and non-editable.
2. Each colum with an asterik(*) is a required field that must be filled out in order to complete the
configuration. See below for information that will be needed before you begin.
3. Each required column will have a drop down box or maual entry for values.
4. Choose to configure to Energy Components, PI, or Prism by only filling in the associated

To add Constraints to a Paramter:

1. First copy the Dynamic Paramter ID from the Dynamic Parameters tab and paste it in the Dynamic
Paramter Constraint tab under the column labled Dynamic Parameter ID.
2. Fill in all required columns with the aterick(*).

To Save & Upload

1. Save file in Downloads folder.
2. Under Actions Select Upload Edited Dynamic Parameters.
3. When window opens Selcet the file from your downloads folder.
4. Click Upload File to Complete.

Required fields are denoted with an asterik (*)

Sheet Name Required Fields
Dynamic Parameters Source Type*
Dynamic Parameters Used for hydrocarbon allocation?*
Dynamic Parameters Used for regulatory reporting?*
Dynamic Parameters Frequency of Data Update*
Dynamic Parameters Unit of Measure*
Dynamic Parameters Effective Date*
Dynamic Parameters Suspended?*
EC Object Name*
Dynamic Parameters- EC Data Attribute*
EC Effective Date*
Read/Write to PI?*
PI Server*
Chart-off Schedule*
Dynamic Parameters- PI Field Type*
Configurations PI Tag Name*
Digital State?*
Read Type*
PI Effective Date*
Unique Well ID*
Dynamic Paramters- Prism Product Code*
Dynamic Paramters- Prism
PRISM Effective Date*
Dynamic Parameter ID
Constraint Type*
Dynamic Paramter Constraints Category*
Limit Value*
Effective Date*
Accumulative Indicator*
Template Type
Upload New
Dynamic Parameter ID Dynamic Parameter Name
Facility Name Material Stream Name
Equipment Name Measurement Point Purpose Type Name*
Source Type* Used for hydrocarbon allocation?*

Used for regulatory reporting?* Frequency of Data Update*


Unit of Measure* Material Type

Effective Date* Termination Date
22-Oct-2010 24-Oct-2010
Suspended?* EC PARAM XREF ID
EC Object Name* EC Instance
Energy Component Mapping

EC Instance ID EC Instance ID Original

Energy Component Mapping

EC View Name EC View ID

EC View ID Original Data Attribute*
EC Effective Date* PI ETL ID
Read/Write to PI?* PI Server* Chart-off Schedule*
PI Mapping

Field Type* PI Tag Name* Digital State?*

Read Type* Relative Start Time Relative End Time
PRISM Mapping

PI Effective Date* Prism Param XREF ID Unique Well ID*

PRISM Mapping Default Value

Product Code* PRISM Effective Date* Default Value

Default Value Derived Method

Default Value Effective Date Method Method Effective Date

22-Oct-2010 22-Oct-2010
Configuration Status

Complete? (Y/N)
Dynamic Parameter ID Dynamic Parameter Name Facility Name
#N/A #N/A
Constraint Type* Business Rule Description
Alert Text Authority* Reason
Category* Organization Limit Value*
Effective Date* Termination Date Accumulative Indicator*
22-Oct-2002 22-Oct-2002
Accumulation Period From Date Period Quantity Period UOM