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Winter 2018, CARE 91

Date of submission: Monday,
January 22, 2018 in class
NAME: Simarpartap Singh Jaura

ID: 4271021





Item Marks Marks

Introduction 4
Rationale of 4
Accomplishment 4

Skills 4
Career 4
Total 20


Utilize self-assessment tools and techniques to identify skills, abilities,
strengths and weaknesses
CARE 91 – Business Career Strategies
Assignment #1 – 15%)


Make sure you have completed the assessments on pages 4-19 in your copy of “Get a job”
workbook before attempting this exercise.

Due date/Mode of submission: You can submit this assignment via hard copy Monday, January
22 in class. Computer type, no hand written submission please.

In paragraph format, answer the following questions:

1. Introduce yourself (Tell me a little bit about yourself, your academic background etc.)
2. Why did you choose this area/program of study?
3. What will a potential employer find attractive about your current or past accomplishments
and/or education?
4. List your top 5 marketable skills, related to your area of study and give at least one example of
how you have put each of them to practice. (You can include your transferable skills and
technical skills.)
5. What is your biggest career aspiration (now or for future)?


 Computer type, no hand written assignment please

 Font size: 12
 Font style: Times new roman
 Gap between the lines: 1.5
1. Introduce yourself (Tell me a little bit about yourself, your academic background etc.)
A My name is Simarpartap and I completed my high school in Punjab ,India. Currently I am
studying in Saint Lawrence College and pursuing Business Management program. I have a keen
interest in games and other activities and also I have an interest in Business. I want to work and
learn workplace management skills so that it would be easy for me to manage my own business.
I want to pursue more studies in university in this field and learn more about tics of handling the
business tactics. I plan of further studying a degree program of this course. I had actually
observed other businessmen and got motivated from there work and want to try of my own
business. I have learned about different things required in the workplace like hard work,self-
confidence, communication skills and other attributes. Theses are just some of many required
things. I want to learn about them and apply them in my workplace so that I can know about
solving problems within a workplace and be able face other challenges. I have learned much in
high school. There were subjects such as economics and business that I liked the most and I
wanted to pursue more. Currently I am studying in my fourth semester in my program. I
completed my first semester in Centennial college and the other semesters in Saint Lawrence
college. I got good grades which indicate my hard work and interest in the studies of this
program. I have planned my work and future studies and also have a dream project of my own
business. I have been inspired from my workplace and it has taught me a lot and workplace
owner is a role model because he has the knowledhe of the handling multiple businesses and he
has gained it all from his hard work and experience and I want to be a businessman after I
observed his keen sense of business.
2. Why did you choose this area/program of study?
A I chose business as my program of study because Business courses help us to learn
marketing, human resources, accounting, ICT, customer care. Every organization needs
people who have these skills. This course also helps developing interpersonal skills so that
we feel more confident dealing with people in the workplace. As we need to do these
activities such as group projects and fundraising. Business people need to be able to write
reports, letters, and e-mails, deliver presentations or negotiate deals with customers and I
want to learn this. This course helps develop our listening and communication skills. Most
employers tell communication is one of the most important skills they look for in there
employees. There are a lot of group projects, assignments and presentations in this course so
that we can learn how to work in teams and apply this knowledge in the workplace as it is
important to work in the teams and handle others with care and respect. Creativity is a very
important aspect in the field of business and this course will help me develop creativity and
imagination of business. This is very crucial to open my own business and run it as with
creativity comes problem analysis. We should get good ideas and we must be innovative to
run a successful business. Employers need qualified business people who can help them
solve problems and make decisions that will generate wealth for their business. We need to
be a person who likes to deal with practical problems that have to be overcome to keep a
business functioning. We sometimes need to talk, discuss, debate, negotiate with customers
but most of all feel our contribution is helping. So we should be good at interacting with
people and gain experience that we will get the most out of this program. I would
definitely gain the attributes that will help me a great deal with my own business. Attributes
such as hard work, Knowledge ,Problem analysis, Self-confidence and much more.
3. What will a potential employer find attractive about your current or past accomplishments
and/or education?
A There are are certain things that I need to work on myself but at the same time there are things
that the employer will find interesting abiut me. I believe that I hav certain attributes that will.
help me get the job. I am hard working and put full efforts in my workplace and also I try to seen
the workplace as my own so I work accordingly and help the workplace grow. I have good
problem solving skills as I have learnt this from my workplace I know how to solve the problems
by myself and I also help others sometimes. I work in a printer ware house called Siva Exports
and I work there as a techinician and cleaner and there are sometimes problems with the
machines that we need to handle and I try to fully complete it with my full efforts. Punctuality is
a very important aspect because every employer wants his employees to come on time and
handle their work so it is very important to do this. Also the given project should be completed in
given time to be marked as successful and meaningful. I also have good communication skills as
I can interact with others with respect and can easily be friends with them which is very
important within and outside the workplace. Also I have an ability to remain cool under pressure
so this helps at workplace. We get orders of printers t be repaired and clened within a certain
period of time and sometimes it really gets busy and we can get tensed but I do not get tensed
and try to remail calm in the situations because it wil not be helpful to work in a pressure so
being calm and working hard is the best option and I try to comfort others to motivate them to
work hard but in a calm way. These are the skills that I practice but there are certain skills that I
still need to be developed in me and I want to develop them so I can run my own successful
business so my wish to learn the work is also one good attribute as I would definitely work hard
for this and it will develop me and the environment around me.
4. List your top 5 marketable skills, related to your area of study and give at least one example of
how you have put each of them to practice. (You can include your transferable skills and
technical skills.)
(i) Hard work – Hard work is the key to success . Every employer wants his employees
to be hard working and beneficial to the company. He employee should believe the
company as his own and work hard . As I talked about it above I work in a printer
warehouse where I have to fix and clean printers and we are given a certain time
limit to do this and it is really important to finish the work in given time. I work hard
to attain my and company’s goal so I try to work hard.
(ii) Communication - Both written and verbal communication skills are of utmost
importance in the workplace because they set the tone for how people perceive you.
They also improve your chances of building relationships with co-workers.
Communication skills boost your performance because they help you to extract clear
expectations from your manager so that you can deliver excellent work. I have good
communication with all my co-workers and it helps me to solve their problems
sometimes and ask for their help if I need to. So there is cooperation in us.
(iii) Team work and getting along with others - A company’s success is rarely dependent
on one person doing something all by him/herself. Success is the result of many
people working toward a common goal. When employees utilize their different
talents, it makes the company successful. I work as a team with others. We
collaborate so we help each other in needs and this is very beneficial to the business
as well.
(iv) Problem Solving - When something goes wrong, you can either complain or take
action. It is always better to solve our problems ourselves as it helps us develop
problem solving skills within us. Whenever ther is a problem I try to solve it myself
first without bothering anyone.
(v) Creativity or imagination – Being creative means we have ability to think of different
and convenient ways of doing a work. Whenever I work I try solving it in different
ways and try imagining its consequences.
5. What is your biggest career aspiration (now or for future)?
A My biggest career aspiration is to have a business of my own . I always work as I am working
for my own business and I always try to make maximum profit for the business and make it
possible with my and the whole team efforts. I want have my own printer warehouse and I want
to open its branches in different places and then I want to expand my business and also I want to
open other businesses and handle multiple businesses at the same time. This is the reason I try to
manage things by my own so that I have the practice of how to deal with the problems that I
might face doing business. I also would think as an employee and would take in considering
there problems they may face so I also would be managing employees. I would have to work in
teams so I am already working for it and always try to work as a team. I ask for help whenever I
need and I always help whenever someone needs. I already am working on my attributes to run a
successful business and I work hard for it. I have a keen observation and I observe the
environment around me and try to make it better and also there are some problems in the
workplace I try solving it. I know about printrs. There is a little investment needed as I can buy a
scrap printer and repair it and sell it at good cost. I have developed good relations with my fellow
co-workers and the owner of the company and they are very supportive about the ideas that I
give them. We also have the advantage of using online sites like kijiji to sell printers. I have a
plan that I want to execute and will definitely try to execute and am ready to put hard work and
efforts into it. I try to seek guidance from my elders and they believe I have a good plan. I will
try to put in execution and raise the standard of the business.