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Q: 1 (Factors taken into account before posting)

 Acceptance from Society

1. Within the boundaries of Society’s norms and accepted standards.
2. Views are not to be contradicted/opposed by the society, they have to be approved.
3. They should not hurt anyone’s sentiments. So, I refrain from uploading some serious stuff
like politics or religion.
4. Focus on character building.
 Minute details
1. Physical attractiveness.
2. As in case of personal photos; my hairstyle, dressing, background, angle/inclination,
brightness and the overall pose to conclude with.
 Reflection of Personality
1. All the content of your posts be it your personality, status, captions , shared stuff
should reflect your personality
2. In other words; your social media profile has to be a reflection of your personality.

Probe-Q: 1 (validation on social media)

 People seek approval

 It is source of praise as people applaud and laud your content
 Source of confidence

Q: 2 (Importance of likes , comments, and followers)

 Societal perspective: Nowadays, people from society perceive you from your social
media context.
 Source of confidence: You are confident about your social bonds which you perceive as
more strengthened.
 Depiction of one’s social circle: Respondents favored the fact that enlarging social circle
on social media enlarges it in real life too.

Q : 3 (Deletion of a post expectations were not met)

 Immaturity: It depends upon one’s immaturity levels where you get to upload stuff that
in return doesn’t meet your expectations. So, at younger age respondents deleted their
 Editing: works as a charm to gain more appreciation. So, everybody endorses that &
tries to master in it.
 Postive and motivated: feeling occurs where expectations are met.
Q : 4 (Importance of captions)

 They matter to them because they define your situation

 Res 1: They are supposed to carry some weight; Love to keep something philosophical
or focused on goals of life.
 Res 2: preferred constructive options more and researched less on captions
 Res 2: focused more on uploading constructive stuff like education-related articles.

Q : 5 (Effect of social media on Self-Esteem and Self-Satisfaction)

 ( Res 1) Societal Competition and Peer pressure highlighted these two psychological
phenomena when others particularly peers receive appreciation on social media. As a
result, they may also feel the need to follow this trend.
 (Res 1) Related confidence with self-satisfaction
 (Res 2) related self-esteem and self-satisfaction with human nature and instinct: That
appreciation from social media maintains the same ground as what appreciation from
normal life is.
 Both respondents valued their health more than social media.
 When well, they both would feel the hunger for getting online and uploading stuff on
social media.
 They both agreed on one fact that more or less social media supplements social

Q: 6 (post update notifications)

 Both respondents felt no anxiety levels on seeing post update notifications.

Q:7 (disagreement online)

 (Res 1) protective and preferred to debate: As social media is crowded with jokes often
targeted on religious values or ideals. That propels you to take certain serious as well as
non-serious stuff seriously.
 (Res 1) Believed to enforce his opinion: As he thought opinions other than religious, on
social media are more baseless.
 (Res 2) Non-serious and acceptive attitude

Q:8 (Views regarding people following social media trends)

 (Res 1 and Res 2) Power to pervade: Social media is pervasive and holds the power to
pervade by circulating and maintaining a place in people’s mind with it’s trends.
 (Res 1 and Res 2) Imitating behavior: People lose their conscious attitudes.
 Res 1 argued on maturity levels playing their roles.

Q: 9 (Social validation on Social media)

 (Res 1 and Res 2)Amalgamation of large number people: All types of people of all age
groups, classes, or status.
 (Res 2) Multi-faceted opinions, ideas and sensibilities
 (Res 1) Accentuation of the need to socially validate

Q:10 (Compromises on Physical appearance)

 (Res 1 and Res 2) Editors: They have made it less like for people to undergo unhealthy
eating habits.
 Feeling of disgust: Some people do undergo unhealthy eating habits to achieve the
appearance of their ideals which is disgusting.

Q: 11 (Opinion regarding social media’s trend; Healthy or not)

 (Res 1) More Healthy: Despite following trends people do know that trends carry no
weight in real life;they can be taken lightly, plus social circle and communication
 (Res 2) Neutral: Healthy in a variety of ways like it can bring about integration,
enhanced communication and cognitive powers, broadened social circle, best platform
for raising awareness. Negatively serves in other ways like pervades laze takes ways
seriousness or discipline , or serves to insult you when you don’t follow or know about
the trends.

There is no much analysis as only personality or self-choices serve to differ their

opinions. Respondent 1 lives in Qatar and respondent 2 lives in Peshawar, so maybe
their family backgrounds play a bit part.