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When people go to holiday to new Zealand, there are many options for traveling.

The image illustrates

what transport that are used by international visitors during visiting New Zealand.

There are several transports that can be used by overseas tourists such as car, plane, coach, train, and
boat. The most common transport is car, which almost 70% of people on holiday using it. Plane and
coach are used by tourists almost the same amount which is more than 30%. The fourth most popular
transport that is used by tourists is train, which 20% of people using it. Just least than 10 % of visitors
traveling with boat around New Zealand.

For the conclusion, international tourists are using many kind of transport to travel in New Zealand, the
most popular transport is car, followed by plane, coach, train, and the most unusual is boat. Private
transport such as car is more popular than public transports such as plane, coach, train, and boat.