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Bora L, Bora, Boralina 4-hole

REF 1600243-001 2,5 - 2,7 bar

Bora L, Bora, Boralina
REF 1600242-001

Bora L / Bora
Bora LK Bora LK
REF 1600243-001 2,8 - 3,4 bar Bora LK

Instruction fig. 1
REF 2100058-ENG/01.11 0120

English 6360-1; Boralina: max. length 21 mm (0.82 in),

code 4-5 in accordance with ISO 6360-1.
Medical devices entirely made in Switzerland
by Bien-Air Dental SA. Changing the bur
Push-button grip: Press the push-button fig. 2 and,
Type at the same time, withdraw the bur. To fit a new bur,
Bora L, Bora LK, Bora, Boralina press the pushbutton and insert the bur firmly
Turbine type of hand piece. Supplied from the unit home. fig. 2 fig. 5
by hose via a specific connection.
Description Bora L, Bora LK, Bora Safety REF 1300368-010
Push-button grip with anti-heating system, ceramic Check that the tool stays in position with manual
ball bearing, 3 sprays. Double glass bar for Bora L tension. Always wear gloves or suitable protective
and LK. clothing when checking and using this equipment.
Description Boralina
Push-button grip, ball bearing, 1 spray. Changing the bulb
The bulb is located in the turbine handle.Wear rub- REF 1300423-010
Intended use ber gloves when carrying out this changing opera-
fig. 3 fig. 6
Product intended for professional use only. Use in • Disconnect the turbine from the attachment. 1 sec.
dentistry for general dentistry work. Any use other • Unscrew the back of the turbine fig. 3.
than that for which this device is intended is prohi- • Change the bulb fig. 4.
bited and may prove dangerous. Changing the non-return valve
Interchangeable non-return valve, sterilisable,
Technical data placed in the water supply lines.
• Disconnect the turbine from the attachment.
Classification • Unscrew the back of the turbine fig. 3.
Class IIa in accordance with European Directive • Remove the piece, using the 1.60mm Ø rod sup- fig. 4 fig. 7
93/42/EEC concerning medical devices. plied with the device or a tool equivalent fig. 5.
Seals replacement Lubrifluid Lubrimed
Coupling • Disconnect the turbine from the attachment.
Bora L, Bora and Boralina are attached with Unifix • Unscrew the back of the turbine fig. 3 1 sec. or
rotating quick couplings, 3 or 4-hole. Bora LK on • Changing o-rings fig. 6.
4-hole MULTIflex® coupling from KaVo®, fig. 1.
The technical specifications, illustrations and di- Separately clean, lubricate and sterilise the
mensions contained in these instructions are given device before the treatment of each patient.
only as a guide. They may not be the subject of any
claim. The manufacturer reserves the right to make Only use maintenance products and components
technical improvements to its equipment, without from Bien-Air Dental. The use of other products and
amending these instructions. For all additional in- components can void the guarantee.
formation, please contact Bien-Air Dental SA at the
address indicated on the back cover. Can be sterilised (autoclavable): the turbine itself,
but not the Unifix or MULTIflex® connections.
The instrument is delivered “non sterile”. Before first
Required air pressure use, lubricate and sterilise the instrument. Please
Adjust the existing air pressure setting from 2.5 to comply with these instructions. fig. 8
2.7 bar for Bora L, Bora and Boralina, and from Before sterilisation
2.8 to 3.4 bar in the case of Bora LK, with the help Check that the steriliser and the water that is used Remove residue, carefully clean the device. Lubri-
of the Bien-Air Dental pressure gauge located be- are clean. After each sterilisation cycle, remove the cate instrument.
tween hose and connector, fig. 1. device from the sterilising apparatus immediately,
in order to reduce the risk of corrosion. Lubrication
The device must not be started without a tool in- Overhaul Lubrication with Bien-Air Dental products
serted into the chuck. To avoid overheating of the Never disassemble the device. For any modification fig. 8
push-button, which could cause burns, it should not and repair, we recommend that you contact your shows Lubrifluid or Lubrimed medical grease. fig. 9
be pressed inadvertently while the instrument is ro- regular supplier or Bien-Air Dental directly. Bien- Use either the one or the other for lubrication pur-
tating. Soft tissues (tongue, cheeks, lips etc.) must Air Dental asks the user to have its dynamic instru- poses (i.e. never mix them up) prior to every steril- greaser to the bottom. The dose corresponds to
be protected by deflection with a retractor or a den- ments checked or inspected at least once a year. isation procedure or a minimum of twice a day. one half-turn of the knurled backhousing. Use
tal mirror. the guidemarks.
Safety Cleaning With Lubrifluid spray.
According to IEC 60601-1 standard (General safety • Remove tool from instrument gripper before Sterilisation
for Medical Electrical Equipement), the device shall Use Spraynet cleaner fig. 7. Spray the inside and lubrication
be classified as a class II type BF device. Associated outside of the equipment to remove the residues and • Place the instrument in a cloth so as to catch Important
terminology is defined in section 2.1.7 & 2.2.5 of carefully clean the surfaces. the debris and foreign matter expelled by the The quality of the sterilisation depends very
the same document. The following regulations as atomizer jet. much on the cleanliness of the device. Only
specified in IEC 60601-1 must be observer: Disinfection • Remove the protective cap and insert the nozzle perfectly clean devices may be sterilised.
• “Protection against electrical shock”. into the back of the instrument sleeve.
• “Ingress of liquids”. Disinfect using a clean cloth soaked in a suitable • Spray for about 1 second Do not use a sterilisation procedure other
• “Protection against excessive temperatures and product. Products containing acetone, chlorine and or than the one described below.
other safety hasard”. bleaches are not recommended as disinfectants. With Lubrimed medical grease and greaser. Procedure: With steam after fractioned initial va-
• First-time use: Remove the cap, screw the cuum phase, Class B cycle acc. to EN13060. The pro-
Bur Never immerse in disinfectant solutions. knurled back-housing until the grease appears cedure has been validated according to ISO 17664.
Diameter of shaft 1.60 mm, type 3 in accordance at the end of the rod. Wipe off surplus grease Nominal temperature: 134°C (273°F). Duration:
with ISO 1797; Bora L / Bora LK / Bora : max. length Not suitable for ultrasonic bath. and replace cap after use. 3 or 18 min., according to the national guidelines
25 mm (0.98 in), code 4-6 in accordance with ISO • Remove the bur and introduce the rod of the in force.
REF 2100058-ENG/01.11 1/2
Cleaning of spray tubes fig. 9 risk of this becoming detached during the treatment The guarantee shall become null and void if the REF Legend
Wire cleaner. and causing injury to yourself, to your patient and damage and its consequences are due to improper
to third parties. manipulation of the product, or modifications to 1600382-001 Bora L turbine with light for
Transport and storage conditions the product carried out by persons not authorised Unifix coupling
Temperature between -40°C (-40°F) and 70°C The device is intended for medical treatment only; by Bien-Air Dental. 1600381-001 Bora turbine for Unifix coupling
(158°F), relative humidity between 10% and 100%, any use other than that for which this product is in- 1600373-001 Boralina turbine for Unifix
atmospheric pressure 50 kPa to 106 kPa (7.3 to 15.3 tended is unauthorised and may be dangerous. The Claims under the terms of the guarantee will be coupling
psi). medical device meets all the current legal require- considered only on presentation, together with the 1600155-001 Bora LK lighting turbine for
ments. product, of the invoice or the consignment note, on MULTIflex® KaVo® connection.
Other precautions for use The device is not authorised for use in an explosive which the date of purchase, the product reference 1600616-001 Bora L Golden Line turbine
atmosphere (anaesthetic gas). and the Serial No. should be clearly indicated. 1700189-001 Bora L set with light, Unifix
The device must be used by a qualified person in The device must not be used in the presence of open electrified 4-hole coupling
accordance with the current legal provisions con- lesions, injury to the soft tissues or recent extrac- In these instructions, “Device” corresponds to the 1700187-001 Bora turbine set with Unifix
cerning industrial safety, health and accident pre- tions. The exhaust air could propel infected mate- product described in the heading “Type”. For ex- 3-hole coupling
vention measures, and these working instructions. rial into the wounds and cause infections and risk ample, turbine, contra-angle, handpiece, micro- 1700188-001 Bora turbine set with Unifix
In accordance with these requirements, the opera- of embolism. motor, tube, electronics, connectors, station etc. 4-hole coupling
tors: 1700200-001 Boralina set with Unifix 3V
• must only use operating devices that are in per- Guarantee Symbols 1700201-001 Boralina set with Unifix 4V
fect working order; in the event of irregular 1500227-010 Non-return valve
functioning, excessive vibration, abnormal Terms of guarantee 1300423-010 O-ring for spray
heating or other signs indicating malfunction Bien-Air Dental grants the user a guarantee cover- CE Marking with number of the notified 1300368-010 O-ring for drive
of the device, the work must be stopped imme- ing all functional defects, material or production body. 1600081-001 Unifix 3-hole coupling
diately; in this case, contact a repair centre that faults. The device is covered by this guarantee for 1600082-001 Unifix 4-hole coupling for
is approved by Bien-Air Dental; 12 months from the date of invoicing. Bien-Air Wear rubber gloves. instruments without light
• must ensure that the device is used only for the Dental offers a 24-month guarantee for the glass- 1600363-001 Unifix 4-hole coupling for
purpose for which it is intended, must protect bar light conductors. instruments with light
themselves, their patients and third parties from Machine washable. 1600242-001 Gauge for 3-hole attachment
any danger, and must avoid contamination In the event of justified claim, Bien-Air Dental or its 1600243-001 Gauge for 4-hole attachment
through the use of the product. authorised representative will fulfil the company’s Sterilisable at the specified temperature. 1500000-005 Pack of 5 bulbs for turbines
obligations under this guarantee by repairing or re- 1600037-006 Lubrimed medical grease
Rest the device on a suitable support to avoid risks placing the product free of charge. Any other claims, cartridges, box of 6 cartridges
of infection for yourself, the patient or third parties. of whatever nature, in particular in the form of a Light. 1000003-001 Lubrimed greaser
claim for damages and interest, are excluded. Bien- 1000001-010 Wire probe, box of 10 wires
Recommendations Air Dental shall not be held responsible for damage 3-hole connection. 1600036-006 Spraynet, cleaning spray 500 ml,
It is essential to use dry, purified compressed or injury and the consequences thereof, resulting box of 6 cans
air in order to ensure the long working life of from: 1600064-006 Lubrifluid, lubricant 500 ml,
4-hole connection.
the device. Maintain the quality of the air and • excessive wear and tear box of 6 cans
the water by regular maintenance of the com- • improper use
pressor and the filtration systems. The use of • non-observance of the instructions for installa- 4-hole connection electric.
unfiltered hard water will lead to early tion, operation and maintenance List of Bien-Air Dental SA registered trade
blockage of the tubes, connectors and spray • unusual chemical, electrical or electrolytic Attention. mark products ®:
cones. influences Aquilon® Gyro® MX®
• poor connections, whether of the air, water or Bora® Gyrolina® PowerCare®
After a period of prolonged use, the device must be electricity supply. Move in the direction indicated.
Boralina® Isolite® Prestilina®
cleaned and serviced according to these instructions. ChiroPro® Lubrifluid® Spraynet®
Adhere to the Instructions for Use, in accordance The guarantee does not cover flexible “fibre optic” Move fully to the stop, in the Diamline® Lubrimed®
with the instructions of the bur manufacturer. Never type conductors, or any parts made of synthetic ma- direction indicated. Eolia® MX2®
use a bur with an incorrect diameter, as there is a terials.

This product may be covered by one or more of the following patents:

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