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‘ARI Strathbogies Greater Glider Surveys ~ preliminary update Double-observer distance sampling has been used to estimate densities of greater gliders in the Strathbogie Ranges. Surveys were carried out between 9" October and 25! November, with two more nights planned for 11 ~ 12" of Decembér. Transects surveyed were 500m long. Sites were stratified to include 9 transects covering 3 coupes (Barjarg Flat 411-501-0002, Mt Hat ‘412-505-0002, Tartan 412-504-0002), and then 5 sites in the north of the Strathbogie Ranges and 11 in the south. Total sites surveye f Total sites Inside coupes 9 Outside coupes 2 (additional 4 sites to be surveyed in Dec) Map showing location of transects throughout the Strathbogie Ranges Greater Glider observations: 1100 individual greater gliders have been observed on the transects to date, Abundance varied from 0- 14 across the 21 sites surveyed so far. Coupe surveys Transect name No. of individual greater gliders Barjarg Flat_Ti 7 Barjarg Flat_T2 14 Barjarg Flat_T3 1 Mr Hat_TZ 10 Mr Hat_T2 Mir Hat_T3 Tartan_T Tartan_12 Tartan_T3 Average: Outside coupe surveys [ransect name No.of 6 it 176 a7 159 191 a 161 162 236 114 a7 36 Pending © 157 Pending 201 Pending \O 220 Pending ‘Average: ual greater gliders @)elalalalal=|~|=lelole