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. Name Date Class ) The Relative Age of Rocks Write the letter of the correct answer on the line at the left. te Coens: of years that have passed 2. the age of a rock compared to the since a rock formed is the rock's ages of other rocks is the rock's A. relative age A. absolute age 8 law of superposition B geologic age C absolute age C sedimentary age D index fossil D relative age 3 Da formation of igneous rock on A break in Earth’s crust is called Earth's surface is known as A. anintrusion A agap 8 a faut B anintrusion C alayer © a fault D_ an index fossil D anextrusion "he corner of your copy machine to copy onto lettersize paper Fill in the blank to complete each statement. 5. Geologists use the law of Su POSH ON _ to deten sedimentary rock layers. 1e the relative ages of 6. A mass of igneous rock below the Earth's surface is called a(n) LY) IY USION 7. Because of CVOSIDN) layers has been lost, 8. A gap in the geologic record is known as a(n) LLY" anfocentty 9. The position in which rock layers appear can be changed by gaps in the geologic record and by most of the geologic record of sedimentary rock hM., 10. According to the law of in horizontal sedimentary rock layers the oldest layer is at the bottom and the youngest layer is at the top, COPYRIGHT © BY PEARSON EDUCATION INC., OR IS AFFILIATES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 309F Review and Reinforce The Relative Age of Rocks Understanding Main Ideas Look at the diagram below. Then use a separate sheet of paper to answer the questions that follow. he Faull is younger “Than A because vie layers are always oldee— Than te faults ™ contatn. Fault Inteusion shen P yee Coban oF Soperpastter sins 1. What is the youngest rock layer? Explain. (LY A ee ed ails 2. Is the extrusion older or younger than rock layer 8? Explain, EX er Tmon vale bel 's the fault older or younger than rock layer A? Explain . How could a geologist use the fossil in rock layer B to date a rock F layer in another locations The fossil may be an mdex Fossil .Geolagists use index fosslS to maten veck- layedt at locations “thet are ila c Building Vocabulary part. Match each term with its definition by writing the letter of the correct definition in the right column on the line beside the term in the left column. . the number of years since a rock has formed 5. & fault a. . A extrusion b. a break in Earth's crust - the way to determine relative ages of rocks G unconformity a 6. 2 8. E relative aoe |. a hardened layer of magma beneath Earth's surface ' 9. Crtow of superposition & the age of a rock compared with the age of other rocks | D f. fossils used to help geologists match rock layers 10. intrusion A 9. the surface where new rock layers meet a much older rock 11. Al absolute age surface beneath them 12. E index fossis hh. a hardened layer of lava on Earth's surface COPYRIGHT © BY PEARSON EDUCATION INC., OR ITS AFFILIATES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.