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Curriculum Vitae Kamil Ahmed Qureshi

Title Mr.
Name Kamil Ahmed Qureshi
Date of Birth May 24, 1989
Place of Birth Kohat, Pakistan


Mubashir Banoori, ST# 7B, H. No. 64B, Cell : ++92-03028007200

E11/4, Islamabad Email:


A. Qualification Acquired and Institution Attended

M. S/M.Phil 2017 COMSATS, Abbottabad

B.S (hons) 2013 University of Peshawar
Intermediate 2008 Cadet College Kohat
Matriculation 2006 Cadet College Kohat

B. Subjects Studied

M.S Tectonic control on petroleum prospect of Pakistan, Stratigraphy and

petroleum prospect of Pakistan, Tectonics of Pakistan, Applied Geophysics,
Advances in mineralogy, Engineering geology, Applied Sedimentary
Petrology, Mineral prospecting and exploration.
B.S Physical Geology, Crystallography, Optical Mineralogy, Descriptive
(Hons) Mineralogy, Structural Geology, Economic Geology, Igneous & Metamorphic
Petrology, Sedimentology, Paleontology, Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional
system & Stratigraphy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and

C. Research

M. Phil Sedimentology of the Tredian Formation in the Salt and Trans Indus Ranges,
implications for the reservoir characterization.

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Curriculum Vitae Kamil Ahmed Qureshi

B.S Microfacies analysis and depositional modeling, diagenesis, reservoir

characterization and sequence stratigraphy of Chiltan Formation, Mughalkot
Section, Sulaiman ranges, F.R. Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan.


 Availed A+ category scholarship with full tuition fee waiver and stipend of
Rs.15000 pm.
 Have been awarded a sum of Rs.51200 by HEC for sample preparation under
access to scientific instrumentation programme during M.S research work.
 Highest GPA achieved in M.S Geology of 3.81 out of 4.0 at COMSAT


 Abstract published in Geological Bulletin under topic “Microfacies analysis

and depositional modeling, diagenesis, reservoir characterization and sequence
stratigraphy of Chiltan Formation, Mughalkot Section, Sulaiman ranges, F.R.
Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan”.


 English (IELTS 7 BANDS), GRE International (304)

 Urdu
 Pashto
 Hindko
 Punjabi

 Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
 Google earth (pro & plus).
 Corel Draw.
 Surfer.
 Global mapper.
 Arc GIS 9.2
 Windows XP, Windows 7.
 Internet

 Have worked in OGDCL as paid internee geologist from the March 2016 to
March, 2017 under the CSR programme.
 Have worked as research assistant at COMSATS Abbottabad from March 2015 to
March 2016 during M.S.

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Curriculum Vitae Kamil Ahmed Qureshi


 Dec 3-5, 2012, member Organizing Committee for Annual Technical
Conference at Serena Hotel Islamabad, organized by PAPG & SPE (society of
petroleum engineers).

 Oct 14-16, 2011, organizer for 3 Days workshop on Wire line logging in
Department of Geology, University of Peshawar.

 Oct 2011, a Field Trip to Salt Range, organized by Pakistan Association Of

Petroleum Geoscientists (PAPG).

 Sept 20-22, 2010, act as a Participant in National Earth Science Conference in

2010 at Baragali campus, Organized by National Centre Of Excellence In
Geology and Department Of Geology, University Of Peshawar.


Besides fieldwork in connection with research projects as partial fulfillment for the
award of the degrees, I took part in the following geological fieldwork programs:

 Dec 2015, three day field trip to Salt and Trans Indus Surghar Range for
sampling of the mid Triassic Tredian Formation.
 Dec 2012, one day field trip to three different traverses in Islamabad for
detailed study of MBT accompanied by professionals of PAPG & SPE.

 May (2012), four days field to salt range, Punjab, Pakistan; to plot different
sequence boundaries and determining different system tracts. Also studied the
environment of deposition and created a lithologic log for a formation.
 Nov 2011, a field trip to Lower Indus Basin, Mughal Kot area, studied a
detailed Sedimentological and Outcrop base Sequence Stratigraphy.
 Oct 2011, a field tour to Eastern Salt Range, Punjab Pakistan, to study the
structure and stratigraphy, arranged by PAPG (Pakistan Association of
Petroleum Geoscientist).
 Nov 2011, a field trip to Margalla Hills Islamabad to study the MBT and
Thrust Tectonics.
 Jan 2011, a field trip to Kohat Area, KPK, for doing Structural mapping.
 May 2010. a five day field trip to northern Pakistan (Besham, Gilgit) studied
different metamorphic rocks and different tectonic regimes

References Available on request

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