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- Kitchen Tools & Serving Equipment
- Measuring Equipment
- Cutting Tools
- Baking Equipment
- Thermometers
- Cooking Equipment
- Small Appliances

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Kitchen Tools & Serving Equipment
Use a _______________________ wooden spoon to stir hot foods
to ensure the heat does not transfer from the handle to your hand. It
can also be used to combine foods and beat light flour mixtures.


A metal or plastic __________________ of various widths and

flexibilities can help you turn everything from pancakes to meats. It
can also be used to lift cookies from a baking pan.


A narrow __________________________ can be used to level off

ingredients when measuring. It can also be used when frosting a cake.


A rubber ______________ or _________________ is used for

scraping ingredients from a mixing bowl and sauce pans or for folding

A ___________________________ can be used for mash

vegetable to make a smooth substance.

A wire ______________ is used when beating ingredients that need
air added into it. This can and may include ingredients such as eggs,
soufflés, and meringues. It can also be helpful in keeping any sauces
lump free.

The ____________ has a round cup on the end of a long handle and is
used to safely scoop soups, sauces, and gravies.


The ____________ spoon, with opening in the spoon helps to remove

solid foods from liquids.

_____________ are good for turning meats or serving any other

items that are either hot or too awkward to serve with a spoon.

A _________________________ is commonly used when preparing
pastry dough and some bread or dough recipes. It is also great for
crushing crackers or dry bread into crumbs. It is important to avoid
submerging this tool in dishwater, instead wipe clean with a hot soapy
A _______________________ is used to brush butter, sauces, or
other liquids onto different foods.


A _____________ is a small tub, either plastic or metal, with a

rubber ball on the end used to suck up drippings and or meat juices to
drizzle over the food while baking or roasting to add moisture back
into the food.


A ______________________________ is used to pound out meat.

This process breaks down connective tissue in the meat and makes it
more tender.


______________________________ are small glass or porcelain

bowls used for holding small amounts of ingredients. They are also
convenient for cracking eggs individually before adding to a recipe.


Stainless steel _______________ bowls come in various sizes to

prepare many different mixtures. It is important to choose the
correct size to accommodate the mixture you are preparing.

The wire ____________ is made of fine wire and used for straining
foods and liquids. This tool can also be used to sift flour to help
incorporate air into the product or to separate clumps in icing sugar.


A ______________________ is essential for washing fruits and

vegetables and draining pasta noodles such as spaghetti and macaroni.


Tools of Measurement
The _______________________ are used to measure less than 1/4
cup of liquid, dry, or solid ingredients. In the space provided below list
the common 6 metric and 6 imperial measuring spoon sizes we have in
our kitchens at school.
The _______________________ are used to measure dry or solid
ingredients. To ensure accurate measures, fill cups to heaping and
level off with a straight edge. In the space provided below list the
19) common 6 metric and 6 imperial measuring cup sizes we have in our
kitchens at school.

The _______________________ are used to measure liquid

ingredients such as milk, water, and oil. In the space provided below
list the common 4 metric and 4 imperial measuring cup sizes we have
in our kitchens at school.

The use of ______________ scoops are very important when baking

in order to ensure uniform size so all items bake at the same rate.
The number on the scoop equals the number of scoops in a quart.
Therefore, the bigger the number, the smaller the scoop


Cutting Tools
A multi-bladed _____________________________ is the best way
to cut shortening into flour. It can also be used to blend and cream

The _____________ is a tool used to shred cheese or vegetables.

These are available in many varieties such as box graters and hand
graters and with various shredding sizes.

The ______________________________ is used to mince garlic in

one motion. The disadvantage of the tool is it is difficult to clean.


The apple _____________ is used to remove the core and seeds

from fruits such as apples and pears.


The _______________ knife is the most versatile knife in the

kitchen. Often used for slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing.

The ____________ knife is used for small cutting jobs and for
27) paring outer covering of vegetables and fruit.
The ______________________ knife is a large knife with a saw like
blade. This knife is best used for slicing breads, bagels, and soft skin
fruit such as tomatoes.
The vegetable _________________ is used for removing the
exterior layer of vegetables and fruit such as potatoes, carrots, and
apples. It helps to reduce waste by removing only a minimal amount of
the vegetable or fruit.

Kitchen _____________ are a scissor like tool that can be used to

snip herbs, but through thin food, or open bags and pouches.

A _______________________________ must be used any time

you are working with sharp tools in the kitchen to help protect work
surfaces. They may be plastic or wooden and must be thoroughly
washed to prevent cross-contamination.


Baking Equipment
Use a _____________________________ for cooling hot items. It
allows air to circulate around the food to help cool the food quicker
and allows steam to escape to prevent food from becoming soggy.

A baking sheet or ______________________ is a flat metal pan

that may have a raised edge on one or two sides.


A ______________________________, also called a shallow

baking pan has one inch sides and can be used to make jelly rolls, bar
cookies and is often used in place of a cookie sheet.

A ___________________ is used for baking such treats as muffins,

cupcakes, and tarts. When working with these pans you can use paper
liners to allow for easier cleanup. If you do not use paper liners be
sure to always grease the pan.

The ___________________ is available in various sizes and shapes

and is used to prepare layer cakes. Be sure to prep pans for baking by
greasing then flouring to allow for easy removal of cakes.
The _____________ pan has deeper sides than other baking pans.
They can be used for making breads, loaves, and meat loaf.


The __________ plate is available in both glass and metal varieties

and used for making pies and quiches. Be sure to adjust the oven temp
and cooking time to correspond with type of plate being used.

The __________________________ pan is used for making
desserts such as cheesecake where it is desirable to bake or
refrigerate such that its form stays set. The sides will spring away
from the dessert and the bottom will function as a serving plate.

A ______________ thermometer is one of the most important tools
in the kitchen used to ensure foods are cooked to the proper internal
temperature to kill bacteria. This type can be left in the food while it


A __________________ thermometer takes an instant read of the

internal temperature of the food. This type cannot be left in the
meat while cooking. Be sure to always insert all thermometers into the
thickest part of the food away from any bones.

A _______________ thermometer with a _______________ is
oven safe and lets you set the alarm to go off when the meat reaches
the desired temperature. The probe remains in the meat while it
cooks and the timer remains outside the oven. This thermometer
allows you to keep an eye on the temperature of the meat without
42) having to open the open.

A ______________ thermometer, also known as a sugar

thermometer, is used to measure the stage of a cooking sugar
solution. These thermometers can also be used to measure hot oil for
deep frying.
Cooking Equipment
A ______________ pan, often referred to as a pot is used for stove
top cooking. It can be used with or without the lid depending on need.
These are available in a variety of sizes, be sure to use the
appropriate size for the food being prepared.

A ____________ pan, sometimes referred to as a frying pan is
shallower than a sauce pan. It is used for sautéing, pan frying, and
small heating jobs. These are available in stainless steel, non-stick
with a Teflon coating and cast iron. Each needs to be handled and
45) worked with differently.
A ______________________________ consists of nested handled
sauce pans equipped with a single cover. It is used to heat foods that
are sensitive to high heat and perhaps more prone to burning. Water
is heated in the bottom pan which provides a gentler heat for the
contents of the pan that nests on top.


The ________________________ is a deeper pot with a cover. It

is used to cook foods such as pot roasts, stews, or scalloped potatoes.
Most can be used on the stove top or in the oven but make sure your
handles are oven/heat safe.

The _________________ pot is a taller pot that is used to prepare

soups, stocks, pasta, and anything that requires more space.


Small Appliances
An electric ______________ mixer is used to beat light mixtures
together. This equipment helps to cream ingredients together while
incorporating air into the mixtures.


The ____________ mixer is similar to the hand mixer however it has

a stationary bowl and a more powerful motor. These mixers come with
various mixer attachments such as the wire whisk, paddle and dough
hook. Additional attachments such as a pasta maker and a meat
grinder are also available.

A ____________________ is a versatile small appliance that can be
used for blending, chopping, mincing, and liquefying ingredients. Proper
assembly of the blender is very important. To properly clean the
blender, all parts must be disassembled.


The _____________________________ is similar to a blender but

is often more powerful and versatile. It is a heavy duty cutting
machine that comes with an assortment of blade attachments for
various cutting jobs such as shredding, slicing, and grinding.


The _________________ frying pan has a thermostat to control its

temperature. It is useful for frying or steaming when a larger surface
is needed and the temperature needs to be controlled. Can be used
for foods such as chilli and spaghetti sauce. To clean, wipe all parts
with a hot soapy cloth but do not submerge in water.

The electric _____________________ is similar to the electric

frying pan however the low, flat sides allow for easier flipping and
turning of foods. Used to cook foods such as eggs, pancakes, and