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Volume 5, Issue 4

Spring 2018
It’s time to Graduate!
Can you believe it?  Naviance Senior
Its 4th quarter! Senior Exit Survey
year is coming to a  Final transcript
close and there’s so request
much to enjoy before
you walk across that  Turn in ALL schol-
stage on May 24th. arship and college
Your School Counse- acceptance letters to
lors want to make Arts Area Director
sure that you have all  Apply/Finish
your “DA business” FAFSA form
taken care of ahead
of time to help ease  Apply for Bright
the stress of this busy Futures
and wonderful time!  Turn in Community
Here are a few Service hours
friendly reminders of
things to take care of:
 School/Arts debts
 Library fines/
book return
Class of 2018

Don’t be in too much of a hurry…

I’m sure that you are slow down and remem- accomplished so much!
feeling like you can- ber all that you have ac- Be sure to take a deep
not wait to walk complished here at breath and let your ac-
across that stage, Douglas Anderson. What complishments sink in.
have your summer, has been your favorite
start college and take performance, show,
the next step! Be sure reading, film, showcase,
to take some time to gallery opening? You’ve

Inside this issue:

Spring Senior Points to Ponder
 Have you filled out your Bright Futures
Senior Survey 2 application?
Scholarship/Award Ceremony 2  Have you filled out your FAFSA?
Final Transcript Request 2  Have you confirmed with your college AND
let other schools know you won’t be attend-
How to check Bright Futures Status 3 ing?
School Counselors Email Addresses 4  Have you checked your community service
Scholarship Web Site Searches 4
Senior Survey: NO SURVEY = Delay in picking up cap and gown

It is crucial that you complete the Senior Exit Survey for 2018. Your survey needs to be
complete by May 4th, 2018. Please log in to your Naviance account.
1. Click “About Me” tab
2. Left hand side under “Surveys to take” —> Click “Senior Exit Survey
3. To submit your survey click “Update”
*surveys can be saved and revisited. Please update information if any of your answers change*

Please fill out this survey as soon as possible!

Scholarship Letters to your Arts Area Director—AWARDS CEREMONY

If you have been awarded an academic or organizational scholarship, please turn in a copy of the scholar-
ship letter to your Arts Area Director. Please include ALL of the scholarships that you have received even
if you aren’t going to accept the scholarship or be attending the particular school that has offered you the
We need this information by graduation, but if you are interested in being named in the program for
the Awards Ceremony, then the Arts Area Directors needs your letter by May 4th, 2018.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.”
Anatole France

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compare to what lies within us.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them”
Walt Disney

Page 2 C L A S S O F 20 1 8
Final Transcript Requests

 Seniors will complete final transcript requests using their NAVIANCE account.
 Final transcripts will be sent to colleges during the week of June 11.
 You must go to “colleges I am applying to” and change your Result status to
“Attending” in order to request final transcripts.
 Also, update “College that I am attending” on the drop down menu at the bottom of
the page
 Transcripts are submitted electronically unless the postage stamp emblem is displayed
next to your college listed on your NAVIANCE account.

If there is a postage stamp you must provide an envelope, with 2 stamps, and addressed to the
college/university and turn in to the School Counseling office.

How do I check my Bright Futures award status?

1. Go to
2. Click on: State Grants, Scholarships and Applications (on the left)
3. Click on: Check My Status
4. Enter Log In and Pin (if you don’t remember your information, click on Get My User ID and PIN and
enter demographic information to retrieve password and log in information or see your school
5. Scroll mid-way down screen and select “View Financial Aid Recipient History (FFAA)
6. View Section II Annual Program Status: If you met all r equir ements at the close of Semester 1 it
will show ELIGIBLE. Any requirements obtained after that date or that still need to be met will show
A Florida Financial Aid Application is required for ALL potential Bright Futures recipients and for the Supple-
mental State Funded Scholarships, which are listed under Programs Offered on the website.
To be eligible for pell grant and other financial aid scholarships from your college/university, you must submit a
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
Students are able to view their bright futures eligibility for either the Florida Medallion Scholarship (FMS)
or Florida Academic Scholarship (FAS) at Even though our students will not qualify
for the 3rd bright futures scholarship, they are able to see how many community service hours were inputted
at the close of semester 1 by clicking on the Gold Seal CAPE Scholars link.
VOLUME 5, ISSUE 4 Page 3
Your School Counselors

School Counselor, A – F , ext. 119
School Counselor, G-M , ext. 117
Douglas Anderson School of the Arts
2445 San Diego Road
Jacksonville, FL
School Counselor, N-Z , ext. 116
Phone: 904-346-5620
Where Art and Academics meet in DAYLE MACK
excellence! School Counseling Clerk, ext. 118
School Counseling Clerk, ext. 191
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