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Amber Portwood

KH 3020
12 Week Personal Fitness Assessment and Plan

Table of Contents

Fitness Profile   Page 3
Body Mass Index Page 3

Target Heart Rate Page 3

Areas Needing Improvement Page 3

Physical Activity Profile  Page 4

Activities List  Page 4

Fitness Goals  Page 4

Fitness Plan  Page 5
Fitness Profile

Height:__62”_________ Weight:__160.3_________ Age:____23_______

Test Score Ranking

Aerobic Capacity: 19 NI­ Health Risk
Pacer Test
Curl­up 2 NI
Pushup 2 NI
Sit and Reach 13 HFZ

Body Mass Index

BMI= weight (kg) / height2 (m)

(1 pound = 0.453592 kg) so (160.3 lb =72.71 kg)
(1 inch =  0.0254 m) so (62 inch = 1.57 m)
(72.71 kg / 1.57m2)  = (72.71 kg / 2.46 m) = (29.56 BMI) NI

BMI= 29.56

Target Heart Rate

Equation: 207­ (.7 x age)
      207­ (.7 x 23)
                  207­ (16.1)= 191 BMP

Areas Needing Improvement:

 Aerobic Capacity: Pacer Test
 Curl­up
 Pushup
Current Physical Activity Profile

Type: Tennis
Frequency: Occasional ~ once a month
Intensity: Moderate
Time: 1 hour session

Activities List

Activities to improve….
Aerobic Capacity Swimming, jumping rope, circuit training 
(cardio), elliptical, bicycle
Curl up (muscular strength and endurance) Circuit Training (resistance), weight 
lifting, Zumba, Awesome Abs class, 
Push Up (muscular strength and endurance) Weight lifting, circuit training (resistance), 
Body Mass Index Tennis, swimming, weight lifting, circuit 
training, Zumba, elliptical, bicycle

Fitness Goals

Test Item Score: Goal Activities to improve fitness Follow up score:

Date: Date:

PACER Score: 19 29 Elliptical, swimming, bicycling, circuit  Follow up score:

Date: 2/1/17 Date:
Score: 29.56 25 Follow up score:
BMI Date: 2/1/17 Tennis, swimming, weight lifting, circuit  Date:
training, Zumba, elliptical, bicycle
Curl Up Score: 2 12 Circuit Training (resistance), weight  Follow up score:
lifting, Zumba, Awesome Abs class, 
Date: 2/1/17 Date:
Push­Up Score: 2 12 Weight lifting, circuit training  Follow up score:
(resistance), tennis
Date: 2/1/17 Date:
Sit and  Score: 13 13 Stretching before and after exercise Follow up score:
Reach Date: 2/1/17 Date:
Fitness Plan

Activity 1: Cardio

Type Elliptical or Bike 
Frequency 2x per week
Intensity Moderate­Vigorous
Time At least 50 minutes
Warmup Included in exercise
Cool Down Slowed biking or elliptical to decrease 
heart rate, post exercise stretch routine

Activity 2: Muscular Strength and Endurance

Type Circuit Training (resistance)
Frequency 3x per week
Intensity Moderate to vigorous
Time 30 mins
Warmup 5 minutes of biking or jogging, full stretch 
Cool Down Slow walk to decrease heart rate, post 
exercise stretch routine