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~larch 23. 2018

RE: .Jillian S~·mkicwicz

1am writing this lencr on behalf of Jillian Sz~1nkiewicz. 1 have the pkasure of getting to know
Jillian as her uniwrsity supervisor for ETE 497 Student Teaching. She is completing a placement
in first ....grade at Pleasant Vallev
. Elementary
- School in Peoria. Illinois. Her student teaching
responsibilities include students ,\ith cxceptionalities.

Jillian has demonstrated from the ,·cry beginning a genuine commitment to effective teaching.
She has planned detailed. age-appropriate lessons that have been tied to the state and district
standards. She has been reflective and has provided adaptations for those students who have
needed extra help and for those students who have enjoyed more challenging material. She has
used a variety of methods to address various learning styles. I !er lessons have hcen enhanced by
her organization and her interactive nature with the students. She has incorporated fom1ativc and
summative assessments appropriately aligned to the activities. She has adapted her lesson plans
to meet the expectations of her cooperating teacher when necessary: she consistently has
demonstrated a team spirit when working with her cooperating teacher. 1lcr lessons have been
enhanced by her use of technology and her attention to hands.on activities.

Jillian has presented herself as a caring person. She has provided her students -.vith regular
feedback supported by clear examples for improved behaviors. She has demonstrated her
understanding of developmentally appropriate practice by developing and modifying lessons to
accommodate learner strengths and areas of grov,th. Jillian has been skillful in her use of
cooperative learning techniques that have enhanced the classroom climate and have promoted her
as approachable to all students. Her classroom climate has been one of engaged learning.

Jillian ha" a true desire to make a difTerence in the lives of her students. I feel that she will meet
the challenges readily of being a first year teacher. She will seek help when she needs it. She is
patient and friendly. She demonstrates cfTectivc communication and professional skills. She
presents herself a" a genuine and caring person. She would be a successful and productive
teacher and a welcomed addition to any school district.

Si ncerely.

Brad P. Everett
Bradley Uni versity Supervisor

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