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A30 GNSS Receiver

Professional GNSS Satellite tracking(GPS,Glonass,Galileo,Beidou...)

Equipped with industry standard GNSS engine (Trimble, NovAtel...)

Voice messages

OLED display with superior brightness & temperature range

Base and rover communication options to suit any application

FOIF PRS (Portable Reference System) technology, compatible with other brands GNSS products

3.5G WWAN (HSDPA/WCDMA/EDGE...) module option

When the pole is tilted in ±30 degree, the A30 still could get the right point data by
automatic correct system

Automatic data collection during centering

A30 GNSS Receiver Specifications
GNSS Data logging Environmental
220 channels Recording Interval 0.1- Operating temperature:
120 channels (Optional) 999 seconds -30℃to +65℃(-22°F to 149°F)
372 channels (Optional) Physical Storage temperature:
Fully independent code and phase Unit Size: 20x11 cm(φx H) -40℃to +75℃(-40°F to +167°F)

A30 2014.06
measurements Weight (Rover) 1.3kg Humidity: 100% condensing
Advanced multipath mitigation (W/O battery) 1.5kg Waterproof: IP67(IEC60529)
Update rate: 1,2,5,10,20 Hz Selectable (With battery) Shock: 2 m (6.56 ft) pole drop
- GPS: L1 C/A,L2E,L2C,L5 Power
- GLONASS: L1 C/A,L1P,L2 C/A,L2P Monitoring Screen Battery: BT91L Li-ion
- SBAS(WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS): L1 C/A,L5 Graphical OLED display: 4 &life time:5.8Ah(>13hrs)
- GIOVE-A:L1 BOC,E5A,E5B,E5AltBOC lines X 16 characters (UHF rover at 20℃)
- GIOVE-B: L1 CBOC,E5A,E5B,E5AltBOC External power supply 7~18 VDC input
- GALILEO: L1 CBOC,E5A,E5B,E5AltBOC Memory Battery Charger kit FOIF FDQ7
(Reserved) Internal memory: 4G
- Beidou: B1,B2 Up to 400 hours of 15 sec. raw GNSS data
Optional System Components
*1 from 18 satellites
Real-Time Accuracy (rms) Communication Module Internal
I/O Interface -Satel UHF-Link(403-473MHz) Rx&Tx both
Horizontal: <3 m (10 ft) RS232X2, Bluetooth
Real-Time DGPS position -UHF-Link(390-430MHz/430-450MHz/450-470MHz)
USBX1 Rx only
25 cm (0.82 ft)+ 1ppm (rms) in typical Ext Event Port (Optional)
condition External radio/Power Amplifer
Real-Time Kinematic Position (fine mode) -FOIF external radio Rx & Tx(FDL-5, 2/35W selectable)
Tilt survey sensor (Optional) -Pacific Crest radio(390-430MHz/430-470MHz)Optional
Horizontal 8 mm (0.033 ft ) + 1.0 ppm
Automatic correct system by 30degree -FOIF Power Amplifer (FDL-3 25W)
Vertical 15 mm (0.065 ft) + 1.0 ppm
GSM/GPRS/EDGE (class 10)
Real-Time Performance
Data Format Quad-band
&Stop and Go solution
RTCM 2.x RTCM -GSM/GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHz band
Instant-RTK Initialization
3.x CMR, CDMA(Optional)
Typically <10 s (Initialization for
baselines < 20 km)
NMEA 0183 2.x ,3.0 and 4.1(optional) RTCA Controller
99.9% reliability
(Optional) - F52G/ - F55 / - S10
RTK Initialization range >40 km
Post Processing Accuracy (rms) Operation External Radio
Static, RTK rover/base, post-processing RTK FDL1 / FDL5
Horizontal 3 mm (0.009 ft) + 0.1 ppm Network rover: VRS, FKP, MAC channels: 16
Vertical 3.5 mm (0.016 ft) + 0.4 ppm Point-to-Point GPRS through Real-time Data Power: 2w/35w
Server Software (internal GPRS or external cell Display: Digital
Pos Cinematic Processing phone)
Horizontal 10 mm (0.009 ft) + 0.1 ppm Water and Dust Protection: IP67
LandXML(FOIF FieldGenius support) Total Weight: 1.4 kg
Vertical 20 mm (0.011 ft) + 1 ppm
Station support (FOIF FieldGenius)
Solutions Import and stake directly from a DXF File (FOIF *1 Performance values assume minimum of five
FieldGenius) satellites, following the procedures recommended in
Field Software Suite
FOIF Survey ,FOIF FieldGenius or Carlson SurvCE the product manual. High-multipath areas, high
Office Software Suite: PDOP values and periods of severe atmospheric
Main functions include: conditions may degrade performance.
FOIF Geomatics office
A30 GNSS Support: configuration, *2 Long baselines, long occupations, precise
Main functions include: Network
monitoring and control ephemeris used.
Volume computation Background
Integrated transformation and grid
raster image Network connectivity FOIF Geomatics CAD
system computations
Coordinate System Support: predefined grid Main functions include:
Pre-defined datums along with use
systems, predefined datums, projections, DWG file format, compatible with AutoCAD
-defined capabilities
Geoids, local grid Integrated transformation and grid
Survey mission planning
Map view with colored lines Geodetic system computations
Automatic vector processing Least-
Geometry: intersection, Full 3D least squares adjustment, blunder
squares network adjustment
azimuth/distance, offsetting, poly-line, curve, detection, graphical ellipse display
Data analysis and quality control tools
area DTM contouring/Modeling volumes/3D rendering
Coordinate transformations
Road Construction(3D) Site Design: Ponds, ditches, stockpiles and slopes Road
Survey Utilities: calculator, RW5 file Design: horizontal and vertical alignments, cross
viewing sectional templates
Data import/Export: DXF, SHP, RW5 Geoid
Completely customizable user interface
-Toolbars - can be arranged with "drag and drop" functionality
-Menus - can be re-organized with our graphical menu editor
-Screen - items can be turned off for more
graphics area
-Layout - of command window - top or bottom Reporting,
exporting and printing
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