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Monroe 4th Grade PLC/Data Team Agenda

DATE 1/29/2018
MEETING PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES Effective Meeting Guidelines
 U3 W4 Cause & Effect CFA  Be DATA DRIVEN

Time Task Notes/ Feedback + - :

3 Celebrations LCP January 29 55%
Math LCP number 497/6 LCP number for 2/5: <,>,= ⅔ ¼
30  U3 W4 Cause & Effect Math chapter 6 test ___% proficient
 Begin step 1 and work Strength:
through step 5 Weakness:
 Looking ahead: U4 W4 is also Cause &
Effect U4W1 RL.4.6 Cause and effect 51%
Some had students who really look back to
2 Other items for quick discussion. Prioritize if their questions and did the best in their test,
they need to be on next agenda: but other students they just guessed their
Strategy: ask students to re-read their wrong
2 Next steps- agenda for next meeting
answers and why it was wrong.
10. Go Math Chapter 6 Test
For students who didn’t get it, give students
11. U4 W3 Point of View - Give
another passage and re-do the test.
assessment by 2-2-18. Data entered by 2-2-
Banks considered that the test was very hard,
18. (Read 1st story to class and read questions
he tried to guide students to find in cause
to class, students read 2nd story and
and effect what does happen and not what
questions on own. Students submit scores
will happen. At the beginning he was not
without giving correction feedback.)
using text structure but know he is guiding
12. PLC on 2-5-18 will be on Go Math
Chapter 6 Test. through anchor chart.
Some read the test to her students and it was
13. Post Semester 1 Benchmarks close
faster than letting them to work
Feb. 9th!!
14. Pre Semester 2 Benchmarks close
All teacher using the same activities: U4 W4
March 5th. (ELA, Math, Science)
Cause and effect
15. U4 W4 Cause & Effect -
Read the passage and questions to students
Students will read second story and
This week is point of view and next week
cause and effect.
Exposure to cause and effect, use short
passages as practice. Be clear about cause
and effect and problem and solution.
Start with the power point showed and do
the I /(teacher) do, we do, you do, add
students discussions. One student reports
what their group discussed.
Teacher read stories/Choral reading/students
read the stories .


7. Begin and end on time  Did we commit to specific action
8. Be prepared with data (entered in S drive & steps that are clearly understood by
student work) all?
9. Be fully present & stay focused  What did we do well? / How can we
make improvements?