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Choose ONE correct option. For each correct answer you get 2 points: 1.

1 Oxford ___ a beautiful city. 2.

a) be b) are c) is
2 My brother’s ___ accountant.
a) any b) an c) a 4.

3 Dan ___ in a supermarket. 5.

a) work b) works c) is work
4 I can ___ Italian.
a) speaking b) to speak c) speak
5 Jeff and Nancy ___ to watch a film tonight.
a) are going b) is going c) going
6 Waiter: Anything else, sir?
Customer: ___
a) That’s all, thanks. b) Here you are. c) No, it isn’t. d) You’re welcome. 10.

7 Jim ___ got a car. 11.

a) doesn’t b) hasn’t c) isn’t d) haven’t
8 What ___ Simon for his birthday?
a) about buying b) shall we buy c) to buy d) let’s buy 13.

9 Excuse me. ___ got the time, please? 14.

a) You have b) Are you c) Do you have d) Have you
10 ___ on the internet is easy.
a) Shop b) To shop c) For shopping d) Shopping 16.

11 Alex loves giving presents. He’s very ___. 17.

a) selfish b) shy c) lazy d) generous
12 What’s ___ ? You look upset.
a) bad b) wrong c) happen d) matter

13 If you want to get fit, you ___ do more sport.

a) will b) would c) should d) have

14 Let’s ___ our friends today.

a) visit b) to visit c) visiting

15 What time ___ get up in the morning?

a) he b) do he c) does he

16 I ___ to Italy for my holiday last year.

a) went b) go c) was

17 My grandfather was born eighty years ___ .

a) since b) last c) ago d) when

18 ___ is this T-shirt?

a) How many b) How much c) How price
19 Mel loves snow but Tom doesn’t ___ it.
a) likes b) like c) liking 20.

20 I’m sure ___ a great time at the party next Saturday. 21.
a) we’ll have b) we’re having c) we have d) we go to have
21 Jane is the ___ girl in her class.
a) richer b) more popular c) worse d) happiest 23.

22 Excuse me, I ___ if you could show me the way to the train station? 24.
a) would like b) wonder c) may ask d) hope
23 I was so ___ yesterday because I fell asleep in class!
a) calm b) nervous c) happy d) embarrassed
24 My friend ___.
a) is ten. b) is ten years. c) has ten years.

25 You are ___ friends. 28.

a) Peter b) Peter’s c) of Peter
26 This is my boyfriend. ___ French.
a) He’s b) She’s c) It’s 30.

27 My teacher’s from Canada, and ___ name’s Lisa. 31.

a) your b) our c) her
28 Jane: Is there a bus stop near here?
Sue: ___ 33.
a) Yes, there’s. b) Yes, there is. c) Yes, there are.
29 I ___ my driving test last week, so now I’ll have to take it again.
a) passed b) lost c) failed d) got 35.

30 She thinks all Americans look ___Brat Pitt! 36.

a) after b) like c) about d) same

31 Can you look ___ this word in the dictionary?

a) up b) out c) forward d) on

32 Susan: I’ve got four sisters.

Ruth: ___ you?
a) Do b) Got c) Are d) Have

33 I ___ home yesterday when it started raining.

a) walk b) was walking c) have walked d) have been walking

34 Yes, I’ll come to the party but I ___ arrive late.

a) might b) may be c) perhaps d) should

35 Stop ___ lazy. Go out and dig the garden!

a) being b) be c) been d) to be

36 Many new houses ___ in the town where I live.

a) build b) have been building c) are being built d) are building
37 Mary went to the party ___ of her headache.
a) although b) in spite c) even though d) despite
38 Sorry, I didn’t quite ___ what you said.
a) catch b) listen c) take d) know 38.

39 This time next week I ___ on the beach on holiday! 39.

a) will go to sit b) am sitting c) will sit d) will be sitting
40 Andrew: I’m sorry I’m late.
David: It ___ ! 41.
a) doesn’t matter b) matters c) never mind d) alright
41 Do you like ___ to the cinema?
a) to go b) go c) going d) we go
42 I haven’t got my keys. I ___ them at home.
a) may left b) must leave c) couldn’t leave d) must have left
43 As soon as you ___ this book, you’ll help me find the key.
a) have finished b) will have finished c) are going to finish d) will finish
44 Many companies are expected ___ out of business during the recession.
a) they will go b) going c) that they go d) to go 47.

45 I prefer to buy CDs ___ download music from my computer. 48.

a) in contrast to b) as opposed to c) rather than d) in comparison to
46 The number of turtles on the island ___ by 70% over the last decade.
a) has declined b) has been declining c) has been declined d) is declining 50.

47 Plans to build the new stadium suffered a ___ when the major sponsor withdrew
his support.
a) downturn b) breakdown c) setback d) backlash

48 Quite ___ , I think a lot of this talk about climate change is exaggerated.
a) clearly b) frankly c) plainly d) openly

49 Have you ever ___ to Japan?

a) been b) go c) be d) went

50 Which is the normal way to write an address on an envelope?

a) London Road 28 b) HUDDERSFIELD c) Miss Julia Longtree
HUDDERSFIELD Miss Julia Longtree 28, London Road
HD1 6DD 28, Road London HUDDERSFIELD
Miss Longtree Julia HD1 6DD HD1 6DD

Total time : 30 minutes.

Talk about yourself. Describe how you were 10 years ago (what you used to do / to
like), how you are now and how you see yourself in the future.
Write at least 10 lines.

Total time : 15 minutes.

Read the text and answer the questions.