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**​Short Stirrup​: Riders 12 years old and younger​. - A Mini Stirrup is any beginning rider. May cross enter
(No cross entering in classes with fence into Canter X-rails & X-rails to Verticals.
height over 2’.) - The age of a rider is determined by the rider’s age as of
**Long Stirrup:​ A Non-Professional rider 13 years old or December 1, of the previous year.
Older. (​No cross entering in classes with fence height over - Pre Hunter open to green horses &/or riders. ​No ​cross
2’​.) entering in divisions higher than 2’.
**Baby Green Hunter: ​Open to horses & ponies in​ ​their first OR - Low Hunter – Open to all horses and riders, where not
second year of showing. Fences 2’3’’- 2’6”. restricted by height. Spring Hunter Jumper Show
**Pre-Child/Adult Hunter:​ Open to any Jr. or Amateur on a - Hunters -Three Horses must complete the course of
horse or pony.
Fences 2’3’’ - 2’6”. (​No cross entering where fences exceed
the first class over fences and compete in the under
saddle for points to count.
Saturday, April 21, 2018
2’9’’​) - Jumpers-Three horses must be judged. A horse who does
**Pony Hunter : ​Open to ponies ridden by a junior rider. Age not attempt the first jump in the course cannot be judged.
restrictions as specified in USEF Pony Hunter. Fences 2’ - Warm-up – Unlimited schooling rounds can be ridden at
for small & medium ponies,& 2’6” for large ponies. the cost of $15.00 per round. Highest score counts
**Modified-Child/Adult Hunter: ​Open to any Jr. or Amateur on towards ribbons. In case of rain, please call
a horse or pony.
Fences 2’6’’- 2’9”. Rider may not cross enter into classes 901.831-3890
where the fences exceed 3’3”.
**Children’ s/ Adult Amateur Hunter​: Open to any Jr. or
Amateur on a horse or pony.
Fences 2’9’’ - 3’. Horse/Rider combination may NOT exhibit in
Jr/AO Hunter at this show. All riders are required to wear Regular Member Show: 
Jumper Classes ​-
USEF certified riding helmets and hard MegFord/HES/OVS/ACF 
Open to any soled shoes when mounted.
horse or pony.
. Schooling Show Series 
Hopeful Jumper

Fences 2’5’’,
meter .70-.75.
Low Schooling Jumper ​Fences 2’9”-2’11”, meter .85 - .90.
Hunters Edge Stables, Inc 
High Schooling Jumper ​Fences 3’3” – 3’5”, meter 1.00 –
Child/Adult Amateur Jumper ​- Open to any horse or pony
ridden by a junior or adult amateur rider. Fences 3’3” –
Like us on Facebook: 901.831.3890
3’5”,meter 1.00 – 1.05.
Hunters Edge Stables
DIVISION SPECIFICATION ​- ​Schooling Show Circuit Rules
- All Riders required to wear hard hats & hard-soled shoes Follow us on Instagram:
when mounted.
- A Beginner is any rider (adult or child) who is in the first huntersedgestables
three years of showing. Entries will be split by age if needed.
- No cross entering between Trot & Canter divisions.
- ** Exception - X-rails to Verticals.
- Evergreen Hunters open to green horses &/or riders NOT
able to jump bigger than x-rails. Trot or Canter MUST be
declared before riding.
- X-rails to Verticals – First fence must be trotted, cantering
the second fence in the line.
Rider has the option to trot or canter the third fence, always
cantering the last.
Hunters Edge Stables, Inc 
5610 Forest Hill-Irene Road Memphis, TN

Warning: Under Tennessee law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent
risks of equine activities, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 44, Chapter 20.

Required Liability Release and Risk Assumption (“Release”)

For and in consideration of being allowed to participate in any equine or other activities on these premises, the undersigned agrees to assume any and all risk of loss or injury to the
undersigned’s person and/or property, whether anticipated or unanticipated, caused, directly or indirectly, by any act, omission or negligence of Hunters Edge Stables, Inc, Southpointe
Farms, any facility or property on which any of the forgoing conduct any activities, as well as any of their owners, shareholders, directors, managers, employees, agents, independent
contractors, vendors, servants, and volunteers, including, without limitation, the owners or lessees of horses, ponies or other animals and property used by any of the forgoing (the
“Indemnities”). The undersigned further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless any or all of the Indemnities from any and all claims, demands, actions, expenses or liabilities (including their
attorneys’ fees, court costs and other expenses) for any loss or injury to the undersigned’s person and /or property whether or not the loss or injury is due to the act or omission or negligence
of the Indemnities, or any other person or party.

The undersigned hereby acknowledges that he or she has read the forgoing paragraphs, understand the contents, agree to abide by this Release and to follow
any rules or directions of the Indemnities. If this Release is for a minor, the undersigned declares that he or she is the parent or legal guardian of the minor
named herein and that this Release shall apply to the minor and the undersigned.

Signature of Participant (Parent or Guardian if Minor) Printed Name of Participant Date

Printed Name of Parent or Guardian if Minor Participant Trainer’s Name

Please Make Check Payable to Hunters Edge Stables or HES
Show Officials 1. Warm Up (Open All Day) 24. Hunter warm up ​(Open All Day)
2. Beginner Trot Cavaletti * 25,Pre Hunter 18”-2’*
Judges:​Main Ring: TBA 3. Beginner Trot Cavaletti 26. Pre Hunter 18”-2’
4. Beginner Trot Cavaletti U/S 27. Pre Hunter U/S
6. Beginner Walk/Trot Equitation Flat 29. Short Stirrup Hunter – 2’ *
Show Manager: Beanie Cone 7. Beginner Walk/Trot X-Rails U/S * 30. Short Stirrup Hunter – 2’
8. Beginner Walk/Trot X-Rails 31.Short Stirrup Hunter U/S
Show Secretary: TBA: 9. Beginner Walk/Trot X-Rails ​28.CLASSIC ROUND
5​. CLASSIC ROUND 32.Open Equitation / Flat I
10. Beginner X-rails to Verticals 12”-18”* 33. Mini – Medal I – 2’
11. Beginner X-rails to Verticals 34. Long Stirrup Hunter – 2’ *
8998 Forest Hill-Irene Rd Olive Branch ​ MS 12. Beginner X-rails to Verticals U/S 35.Long Stirrup Hunter – 2’
5​. CLASSIC ROUND 36. Long Stirrup Hunter U/S
38654 ( Mailing Address) 13. Lead line 28.CLASSIC ROUND
14. Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter X-Rails * 37. Pony Hunter – 2’ & 2’6” *
5610 Forest Hill Irene Rd Memphis TN 38125 15. Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter X-Rails 38.Pony Hunter – 2’ & 2’6”
16. Beginner W/T/Canter X-Rails U/S 39. Pony Hunter U/S
17. Beginner W/T/C Equitation on the Flat 40.Pre Child/Adult Hunter – 2’3” *
Course Designer: ​Beanie Cone 18. Evergreen Hunter W/T or C U/S * 41.Pre Child/Adult Hunter – 2’3”
19. Evergreen Hunter W/T or C 42.Pre Child/Adult Hunter U/S
Vet (on call) :​Dr. Kakki Wright, Full Circle 20. Evergreen Hunter W/T or C 28. CLASSIC ROUND
5​. 43.Low Hunter -2’3” – 2’6” *
44.Low Hunter -2’3” – 2’6”
21. Mini Stirrup Hunter 18”-2’
45.Low Hunter U/S
Show Medic: ​Beverly Hollingsworth and 22. Mini Stirrup Hunter 18”-2’
23. Mini Stirrup Hunter U/S *
associates 5​. CLASSIC ROUND 46.Baby Green Hunter – 2’6” *
47.Baby Green Hunter – 2’6”
48.Baby Green Hunter U/S
Directions to Show: ​From US 385 (Nonconnah 28.CLASSIC ROUND
Parkway) take Forest Hill- Irene Road south. Go 49.Mod. Child/Adult Hunter-2’6” *
through the traffic light at Shelby Drive and 50.Mod. Child/Adult Hunter-2’6”
51.Mod. Child/Adult Hunter U/S
continue south. Go through the 4-way stop at
Holmes Road and continue south. 52.Open Equitation / Flat II
Hunters Edge Stables is the last​ ​driveway. Signs 53.Mini Medal II – 2’6”
will be posted. 54.Child/Adult Am. Hunter – 2’9” *
55.Child/Adult Am. Hunter – 2’9”
56.Child/Adult Am. Hunter U/S
For further information, go to 28.CLASSIC ROUND​. 57.Puddle Jumper- 2'-2'3" II 2b
58.Puddle Jumper- 2'- 2'3" II 2c
59.Hopeful Jumper – 2’6” II 2b
60.Hopeful Jumper – 2’6” II 2c
61.Low Schooling Jumper- 2’9”-3’ II 2b
62.Low Schooling Jumper- 2’9”-3’ II2c
63.Hi/C/A School Jumper-3’3”- 3’6”II2b
64,Hi/C/A School Jumper-3’3”- 3’6”II2c