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What is it?

Similarities IDEA and

504 IDEA
- Both: Provide free appropriate
public education. (FAPE)
Section 504 of the The Individuals with
Section 504
- Both: Evaluations are the
responsibility of the school and
rehabilitation act of Disabilities Education A Parent’s Guide
1973 is a major federal Act (IDEA) is a federal
are performed at no expense to
legislative act that is law that requires
designed to protect the schools to serve the
- Both: Have due process
civil rights of educational needs of
- Both: Need some form of
individuals with eligible students with
disabilities. Its goal is disabilities. But
- Both: Requires district and
to prevent any understand that not
schools to use information from
discrimination against every child with
a variety of sources.
individuals with learning and attention
- Both: Reviewed each year and
disabilities who are issues qualifies for
a reevaluation is done every
three years. (504-rules vary by
otherwise qualified. special education
state) Which means a person services under IDEA. It
with a disability must is to protect the rights The goal of this pamphlet is to
qualified to do of children with educate and inform parents
Sources something before the
presence of a disability
disabilities to ensure
students with
and their children, the rights
can be a factor in disabilities to have they have under either Section
discrimination. access to a free and 504 or IDEA, based on their
appropriate public
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By: Danielle Saltrick

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IDEA 504
Requirements: Requires a written Individual Requirements: Does not require a written
Education Plan (IEP) documentation with IEP, but does require a documented plan.
specific content addressing the disability directly Required to provide persons with disabilities to
and specifying educational services. the greatest extent possible, an opportunity to be
fully integrated in to the mainstream.
Eligibility: Covers students whose disability
affects their educational performance and/or Eligibility: Covers all persons with a disability
ability to benefit from general education. from discrimination in educational settings based
on their disability.
Definition of Disability: Children must fit
into one of the specific categories of disabilities Definition of Disability: Having a physical or
that is recognized in the law and they must need mental impairment which limits one or more
special education. major life activity.

Funding: DEA provides federal funds under Funding: Does not provide funding, state and
Parts B and C to assist states and local local jurisdiction have responsibility.
educational agencies in meeting IDEA
requirements to serve children with disabilities.
Evaluation & Placement Procedures:
Does not require a meeting for any change in
Evaluation & Placement Procedures: An placement. Is in a regular classroom with support
IEP meeting is required before any change in services to eliminate barriers to the educational
placement. Placement must be in the least experience.
restrictive environment.
Independent Evaluation: Does not allow
Independent Evaluation: Allows parents to independent evaluations at the district’s expense
request an Independent Educational Evaluation or the ability to request an independent
(IEE) at the school district’s expense if educational evaluation.
parent/guardian disagrees with the evaluation
obtained by the school district.
Services: Eliminates barriers that would
prevent a student from full participation in
Services: Offers educational services that are program/services offered to the general school
remedial in addition to services available to all population.
mainstream students.
Procedural Safeguards: Does not require
Procedural Safeguards: Requires written written notice. Requires notice before a
notice to parent/guardian prior to identification, “significant change” in placement.
evaluation and/or placement of child.