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Volume VIII Number 9 Classified Ads on the On-Line MAY 2013

Nation’s Infrastructure Crumbling Sheriff Bradshaw and the

Rated D+ by Palm Beach County Psihuska
American Society
of Civil Engineers
11% of Bridges
Nationwide Graded
‘Structurally Deficient’
“W hat does it hurt,” asked Sheriff Ric Brad-
shaw of Florida’s Palm Beach County, “to have some-
Additional 14% body knock on the door and ask, ‘Hey, is everything
Functionally Obsolete
The answer to that question obviously depends on the iden-
Aging Bridges tity of the “Somebody” who is making that inquiry.
Vulnerable to Collapse What Sheriff Bradshaw had in mind was a strike force
composed of deputies, social workers, and “mental health”
$12.5 Billion professionals from a “Behavioral Sciences Unit” (BSU) who
Each Year Spent would be on-call 24 hours a day, ready to be deployed to visit
on Bridge Repair; the homes of what the Soviets used to call “socially danger-
PRIORITIES: Rated structurally deficient in 1990, the Westbound I-35 cross- ous people.”
$20 Billion Needed ing the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapsed on August 1, 2007 In the Soviet Union, such people would often be involun-
during the evening commute, killing 11. A new bridge was constructed in one year.
U.S. Spending tarily committed to a psihuska, or psychiatric prison.
$100 Billion a Year Elementary School Principal Announces “We want people to call us if the guy down the street says he
Prosecuting hates the government, hates the mayor and he’s gonna shoot
Candidacy for College Governing Board him,” Bradhsaw told the Palm Beach Post in describing the
War in Afghanistan
until mid-July, one aspirant
has officially announced her
Gaines – an Antelope Valley
College alumnus and current
BSU, which would be funded through a $1 million grant from
the State government.
Annually, 800% More Editor
Spent on War Than On intention to seek a seat on principal of Shadow Hills That grant hasn’t been formalized, but if the State legisla-
LANCASTER – With Elec- the Antelope Valley College Elementary School located ture balks, it’s quite likely the Feds will chip in: In a speech
Domestic Bridge Repair
tion Day more than five governing board. in the eastside of Palmdale – last February 6 to the Alliance of DelRay Residential Organi-
months away and the candi- Standing before a contin- Continued on Page 3 zations, Bradshaw said that he would prefer to fund the unit
date filing period not opening gent of supporters, Barbara “through a federal grant.”
Staff Writer
This is precisely the kind of pilot program the Feds would
Despite having no nation
on Earth anywhere close to
Prosecuting Prohibition Inhibiting find worthwhile – indeed, it represents a model of “preven-
tive intervention” that the federal government has been pro-
challenging U.S. military Deputies’ Ability to Fight Crime moting for at least two decades.
superiority, the Congress In 1993, another law enforcement personality with roots
continues appropriating over
$600 billion annually for so- 1011 Arrests by AV Deputies Apr 1 – May 6 in Florida, then-Attorney General Janet Reno, proposed the
creation of specialized units composed of police and social
called national defense. GIORGIO FUENTES workers who would fan out in troubled urban regions, knock-
Any suggestion the U.S. “War on Drugs” Arrests Staff Writer
ing on doors, conducting “safety” evaluations, and connect-
war machine has enough
planes, tanks, bombs and 253 of 1011 / 25% LANCASTER – In Part
ing residents to government “services.”
During her reign of terror as Dade County Prosecutor – in
warships brings quick con- XI of The Political Observ- which she displayed unalloyed viciousness in tearing children
demnation and accusations Felony Drug Arrests er’s series reviewing L.A. from their homes and persecuting innocent parents – Reno
– absent evidence – from
Neo-Cons that a reduction
189 of 253 / 74% County Sheriff’s Depart-
ment’s AV patrol stations’
created “Neighborhood Resource Teams” teams composed of
“community-friendly, highly respected police officers, social
in spending will put our na- participation in the federal workers, public health nurses, [and] community organizers,
tion at risk of attack from an DUI Arrests government’s prosecution working full time within a narrow neighborhood,” she re-
un-named enemy and in a
position of being unable to
133 of 1011 / 13% of our nation’s failed “War
on Drugs” – now in its fifth
called in a May 1993 speech to the National Forum on Pre-
vention of Crime and Violence.
decade – are arrests made on Reno had the temerity to offer her program as a national
defend ourselves.
Annual federal deficits ex-
Misdemeanor DUI Arrests April 1 through May 6. Ar- model just weeks after presiding over the April 19 holocaust
ceed $1 trillion and our na-
Continued on Page 5
127 of 133 / 95% Continued on Page 2 at Waco, where she and her underlings provided the indis-
Continued on Page 8

on the

Saturday, June 1st

11 am - Midnight Frenchie Davis
Finalist from The Voice
Antelope Valley Fairgrounds & American Idol, Broadway Star
& Grammy Nominee
Presale tickets: $5; At the gate: $8
Free parking before 1 pm! Alec Mapa
Actor & Comedian
Presale tickets available at AV Chiropractic, Bicycle John’s,
La Prensa Popular, Penny Lane,
Planned Parenthood, and Rosamond Cleaners
For more info visit

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion; or prohibiting the Free
Exercise thereof; or abridging the Freedom of Speech, or of the Press; or the Right of The
People peaceably to Assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
2 The Antelope Valley Political Observer
The Antelope Valley Prosecuting
Little Passenger Seats
Inhibiting ~ 3rd Row Seats for SUV’s ~
846 East Avenue K #170 Deputies’ Ability
Lancaster, California 93535 to Fight Crime
Publisher & Editor Continued From Page 1
Thomas Fitzgerald rest reports are available at TheAV-, and do not include ju-
S t a f f Wr i t e r s veniles under 16 years old.
Heathcliff Boots In our review, only victimless drug Designed with children’s safety in mind for
Giorgio Fuentes crimes – possession, possess for peace of mind, every seat is stress-tested and
meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
sale, under the influence of a con-
Vi e w p o i n t s
Ralph Brax & Sue Brax
trolled substance – are calculated as
“War on Drugs” arrests.
Social & Political Affairs Columnist
Amy Jingle
The alleged actions by the arrest-
ees are crimes due to Prohibition
– instituted by an Act of Congress
To A d v e r t i s e as The Controlled Substances Act –
661.945.2482 not because they bring harm to an-
other person, or their property.
Sound + Video + Lighting + Staging
The Antelope Valley Political Observer is a First Amendment Arrests for disorderly conduct un-
Free Press. Incompliance with Federal Civil Rights legislation, der the influence of alcohol and/or
drugs are included in the tally of to-
we do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national
tal arrests, but are not considered a
origin, ancestry, religion, or absence of, sex, age, disability, Prohibition crime in our calculation.
marital status, sexual orientation(s) or veteran status in our em- An October 2011 telephone sur-
ployment. vey by Gallup reported a record
The Antelope Valley Political Observer has not investigated any
services, products, politicians or organizations advertised in this
high 50% of Americans believe use
of marijuana should not be a crime,

issue, and publication of such advertising does not imply endorse- up from 46% in 2010.
ment of the service, product or organization advertised. Gallup first polled on legalizing
The Antelope Valley Political Observer publishes 6,000 cop- marijuana in 1969. That year 12%
ies monthly and is distributed to retail and participating retail of Americans were in favor with
establishments in the communities of Rosamond, Quartz Hill, 84% opposed.

From its low in 1969, support for
Palmdale, Lancaster, Littlerock, Acton, Canyon Country, Saugus
decriminalizing marijuana doubled
and Newhall.
in one decade to 25% in the late
E-mail: Write “Letter to the editor” in sub-
ject line. E-mails with attachments are deleted unopened. Keep
1970s, where it then flat-lined until
the mid-1990s.
Since then, opposition to the fed-
letters to 350 or words or less. By U.S. Mail: Send to address at eral government’s marijuana Pro- Breakfast Lunch & Dinner ALL DAY
top of this staff box. You must include full name, address, city of hibition has steadily increased,
residence, and daytime phone number to verify authenticity. Only
letter writer’s name and city are published.
surpassing 30% in 2000, and 40%
in 2009, before reaching the 50%
French Fries & Drink
Pancake Special
Silence Dogood caliber letters excepted. mark last year.
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661.944.1243 N

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visiting the Kern River Valley
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The Kern Lodge

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A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the Right of The Peo-
ple to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
MAY 2013 3
Elementary School Principal Announces Candidacy for College Governing Board
want someone who really knew the workings of a hospital
Continued From Page 1
on that board.”
announced her candidacy at a press conference held at Ante- “I have to throw my hat in this ring,” added Gaines, who
lope Valley College on Saturday, May 11. said attending AVC changed her life.
Approached by friends encouraging her to make a bid for Gaines said she feels a “moral imperative” to “step up and
a seat on the Antelope Valley College (AVC) board of trust- serve” young people by getting elected to the AVC governing
ees, Gaines explained her initial thought when considering board, and then once elected, work hard to make the college
the proposal was considering what unique quality she will a great institution of higher education.
bring to the governing board that is not currently represented. “Greatness is not a consequence of circumstance,” said
Researching current board members, Gaines said she was Gaines. “It takes a lot of hard work.”
surprised to learn none of the five – Steve Buffalo, Jack See- Acknowledging the long, difficult campaign season ahead
fus, Lew Stults, Betty Wienke and Michael Adams – are edu- of her leading up to Election Day in November, Gaines prom-
cators by profession. ised to spend time on campus between now and then speak-
After describing not having an educator on the college board ing with faculty, classified staff, and more importantly, with
as “unrealistic,” Gaines asked, “Would we want our hospital Continued on Page 4
board with no doctor or nurse there? I would not. I would

Prosecuting Prohibition
Continued From Page 2
To learn more about ending our nation’s failed “War on
Drugs” visit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition on-
line at Also see This Month in American
History on page 9, bottom of column right.

Palmdale Station Arrests: 454

*Drug War Arrests: 97
No Registration Fee With This Ad! Felony Drug Arrests:
76 of 97 / 78%
**DUI Arrests: 76
Misdemeanor DUI Arrests:
73 of 76 / 96%
*Drug War arrests are 21% of total arrests.
**DUI arrests are 17% of total arrests.

Lancaster Station Arrests: 557

4621 East Ave. S D104, Palmdale *Drug War Arrests: 156
Tuesday - Friday 9am - 6p Felony Drug Arrests:
Saturday 9am - 5pm 143 of 156 / 92%
Closed Sunday & Monday *DUI Arrests: 57
Misdemeanor DUI Arrests:

54 of 57 / 95%
*Drug War arrests are 28% of total arrests.
**DUI arrests are 10% of total arrests.

Community Services

43423 Division St. # 107

43423 Division St. # 107
Lancaster, California 93535
Lancaster, California 93535

 Substance Abuse
Substance Abuse Services
 Medical-and insurance
Medical-and insurance accepted

 Assessment

 Day Treatment
 Intensive
Intensive Outpatient
.. Family Services
Family Services

 Domestic Violence Classes
Domestic Violence Classes
 Anger Management Classes

Anger Management Classes
Parenting Classes
Parenting Classes

For More Information Please Call (661) 874-4680

For More Information Please Call (661) 874-4680
Ask forAskCindy/Elizabeth
for Cindy/Elizabeth
Fax (661) 942-0333
Fax (661) 942-0333
Or EmailOrus
Email at:
No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent
of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
4 The Antelope Valley Political Observer
Elementary School Principal Announces Candidacy for College Governing Board To Rent Your Home, Call Agent Mike!
Gaines specifically mentioned the California State Prison - L.A. AFFORDABLE PROPERTY & HOMES
Continued From Page 3
aerospace industry, which aside County/1,622; Lancaster School IN THE ANTELOPE VALLEY!
students, to better learn what it is from working for the government District/1,420; and, Antelope Val-
the college does well and where or Wal-Mart, is a leading employer ley College/1,304. B ank Owned H omes S tarting From

improvement is needed. of Antelope Valley residents. Gaines said AVC needs to devel-
Criticizing the current board will The Antelope Valley is also known op a comprehensive program of $
not be a part of her campaign strat- as Aerospace Valley. Edwards study structured toward producing
egy, promised Gaines, explaining Air Force Base is a dozen miles a skilled workforce ready to enter
adversarial campaigning is not the to north, in Rosamond, and Lock- the well-paying aerospace industry, DUPLEX / FOUR-PLEX / FIXER-UPPERS
appropriate route for working to- heed Martin, Boeing and Northrop adding the college ought to collab- MOBILE HOMES / COMMECIAL
ward building a better community all operate production facilities in orate with local aerospace-industry
college. Palmdale. employers in curriculum develop-
Describing AVC as the “first- According to the 2013 Econom- ment.
stop” for many high school grad- ic Roundtable Report issued by High school graduates not inter-
uates on their way to earning a the Greater Antelope Valley Eco- ested in attending a university but
university degree, Gaines said she nomic Alliance, the top 15 em- wanting instead to develop a mar-
was “shocked” when she recently ployers in the AV, along with the ketable skill-set with good pay
learned how few AVC students are number employed, are: Edwards would be well-served by such a
successful in moving on to a four- Air Force Base/10,808; China Lake program, said Gaines.
year college. Naval Weapons/9,172; County Gaines said she learned from a
Gaines said AVC should be of Los Angeles/3,953; Lockheed discussion with an industry insider
multi-dimensional – more than an that many aerospace workers are Home For Sale / $40,000 Home 4 Rent /Lancaster
Martin/3,000; Palmdale School
institution providing the perfuncto- District/2,682; Antelope Valley close to retirement and there are not Fixer-upper ranch home 3BD, 1BA, 1010 sq. ft.
ry step for students intent on trans- Hospital/2,619; Northrup Grum- enough skilled young people avail- on 2.5 acres w/water well. $1,000 Month. Very nice,
ferring to a university – adding man /2,573; AV High School able and prepared to replace them. Great for ranch living & clean home in establish
she supports the college develop- District/2,037; Wal-Mart/1,922; “We need to do a better job,” said agriculture activity. Sold neighborhood close to
ing programs to train and prepare California Correctional Insti- Gaines, then asked, “With the An- AS IS. Buyer to verify shopping, schools, trans-
people for entering the local work- tute in Tehachapi/1,915; Bank of Continued on Page 10 condition of property. portation and freeway.
force. America/1,863; AV Mall/1,800;
$21,000 / 0.46 Acres
The Renaissance Institute Lake Los Angeles
Great location in heart of
Lake Los Angeles area.
The Renaissance Institute preserves old arts and craft by teaching hands-on work- Paved street, water avail-
shops in chain maille, leather tooling, weaving and knotting, basketry, candle mak- able. Fire Department is
ing, children’s crafts, and much more. Workshops can be found every weekend at around the corner. New
buildings and homes in
the original Renaissance Faires. Spend an hour in a workshop and be thrilled at what this growing community.
you have created. Fees are nominal $5-$15, generally, and include instruction, use of Property has potential.
tools, and supplies.
Year-round, day-long workshop programs travel to schools, businesses, meeting
halls, and community events. Our renaissance-period masters bring the workshops to
your meeting place, with all the tools and supplies needed to apprentice your group
in several art and craft experiences.
Day-long workshop programs are selected by the group organizer (a teacher, home
school parents, team manager…). To see a list of workshops, go to:
Selections are guided by Institute Coordinators who are familiar with age-group
needs and developmental appropriateness and by instructor availability.
Note: workshop schedules during the faires are posted each Thursday at the faire
website - or - and at the
Renaissance Institute website - Patrons can plan their
show, joust, and workshop schedule for their day at the faire!
The Renaissance Institute is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3). Contact Maureen Glancy. AMIGO REAL ESTATE
Lic #s 01823339 & 01825099
650.504.1572 You Purchase & We Rent For You!

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The Right of The People to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches
and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or
affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and persons or things to be seized.
MAY 2013 5

Nation’s Infrastructure Crumbling

Continued From Page 1 Sixty-eight percent of California roads are rated as being in Construction material, equipment and supplies weighing
poor or mediocre condition, costing State motorists $13.892 nearly over 500,000 pounds were being stored on the bridge’s
tional debt over $16 trillion, billions and billions of addition- billion a year in extra vehicle repairs – $587 per year per ve- weakest point when it collapsed.
al dollars above and beyond the ‘defense budget’ are spent hicle. In addition to the equipment on the bridge, four of eight
each year for war, military occupation, and nation-building Overall, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) lanes were closed for re-surfacing, forcing the slower rush
overseas as part of maintaining the United States’ worldwide rates our nation’s bridges with a grade of ‘C+’ in their 2013 hour traffic to crowd together in fewer lanes.
Empire. report card. The American Society of Civil Engineers was founded in
This while our infrastructure continues deteriorating and This grade signifies general signs of deterioration requiring 1862 and is the nation’s oldest national engineering society.
crumbling at home. attention, with some bridge elements exhibiting significant A link to their 2013 report may be accessed at
According to the American Society of Civil Engineers 2013 deficiencies in functionality and condition, accompanied by
report card on U.S. infrastructure, over two hundred million an increasing vulnerability to risk.
trips are taken over deficient bridges daily across 102 of the The nation’s infrastructure as a whole – aviation, bridges,
nation’s largest metropolitan areas. dams, drinking water, energy, hazardous waste, inland water-
Of the over 600,000 bridges across the nation – average age ways, levees, ports, rail, roads, schools, solid waste, transit
of 42 years old – one in nine (66,749) are rated as structurally and wastewater – received a D+ by ASCE in their 2013 re-
deficient with 30% exceeding their 50-year lifespan. port.
A structurally deficient bridge is defined as one requiring The D+ grade is up from the D grade U.S. infrastructure
significant maintenance, rehabilitation, or replacement be- received in the ASCE 2009 report. The ASCE issues their re-
cause critical load carrying elements are in poor condition port once every four years.
due to deterioration or damage. Structurally deficient bridges A Matter of Priorities
must be inspected once per year. The tragic collapse of Minneapolis’ westbound I-35 Bridge
Fourteen percent of the nation’s bridges are classified as over the Mississippi River on August 1, 2007, was an event
functionally obsolete – no longer meeting current standards destined to happen. (Pictured right, top and middle. New
due to narrow lanes or low load-carrying capacity. bridge pictured bottom.)
Combined, functionally obsolete and structurally deficient Opening to traffic in November 1967 after three years un-
bridges are categorized as deficient. der construction, several reports, first dating back to 1990,
Pennsylvania has the greater percentage of deficient bridg- warned the bridge was in need of repair.
es – 24% of that State’s bridges rate in this category. Wash- That year, the federal government classified the 1,907 foot
ington D.C. leads the nation with their number of deficient long bridge as structurally deficient after discovering corro-
bridges at 77% - 185 of 239. sion in its bearings.
Of the 5,880 bridges here in Los Angeles County, 1,230 A University of Minnesota civil engineering department
bridges are deficient – 309 structurally deficient and 921 rat- study on the bridge in 2001 uncovered data revealing crack-
ed functionally deficient. ing had been previously noticed in the cross girders, a prob-
The number of bridges nationwide closed to traffic jumped lem temporarily remedied by drilling the cracks in hopes of
to 3,585 in 2012, up from 2,816 in 2007. stopping their spreading, and by building support struts.
Eliminating the problem by 2028 requires an investment of The bridge was once again rated structurally deficient in
$20.5 billion annually, according to the Federal Highway 2005 and in need of replacement. This rating was followed
Administration. by two reports by the Minnesota Department of Transporta-
Currently, $12.5 billion is being spent on bridge repair each tion (MDOT) – one in June 2005 and one in June 2006 –
year. This in contrast to the $1.45 trillion the federal govern- both which discovered issues with cracking and fatigue but
ment plans on spending to develop, test, procure, and main- recommended leaving the bridge in place due to its meeting
tain a fleet of F-35 flying war machines – $161 million per “minimum tolerable limits.”
plane. A steel reinforcement project had been planned for the
California needs $6 billion to repair her bridges, third most bridge in January 2007 – seven months before the collapse –
of all States behind New York at $9 billion and Pennsylvania but was cancelled by the MDOT after it was determined that
with $7 billion in needs. drilling would weaken the bridge.
Of California’s 24,812 bridges, 7,156 are rated as deficient – Instead, routine safety inspections took place. Approximate-
2,978 structurally deficient and 4,178 functionally obsolete. ly 140,000 vehicles used the westbound I-35 bridge each day.


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Joshua Tree Bridge Club
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The INN of Lancaster

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Sierra Hwy
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Reservations: 800.406.0466
44131 Sierra Highway in Lancaster

661.285.7548 Robert Wright

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No persons shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment
or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when
in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence
to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness
against himself, nor be deprived of Life, Liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall
private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
6 The Antelope Valley Political Observer

D A I LY P A U L . C O M
A E 9 11 T R U T H . O R G
Ignorance Showed Me The Light
She doesn’t have money for whatever goods or services he
THOMAS.LOC.GOV SUE BRAX produces at his job. His wages aren’t going up because her
OPENSECRETS.ORG Viewpoint wages are depressed.
S H A D O W S TAT S . C O M Recently I was standing in an interminably long line at But wait, Mr. Ignorant would say. If you raise the salaries of
Wal-Mart. An African-American couple, nicely, if casually the employees at Wal-Mart the prices will go up. 
A N T I WA R . C O M dressed, was standing in front of me.  Yes, they could. But they don’t have to. 
Just as it was their turn, the cash register ran out of ink. The Suppose the Walton family grew a conscience. Suppose in-
clerk left and returned with an ink cartridge that didn’t stead of raising prices they decided to make less profit?
work. She left again.  A radical thought? It sure is. The Walton family has more
Fed Up With L.A. County? When she returned and finally got the register working, she wealth than the bottom 42% of people in America. 
put a bottle of oil in their cart. The bottle broke and oil began Corporate profits, before the Christmas rush, were $444 bil-
leaking all over the floor. The clerk left yet again to get paper lion. Folks, that’s profits. towels to soak up the goo.   That means the money they made after they paid for all
From somewhere behind me a voice was heard, “Hey, move the merchandise, the buildings, the electric bills, and all the
E-mail: it, we’re paying real money.”  salaries. 
The gentleman in front of me bristled. He turned and said, The CEO of Wal-Mart makes more than $15,500 per hour. 
“Excuse me. I am paying real money. I am an aerospace engi- Yes, Mr. Ignorant, he makes more per hour than the poor,
neer.” The voice in the back replied, “I wasn’t talking to you, harried checker makes in one year.
I was talking to the checker.” Whereupon the gentleman said, What would happen to the American economy if the nation’s
“Get an education.”  largest employer suddenly gave its workers a raise? 
The voice responded, “You got a problem?”  The Afri- They would spend the money stimulating the economy. They
can-American woman countered with “You are talking to a would now have to pay taxes reducing my tax burden. Their
Federal agent. Watch yourself.”  children could afford to buy their own lunch reducing, albeit
The voice was silenced. The gentleman then turned to me ever so slightly, the tax burden on the rest of us.
and said, “I apologize, ma’am. I just hate ignorance.” “No,” Mr. Ignorant would scream! The Waltons earned that
Amen brother. money. They are entitled to it.”
I understand the frustration of “the voice” at the back of They deserve it. Really?
the line.  Wal-Mart has taken its understaffing issue to new Wal-Mart heir Robson Walton, whose net worth is $26 bil-
heights by removing many registers and replacing them with lion, took in more than $420 million in dividends last year. 
self-check-out stands, which no one was using. The few re- He “earned” these dividends by being the descendant of
maining checkers had lines that stretched on and on. Sam Walton.
The racist toward the back of the line, as the ignorant al- Honest to God, what kind of man earns $420 million a year
ways do, blamed the customer with less than lily-white skin for doing nothing and allows the employees in his company
rather than placing the blame where it belongs - at the feet of to live in poverty? 
Wal-Mart. Not the kind of man I want to give my money to. I will
The ill-treatment of Wal-Mart employees is legendary. The never shop at Wal-Mart again. Hey Mr. and Mrs. Aerospace
average yearly income for a Wal-Mart employee is $15,500 engineer, care to join the boycott?
putting them clearly below the poverty line. Their children
qualify for free lunch at school.  The opinions expressed in this article are those of Sue Brax,
Talk about corporate welfare! not The Political Observer.
Wal-Mart is the largest private employer in America and its
employees are living in poverty. Is it any wonder our econo- Carpet Shampoo Cleaning
my is in the compost heap? 
If I could just get Mr. Ignorant at the back of the line to TILE & GROUT CLEANING
think.   Powerful Truck Mounted Steam Machine
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8 The Antelope Valley Political Observer

Sheriff Bradshaw and the Palm Beach County Psihuska

Continued From Page 1 Without a word of warning, he was shot cially-sanctioned police violence. parked his patrol car on the sidewalk in front
twice in the head with rubber bullets. The Raban wasn’t concerned about facing of her home and used his position as a deputy
pensable service of annihilating dozens of first round damaged an ear; the second one charges, he gloated, because “Like a good to harass her family.
innocent children after torturing them for 51 destroyed his left eye. batterer, I know the areas that hide the marks By that time, Sheriff Bradshaw – who had
days. The assailants later tried to justify the head well.” reluctantly been forced to have Raban sign
Like Reno, Bradshaw describes the purpose shots by claiming that they had seen a knife In another post he complained that it had a “last-chance contract” – was compelled to
of his proposed Behavioral Science Unit in in Gaydos’s hand – but since no knife was been at least two weeks since he had beaten fire Raban.
therapeutic terms. ever recovered, this can be dismissed as a somebody, and that this prolonged dry spell But in Florida, as is the case in most oth-
The objective, he insists, is “violence pre- self-serving lie of the kind routinely offered had left him “itchy.” er States, it is practically impossible to fire a
vention” and “referral to services,” rather by police officers after they kill or mutilate an When on-shift opportunities to beat hand- law enforcement officer.
than an arrest. innocent person. cuffed suspects became scarce, Raban found In April of this year, an arbitrator ordered
To those on the receiving end of that in- Apparently satisfied merely to leave their other ways to indulge what his boss calls a “pro- Bradshaw to reinstate Raban and pay him
tervention, this distinction is entirely theo- victim partially deaf and partially blinded, pensity and inclination to go do violent things.” back wages.
retical: Being taken into custody by armed the officers never arrested Gaydos. On one occasion he parked his squad car According to the people responsible for
strangers is an arrest, irrespective of the se- At the time of this March 2007 incident, the behind a school bus that was decanting young imposing “accountability” on law enforce-
mantic camouflage, and every encounter be- PBSO SWAT team was under the command children, turned on his blue lights, and used ment officers, Raban’s sociopathic behavior
tween the public and the State’s costumed of Lt. Dan Burrows, an oxycontin addict who his PA system to insult and upbraid parents does not disqualify him for service as a Palm
enforcers is pregnant with life-threatening was accused of stealing pain medicine and a who were picking up their kids – most likely Beach County Deputy – which may well in-
violence against the innocent. rifle from a terminally ill former deputy. in the hope that one of them would be pro- clude working with the BSU to visit and take
It should also be understood that Brad- About a year before the PBSO participated voked into offering him an excuse to inflict into custody people anonymously accused of
shaw’s real objective is not “violence preven- in the assault that mutilated Gaydos, Captain “punishment.” “hating the government.”
tion,” but rather civilian disarmament. This David Carhart, the head of the department’s He was eventually fired after a woman in After all, what other personality type would
was also explained by the sheriff in his Feb- violent crimes division, was purged from the his neighborhood complained that he had be interested in a job of that kind?
ruary 6 address. force following multiple incidents in which
The purpose of the BSU, the sheriff said,
is to “identify people with a propensity and
he broke into the home of former girlfriends.
One of them, Tracey Seberg, filed a com- Sovereign Grand Records & UCAAM
inclination to go do violent things and stop plaint with the sheriff’s office – and Carhart 4th of July Weekend Bus Trip to Las Vegas, NV
them from accessing firearms.” responded by threatening to kill her if she Stay at THE COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL “Five Star Hotel”
A system of pre-emptive disarmament of didn’t retract it.
people considered to be psychologically un- According to Seberg, Carhart told her that Show Line Up
stable or otherwise “dangerous” has actually he “felt like God when in uniform” and thus
been in place in Connecticut since 1999. didn’t believe that he was subject to the rules
~ Thursday July 4, 9pm ~
Although it has resulted in the confiscation that apply to mere Mundanes. Hiram Key and C.H. Sugar (Jazz/Jazz Fusion)
of firearms from thousands of innocent peo- Although Carhart faced up to 15 years in ~ Friday July 5, 9pm ~
ple, it did nothing to prevent the horror that prison for burglary and stalking, he was
The International Drums of Fire
unfolded last December at Sandy Hook Ele- demoted to lieutenant and then quietly dis-
mentary School. missed from the department in a mass layoff, (Senegal West African Dance & Drums)
Employing the services of “mental health receiving a $120,000 severance package. ~ Saturday July 6, 9pm ~
professionals” to certify that people are dan- Neither Burrows nor Carhart is presently Spontaneous Combustion Band (R&B)
gerous to themselves or others would negate available for duty with the Behavioral Sci-
the need for an actual criminal prosecution. ence Unit.
Featuring Freddie G. “BOOM BOOM” Washington
And for Bradshaw, the most potent indica- However, Sheriff Bradshaw will be able to Blues Group “Erma” Featuring Wilma Johnson
tor that a given individual is a “socially dan- make use of the services of Sgt. Brent Raban, and Special Appearance by BUGZY (Hip Hop/Rap)
gerous person” is a hatred for the institution- a sociopath who was discharged from the
~ Sunday July 7, 9am ~
alized affliction called “government.” force after boasting about his habit of beat-
The man accused of shooting Rep. Gabri- ing suspects – and then reinstated, with the The Holy Graal under the direction of
elle Giffords “was telling other people about expectation of $150,000 in back pay, through Freddie G. “BOOM BOOM” Washington with special guest Ministers.
how much he hated government and govern- the intervention of the police union. OTHER EVENT
ment officials,” Bradshaw told his audience. Like the members of a hyper-violent police
The assumption here is that such opinions gang in Milwaukee, Sgt. Raban has an ado- ~ Saturday July 6, 3pm ~
are symptoms of incipient criminal behavior. lescent fixation on a comic book character Networking Party
This is why the sheriff intends to create called the Punisher. - Meet & Greet entrepreneurs from many professional backgrounds -
a 24-hour tipline through which neighbors, This wouldn’t be a problem to anybody else
$40 (Petite Snacks) & Wet Bar Available
family, friends, and others can inform on peo- if Raban hadn’t been given a State-issued
ple who display such dangerous attitudes. costume and official permission to act out his
“It’s the same principle that’s used by the violent fantasies on helpless people. Buses depart from Palmdale Park & Ride at Avenue S & 14 Freeway
Secret Service that’s very successful,” he in- He advertised his intentions by accessoriz- on July 4 at 9am, and return on July 7 at 2pm.

702.466.8069 / VIP: 702.387.7575

sisted. ing his costume with a camouflage-colored
The S.S. has a hotline that can be used to skullcap displaying the word “Punishment.”
report impious and supposedly threatening “It’s not crime-fighting – I’m dealing out - or -
comments about the murderous bureaucrat PUNISHMENT!” observed Raban in a 2009
who occupies the Oval Office, on the assump-
tion that blasphemy against the divine person
Facebook post written while he was pa-
trolling Belle Glade, a city whose residents
of the Dear Leader is itself a criminal act. are besieged by both private crime and offi-
While Bradshaw and others of his ilk regard

Graphic Design Services

idle words to be dangerous, if not criminal,
they can’t see how people could perceive a
threat in the sudden, unsolicited presence of
armed State functionaries on their doorstep.
After all, asks the sheriff, what would it hurt
to send his deputies to confront people who
aren’t suspected of a crime?
If he possessed a particle of honesty, Sher-
iff Bradshaw would pose that question to Jane Teis Graphic Services
Dennis Gaydos, and listen carefully to the
answer. Because of the kind ministrations of (323) 661-9891 •
Bradshaw’s deputies, Gaydos is now missing
an ear and an eye. Call or email me for a free consultation.
What makes his case an even more com-
pelling precautionary example is the fact
Jane Teis
Graphic Artist
that, according to a lawsuit he filed against
Bradshaw, Gaydos – a homeless man – had Advertising
“contacted a local assistance agency by tele-
phone for the purpose of a referral for resi- Book Covers
dential resources, financial aid, and general Typesetting
While he was on the phone, the helpful so- Financial Reports
cial workers with whom he was speaking Brochures
made a “referral” of their own to Bradshaw’s
agency, which responded by dispatching a Flyers
SWAT team. Posters/Signs/Banners
Gaydos had established a shelter on a parcel
of land behind a church. The pastor in charge Product Packaging
of the congregation had given Gaydos per- Logo Design
mission to be there.
Shortly after Gaydos called for help, a com- Forms
bined tactical force composed of deputies Newsletters
from the sheriff’s office and officers from the
Palm Springs Police Department – kitted out T-shirt Artwork
in paramilitary drag, carrying the familiar as- Event Programs
sortment of weapons, and supplemented with
a helicopter – set up a staging area near Gay- Publications
dos’s shelter. PDF Files and Forms
Although they were dealing with a sickly,
unarmed homeless man who was not a crim- Diagrams/Charts/Tables
inal suspect, the Berserkers treated the inci-
dent as a combat situation.
dos – who was holding his cell phone – stood up.

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
MAY 2013 9

This Month in American History ARTS/CULTURE 04 MAY 1970: Four students are killed and nine others wounded at Kent State University
11 MAY 1901: Members of the Automobile Club of America are arrested in Morristown, when national guardsmen, called in to disperse a student Anti-War Demonstration, fire on
New Jersey, for breaking the speed limit. Drivers violated the posted eight-miles-per-hour or- the crowd. Similar Anti-War protests have taken place at Ohio State University, Stanford,
dinance during a cross-State race. Three drivers and one mechanic pay the lump fine of $10. Penn State and University of Kansas.
28 MAY 1902: Thomas Edison announces invention of new storage battery, lighter and lon- NATIVE AMERICAN GENOCIDE
ger-lived than lead-acid batteries. 16 MAY 1664: The Hudson Valley Native Americans surrender their homeland, the Esopus
05 MAY 1904: Cy Young, of Boston Americans, pitches major league’s first perfect game. Valley, to the invading Dutch.
05 MAY 1908: Circuit Court places moving pictures under copyright; royalties to be paid. MAY 1758: The Cherokee begin a series of raids on invading foreign settlements located on
MAY 1921: The New York State Legislature has passed a law giving a State commissioner their land.
the power to censor dances. In Utah, a statute is pending providing for imprisonment of 20 MAY 1777: In the Treaty of DeWitts Corner, the Cherokee give up all their territory in
women wearing skirts higher than three inches above the ankle. A dance known as “The South Carolina.
Shimmy” is condemned by the Catholic Archbishop of Ohio. Across the country, American 05 MAY 1785: In the Treaty of Dumpling Creek, the Cherokee cede most their land to the
youth are indulging themselves in a frenzy of Rebellion against standards and values of par- “State of Franklin” (Tennessee).
ents and grandparents. New styles of dress and dance are singled out as chief culprits. 08 MAY 1792: Congress passes the Militia Act authorizing States to draft all able-bodied
07 MAY 1922: In fashion, France decrees the long skirt is back at this day’s elegant Long- Free white men between ages of 18 and 45 into Militia Brigades to fight and kill Native
champs racetrack where couturiers see their designs vindicated as every Parisian woman Americans.
sports a full-length skirt. The 10,000 Americans attending cannot help but notice the demure 24 MAY 1818: In his First Seminole Indian War campaign, General Andrew Jackson seizes
style. One American girl wearing an abbreviated frock is quoted she felt “quite naked” in the Spanish post of Pensacola, Florida, effectively ending the war.
comparison. The long-skirt will make its way to the U.S. 28 MAY 1830: President Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act, granting authority to move
IDEAS/BELIEFS Eastern Native Americans to Western lands. His goal is to steal all Native land east of the
01 MAY 1628: Massachusetts Colonists at Merrymount led by Thomas Morton celebrate Mississippi.
May Day with a May-Pole, dancing and drinking. The revival of this pagan festival in the 09 MAY 1832: In Payne Landing, Florida, a group of 15 Seminole Chiefs sign a Treaty that
New World horrifies the Plymouth Pilgrims. cedes their lands in Florida to the U.S. They agree to move west of the Mississippi River.
31 MAY 1636: Clergyman Thomas Hooker and his followers arrive in Hartford, Connecticut, POLITICAL PARTIES
from Newton, Mass, in a further wave of inland migration. He founds the first church in the 21-22 MAY 1832: The Democratic Party, formerly the Democratic-Republican Party, gath-
territory and he and his followers declare their Freedom from all but Divine authority. ers in Baltimore to hold its first national convention.
31 MAY 1638: Clergyman Thomas Hooker, in a sermon, expresses the view that political 05 MAY 1840: The Democratic Party holds their national convention in Baltimore, Mary-
power should rest on the consent of the governed. land, and become the first party to introduce the slavery question by opposing congressional
29 MAY 1647: A General Assembly of Rhode Island Freemen from the towns of Newport, interference with that institution. They also oppose federal expenditures for internal im-
Portsmouth, Providence and Warwick meets in Portsmouth to draft a Constitution that allows provements and a national bank.
for Separation of Church and State, permits public referenda on legislation and gives towns 09 MAY 1860: Former members of the American and Whig Parties meet in Baltimore to
the Right to initiate legislation. form the Constitutional Union Party.
29 MAY 1658: The Massachusetts General Court passes further legislation opposing Reli- 18 MAY 1876: The Greenback Party holds its national convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.
gious Freedom for Quakers, specifically banning the holding of Quaker meetings. 14 MAY 1884: The Anti-Monopoly Party is the first of several reform parties to organize
29 MAY 1686: “king” James II declares invalid the Charter of Liberties passed by the 1836 and convene on a national basis this election year. The party is responding to the apparent
General Assembly of New York and other New England colonies. This charter had called for need for legislation at the federal level to regulate gigantic trusts, combines and monopolies
the consent of the governed in the matter of the taxes levied against them. which are creating a powerful network of a few interlocking companies working to forestall
24 MAY 1689: The English parliament enacts a Toleration Act, which provides for limited competition, legislation or regulation.
Freedom of Religion for those outside the Church of England. 28 MAY 1884: The Greenback Party meets in Indianapolis, Indiana, and nominates old Re-
10 MAY 1692: The Anglican Church is designated as official church of the Maryland Colony. publican Reconstructionist and Union General Benjamin Butler for president. The party will
06 MAY 1704: The South Carolina Representative Assembly passes legislation to ban later merge with the Anti-Monopoly Party to become the Populist Party.
non-Anglicans from being elected as delegates. 15 MAY 1888: The national convention of the Equal Rights Party meets in Des Moines,
25 MAY 1790: Led by the Reverend Elhanan Winchester and Dr. Benjamin Rush, Univer- Iowa. The Midwest and West are sympathetic to Women’s Rights partly because the manner
salists convene in Philadelphia. An Anti-Trinitarian doctrine evolves from this meting which of living in the open country breaks down artificial behavior patterns.
holds that Jesus was only a human intermediary between man and God, rather than the son 16 MAY 1888: The Union Labor Party convenes in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is one of several
of God. parties now forming to support the cause of the new militant American laborers.
14 MAY 1909: N.Y.C. mayor vetoes equal pay for female teachers. 17 MAY 1888: The United Labor Party holds its national convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.
31 MAY 1924: Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, brilliant students and sons of millionaires, 19 MAY 1891: Growing out of enthusiastic meeting in Kansas the year before, the vibrant,
confess to strangling 14-year-old Bobby Franks – a distant cousin of Loeb. The two 19-year- eclectic, reform-minded Populist Party is formed at the national level at a convention held in
olds relate events of the murder impassively. Their attorney, Clarence Darrow, plans to offer Cincinnati, Ohio. Its main strength lies in united support from labor and farmers. Govern-
a unique defense: innocent on grounds of emotional illness. Darrow will serve on the defense ment ownership of railroads along with free coinage of Silver are among their most import-
team for John Scopes after his May 1926 arrest for teaching the Theory of Evolution to his ant demands. They back a graduated income tax; an eight-hour workday; popular election of
high school science students. senators and the secret ballot. In the 1892 presidential election with General Weaver as their
27 MAY 1929: The Supreme Court, in United States v. Schwimmer, upholds a lower court’s candidate, the Populist Party polled over 1.2 million votes.
denial of citizenship to Rosika Schwimmer, a Hungarian immigrant who is an avowed Paci- 09 MAY 1900: A splinter group breaking away from the main Populist Party convenes in
fist. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., in one of his famous dissents, argues that Freedom to Cincinnati, Ohio.
think unpopular notions is perhaps the most fundamental principle of the U.S. Constitution. 05 MAY 1904: The National Convention of the Socialist Party meets in Chicago, Illinois, to
02 MAY 1956: At its annual conference, the Methodist Church calls for an end to all segre- nominate perennial candidate Eugene V. Debs of Indiana for president.
gation in the church. 10 MAY 1908: The National Convention of the Socialist Party meets in Chicago, Illinois, to
INTERNATIONAL nominate perennial candidate Eugene V. Debs of Indiana for president.
08 MAY 1871: The U.S. attempts to get a favorable treaty with strategic Korea by using 17 MAY 1912: The National Convention of the Socialist Party meets in Indianapolis, Indi-
force. Naval vessels bombard and destroy five Korean forts but retire empty handed. ana, to nominate perennial candidate Eugene V. Debs of Indiana for president.
10 MAY 1955: Continuing his quest for a summit conference to promote World Peace, Pres- 10 MAY 1920: The Socialist Labor Party meets for its National Convention in NYC.
ident Eisenhower states he will meet “anyone, anywhere.” 14 MAY 1920: The Socialist Party meets in New York City to nominate perennial candidate
09 MAY 1965: The government announces total U.S. fighting force in Vietnam is 42,200 Eugene V. Debs of Indiana for president. Debs will run his campaign from jail.
men. Deployment of another 21,000 soldiers will be announced on June 26. The U.S. pres- 27 MAY 1928: The Worker’s Party, avowedly Communist, convenes in New York to nomi-
ence will peak at 541,000 in 1968. nate William Z. Foster of Illinois for president.
03 MAY 1977: Failing to achieve Peace through war, the U.S. and Vietnam meet in Paris to 22-24 MAY 1932: The Socialist Party meets in Milwaukee and nominates Norman Thomas
normalize relations for president.
NATIONAL 28 MAY 1932: The Communist Party meets in Chicago and nominates William Z. Foster for
06 MAY 1800: Convinced that he is the victim of a Cabinet Conspiracy in which cabinet president.
officers are working in collusion with Alexander Hamilton for Adams’ defeat in the 1800 23 MAY 1936: The Socialist Party meets in Cleveland and nominates Norman Thomas for
presidential election later in the year, President Adams requests the resignation of his Secre- president.
tary of War James McHenry. EDITOR’S NOTE: Does this make John Adams a conspiracy WAR ON DRUGS
theorist? 17 MAY 1876: Cleveland, Ohio, hosts the Prohibition Party’s National Convention. General
12 MAY 1800: President Adams dismisses Secretary of State Timothy Pickering because Green Clay Smith of Kentucky is nominated for President and Gideon T. Stewart of Ohio
of suspicion that he too is conspiring with Alexander Hamilton to defeat him in Novem- for Vice-President.
ber’s presidential election. EDITOR’S NOTE: Does this make John Adams a conspiracy 27 MAY 1896: The Prohibition Party meets in Pittsburgh and nominates Joshua Levering of
theorist? Maryland for president.
27 MAY 1830: President Andrew Jackson vetoes the Maysville Road Bill which would add 14 MAY 1900: Carrie Nation takes her anti-liquor campaign to the nation, leading a group
federal support to build a 60-mile road entirely within Kentucky. He argues against federal of women through Kansas and inflicting damage and destruction on saloons and all li-
subsidies for roads and canals when they are limited to individual States and not part of quor-selling establishments.
larger systems of improvement. 26 MAY 1908: North Carolina becomes “Dry” State.
10 MAY 1886: In one of its most important rulings ever, the Supreme Court in Santa 26 MAY 1922: The creation of the Federal Narcotics Control Board is signed into law by
Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad rules that a corporation is a person under the President Harding.
Fourteenth Amendment. The effect of this is to give corporations the Rights of citizenship 04 MAY 1923: In what many regard as the beginning of the end of Prohibition, New York
without demanding the moral responsibility expected of a person. State disregards President Warren Harding’s warnings and Repeals its Enforcement Act.
06 MAY 1896: The “Separate But Equal Doctrine” is held Constitutional by the Supreme Bootlegging has become big business, and the Enforcement Act is being circumvented on
Court in the famous Plessy v. Ferguson case, known popularly as the Jim Crow Car Law. all sides: “Speakeasies,” “Moonshiners,” “Rumrunners,” “Highjacking” and “Medicinal
The Court holds as long as the facilities are Equal, the fact that they are separate does not Purposes” are only a few of the ways that alcohol gets to its “Dry” destinations. Gangsters,
constitute infringement of Civil Rights. The doctrine will remain intact until May 17, 1954, with total disregard for the safety of their customers, regularly cut their liquor, or unskillful-
when Chief Justice Earl Warren will argue that in the field of education, separate facilities ly “convert” wood alcohol to be sold under fake labels. Bathtub Gin is made at home, as is
are inherently un-Equal. home-brewed ale and wine. During the Prohibition decade over 300,000 lawbreakers will be
22 MAY 1897: Responding to the hysteria whipped-up by Hearst and Pulitzer newspapers, convicted under the Volstead Act, which seeks to enforce Prohibition at the federal level.
Congress appropriates $50,000 for relief of U.S. Citizens in Cuba. The sensational press is 24 MAY 1925: As Americans pour into Canada for beer, New York’s governor, Al Smith,
doing what it can to get the country embroiled in war with Spain. Day after day, headlines signs law legalizing 2.75 beer. Also this month, doctors blame bad liquor, along with auto
scream lurid tales of despicable atrocities never committed and engagements never fought. exhaust for increase in throat disease.
When the artist Frederick Remington on assignment for Hearst cables that he could find no 20 MAY 1929: The United States has become increasingly disturbed by the lawlessness
trouble, Hearst cables truculently, “You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war!” War is and general defiance occasioned by the 18th Amendment – Prohibition. President Herbert
good business for newspapers. Hoover has declared himself in favor of Prohibition, but he appoints a National Commission
31 MAY 1913: In a major blow against States’ Rights, the 17th Amendment is passed, on Law Observance and Enforcement to study the effects of Prohibition on the nation.
establishing popular election of U.S. Senators. 24 MAY 1930: A poll taken by one of the nation’s leading periodicals, the Literary Digest,
21 MAY 1954: Senate votes down proposed Constitutional Amendment allowing 18-year- shows that the majority of those polled favor the repeal of the 18th Amendment (Prohibi-
olds to vote. The voting age is lowered to 18 with the 26th Amendment on July 1, 1971. tion). Alcoholics Anonymous will be formally organized five years later in New York City.

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain Rights, shall not be construed to
deny or disparage others retained by The People
10 The Antelope Valley Political Observer

Forgetting Reality for a Day STON SKOTH MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY

at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Social & Political Affairs Columnist
Any person claiming time-travel is not possible has never attended the Renaissance
Pleasure Faire.
A Free-Market festival, the Faire provides guests an opportunity to depart the 21st
Century and be transported 400 years into the past, back to Elizabethan England and the
late 1500’s.
Actors, merchants, artists and performers – jovial
characters all – enthused and eager to entertain a will-
ing audience, deft in era-appropriate vernacular and
sporting time-period costumes, await guests intrigued
with how life was lived during the English Renais-
For those arriving in modern dress but soon finding
themselves wanting to outfit in Elizabethan-era
garments to better enjoy the festivities, there is a
shop just inside the main entrance where Renaissance
apparel may be rented for the afternoon.
Held at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwin-
dale, the Faire offers a full day of fun and entertain-

ment spread out over 20 acres. Comfortable walking
shoes are recommended.
At Queen’s College Do-It-Thyself Workshops – a
family-themed experience – visitors can learn and
participate in interactive arts, creating their own me-
mento to bring home to remember their experience.
44225 20th St. West
Children and adults learn the finer art of basket weaving, needle felting, mask making,
and leather working from patient instructors, master artists and traders, all eager to share GRAND OPENING SPECIAL
the knowledge behind their craft. Supplies and tools needed to create your keepsake are
provided. Fees do apply.
While walking the village roads, guests are advised to beware and avoid the
Mocker, lest they be mocked. Elizabethan England, apparently, lacked laws prohibiting
harassment. If lucky, by keeping a sharp eye out, guests may be fortunate enough to must present this ad.
catch a glimpse of the ever-elusive, troll-like creature who roams the grounds looking for
an easy opportunity to pilfer food.
Age-appropriate, lively entertainment through
music, stage-plays, games and rides, are plentiful. For ~ Visit Us & Learn More! ~
adult amusement, the Faire presents several adult-
themed stage shows available courtesy troupes the
likes of the Belles of Bedlam and the Merry Wives of
~ Get in Shape for Summer! ~
Begun in 1963 in Agoura, near Malibu, to create
~ Off the Couch…In the Gym! ~
“living history” for schoolchildren and their families,
the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire has grown ~ Great Fun for Kids! ~
into an annual interactive playground and gallery for
over 200,000 participants and guests. It has given
birth to an industry nationwide and this year is more
fun and exciting than ever. TAE KWON DO ~ BOXING ~ HAPKIDO
Since its inception, more than 5 million people from around the world have visited
Southern California’s Renaissance Pleasure Faire, averaging approximately 20,000 each JUJITSU ~ HOLLYWOOD STUNT FIGHTING

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire’s final weekend is May 18 and 19. A $2.50 off admission SELF ESTEEM
coupon may be found at the bottom of the ad on the back page of this issue of The Politi-
cal Observer. Guests attending the closing weekend will be entertained by the traditional SELF DISCIPLINE
Closing Day Parade.
Elementary School Principal Announces MENTAL & PHYSICAL
Candidacy for College Governing Board CONDITIONING
Continued From Page 1
telope Valley known for aerospace, why does this college not have the most phenomenal We’re Still At
aerospace program in place for our young people?”
The Political Observer asked Gaines if she concurred with current board member Lew
44138 10th St. West in Lancaster
Stults who said during an AVC-hosted candidates’ forum prior to his election in 2011 that
a governing board should present a united front in their voting despite any reservation one
single member may have on the item being voted upon.
Gaines said if elected she will be voting her opinion and not concerned or troubled with the
prospect of being the lone dissenting vote – on the losing end of a 4-1 decision.
The three board members whose terms are expiring – Steve Buffalo, Betty Wienke and
Michael Adams – have yet to officially announce whether they will seek re-election.
Gaines’ endorsements include former Assemblyman Steve Fox (a former AVC board mem-
ber), Palmdale School District (PSD) president Sandy Corrales and PSD board member Car-
ol Stanford, and Palmdale city council candidate Fred Thompson.
Election Day is Tuesday, November 5. Deadline to register to vote and be eligible to cast a
ballot in the November election is October 21.
In addition to AVC, education governing boards with seats standing election in the Ante-
lope Valley are AV High School District, Eastside School District, Westside School District,
Palmdale School District, Lancaster School District, Wilsona School District, Keppel School
District and Acton/Agua Dulce School District.
Palmdale voters will also elect two city council members and a mayor.
In Santa Clarita, education governing boards holding an election this November are Wil-
liam Hart School District, Saugus School District and Newhall School District. The water

district governing board in Santa Clarita with seats up for election this November is the
Newhall Water District.
AV water districts with seats up for election are Palmdale Water District, Quartz Hill Water
District, and Littlerock Creek Irrigation District.
July 15 is the first day candidates may pull nomination papers and will have until August 9 WWW.STONSKOTHMMA.COM
to return them. This deadline is automatically extended if no incumbent files.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to
the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to The People.
MAY 2013 11
City of Lancaster Partners to Implement
Lunchbox Pilot Program in Elementary School AMIGO REAL ESTATE
The City of Lancaster has partnered with the Lancaster School  District, Grace Resource
Center and the University of Antelope Valley to actively reduce childhood hunger in the Lic #s 01823339 & 01825099
community.  A pilot program called Lancaster Lunchbox, sponsored by the City of Lancaster
Youth Commission, will take place at Sierra Elementary School in Lancaster during the last
two weeks of May.  This pilot program will gather feedback to substantiate the viability of a
long-term program throughout the City.
The Lancaster Lunchbox program’s objective is to serve at least 40 disadvantaged students
weekly by providing care packages filled with nutritious foods to take home with them each We Help You Sell / Rent Your Property!
weekend. The care packages will be assembled by volunteers and distributed on Fridays after Residential, Commercial & Land
school. Each package will contain two breakfast items, two snack items, two lunch items, See More Beautiful Homes listed by Amigo Real Estate
one fruit cup, one vegetable cup, and two main course meals. The planned menu accommo-
dates a child’s daily nutritional needs, providing the nourishment required during weekend at WWW.TAVPO.COM at the classified ad page.
hours when the student is away from school.
The goal of a food resource program such as this is to not only address the hunger issue
among community youth, but also to increase school attendance; improve student perfor-
mance; and boost self-esteem - all of which become problematic when hunger is a factor in
a child’s daily life.  The issues associated with childhood hunger can be addressed, in a large
part, through the Lancaster Lunchbox program for a modest financial investment.  Serving
one student costs $3 per week, $12 per month, and $114 per year.
“The positive effects a program like this can have on a student’s overall development are
well worth the investment,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “For a mere three dollars
per week, a child’s life can be significantly improved.  Who wouldn’t be willing to spend a
few dollars for this invaluable cause?” Land For Sale
Through the Lancaster Lunchbox pilot program, the City and its partners seek to inspire $33,000 / 0.9686 Acres
and promote the expansion of this effort throughout the Lancaster School District, striving to East Palmdale
eventually operate food pantries in every local school. Great home-site, convenient $70,000 / 2.050 Acres
“We are partnering to end childhood hunger,” said Mayor Parris. “This is an effort we ex- access to freeway, shopping Rosamond Blvd., Rosamond
pect the entire community to support in order to improve the lives and enhance the futures
and schools. Buyer to perform Classified a residential lot
of our community youth.”
due diligence in confirming lot w/total of 108,900 sq. ft.

dimensions, corners, and There are a few custom-built
suitability for their purposes. homes and ranch properties in
the area. There is a lot of
potential for this corner lot and

FOR SALE also ideal for someone looking

for huge lot that needs space for
storage. Good investment since
it is located near the
Willow Spring Race Track.

$95,000 / 5.057 Acres

Vasquez Canyon Dr.
Canyon Country
Five acre ranch land w/small
improvements and a lot of
potential. Gated w/road access.
Electric posts are part of
improvement by past residents
living on property. Water tank &
LA TEHUANITA - Established
RV has been moved. Quiet area.
Mexican Restaurant. Great
location on a busy, main street
in Lancaster w/potential.
Has all necessary licenses &

4 CHANGE MACHINES for its Shaved Ice/Raspados.

$28,000 / GREAT FOR
6 SNACK MACHINES Fundraising & Rental
We have used 3 of the soda machines & 4 of the snack machines. Equipment. Fundraise year
Have some spare parts. Parts are available online. Ice Cream Cart round! BBQ trailer, cotton candy,

Build your retail vending busi- shaved ice, ice cream & pretzel /
ness. I have knowledge and equip- churro Carts! Build company dis-
ment and I will open the opportu- tributorship w/my help. 30 years of
nities for you. Mike: 661.810.1315 experience. Mike: 661.810.1315


Oil & Filter Change A/C Spring Special
Vega’s Automotive Repair
Only $ 23
Over 18 Years Experience Factory Trained
42620 10th St. West #B Lancaster $ 95 .99
Recover, Evacuate, Recharge & A/C Dye
*Includes Brake Inspection and Fluid Top-Off
661.726.9600 / 661.726.9644

Axle Special Timing Belt

Replacement SPECIAL
Every 90,000 Miles or 6 Years
Per Side Starting at

*Includes Parts & Labor. Most Japanese Models.
*$ + tax

Includes T-Belt, Waterpump, 3 Belts,

Coolant, Valve Cover Gasket & Parts Wash
Your Dealership Alternative *Most 4 cylander single cam vehicles.
Dealer Quality Work Without The High Price Other vehicles may incur additional cost.
Seals extra. Call for details.

“It is a litigated question, whether the circulation of paper, rather than of specie, is a good or an evil. In the opinion of England and of English writers it is a good;
in that of other nations it is an evil; and excepting England and her copyist, the United States, there is not a nation existing, I believe, which tolerates a paper
circulation. The experiment is going on, however, desperately in England, pretty boldly with us, and at the end of the chapter, we shall see which opinion experience
approves: for I believe it to be one of those cases where mercantile clamor will bear down reason, until it is corrected by ruin.” – THOMAS JEFFERSON
12 The Antelope Valley Political Observer
It’s Time to Re-evaluate
the Use of Military Force
Future presidents from Dwight Eisenhower
to Ronald Reagan agreed with Truman. 
Donaji ~ Alma Grande
Viewpoint The so-called Marshall Plan, which restored ~ HOMEMADE TORTILLAS ~
In August 1945 World War II ended and the economic stability and then prosperity in
U.S. had won a great victory. America was Western Europe by 1953, was quietly placed Cemita Poblana ~ Quesadilla de Flor de Calabaza ~ Mole de Olla
the most powerful economic and military na- on the back shelf.
tion in the world.  The results of the Truman Doctrine were the
But problems quickly surfaced.  Korean War and then the Vietnam War. 
Our allies, such as Great Britain and France, The Korean War, which ended in 1953 after
had suffered tremendous economic disloca- three years of war, returned the situation to
tion. what it had been before the war, a communist Tue - Fri: 10A to 8P
Poverty, hunger, desperation and misery ex- North Korea, and a somewhat democratic Sat: 8A to 9P / Sun: 8A-4P

isted everywhere, except it seemed, in the South Korea. 
U.S. The “forgotten war,” as it has became
In addition, disagreements broke out with one known, cost America more than 50,000 live.
of our WWII allies, the Soviet Union. These In 2013 the U.S. still has troops in the South 2250 Palmdale Blvd in Palmdale
disagreements, especially Josef Stalin’s de- “protecting” the Korean border. (Between DMV & Palmdale Blvd)
mand of a “buffer zone” in eastern Europe Our efforts in Vietnam proved to be far less
to protect the Soviets, had begun during the successful. When the French were defeated BREAKFAST SPECIAL ~ BUY 1 MEAL & GET 1 at 50% OFF
war, unbeknownst to the American people.  in 1954, after an eight year war against Ho
What were our new president, Harry Tru- Chi Minh and his followers, the U.S. decided

man and Congress going to do to deal with to replace the French. 
these issues? Believing the enemy in Vietnam was part
A debate began in the Truman administration of what we called “monolithic communism,’
over what our “Cold War” policy should be.  and that the “dominoes” in Asia, and the rest
Some argued that we resolve these prob- of the world would tumble if we lost Viet-
lems with military force, on a global basis, nam, we eagerly sent in military aid and “ad-
identifying our enemy as simply “ideological visors” to support the corrupt and unpopular
communism.”  government in South Vietnam.
This view emerged as the Truman Doctrine. When that policy failed, we increased our
Others argued for an economic and dip- use of military force to begin bombing Viet-
lomatic solution, confronting the issues in nam, and ultimately sent in approximately
Western Europe with American dollars and three million combat troops by 1973 to kill
political good will.  the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese.
Either way, our foreign policy of the past In reality, we had little idea of what was
200 years, isolationism, was on its way out. actually going on in Vietnam. 
The president, who viewed problems and The Viet Cong were South Vietnamese peo-
the world in a black or white mentality, with ple, who opposed the U.S.-supported govern-
no gray in between, bought into the global, ment in their country. 
military force way of producing “contain-
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“Of all enemies to public Liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.
War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing
the many under the domination of the few…No nation could preserve its Freedom in the midst of continual warfare. - JAMES MADISON
MAY 2013 13
It’s Time to Re-evaluate the Use of Military Force OASIS – “Service with a difference.”

Continued From Page 12 Minister Maliki is said to do nothing that might alienate his
The North Vietnamese wanted to unite the North and South I’m not suggesting military force is not useful at times, if
as one country, led by Ho Chi Minh. we know who our enemy is, if the reasons for war are valid,
The North Vietnamese hated the Chinese, because of Chi- if our goals are logically and rationally set out, and if we have
na’s numerous occupations of Vietnam throughout history.  an exit plan once those goals are achieved. 
Ask for Frank ~ Senior Technician
This was a civil war, fought amongst the Vietnamese.  A return to a Marshall Plan solution to deal with world prob-
When the war ended in 1975, and we lost, the “dominoes” lems is long overdue. Military force is clearly not a panacea.

661.350.0775 Call or Text

did not fall. We learned the hard way that nations are not toys.  And the beat goes on...
Every country is different, their histories, cultures, languag-
es, religions, and people. 
America lost 58,000 troops and wasted one trillion dol-
lars. Today a communist Vietnam is not our enemy; rather it
Appliance Sales, Service & Repair
is an ally in our war against terrorism. FREE Estimate with Repairs
The Iraq War ended for America in 2011, as President We Deliver, Install & Haul Away
Obama pulled out the last of our troops. The war itself contin- Factory Trained Technician
ues, and where Iraq will be in ten years no one really knows.  Over 40 Years Experience / All Jobs Warranty
Of course, we all know the reasons George W. Bush started Fully Licensed & Registered
this war in 2003 were bogus and fabricated.  Serving AV 10 Years / Satisfaction Guaranteed
There never were any WMD and Saddam had nothing to do
with 9-11-01. Located Inside Sol Plaza
Another trillion dollars were wasted and nearly 5,000 Amer- (Formerly Lancaster International Mall)
ican troops died.
1140 Commerce Center Drive
Recent reports from Iraq suggest things are not going well. 
Iran’s influence in Baghdad is growing. 
Natural Balance Wellness Center Spaces L-9 & L-10
Iran is using Iraqi air space to attack its enemies, and Prime
Heal, Beautify & Rejuvenate (Between Target & Lancaster Auto Mall)
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14 The Antelope Valley Political Observer

a new chapter

MAY 19


Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area
Irwindale, CA • 626-969-4750

Present coupon at Faire Box Office to receive the following:

$ 50
One full priced
Adult Ticket
Offer and ticket valid Saturdays or Sundays, April 20 - May 19, 2013 only. PO

Regular Adult Ticket Price is $25. Kids 4 and under always free. No pets or smoking, please. Limit one coupon per person. Not valid with any other offer.

The Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area is a United States Army Corps of Engineers Facility and a unit of the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation System