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Volume X Number 1 SEPTEMBER 2014

DCFS: Speaking With One Voice; If We Prick the State,

Does It.Bleed?
Whether it’s the Truth, or Not! WILLIAM NORMAN GRIGG
Pro Libertate Blog
A creditor can legally re-
possess a car and a bank may “The taxpayers are entitled to everything Mr.
lawfully institute foreclosure Esbensen cost them,” declared Malheur County
on a home for not making District Attorney Dan Norris, affected piety sup-
payments as agreed. purating from every syllable, during an August 28
Non-payment is easily hearing before visiting Judge Gregory Baxter in
provable. the County Court.
The government can legally William Esbensen, the man from whom Norris and his of-
remove your children from fice was seeking tens of thousands of dollars in “restitution,”
the home and place them in had not cost the tax victims of Oregon’s government so much
foster care based on the opin- as a fraction of a cent.
ion of a bureaucrat. He had neither the means to extract money from them by
No tangible evidence of force or fraud, nor the inclination to do so.
abuse or neglect is required. Norris and his comrades, on the other hand, spent hundreds
Cars and homes are inani- of thousands of dollars to prosecute Esbensen and his associ-
mate objects - they have no ates for the supposed crime of providing medical marijuana
feelings - and may be re- WE’RE HERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN!: DCFS Supervisor David Collins arrives at a
– recognized as a legitimate palliative remedy under Oregon
Lancaster home in early June, with warrant in-hand, to steal children. Accompanying Col-
placed. law — to willing clients on terms agreeable to both parties.
lins – A.K.A. Little Dave – are three sheriff’s deputies, all doing their job, following orders.
Children are delicate hu- This was a purely discretionary prosecution, given that by
man beings and when sub- and August newspapers by ommending a child be taken if I’m going to remove a the time Esbensen and his business associate Raymond Scott
jected to trauma, can be aiming your web browser to from parents. child then I need to see the Kangas went on trial this spring, the statute under which they
scarred for life. “I want to be a communi- violence, have somebody were indicted had lapsed.
One government agency – Taking issue with the lack- ty support, not a pseudo-de- that’s seen the violence, or For operating the 45th Parallel medical marijuana co-op
Los Angeles County Depart- adaisical approach toward re- tective or pseudo-cop,” said evidence of violence,” said in Ontario Oregon, Esbensen and his professional associate,
ment of Children and Family moving children from homes Dominguez. Dominguez. “Otherwise, Raymond Scott Kangas, were convicted of “racketeering” on
Service (DCFS) – is under by too many employed by A home with arguing is not we’re supposed to work June 6 following a bench trial.
intense scrutiny since pub- DCFS, Dominguez made enough to remove a child, with families to provide ser- The public weal did not benefit from that conviction, nor
lication of a book alleging clear, as a social worker he according to Dominguez. vices and support.” was the public fisc depleted by it. To the contrary: Both the
fraud and wrongdoing within held to a standard before rec- “In my way of thinking, Continued on Page 3 Malheur County DA’s office and the Malheur County Sher-
the department. iff’s Office have profited tremendously as a result of fines and
Culture of Fear: An Inside Prosecuting Prohibition Inhibiting money seized through “asset forfeiture.”
Look at Los Angeles Coun- Norris and his special deputy DA, Michael T. Dugan, had
ty’s Department of Chil- Deputies’ Ability to Fight Crime originally hoped to send Esbensen and Kangas to prison.
dren and Family Services is
co-authored by Julian “Jer- 978 Arrests by AV Deputies July 28 - Aug 30 However, Dugan committed an amateurish tactical error: He
prosecuted the pair for a “level 4” RICO felony, while asking
ry” Dominguez and Melinda
“War on Drugs” Arrests GIORGIO FUENTES Judge Gregory T. Baxter to sentence them under “level 8”
For those with a soul, or an
ounce of humanity, reading
236 of 978 / 24% Staff Writer
Judge Baxter refused to sentence the defendants under the
LANCASTER – A riddle for the higher standard – but he did grant the prosecutor’s request for
this book is difficult. Felony Drug Arrests reader: Under law, which is the “restitution” costs.

184 of 236 / 78%

Each turn of a page is like lesser crime? What this should have meant, at very least, would be a de-
peeling another layer off an Driving while liquored-up; or, tailed and fully transparent accounting of the expenses in-
onion – it becomes more dif- while stone sober and not caus- volved in trying to imprison Esbensen and Kangas for no
ficult not to shed a tear. DUI Arrests ing harm to another person’s life compelling reason.
In this edition of The Po-
litical Observer, we continue 161 of 978 / 16% or property, and peaceably pos-
sessing a “controlled substance.”
Norris and Dugan have spared no effort to prevent that kind
of disclosure, and in doing so they have oscillated between
our book review and inter- Answer: Absent a prior convic- furtiveness and fury in a fashion strongly suggestive of a bad
view with the authors. Felony DUI Arrests tion, or causing death or injury, conscience.
Read Parts I through III -
published in the May, June 10 of 161 / 6% Continued on Page 6 During a “restitution hearing” that began on August 20, Du-
Continued on Page 6

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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion; or prohibiting the Free
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DCFS: Speaking With One Voice; Whether it’s the Truth, or Not!
findings?’ the average social worker, if they could speak with Continuing, Dominguez said, “[Social workers] are put into
Continued From Page 1
impunity, the average social worker would say, ‘Upwards of a position where they have to sign off and endorse a report,
Just Another Day At The Office 70-80 percent of the time, easily.’ They are told what to rec- a position that they know is inconsistent with their findings.
Throughout the book, the reader will notice the words “lie” ommend. They are told what they can include and not include And that essentially is a lie because it is not the facts and truth
and “fabricate” are used often when describing content with- in that report. Regardless of what they saw and what they as you’ve seen it, as you’ve heard it, as you’ve observed it
in a case-report prepared by DCFS and presented to the court. heard.” over and over again.”
Dominguez alleges often times a social worker’s reports and Asked to justify his use of the word “lie” to describe content Dominguez said most social workers are good people but
recommendations are altered by a supervisor – ghost writer. inserted into reports by supervisors, Dominguez explained are coerced into going with the flow.
This is not an uncommon practice, according to Dominguez. he struggled to find an appropriate word, giving the matter There is, although, a small element not suited for the job
Political Observer: “How often did your reports stand as heavy consideration. that enjoys “the authority, the power, and see families as ‘us
written; were untouched?” “I didn’t want to exaggerate and I didn’t want to malign versus them.’ And because these families are seen as a sub-
Dominguez: “Seldom. If you were to ask a social worker, good workers, but the reality is [social workers] are put into a class of people, they may treat them that way,” explained
‘What percentage of the time is a report altered from your position where they have to agree to ally; they have to agree Dominguez.
findings? What percentage of the time are you being told to a non-truth, or a fact-poor statement, or set of statements, DCFS has a very high attrition rate despite the county’s offi-
what you have to recommend, and it is inconsistent from your because they’re told that [DCFS] speaks with one voice.” cial number of two to three percent, according to Dominguez.
There is one of four ways social workers leave the job, ex-
plained Dominguez. “The first way people leave is to decide
on Monday morning, ‘I quit! I can’t take it - existentially, per-
sonally, philosophically. I’m not going to do this anymore.’
The second way people leave is they go out on medical leave.
They start to break down physically, psychologically; we see
it over and over again.”
Continuing, “The third way they leave is what we call
‘Front-line Flight.’ You’re told from almost your first days
in the academy, ‘Get off the line as fast as you can. It doesn’t
matter where you go in the agency. Get out of carrying a case
load, get out of working with families. Go do something else.’
Continued on Page 4

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Assemblyman Steve Fox spent ten years as a classroom

teacher and believes education is a top priority for
California. He is fighting to bring a Cal State University
campus to the Antelope Valley.

Assemblyman Fox brought $2.7 million for the

City of Palmdale to bring back jobs and improve the city.
He cut taxes for local small businesses in Enterprise
Zones and is working to bring back thousands of Aerospace
jobs back to the Antelope Valley.

Assemblyman Fox co-authored legislation to provide

$600 million for transitional housing for veterans and
their families. Proposition 41 was approved by voters
in June by 65%-35%.

Assemblyman Fox is working to keep our communities

safe. He has authored the Sexually Violent Predators bill
so our communities don’t become a dumping ground for
dangerous parolees.

No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent
of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.
4 The Antelope Valley Political Observer

DCFS: Speaking With One Voice; Whether it’s the Truth, or Not!
cations; they need to take care of number one – themselves, to remove; we’re not going put the children back. We’re not
Continued From Page 3
explained Dominguez. going to consider family.’”
The county is huge. You can transfer, you can do another job “I have debt, I have responsibilities. I can’t afford to leave. Explaining the disconnect, the lack of empathy, and com-
in the county; even in the same department there’s thousands Where else can I get a job that pays this much and has ben- passion among supervisors, Dominguez said the job of a so-
of jobs. DCFS employs thousands of people.” efits? I have kids, I’ve got a spouse, I’ve got a partner, an cial worker results in “vicarious trauma.”
Dominguez shared a story from very early in his career intimate,” explained Dominguez. “They feel trapped, ab- According to the American Counseling Association (ACA),
when he ran into a colleague he hadn’t seen in years who said solutely trapped. And they hope to God they can sustain it vicarious trauma is “the emotional residue of exposure that
to him, “I’m so happy to see you personally, but I’m so sad to knowing they have to do it with this cognitive dissonance, counselors have from working with people as they are hear-
see you professionally.” this conflict. And they just try and hang on and console ing their trauma stories and become witnesses to the pain,
Explaining he did not understand what his friend meant at each other.” fear, and terror that trauma survivors have endured.”
the time, Dominguez said he soon came to develop an appre- The Fish Rots From The Head Down “When I’ve done trainings, and I have people in the au-
ciation for her comment. The top priority of a social worker is to make sure the boss- dience that are administrators, or clerks, or even the cops at
It’s because the job “grinds you down because you are es are protected, explained Dominguez. the front door, they’re all seriously impacted by seeing the
forced to do some things that are inconsistent with your mor- This unspoken edict is enforced by what comes down upon trauma these families come with,” explained Dominguez.
als. It tears you up inside. You get ulcers, you start to lose the social worker who does otherwise. “You will get pressure “Over time, if left untreated, it changes their personality. It
sleep, you’re unhappy. You’re unable to enjoy or experience if you dissent in any way with the decision or the opinion deforms their personality. Their ability to have 20/20 vision
pleasure. Depression sets in. That’s what happens to people,” of the boss – a supervisor, an administrator, a manager,” ex- and empathy, and good judgment, changes, and is impaired
said Dominguez. plained Dominguez. exponentially. They don’t realize it.”
Other than quitting, medical, and getting “off the line,” DCFS supervisors show “incredible indifference to their Foster Care & Group Homes:
the fourth way people leave – and the most damaging per- own staff,” according to Dominguez, employed at DCFS Beats Working For A Living
sonally, according to Dominguez, is people “shut down and from 1996 until his retirement earlier this year – a career Dominguez and Murphy take aim at the foster care system
stay.” spanning nearly 20 years. in Culture of Fear where the foster care system is described
“They go into auto-pilot and become the walking dead. They “People have literally died on the job. They have literally as a “disaster” – page 22.
just go through the motions,” said Dominguez. died of heart attacks. And there is no apparent concern for Excerpts from the book include: “Throwing money at a
Workers justify this route – staying employed at DCFS in even their own staff, let alone the decisions that are impacting
Continued on Page 5
a zombie-like state – by understanding the financial ramifi- families, when they decide, ‘You know what? We’re going

Create jobs.
Grow the economy.
Respect local control.
Generate state & local government revenues.
Safeguard our environment.

* Approves 2 tribal gaming compacts negotiated by Gov. Brown and ratified by a bipartisan majority of the State Legislature

* Supported by local, state, and federal officials and business, labor, public safety, and environmental leaders

* Avoids potential development near Yosemite and Humboldt Bay

* Builds a single gaming project on official ‘Indian land’ in a rural part of the Central Valley

* Generates over 4,500 local jobs, $2 billion in long-term economic benefits, and $600 million in shared revenues and new taxes

YES ON 48 COMPACTS - Who Supports Us: YES ON 48—What Leaders Are Saying:
Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. Governor Jerry Brown agrees that the North Fork Tribe has
California Democratic Party, Madera Co. Democratic Clubs a “significant historical connection with the land” and that the
approval process that paved the way for the project “lasted more
ALL Madera State & Federal Representatives: than seven years” was “extremely thorough.”
Congressman McClintock (R), State Senators Berryhill (R) and Cannella (R),
and Assembly member Bigelow (R)
Robbie Hunter, President, State Building & Construction
Trades Council of California: “Voting YES guarantees good
ALL Local Madera County Jurisdictions:
jobs for Californians and new economic opportunities for one of
Madera County Board of Supervisors, Cities of Madera and Chowchilla
our state’s poorest regions.”
ALL Local Madera Co. Chambers of Commerce:
Madera, Chowchilla, Oakhurst, Coarsegold, Bass Lake, Golden Valley, Tom Wheeler, Chairman, Madera County Board of Super-
Madera Hispanic, North Fork visors: “Our region will benefit economically from this project.
We can’t allow New York hedge?fund operators with financial ties
Local Law Enforcement Agencies: to a competing casino to determine our economic future. Vote
Madera Co. Sheriff, Madera Police Officers Association YES to protect local control.”

State Labor Organizations: Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: “We

California Labor Federation, UniteHERE, California State Building & support the North Fork gaming compact to help bring jobs and
Construction Trades Council, California Professional Firefighters business to Madera, Fresno, and the entire San Joaquin Valley.”

Environmental Groups*: Will Micklin, Executive Director of the 32-member California

Sierra Club (Redwood Chapter), Humboldt Baykeeper, Northcoast, Trees
Association of Tribal Governments (CATG): “Tribes throughout
Foundation, Environmental Center, Friends of the Eel & Van Duzen Rivers
California support these [compact] agreements. They provide the
state with much-needed revenues and provide smaller, non-gam-
Local Ethnic/Civic Associations:
Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Fresno Area Hispanic ing tribes funding to help Native people become self-reliant.”
Chamber of Commerce, Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce,
Madera Coalition for Community Justice, Madera NAACP Branch #1084, Sheriff John Anderson of Madera County: “This project will
Friends of Fairmead Community, Madera Latinas Unidas fund local sheriff, police, fire, and other first responders.”

CaliforniaTribal Groups Dan Cunning, CEO, Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau: “A

yes vote on Prop. 48 protects two of California’s most environ-
*Support for AB277 (Wiyot & North Fork) legislative compact bill.
mentally precious areas.”

Opponents to YES on 48 are trying to use the state initiative process to undo carefully negotiated agreements and undermine local
control – for the benefit of narrow special interests. Governor Brown has called the No on 48 effort -- bankrolled by two gaming tribes
and Wall St. hedge funds -- to overturn these compacts “unfortunate” and about “money and competition.” Cheryl Schmit, leader
of the NO on 48 campaign, praised the North Fork project - before she started working for the opponents: “This is not reservation
shopping…This is the state exercising its authority to locate gaming where it is wanted.” – San Diego Union-Tribune, 2/4/06.

Paid for by Yes on Prop. 48. Voters for Central Valley Jobs and the Environment, a coalition of tribes, labor organizations,
business and environmental groups, sponsored and major funding by North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians and Station Casinos LLC.

The Right of The People to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches
and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or
affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and persons or things to be seized.

DCFS: Speaking With One Voice; Whether it’s the Truth, or Not!
Continued From Page 4 Just Say ‘No!’ ing no, like the social workers. Find the courage to say no. If
Political Observer: “What do you say to the bad managers and more of you say no, as scary and as threatening as it would
broken system isn’t the answer. Foster care providers do re- supervisors – ghost writers altering social workers’ reports?” be personally, there’s another side of you that will be abso-
ceive reimbursement for taking care of foster children, and Dominguez: “To the few that are actually corrupt because lutely overjoyed and relieved that you can now act in concert
licensed group homes receive on average between $7,000- they lack the scruples, they lack the integrity, I would say, with your value system, with your ethics. That you could be
$8,000 per month per child. That’s like a parent spending ‘I hope your days are numbered. I hope somebody finds the a whole person again and do something that you want to do,
$84,000-$96,000 per year on his or her own child. And with courage to expose and to let people know you need to go Continued on Page 15
few exceptions, where the money goes each month is not away, because we’re supposed to help families, not harm
transparent.” families. We’re supposed help workers help families, and
Also from page 22: “In all my years of social work with
DCFS, I can count about five foster parents with whom I’d be
not harm workers by forcing them to go against their con-
science.’ There are very few that actually represent that level
comfortable leaving my own children.” of blatant corruption. To the other, I believe the majority of CHARLIE BALTIMORE
EDITOR’S NOTE: The Political Observer is awaiting good administrators, good managers, I would say, ‘Start say-
word from an attorney regarding the legality of publishing Calif. Contractors License: #953046
interviews with children taken from their family and placed PALMCASTER CSIA Certified: #8101
into foster care. To date, we have interviewed children - after Equipment Rentals, Inc. Golden State Chimney Sweep
first obtaining parental consent - but must hold off on pub- Guild Certified: #25
lishing until given the legal green light. U-Haul Rentals
He’s Got A Message For You! 633 Columbia Way Our company is licensed, insured and bonded. We
Political Observer: “If you were given an opportunity to Palmdale CA 93551 are a family run business which has been in the valley
address all good social workers, by video conference, for ex- since 1979. We appreciate your interest in having your
ample, what would you suggest they do from the inside to 661.723.1400 chimney needs/questions/concerns answered by us.
help change the system?” Fax: 661.945.9696
Dominguez: “I would start to say it’s OK to say ‘No.’ It’s
OK to do as that social worker that came up to me before
7AM to 5PM
661. 946.2375
I quit, and said, ‘You know what Jerry? After reading your
book I think I have the courage to just say no now.’
Political Observer: “Consequences be damned?” Midtown Chimney Sweeps
Dominguez: “Consequences be damned. I’m going to fol- & Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts
low my conscience. Do what I know to be the right thing.
That’s what I’d tell my colleagues. If we all start to say ‘No’
based on actual best interests, we can start to change this cul-
ture from the ground up.”
Political Observer: “What do you have to say to DCFS
Director Browning?”
Dominguez: “Director, take the time to come to the field
and talk with the social workers, talk with the family mem-
bers, and let them know they can speak with impunity about
how they want to fix and improve the system.”

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No persons shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment
or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when
in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence
to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness
against himself, nor be deprived of Life, Liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall
private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
6 The Antelope Valley Political Observer
If We Prick the State, Does It Bleed? Prohibition
constant expense. Malheur County Sheriff’s Office? in “restitution” costs to which the Continued From Page 1
Continued From Page 1
Similarly, the office space used to The question had barely escaped DA’s office was probably not en- drunk driving is a misdemeanor,
gan was voluble about his demand prepare for the 45th Parallel case Gerber’s lips when Norris vaulted titled by statute, and for which it while possession of a controlled
that the defendants pay a sum of was already paid for. to his feet to lodge an objection. could not demonstrate a financial substance is most always a felony.
between $28,000 and $34,000. Norris cryptically insisted that Gerber patiently tried to explain need – and that were generated by a The message for the People, ac-
This was justified, he insisted, be- imposing “rental” expenses on the that since her client was expected to gratuitous prosecution based on an cording to lawmakers: Better to
cause of his own legal fees, the ex- defendants was justified under the pay prosecution costs, it was entire- outmoded statute. drive drunk or drugged than peace-
pense of paying the DA office staff, terms of a “federal grant” provided ly appropriate to ask whether those On the following day, Dugan is- fully possess a controlled substance.
and rental of office space within the to the DA’s office. costs had already been paid – and sued a notice that the Malheur Following is data on L.A. County
Malheur County Courthouse. When her opportunity arose to that there was evidence of potential County DA’s office would be filing Sheriff’s Department’s AV patrol
Under cross-examination by de- cross-examine Dugan, attorney “double or even triple-dipping” by a motion in limine to forbid “any ar- stations’ participation in the feder-
fense counsel Gary Kiyuna, who Susan Gerber, who represented the DA’s office. gument regarding the use of County al government’s prosecution of our
represented Kangas, Dugan admit- Esebensen, was permitted to ask a This would include tens of thou- General Funds” – which would in- nation’s failed “War on Drugs” –
ted that the DA’s office staffers are single question: How much money sands of dollars seized from Es- clude “forfeiture” proceeds shared now in its fifth decade.
salaried employees who represent a did the DA’s office receive from the bensen and given to the Sheriff’s with the DA by the Sheriff. Source: arrest reports are as pro-
office in the form of “asset forfei- When the “restitution” hearing vided by the Palmdale and Lancast-
Cancer, Chronic Pain, MS, Arthritis or Anxiety. ture” – at least some of which had re-commenced on August 28, Bax- er sheriff’s department, and as pub-
been turned over to the DA. ter eagerly granted that motion, lished by Data
This was why she suggested it thereby suppressing any inquiry re- does not include juveniles under 16
might be necessary to depose garding transfers of the “forfeited” years old. An arrest does not imply
Norris himself about the financial money from the Sheriff to the DA, guilt. All arrestees are presumed in-
workings of his office. or any suspected financial impro- nocent until proven guilty
PROFESSIONAL At that point Judge Baxter erupted prieties. Only victimless drug crimes –
in fury, complaining that Gerber’s possession, possess for sale, under
& DISCRETE MEDICAL question suggested an intention “Equitable sharing” the influence of a controlled sub-
CANNABIS RESOURCE to “drag this out for another six is the process through stance – are calculated as “War on
months.” which local police agen- Drugs” arrests because the alleged

He tersely announced that the cies turn over stolen action by the arrestee is a crime due
hearing would be adjourned and to Prohibition, not because they
re-convened on August 28 - and
money and property to
bring harm to another person or
then stormed away from the bench. their federal “partners” their property. The astonished silence prompted – usually the DEA – in Arrests for disorderly conduct un-
by Judge Baxter’s departure was order to place the plun- der the influence of alcohol and/or
broken a second later by Norris’s der beyond the reach drugs are included in the tally of
hissing, derisive parting remark to total arrests, but are not considered
Gerber that her question was “The
of state law. a “War on Drugs” crime in our cal-
most unprofessional thing” he had As it happens, Dugan had already culation.
witnessed during his decades of le- acknowledged, in his sentencing Disorderly conduct arrests are af-
gal practice. memorandum, that the Malheur fected on the sober, the drunkard,
The “professional” course of ac- County Sheriff had “received, and those stoned on an illicit drug
tion, apparently, was for Gerber to through equitable sharing … $30- alike; the crime is the disorderly
demur while her client was saddled $40,000” in cash stolen by police conduct, not the alcohol or other
with tens of thousands of dollars Continued On Page 12 intoxicant in the alleged violator’s

Learn more by visiting Law En-
forcement Against Prohibition on-
line at Also see This
844 E AVE K, LANCASTER Month in American History, on
page 10, bottom of column right.

Palmdale Station Arrests: 371

*Drug War Arrests: 79
OPEN Felony Drug Arrests:
62 of 79 / 78%
OPEN 24 HOURS! 661.940.8332 **DUI Arrests: 73
Felony DUI Arrests:
6 of 73 / 8% *Drug War arrests are 21% of
CONCENTRATES TO PROP 215/SB420 **DUI arrests are 20% of


(8 1 8 ) 807.1342 Lancaster Station Arrests: 607
*Drug War Arrests: 157
Menu on / Enter: Green Highway Express Felony Drug Arrests:
122 of 157 / 78%


**DUI Arrests: 88
Felony DUI Arrests:
4 of 84 / 5%

HEALTH SERVICES INC. *Drug War arrests are 26% of

total arrests.
“SAFE ACCESS” **DUI arrests are 15%
PROP 215 / SB420 QUALIFIED PATIENTS of total arrests.


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In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the Right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial
jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been
previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be
confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his
favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.

INNOCENCEPROJECT.ORG To See Ourselves As Others See Us

what the Tea Party wants?
Oh please. They would be screaming, “Shoot him at the bor-
der.” The Tea Party has a strong regard for law. It will fight
GOVTRACK.US Jesus Martinez served his country in the army. He was one for any law with which it agrees.
of the units to put down the uprising in San Cristobal, in the But equally strong is the disregard for any law they oppose.
state of Chiapas, Mexico. But really, invade a foreign country?
He now suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Recently he loaded up three guns, a pistol, a shotgun and Any Black youth stopped by the police
Are you ready for a change in your life? an AR-15 rifle, and headed to Tijuana seeking, he said, help is fair game because whether the officer
with his PTSD. knows it or not, the young man probably
We can help you:
But somewhere along the way he got lost and ended in the committed some crime at some time.
.Take control of your future
U.S. He was arrested. He tried to break out of jail. This is the political party which organizes to terrorize little
Spend more time with family
Be your own boss Now a group of Mexicans are trying to organize a strike children who crossed the border all alone. These are the peo-
Contact our Team today to get in-
force to invade the United States and free Martinez from jail. ple who support freeloaders who don’t pay their grazing fees.
formation on how you can create A group of army veterans declared, “Once a soldier, always These are the people who fear Rick Perry, recently indicted
the income your family deserves! a soldier,” and are demanding that President Enrique Pena governor of Texas, is too liberal for their party Nieto bring their soldier home. One thing is certain about the Tea Party. It is the party of
Now, folks, how should the U.S. respond? Should we trem- lily White. Archie Bunker would be a happy camper were he
ble in fear and release Martinez immediately? alive today.

I BRIDGE Should we launch a preemptive strike against Mexico?

Should Congress declare war?
Or should we merely say, every country has its fringe of
Mexicans are bad, and anyone from any country south of
the Rio Grande is a Mexican. No distinctions for Columbi-
ans, Salvadorans, Chileans, etc., are necessary.
Have fun and meet new people while playing crazies. Martinez will go through the Justice system just like Blacks are bad. Any Black youth stopped by the police is
the world’s greatest card game. Free bridge everyone else who breaks the law. fair game because whether the officer knows it or not, the
lessons at the Joshua Tree Bridge Club. Well, Jesus Martinez is a figment of my fertile imagination, young man probably committed some crime at some time.
1008 West Avenue M-14, Suite D. but I find it clarifying to look at a situation from an opposite It is perfectly understandable for a law officer to fear for
Call now for more information. prospective. Let me explain. his life when confronting a young man whose skin is dark
A Marine did “wander” into Mexico fully armed. He was because, well, his skin is dark.
Joshua Tree Bridge Club arrested and he is currently awaiting trial in a Tijuana jail. Therefore beatings, choke-holds, killing, are not only per-
661.285.1779 And yes there is a small group of local Tea Party people and fectly acceptable, but should be everyone’s response. We
American Contract Bridge League former Marines calling for a group to invade Mexico and free should all be afraid of people whose skin is darker than ours.
the Marine. George Zimmerman had it right. Dark skinned man: kill
Is it just me, or has the Tea Party just taken leave of their first; make excuse later.

senses? Were the situation reversed, a Mexican crossing our Turn it around folks. If Black police officers were killing
border, fully armed, would we just shoo him on home? Is this young White men in large numbers, the Tea Party would cer-
tainly be demanding an investigation.
If White parents had to try to teach their sons to act sub-
missive in the face of authority because the authority looks
“Mexican” or Black, the Tea Party would be beside itself.
SIMPLY THE BEST BURRITOS & TACOS Racism is ugly. And while not all racists are members of the
JOSE MANRIQUEZ Tea Party, most members of the Tea Party are racists.
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In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the Right
of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in
any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.
8 The Antelope Valley Political Observer

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Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

5059 W Avenue L14

Quartz Hill, CA 93536
Cross Street : 51st St. W.
3 Bed 2 Bath
Lot Acres (approx) 0.6017
Listing Price: $1,500
2836 28th St. W.
5830 Holiday Ave.
Rosamond, CA 93560
Cross St: 60th St. West
4 Bed 2 Bath
Lot Acres (approx) 2.5
Listing Price: $1,300
Quite, fenced, washer &
dryer, living/family rooms,
Good News!
I am contacted regularly by people
Ranch home in the heart
of Quartz Hill close to
Rosamond, CA 93560
open kitchen, front/back
interested in buying or renting a
Cross St: Lucas
shopping, public transit & 2 Bed 1 Bath decks, 2 car garage, home in the area. If your looking
schools. Room in the Square Footage 900 workshop, 2 RV hook-ups,
back yard for RV & toys. Lot Acres(approx) 0.3421 live stock & fruit trees! to rent, sell or buy, call me...
Must see floor plan,
skylight in the kitchen,
Listing Price: $750
Nice & clean 2 story 5835 Sue Ave. I keep a list, to find you a fit!
ceiling fan in living room, Rosamond, CA 93560
new tile & fresh paint!
townhouse, access to the
14 Freeway, breathtaking Cross St: 60th west NO OBLIGATION
views of mountains. This Lot Acres (approx) 5.0
one won't last long! Listing Price: $1,000 Call Agent Mike Today!
5 acres fenced land!
Listing # 1313419
Spacious corner lot w/ mini ranch style home. 3 beds, 2 Full Baths, chain
37066 98th St. E.
link fencing, RV parking & a 3 car attached garage. Home features an
Littlerock, CA 93543
entrance door to the kitchen from the back patio, a chain link gate to the
Cross St: Ave. S.
back yard, open kitchen, open floor plan & has comfortable setting. The 3
3Bed 2 Bath bedroom & 2 bathroom has access with the hall from the living room .The
Square Footage 1264 home is in good condition, could serve as a great corner rental home for
Lot Acres(approx)0.2708 investor looking for steady income sporting built in advertising...
Listing Price: $179,00

For Listing # 1409922
9036 W. Avenue F.
Lancaster, CA 93536
Beautiful single story, horse property 2.11 acres corner lot, paved street &
RV access. Property has 1 storage in the back & 1 sea land container.
Covered patio in the back, circular driveway all around the house, neutral
Cross St: 90th West carpeting throughout, kitchen is remodeled w/ new stove - equipment &
2 Bed 1 Bath there's one renovated bathroom. Bedrooms are all spacious w/ ceiling fans,
Square Footage 1344 there's a large walk-in Indoor laundry It is a bright & cheerful home you will
Lot Acres(approx)2.1176 not be disappointed. Please respect the privacy of resident & only drive by.
Listing Price: $180,000 Please put in your offer contingent on interior inspection of course.

“I will give buyer 15% of

my commission @ C.O.E.”

- Mike
I can help you with
• Short Sale
Lots of Land
• Renting your home
• Selling your home Listing # 1302943 Listing # 1312745
• Buying investment property 170 Lake Los Angeles Ave.
Lake Los Angeles, CA 93591
Munz Ranch Rd.
Lake Elizabeth, CA 93536

Ph: 661-810-1315 Cross St: 170th Street East

Lot Acres (approx)
Listing Price: $19,500
Cross St: Lake Elizabeth
Lot Acres (approx) 20.0000
Listing Price: $59,000

Fax: 661-369-7200 Great location in the hub of Lake Los Angels, easy
access from paved street with water available. Level
20 acres of beautiful land in the heart of Lake Elizabeth
near Leona Valley. On 2008 this property was listed for
Listing # 1305098 100X200 lot is near small stores, public transit, fire $120.000, now its time for a buyer to take advantage &
60th Street West station, schools & local park. We're building lots of buy this beautiful property for a sweet deal. Property is
Rosamond, CA 93560 new homes in this growing community. Surrounding North of the Lake & close to the golf course, right on
Cross St: Charan lots 1, 2, 20 & 21, are all zoned commercial & located Munz Ranch Road. There is some barbed-wire fence in
Lot Acres (approx) 2.5500 right next to this one. So much potential for one lot, front the property & an electrical poll, also a water tank
Listing Price: $29,900 you might think you've struck gold! & some nice homes near by. Located in a scenic
country community. Very nice, very quite, with wild
Great Location 2.5 acres land good right on Listing # 1210591 flowers & green grassy, tree lined, hillsides all around.
paved road of 60th west south of Rosamond 17th Street East
blvd & Charan road with easy access from Palmdale, CA 93550 Listing # 1313422
Paved 60th . Utilities & Electricity available Cross St: Ave. Q 6208 Holiday Ave.
in front of property . Plate map is ready & Lot Acres (approx) 0.2101 Rosamond, CA 93560
this is a Level land Ready to build in this Listing Price: $38,000 Cross St: 62th West
great area! Lot Acres (approx) 2.5000
Nice lot in the heart of Palmdale, close to public Listing Price: $75,000
Listing # 1400599 transit, shopping & schools. This is a great
Vac/Ave L (Vic 7th St. E.) investment. Buyer to verify zoning & all possibilities. This 2.5 acre corner lot, surveyed and ready to build on.
Lancaster, CA 93535 Perfect for a 2700 sf custom home. The owner
Cross St: Ave. L Listing # 1313432 /contractor has paid all the permits, installed meters for
Lot Acres (approx) 0.6372 90 St. E. (Vic/Spooner Ave/Vic Avery St.) electrical & water, both (E) lines & (W) pipes have been
Listing Price: $148,000 Littlerock, CA 93543 installed underground! Concrete foundation is already
Cross St: Ave. R 8 laid, drainage & septic tank are set, well water system is
What a great property! Light industrial @ Lot Acres (approx) 4.9871 brand new & property is fenced with a custom block and
almost 27000sf. It's zoned light industrial on Listing Price: $150,000 black rod iron wall. Ready for your new custom home!
Ave. L. High Traffic Location, has lots of
potential for Business Opportunities. There Large parcel of industrial zoned land is, almost 5 Listing # 1409327
is sidewalk & driveway already poured & acres, on the west side of 90th street on a busy 1055 N. Ave. M.
utilities are available @ street. county road. This property has a lot of potential for Lancaster, CA 93536
industrial & commercial uses. Cross St: 14 Freeway
Listing # 1313431 Lot Acres (approx) 2.2709
37751 90th St. E. Listing # 1301237 Listing Price: $490,000
Littlerock, CA 93543 Sierra Highway (Just North of Ave. A)
Cross St: R4 Rosamond, CA 93560 2.25 acre commercial / industrial lot. Property has all
Lot Acres (approx) 2.6084 Cross St: Patterson Road kind of potential for business opportunities. Amazing
Listing Price: $200,000 Lot Acres (approx) 19.0300 location, perfect for developers who are interested in
Listing Price: $840,000 creating income producing businesses. Endless
2.5 Level acres, of prime industrial land. On possibilities, located on the north side of Ave M, just
paved County Hwy in Los Angeles County in Great 19 acre parcel of industrial & commercial on west of 10th West, between 2 large shopping centers,
East 'AV'. Fire hydrant, electricity & phone Sierra Hwy in Kern County. This is a prime corner commercial properties & other businesses. High traffic
@ street & the surrounding neighborhoods location! The water & electricity are @ the front of the volumes, from both street & freeway, allow for superb
are growing fast! Great location for potential property. Property is very close to 14-Freeway. Buyer exposure! All of these positive elements help build a
business or investment. to verify zoning for possibilities galore. great foundation for a successful business...


Call Agent Mike Today ! 810-1315 &

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain Rights, shall not be construed to
deny or disparage others retained by The People
10 The Antelope Valley Political Observer

This Month in American History FINANCE event of a national emergency and establishes a Subversive Activities Control Board.
25 SEPTEMBER 1786: In the Rhode Island case of Trevett v. Weeden, the State court rules 24 SEPTEMBER 1964: The conclusion of the Warren Commission is that Lee Harvey Os-
that forcing a creditor to accept paper money in payment of a debt is un-Constitutional as this wald “acted alone” in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The 296,000-word report denies
action violates the property guarantees of the State Charter. “any conspiracy, domestic or foreign.” EDITOR’S NOTE: Does the Warren Commission
25 SEPTEMBER 1790: As an aftermath of the federal assumption of the States’ war debts, mentioning the possibility of conspiracy make commission members conspiracy theorists?
the Massachusetts legislature repeals the State excise tax. 08 SEPTEMBER 1974: Former Warren Commission member and current President, Ger-
10 SEPTEMBER 1833: President Andrew Jackson announces to his cabinet that on October ald Ford, grants former president Nixon “a full, free and absolute pardon…for all offenses
1 the government will no longer use the Bank of the United States for its deposits. Some, against the United States which he…has committed or may have committed or taken part in
including Secretary of the Treasury Duane, refuse to agree with the plan. Eight days later he while President.”
submits to his cabinet a document drafted by Attorney General Roger Taney which lists rea- 17 SEPTEMBER 1974: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee orders investigation into
sons for removing government deposits from the Bank of the United States. When Treasury allegations that CIA spent $8,000,000 to overthrow former Chilean President Salvador Al-
Secretary Duane persists in refusing to carry out the removal of government funds from the lende Gossens.
Bank of the United States, President Jackson replaces him with Roger Taney. 11 SEPTEMBER 1991: President George H.W. Bush calls for a “New World Order” in an
26 SEPTEMBER 1833: Treasury Secretary Taney orders the first removal of government address to Congress.
funds from the Bank of the United States, to be placed in the Girard Bank of Philadelphia by NATIVE AMERICANS
transfer. Funds are transferred to 23 other State banks which become known as “Pet Banks.” 08 SEPTEMBER 1565: Spaniard Pedro Menendez de Aviles begins the foreign occupation
05 SEPTEMBER 1837: Addressing a special session of Congress, President Van Buren ad- of Native American lands in North America by founding the first permanent European colony
vocates a specie (non-paper) currency and criticizes State-chartered banks. Van Buren hopes at St. Augustine, Florida.
to have the government sponsor depositories independent of State banks for federal funds. 17 SEPTEMBER 1630: The settlement of Boston is officially established. The original Na-
03 SEPTEMBER 1841: Congress adopts a second Whig-sponsored Bank Bill; this one is de- tive American name of the site is Shawmut, or “living fountain.”
signed to satisfy President Tyler’s objections to the first by providing for State offices of the SEPTEMBER 1643: Leader of the New Netherland Colony William Kieft convenes a meet-
bank only by State consent. Tyler vetoes this Bill as well and Senate fails to override the veto. ing of Eight to seek assistance in dealing with raids by Native Americans on settlements in
11 SEPTEMBER 1841: President Tyler’s veto of the Bank Bill angers his cabinet members, the New York and Long Island area.
who, with the sole exception of Secretary of State Daniel Webster, all resign. 01-15 SEPTEMBER 1779: American General John Sullivan destroys some 40 Seneca and
18 SEPTEMBER 1873: The failure of the respectable brokerage firm of Jay Cooke and Com- Cayuga Nation villages, along with their considerable food stores.
pany precedes a five-year depression. The Panic of 1873 causes 5,000 businesses to fail in the 30 SEPTEMBER 1809: The governor of the Indiana Territory, William Henry Harrison, signs
first year and 10,478 will close before the country turns a corner in 1879. The Panic of 1873 the Treaty of Fort Wayne with Native Americans of the southern Indiana region. In this pact,
is essentially the result of years of over-speculation, and over-issues of paper money leading the Native Americans cede three additional tracts of land along the Wabash River to the U.S.
to the inflation. 26 SEPTEMBER 1811: Indiana Territory Governor William Henry Harrison leads a 1,000-
20 SEPTEMBER 1873: The Stock Exchange closes its doors for 10 days, and the Secretary of man military force out of Vincennes, headed for the Native American capital at the junction of
the Treasury releases $26 million in Greenbacks (paper money) which are marked for recall the Tippecanoe and Wabash Rivers. The goal of the expedition is to eradicate the settlement
by January 1874. The total circulation of paper money is now $382,000,000. and to thwart the Confederacy plans of Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, who has traveled to the
SEPTEMBER 1931: Despite President Hoover’s success in gaining the moratorium for debts Southwest to seek allies among Creek Nation. The expeditionary group will erect Fort Harri-
and reparations, confidence further erodes when Great Britain goes off the Gold Standard on son 65 miles north of the Vincennes in late October.
September 21. Many Americans rightly fear that the U.S. will do the same and begin to with- SEPTEMBER 1815: The Treaties of Portage des Sioux are signed, effectively ending all Na-
draw their money from banks and amass Gold. tive American resistance in the Old Northwest, and freeing the territory below Lake Michigan
20 SEPTEMBER 1941: The Revenue Act of 1941 is passed providing sharply increased taxes for foreign settlement.
in order to finance America’s upcoming involvement in World War II. 27 SEPTEMBER 1817: By treaty, the Ohio Nation gives up four million acres of their re-
IDEAS/BELIEFS maining lands in northwest Ohio.
30 SEPTEMBER 1630: The first public execution in the American Colonies takes place. 03 SEPTEMBER 1822: The Fox and Sauk Nations sign a Treaty with the U.S. that permits
22 SEPTEMBER 1656: In a provincial court session in Patuxent, Maryland, the first Colonial them to live on territory ceded to the federal government. These lands are in the Wisconsin
all-woman Jury sits to hear the case of Judith Catchpole who is accuses of murdering her Territory and Illinois.
unborn child. The Jury acquits her of the charges. 15 SEPTEMBER 1830: The Choctaw Nation sign a Treaty at Dancing Rabbit Creek. They
SEPTEMBER 1661: Severe penalties against Quakers are opposed by a “royal” order requir- transfer nearly 8 million acres of their land east of the Mississippi to the U.S. In exchange
ing the release of all imprisoned Quakers to English representatives for transport to England they receive land in what is now the State of Oklahoma.
for trial. Instead of handing over its Quakers, Massachusetts releases them and permits them 21 SEPTEMBER 1832: The Sauk and Fox Nations sign a Treaty which requires them to stay
to flee the Bay Colony. on lands west of the Mississippi River.
12 SEPTEMBER 1798: Benjamin Franklin’s grandson, Benjamin Franklin Bache, who ed- SEPTEMBER 1876: Sitting Bull escapes to Canada. Sitting Bull had not fought at the Battle
its the Philadelphia Democratic-Republican newspaper the Aurora, is arrested for violat- of Little Bighorn, but had been a medicine man at the encampment. However, all Sioux are
ing the Sedition Act. He is charged with libeling President Adams. Bache’s arrest evokes a now to be rounded up and either killed or forced onto Reservations. Sitting Bull remains safe
wide-ranging protest against all of the Alien and Sedition Acts. Other Democratic-Republican under the protective eye of Canadians. In 1881 he returns to the U.S. where he tours peaceful-
editors and printers are prosecuted in this partisan manner. When Thomas Jefferson becomes ly in Wild West shows. In 1890 he is murdered in one last act of treachery at Wounded Knee,
president, he pardons all those convicted under the Sedition Act, and Congress restores all South Dakota.
fines paid, with interest. SEPTEMBER 1879: The Ute Nation turns on a dictatorial Indian agent, ambush a military
28 SEPTEMBER 1850: Congress abolishes flogging in the Navy, yet it is still legal for school- force, and set upon the agency. They are quickly subdued. Under provisions of a “Treaty”
teachers to resort to flogging and other painful punishments to make their young charges be- the entire Ute Nation is forced onto the Utah Reservation. To leave Reservations becomes
have in class. exceedingly dangerous. The white population is in an ugly mood toward Native Americans
28 SEPTEMBER 1904: Woman arrested for smoking a cigarette on Fifth Avenue in NYC. since Custer’s ill-fated military maneuvers of 1876. A directive has gone out to either kill or
INTERNATIONAL get unconditional surrender from all Natives. When the veteran Indian fighter General George
05 SEPTEMBER 1795: The U.S. signs a Treaty of Peace and Amity with the Dey of Algiers, Crook negotiates a surrender with the Apaches, he is dismissed overnight.
agreeing to pay tribute to the Barbary pirates who have been preying on American commer- 04 SEPTEMBER 1886: Geronimo, the last of the Native American Chiefs to surrender, is
cial shipping in the Mediterranean Sea. The agreement sets an immediate American payment taken by veteran Indian hunter General Nelson A. Miles, and sent to a Reservation in Florida.
of $1 million for the ransom of 115 seamen, to be followed by a series of annual tribute pay- 22 SEPTEMBER 1891: By Presidential Proclamation another 900,000 acres of Native Amer-
ments. ican land in Oklahoma are opened for settlers. This land is owned by the Sauk, Fox and
03 SEPTEMBER 1855: William Walker, who has previously tried to set up his own State Potawatomie Nations. It is ceded to the U.S. by Treaty although these treaties are less than
in Mexico in 1853, now exploits a Civil War in Nicaragua. Taking advantage of the divided honest transactions. Said one Native American lamenting the loss of his lands: “They made
country, he declares himself dictator, managing to rule for two years. Walker is backed by us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; they promised to
business - the Accessory Transit Company - which is interested in travel routes across the take our land, and they took it.”
Central American isthmus. 16 SEPTEMBER 1893: More than 50,000 rush to settle the Cherokee Strip between Kansas
12 SEPTEMBER 1860: William Walker makes yet another expedition – this time to Hondu- and Oklahoma. The Cherokee Strip is comprised of 6,000,000 acres bought from the Chero-
ras where he is executed by firing squad. kee for $8,500,000.
LABOR 01 SEPTEMBER 1900: An epidemic of the grippe, accompanied by measles or pneumonia is
01 SEPTEMBER 1875: A conviction of murder leads to the breakup of the Irish miners’ raging among Eskimos of Alaska. In some places half the natives are dead.
group known as the “Molly Maguires.” The Mollies are an outgrowth of the unsanitary and 04 SEPTEMBER 1924: In Arizona, Native Americans vote for first time under new citizen-
unsafe conditions in which miners are forced to work. Miners are badly paid and harassed ship laws.
into long working hours. Mine operators are able to buy off government officials who might SLAVERY
have come to the miners’ aid, and public opinion is still ensnared by the idea that somehow it 23 SEPTEMBER 1667: The Virginia House of Burgesses passes legislation stating that the
is his own laziness or moral weakness that brings a laborer into such distressing conditions. conversion of blacks to Christianity does not bring about their release from slavery.
11 SEPTEMBER 1897: Deputy Sheriffs fire on coal miners striking in Hazelton and Latimer 13 SEPTEMBER 1835: James G. Birney’s letter to fellow abolitionist Gerrit Smith indicates
in Pennsylvania. Twenty men are killed. The coal miners’ Strike, which started in July, will their strengthening attitudes. Birney writes, “The antagonist principles of Liberty and slavery
include over 75,000 men and is one of the first unqualified labor successes and demonstrates have been roused into action and one or the other must be victorious. There will be no cessa-
the newfound power of the United Mine Workers, an outgrowth of the American Federation tion of strife until slavery shall be exterminated or Liberty destroyed.”
of Labor. Workers win the almost legendary eight-hour day, semi-monthly pay, and the abo- SEPTEMBER 1858: A group of students from Oberlin College in Ohio, led by one of their
lition of company stores. professors, successfully rescues John, an accused fugitive slave, and helps him travel to Canada.
26 SEPTEMBER 1921: Future President and current Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover WAR ON DRUGS
presides over a national conference on unemployment. A corollary to the mass of workers 01 SEPTEMBER 1869: Fifty years before national Prohibition becomes the law of the land,
without jobs is the spread of violence, led by a revitalized Ku Klux Klan. Blacks back from riding a rising tide of public opinion, the National Temperance Convention meets in Chicago
serving the nation in World War I are unwilling to submit to their previous condition of sub- to form the Prohibition Party.
servience. To prevent the newfound dignity from spreading, whippings, brandings, lynchings 16 SEPTEMBER 1886: The Convention of Anti-Saloon Republicans is held in Chicago, Illi-
and tarring become widespread. Women, too, are being pressured back into the home after a nois. The transformation from reform group to political activists is a sign of the times.
heady moment of Freedom during the war. 01 SEPTEMBER 1901: Temperance Movement member Carrie Nation – known for van-
NATIONAL dalism and smashing bars with a hatchet – is arrested on New York City’s 8th Avenue after
17 SEPTEMBER 1796: President Washington publishes his Farewell Address in Philadel- attracting dense crowds of unruly supporters.
phia’s Daily American Advertiser, announcing his planned withdrawal from politics and 01 SEPTEMBER 1920: Eight month’s into Prohibition, “Dry” agents hit 50 saloons in first
presenting his reasons for deciding against running for a third term in office. The Farewell major N.Y.C. bust.
Address warns against the divisiveness of the party system, advises of the importance of a 13 SEPTEMBER 1925: Federal Council of Churches finds increase in U.S. drinking since
stable public credit system, warns against permanent foreign alliances, and cautions against Prohibition became law in 1920.
an over-powerful military establishment. 19 SEPTEMBER 1930: In New Jersey, alcohol-running gangsters – drug dealers – raid “Dry”
17 SEPTEMBER 1900: William Jennings Bryan accepts the Democratic Party’s nomination agents in seized brewery; one agent is killed in retaliation.
for president. Bryan focuses his attack on U.S. “imperialism” abroad and corporate monop- 08 SEPTEMEBR 1931: In Finland, where alcohol Prohibition has been the law since 1919,
olies at home. experiences similar problems as U.S. in our “Noble Experiment.” This day, Finish judges find
18 SEPTEMBER 1900: The first Direct Primary election in the U.S. is held in Minnesota. The the “Dry” law has hiked drinking by 50%, and created a vast crime problem. Fins will return
rest of the country will soon adopt the system for most of its elective offices. to their senses in 1932 when a national referendum to end Prohibition is enacted with 70%
23 SEPTEMBER 1950: Congress passes the Internal Security Act over President Truman’s support.
veto. The Act requires Communists to register with the government and to be detained in 11 SEPTEMBER 1933: Maine, the first Dry State, votes to repeal Prohibition.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to
the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to The People.
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“It is a litigated question, whether the circulation of paper, rather than of specie, is a good or an evil. In the opinion of England and of English writers it is a good;
in that of other nations it is an evil; and excepting England and her copyist, the United States, there is not a nation existing, I believe, which tolerates a paper
circulation. The experiment is going on, however, desperately in England, pretty boldly with us, and at the end of the chapter, we shall see which opinion experience
approves: for I believe it to be one of those cases where mercantile clamor will bear down reason, until it is corrected by ruin.” – THOMAS JEFFERSON
12 The Antelope Valley Political Observer
Flashcards Posters
If We Prick the State, Does It Bleed? Multiplication Resources DVD’s
Butcher Paper Writing
into whatever line item it takes to pay for 200 Laminating Grammar
Continued From Page 6
more hours so that Mr. Dugan can finish the Decoratives
during a search of Esbensen’s home. 45th Parallel case.”
“Equitable sharing” is the process through Once the case is concluded, he explained,
which local police agencies turn over stolen it would be possible to “have more in-depth
money and property to their federal “part- discussions about additional collections and
ners” – usually the DEA – in order to place additional use of that money to see things
Landscape Services 43793 15th St. West in Lancaster
the plunder beyond the reach of state law. through and do forfeitures next year. Which 661.273.6335
The Feds take a cut and then give the re- I think, from a business standpoint would MARK VINCENT *In the High Desert Medical Plaza
mainder back to the local affiliates of their make sense.” Landscape Maintenance A unique retail store for parents and
criminal syndicate. Briefly put: Norris was asking for a transfer Irrigation Install & Repairs teachers…and of course, KIDS!!
From the beginning of the 45th Parallel case, of “forfeiture” funds from the Sheriff’s office Landscape Pest Control
the Malheur County DA’s office had planned in order to finish the 45th Parallel prosecu- Rodent Control ~ Ants, Gophers, Shop Online: PTASTORECA.COM
to use at least some of the money stolen from tion, so that his office continuing its ongoing Squirrels & Insects Open 7 Days: Mon-Fri 10-7
Esbensen to prosecute him. “business” enterprise – which will involve 28 Years’ Experience Sat 10-6 & Sun 10-4

During an April 10, 2013 County Commis- further seizures of money and property.
CSL #805751 / QAL #130741
sion meeting, according to the official min- The “business” of the DA’s office is best de-
utes kept by the County Court, “Mr. Norris scribed as federally licensed larceny, which 661.860.1857
suggested that a portion of the forefeiture arch-prohibitionists like Norris and Dugan *$25 minimum purchase. expires 10/06/14
funds in the task force budge could be used consider a more respectable undertaking than
to assist with Mr. Dugan’s contract; Mr. Nor- providing marijuana to people suffering from
ris indicated he had previously visited with chronic pain and similar conditions.
Sheriff Wolfe about this.” By the time Norris met with the Commission
When the Commission discussed the DA’s on June 4, the 45th Parallel case was nearly
budget on January 29, of this year, Norris completed, and the relationship between the M-F 9A-7P
was apparently feeling pretty flush. Commission and the DA’s office had degen- SAT 9A-6P
“There’s money in the payroll costs line erated dramatically.
item” to pay for the 45th Parallel prosecution, Norris peevishly complained that the Sher-
Norris assured the commissioners. “I looked iff’s office controlled $15,000 in forfeiture
at it before I hired him to make sure that I funds used to pay Dugan for the prosecution,
had the money. That’s why I … underspent in describing this arrangement as “a very per-
the salary cost line item, which is more than sonal insult to the district attorney and the
enough money to do what we agreed on in office.”
the April 10th meeting.” “I don’t like that you continually insinuate
In substantive terms, the that somehow we haven’t followed the bud-
get rules,” County Administrative Officer
State is a malignant fiction Lorinda DuBois chided Norris at one point. 661.480.9722
invoked to justify seizing the The forfeiture money was in the task force International Shipping / Postal Services / Mailbox Rentals
property of people like Bill budget and could be used to pay for prosecu-
tion expenses, she pointed out, and “there’s
Esbensen and Scott Kan- no muddy waters, except for what the district
gas, who have done no inju- attorney is doing.”
ry to anybody – least of all Why did Norris describe this arrangement as
tax-fattened hyenas like Dan a “personal insult”? Why was he determined
to have personal control over the forfeiture
Norris and Michael Dugan. funding to pay the expenses of a prosecution
“I’m not asking you for another dime in my for which he had supposedly provided an ad-
budget,” Norris insisted a few minutes later. equate budget at the beginning of the year?
In the interest of specificity, City Judge Don Why was he deliberately obfuscating what
Hodge said to Norris, “you’re telling me appeared to be a rather straightforward bud-
you’ve got enough money in your budget to get arrangement, as Commissioner DuBois
do that.” observed?
“I’ve got enough money in my budget to [do]
that,” Norris confirmed. “I am underspent on
Most importantly: Why didn’t Norris – who
isn’t inundated with work – prosecute the
Shaffer Violin STUDIO
a $279,935 line item by 8% right now.”
The fiscal situation had clouded up a bit
45th Parallel case himself, thereby minimiz-
ing the burden of the long-suffering taxpay- 661.992.0909
when Norris met with the Commission again ers whose plight he so tenderly described /
on February 12. Despite the fact that Norris during the August 28 “restitution” hearing?
claimed once again that “I am not coming Unless a forensic audit is conducted of the
and asking for money,” he asked the com- Malheur County DA’s office, the answers to
missioners to hit up their tax victims for an- those questions will not materialize.
other $28,000 to pay for Dugan’s contract as Given his holy zeal for the financial inter-
a deputy DA. ests of Malheur County tax victims, Norris
He also assured them that “we are going to should welcome such an inspection – unless, MEN:
have a discussion in a few weeks when I have of course, that solicitude was merely cynical $10.00
my other partners in the room regarding the courtroom posturing. Oh, heaven forfend that Walk-in Cuts
forfeiture money and where we’re going in such a thing would be true. LADIES:
the next fiscal year.” By obtaining a court order forbidding ques- Most Services
Owing to what appeared to be the Commis- tions about the use of “general County funds”
sion’s growing unease over the 45th Paral- in the 45th Parallel prosecution, Norris and 44969 10th St. W @ Jackman St., in Lancaster
lel case, Norris had Dugan address the body Dugan provided cover for their partner in fed-
during its April 9 meeting. erally licensed larceny, the Malheur County
Monday-Saturday: 8AM – 8PM
Dugan bragged that the High Desert Drug Sheriff’s Office. Sunday By Appointment Only
Enforcement Task Force had “recovered a In addition to an unspecified about of mon-
number of globs of money so to speak” in- ey seized through forfeiture, the MCSO had B: 661.948.3638 / C: 818.581.7679
cluding “some $53,000 in cash [that] was taken possession of a huge number of mature
seized; that was subject to federal forfei- marijuana plants that were confiscated by the
ture…I believe Sheriff Wolfe received about High Desert Drug Enforcement Task Force


40 grand of that.” from at least eight locations in Oregon and
By prosecuting the 45th Parallel defendants Idaho on September 11, 2012.
under the RICO act, “the state can recover Through a public records request, I obtained
the costs of its prosecution,” Dugan contin- a disc containing what Undersheriff Travis
ued. In previous agreements with 45thParal- Johnson described as “photo documentation 300 Law Firms Working Together
lel defendants “we settled I think about 10 of the marijuana” seized during the 45th Par-
of them with some significant compensatory allel case “being disposed of at the land fill in
fines or fines that cover the costs of prosecu- Malheur County.” “We will refer you to an Attorney specializing
tion; those went into the Sheriff’s forfeiture
account to help cover the cost of prosecution
The photographs provided to me display a in whatever your legal need may be.”
quantity of marijuana that would be the yield

and investigation. I do not know the total fig- from a relatively modest backyard “grow” –
ure of money that we’ve already recovered or so I’ve been informed by people involved
but I think it is in excess of 79 or 78,000 dol- in the legal cultivation of medical marijuana.
lars and there is still some additional oppor- Recall that the September 11, 2012 crack-
tunity to recover more.” down targeted at least eight locations. Obvi- SPECIALIZING IN:
Among the anticipated “opportunities” ously, there is a significant volume of a very AUTO ACCIDENTS
mentioned by Dugan were an estimated thir- lucrative cash crop that has yet to be account-
ty-five thousand dollars “in prosecution costs
ed for by the MCSO.
that I’m asking the judge to impose against Citing the official transcripts of County CRIMNAL CASES
the first RICO defendant” – meaning Es- Commission meetings during the August 28 MEDICAL MALPRACTICE
bensen — and “another 2,000 or 3 for the restitution hearing, Susan Gerber attempted DIVORCE
second RICO defendant and it just keeps go- to make an official appellate record regarding
ing up that way.” the DA office’s financial irregularities.
While Dugan specified that “for the most In his reply, Norris took refuge in the kind JOB DISCRIMINATION
part we’re doing cash” seizures, he suggest- of language he would, in a different context, SSI
ed that the Commission might want to target describe as a sleazy defense attorney’s verbal WORKER’S COMPENSATION
some of Esbensen’s properties in Idaho for subterfuge: “There’s no admissible evidence
confiscation as well.
supporting her allegations, Your Honor.”
During that meeting, Norris told the com- Bear in mind that the non-admissible evi-

missioners that “the only thing that we need dence, which Norris described as “hearsay,”
to deal with today is the Sheriff and I have was drawn from the same official County
communicated about using some of the mon- Highest Rating by the Better Business Bureau
ey that’s already been collected to put $7,000 Continued On Page 14

“It has been said the greatest volume of sheer brain power in one place occurred when Jefferson dined alone.” - JOHN F. KENNEDY

The Voice of Reason

RALPH S. BRAX pointing forward. It seems a significant number of Eastern Europeans have
Viewpoint All of this much needed medical help cost her nothing. emigrated to the U.K. over the past decade, primarily to take
She did well on the trip, only on occasion staying on the bus advantage of the health care benefits.
This past July my wife and I went on a wonderful week- when we got off on a walking tour. The problem is the immigrants have paid little into the pro-
long cruise on the Danube River, from Nuremberg, Germany We became fast friends with a couple of Brits, Jennifer and gram, and there are not enough doctors, nurses, and hospitals
to Budapest, Hungary. We also spent three days in Prague in Roger. Roger had a serious foot problem. for all these folks.
the Czech Republic, a very beautiful city. His foot was fine in the morning, but after a day of walking, I told them we in the U.S. were experiencing similar diffi-
For those of you who need to get away from the Antelope it would swell up. He told us he was going to see his doctor culties. However, none of these Brits suggested sending all
Valley for a few days, I recommend this cruise. when he returned home. the immigrants back home, building a large fence around En-
As we usually do on our vacations abroad, we start up a You know all about men seeing doctors. gland, or putting them in concentration camps, a suggestion
political conversation with those unfortunate enough to dine He said that his doctor worked in an office with four other recently made by a conservative letter writer in that other val-
with us. doctors. ley newspaper.
We were surprised to discover that of the 180 passengers If he wanted to see his doctor, he might have to wait for two Roger asked me what those “Tea Party” folks were all about.
on the ship, about 40% were from the U.S. and roughly 40% or three days for an appointment. If he saw one of the other I told him they basically disliked all government, hated pay-
were from the United Kingdom. We mostly hung-out with doctors, he could see them in one day. ing taxes, and didn’t much care for a Black man being the
the Brits and Scots. Roger said he is a conservative, but could not understand all president.
We immediately asked them what they thought of their the clamor over the Affordable Care Act. He told me that while he was happy being a conservative in
country’s national health care program. Without an excep- I told him conservatives argued that bureaucrats would treat England, that, “if I were in America, I’d probably be a Dem-
tion, they all responded that they loved it. you as a result of national health care, and health care costs ocrat.”
And for the most part these travelers were definitely on the would bankrupt the country. He laughed. And the beat goes on...
conservative side. Another issue we discussed was the lack of effective gun
They were surprised that anyone would question how effec- control in the U.S. Of course, in the U.K. private citizens are The views and opinions expressed in this column are those
tive and popular their health care programs were. We listened not allowed to own weapons. of Ralph Brax, not The Political Observer.
as they told their personal stories to us. A woman from Scotland asked, “Why don’t you people do
One woman, who kept us in stitches the entire trip, told us
AV Water Management
something about all the gun violence in the U.S.?”
they had removed a quarter of her skull because she had an I tried to explain our history to her, the Revolution against Water Audits & Backflow Testing
aneurysm. The doctors repaired the aneurysm and sewed up England, the westward expansion, and the political power of
her skull. the NRA. 661.718.9094 / 661.547.6453
When she went home, five or six therapists helped her on a She didn’t understand. But really, neither do I. 42745 6th Street East in Lancaster
daily basis relearn how to talk, walk and eat. She remembers Another topic of conversation was immigration. Several
wanting to walk sideways but had to be told to place her feet Brits told us they, too, had immigration problems.

“Of all enemies to public Liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.
War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing
the many under the domination of the few…No nation could preserve its Freedom in the midst of continual warfare. - JAMES MADISON
14 The Antelope Valley Political Observer


Court Minutes he clearly considered to be authoritative during
LEWROCKWELL.COM his arguments with commissioners regarding the budget.
After Judge Baxter granted “restitution” costs to the DA’s
LAOIR.COM office, Ms. Gerber asked that the fines be held in abeyance
pending an appeal. “This isn’t the old days when restitution
was based on the defendant’s ability to pay,” insisted Norris.
“This is about what it cost the State.”
Those words were commendably free of pretense: Norris
didn’t care about the expenses inflicted on the productive
people whose property is mulcted to pay his salary; he was
interested only in maximizing the drug-related profits ac-
When Is The Last Time You Thought About Your Radiator? quired by people acting in the name of the “State.”
Norris seems to conceive of the State as living composite
FREE COOLING SYSTEM CHECK-UP with this ad being, a personage suitable for an adapted version of Shy-
lock’s famous soliloquy – it is “fed with the same food, hurt
661.274.4441 with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed
38655 6th St. East in Palmdale by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter
Beside R. Rex Parris H.S. & Palmdale Metrolink Station and summer,” as the rest of us.
If you were to prick the state, Norris might ask, does it not
In substantive terms, the State is a malignant fiction in-
voked to justify seizing the property of people like Bill Es-
bensen and Scott Kangas, who have done no injury to any-
body – least of all tax-fattened hyenas like Dan Norris and
Michael Dugan.
Of their ilk we might appropriately ask: If they bleed us, are
they not pricks?

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“Everything predicted by the enemies of banks, in the beginning, is now coming to pass. We are to be ruined now by
the deluge of bank paper, as we were formerly by the old Continental paper. It is cruel that such revolutions in private
fortunes should be at the mercy of avaricious adventurers, who, instead of employing their capital, if any they have, in
manufactures, commerce, and other useful pursuits, make it an instrument to burthen all the interchanges of property
with their swindling profits, profits which are the price of no useful industry of theirs” – THOMAS JEFFERSON

DCFS: Speaking With One Voice; Whether it’s the Truth, or Not!
the truth of what’s going on in the system at the social worker experience with DCFS and don’t know anyone that has. People
Continued From Page 5 level. If we did want to hear and understand it, why wouldn’t who after reading your book say, ‘C’mon, this can’t be true.’”
to act in the actual best interest of real people and make a real we have one social worker to represent their insight? Dominguez: “Even though it has not personally impact-
difference in their lives.’” Political Observer: “What can either mayor or city council ed you, you are part of the community, you have a family.
Political Observer: “What do you say to the SEIU – Ser- do to protect the families living in their city?” When DCFS makes a wrong decision, the rippling effect is
vice Employees International Union – who helped kill leg- Dominguez: “The mayors can start to put on workshops profound in that community.”
islation like Sammy’s Law mandating the recording of the and start to educate parents to make sure parents understand Political Observer: “Take this opportunity to say what you’d like.”
interactions between social workers and families?” their Rights. To make sure they understand not only the prac- Dominguez: “I wish I wasn’t in the position to have to
Dominguez: “You are not helping the system. You are not tice but the psychology of the system. Because when they get say these things. I wish I could say after 18 years I had an
helping your constituency. You’re not helping families by be- that knock on the door, they need to know their Rights, they incredible career and I have so many incredible, great mem-
coming an obstacle to some very easy, practical fixes to ad- need to know how the system functions, and they need to ories. Sadly, what I have to say is we have to protect children
dress some deeply-rooted systemic problems. Being able to know what they should do and what they shouldn’t do.” against a system that is harming families, when we should be
record will remove 80 percent of the bottleneck in courts be- Political Observer: “What do you say to parents being helping to protect kids.”
cause all the investigations and all the cases that are backed- victimized by the system?”
up are so because courts spend most their time with ‘he said Dominguez: “Get an attorney. Get legal advice. I would
versus she said.’ If we can only detain kids that need to be like to say they can rely on the attorney appointed, but you
detained, courts would have the time, social workers would really can’t.”
have the time, because caseloads wouldn’t be three or four Political Observer: “Why is that?”
times as much as they should be. We’d all have the time to Dominguez: “Because you’re lucky if you can spend five
help the families that should be helped and protect kids that minutes talking with them before you see them at the court-
should be protected. house. Five minutes. If you’re lucky. And if you’re lucky,
EDITOR’S NOTE: The October Political Observer will they may have the time to actually fight a case, but they’re
be publishing a story on the legislation known as Sammy’s not going to have time to do things that attorneys typically
Law, along with a report on its failed legislative hearing in do. The average attorney in law practice will look for points
Sacramento, and an interview with its legislative sponsor – of authority. They will do tremendous research to find every
Assemblyman Tim Donnelly. precedent set at higher level courts. While the attorneys as-
Political Observer: “What do you have to say the politi- signed to you in this situation, they don’t have time to do any
cians on the county board of supervisors?” of that research. They may happen to know a couple of cases,
Dominguez: “Wake up! Wake up! Einstein gave us a gift. but they don’t have time. Because they don’t have time, how
He said if we do the same thing over and over again and ex- can they really represent you in something so serious and so
pect a different outcome, that’s insanity.” incredibly impactful as a potential removal or eventual tak-
Political Observer: And the Blue Ribbon Commission?” ing jurisdiction of your own children? Get your own attorney,
Dominguez: “The Blue Ribbon Commission is simply tell- your own paralegals, your own support systems to begin to
ing us something that we’ve known for years. There were no level the playing field just to make sure the facts and truth are
social workers on the commission.” known and will be heard. Otherwise, chances are what will
Political Observer: “Why do you think that is?”
Dominguez: “I think the reason there were no social work-
happen will be driven by inference, speculation and ‘just in
ers on the commission is because we don’t really want to hear Political Observer: “What do you say to people that have no

H Audit government to
ensure efficient and
effective use of tax dollars

H Create a comprehensive
plan for economic growth
in California

H Provide independent
oversight of state

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CALM.COM New Exhibitions Open and Restorations Complete

CHOMSKY.INFO at City of Lancaster’s Western Hotel Museum
LANCASTER – The City of Lancaster is pleased to announce The Western Hotel Museum plays host to permanent dis-
the reopening of the Western Hotel Museum’s (WHM’s) sec- plays of historical artifacts from the Lancaster Museum of Art
ond floor exhibition space. and History’s (MOAH) permanent collection.
Restorations to the second floor are now complete and new While the first floor rooms are primarily filled with artifacts
exhibitions have been installed, offering educational insights and information regarding the development of the Antelope
into the Antelope Valley’s Valley and the history of
rich history. the Hotel, the newest ex-
Built in the last decade hibits on the second floor
of the 1800s, the Western bring alive the history and
Hotel Museum is down- geology of Native Ameri-
town Lancaster’s oldest cans in the Antelope Valley.
surviving structure. Everyday living utensils
The Western Hotel Mu- from the bygone era of the
seum is one of the most Mojave Desert region are

CALIFORNIA visible links Lancaster

has to its heritage. At the
also exhibited. Most of
these objects, ranging from
turn of the century, the Native American stone
CHEESEBURGERS two-story hotel was a vi-
tal part of local culture,
tools to photographs of the
region’s changing land-
accommodating everyone scape and culture, have
from muleskinners to Brit- been donated by members
Breakfast, Lunch Palmdale Blvd
ish lords. of the public, constituting
90th St. E.

& Dinner After years of different owners and purposes, the hotel fell a preserved record of the area’s history.
into a state of disrepair during the 1970s and was condemned. The new exhibit debuted on September 4, in conjunction
ALL DAY N Lancaster residents rallied to save the once-grand landmark. with the monthly BLVD Artwalk event. The Artwalk pairs
Restoration was completed in 1988 and now the hotel houses local artists with merchants whereby the artist’s works are
Mon – Sat 9am to 9pm photographs and artifacts that depict the history of the people exhibited in various business venues along The BLVD.
The WHM is proud to exhibit the beautiful, historically
who built, worked and lived in it.
Sundays 9am to 7pm Visitors can experience the old-fashioned aura and rich his- based oil paintings of local Green Valley artist, Todd Cooper,
38335 N. 90th St. East Littlerock tory of the 1890s as they walk through the museum’s long, in its public gallery space as part of the Artwalk and the re-
narrow hallways and wood-paneled rooms. opening of the hotel.

661.944.1243 Due to its historical significance, the Western Hotel Muse-

um is listed with the California Office of Historic Preserva-
tion (OHP) as California Historical Landmark (CHL), #658.
The Western Hotel Museum’s regular hours are the second
and fourth Friday and Saturday of each month, 11a-4p. Do-
nations are accepted. School tours: MOAH at 661.723.6250.

Buy One Breakfast or Lunch

Open Daily! Get One FREE
6am-4pm Offer Valid Monday-Saturday 6am-4pm.
Purchase any regular menu entree and receive the second

entree of equal or lesser value free w/purchase of two drinks.
Dine-in only. Can not be combined w/any other offer. Must
present coupon. Limit one coupon per party. Expires 10/9/14.
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