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Product Safety Representative in the Automobile Industry

Course introduction:
Product safety and product liability have been matters of great importance in the automobile
industry and automobile supply sector since time began. Countries world-wide have specified
these questions in national and also international legislation, which has been adopted in
contractually specified, specific requirements of the automobile industry. These apply not only
to the OEMs themselves but also along the entire supply chain (in the VW Group, for example
in "Formel Q"). Supplier companies are required to appoint and employ a so-called Product
Safety Representative.

The objective of this measure is to detect liability risks in the whole of the product creation
process by targeted technical expertise, to eliminate or at least minimize any such risks in the
product development and to control them by means of the development of the process. The
Product Safety Representative is intended as the expert contact for management and
customers and to act as the legal representative in the event of product liability cases and
observation of the product within the company itself and in the market. In this the Product
Safety Representative must provide coordination both in terms of legal regulations and
customer-specific requirements to a reasonable degree.
TSA-AC-M131 | Iss: 01 Rev No: 00 | Date: 03.08.2016

Comprehensive qualification and information is required to meet these varied tasks which the
Product Safety Representative must recognize, understand and discharge. Experienced
lecturers provide delegates with the necessary theoretical knowledge in a wide context,
together with explanations and examples based on practice. The practical use of what has
been learned in the form of group working is a core feature of this seminar.

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Course contents:
1. The need to appoint a Product Safety 4. "Lessons Learned", classification of risks
Representative (PSB) and structured actions
2. Core elements of a system for controlling risks, 5. Volkswagen AG's requirements for
including events Product Safety Representative
3. Product safety management and the role of the
Product Safety Representative (PSB)

Issue of certificate:

At the end of the seminar you will receive a certificate of attendance recognized by Volkswagen AG.

Duration: 2 Days

Number of participants:
Maximum 14 candidates in one batch

Course Prerequisites:

 Technical / business management training

 Experience in quality management in the automotive sector, particularly, in handling rejects
and claims for damages
 Training and experience in the evaluation of technical product and process risks (for
example, FMEA chairman, VDA 6.3 process auditor, developer)
 Knowledge of the application of the products made in the delegate's company, as well as the
latest state of technology
 Basic knowledge and understanding of requirements arising from relevant legislation and
customers' requirements

Target group
Managers and personnel in the automobile industry who are to be appointed as Product
Safety Representative or who already hold this post
TSA-AC-M131 | Iss: 01 Rev No: 00 | Date: 03.08.2016

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