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To Whom It May Concern: Re: Madalyn Lotz

The above named has requested a letter of recommendation and it is my pleasure to respond on her behalf. I have
known Madalyn Lotz for roughly 1.5 years, of which were in the capacity of being his Advisor and mentor for the
Merced Police Department Explorer program. In that time span I have gotten to know Lotz, her character traits,
and her work habits and I am confident that the observations being offered are accurate.

As Lotz’s mentor and advisor, I found her to be a very conscientious and dedicated Police Explorer. In the time
Lotz has been an explorer she has put in several hundred hours of community service. Lotz always takes pride in
her work and endeavors to do her best. She started out as an explorer and quickly started to show her leadership
skills. Do to her excellent performance, and leadership skills I am confident she will excel on the next testing for
promotions. I have found that people look up to her as an explorer, because she is very approachable, talks with
others with a caring and understanding demeanor, and she gets the problem or question answered. As a person, I
found Lotz to be very friendly and outgoing. She made friends with other explorers command staff, and fellow
advisors easily and has always been convivial with her peers.

In the past 1.5 years that I have known Lotz, I have had the privilege to watch her grow and develop. I have seen
her work ethic and have found her to be a very capable young woman. She multi-tasks well and has tackled the
multiple roles of attending school, water polo, and being a part of the Merced Police Department’s Explorer
Program. I am proud of the discipline she has shown in maintaining all of her competing responsibilities. With all
the duties that she performs, she has managed to maintain great grades in school. I have seen her critical thinking
skills improve as a result. She is a highly capable individual and would be an excellent candidate to receive a
scholarship or and financial assistance, to continue her education into college.


Nathan D McKinnon
Senior Police Officer/Explorer Advisor (Merced P.D.)

470 W. 11TH ST. MERCED, CA. 95340 PHONE: (209) 385-8836 FAX: (209) 385-8843