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Panel Schedule

Conference Location: Xfi Building & Building: One, Streatham Campus, University of
Exeter (Nos. 30 and 81 on the Campus Map)

Wednesday, 18th April

2.00 pm – 3.30 pm 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm

Room TBA The World in Which We Are’: Contemporary Dalit Mobilisation

Multiplicity in Braj Literary
Room TBA Challenging Nuclear South ‘Bloody Frenchmen’: Franco-
Asia/s British Rivalries in Colonial South
Asia and the Indian Ocean World,
c. 1899-1940
Room TBA Party Politics in Bangladesh in Constructing Rural Dominance
Local Perspectives: Public
Performances and Everyday
Room TBA Adivasi Insurgencies and China – South Asia Relations
Insurgent Adivasis
Room TBA Crossing Boundaries: Studying Citizenship and Education
Buddhist Expressions in Jaipur
District (India) and Malakand
District (Pakistan)
Room TBA Surviving Urban Spaces Colonial and Post-Colonial Travel

5.45 pm – 6.45 pm

BASAS General Meeting, Henderson Lecture Theatre, Xfi Building.

7.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Wine reception, The Forum (No. 3 on the Campus Map)

Thursday, 19th April

Morning and Lunchtime Sessions

9.00 am – 10.30 am 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

Room TBA Everyday Politics ‘Marginalised Identities’ in

Contemporary Sri Lanka
Room TBA Mobilities, Histories, Trade and Spectres of Violence in the
Travel: Colonial Encounters and Colonialist and Revolutionary
Inter-Cultural Transmissions Imagination
Room TBA Colonial Contribution to Film and Photography
Entente Power in World War 1:
A Case Study of India
Room TBA Colonial Science and Medicine Hindutva and Hindu Nationalism
Room TBA Contemporary Performance Indian Art and Literary Culture
Room TBA Migration and Displacement I Migration and Displacement II
Room TBA Language Politics and Identity Language Politics and Identity
Formation I Formation II
Room TBA Gender and Belonging in the North

13.00 pm – 14.00 pm

Graduate and Early Career Event

Afternoon and Evening Sessions

14.00 pm – 15.30 pm 16.00 pm – 17.30 pm

Room TBA Bodies at Work: Ethnographies Circuits of Knowledge from Bengal
of Materiality and Affect to Bombay to Britain in the Late
Eighteenth Century
Room TBA Writing Violence Beyond the Paradoxes of Agendas and Plans:
Balance Sheet of Empire Ethnographic Accounts of
Infrastructure Projects in South
Room TBA Cultures of Care by and beyond Contested Spaces: The City and the
the State Public Sphere in Colonial and Post-
Colonial India
Room TBA Religion and Politics Literature and Public Cultures
Room TBA Silence, Space and Autonomy Technologies of Governance
Room TBA Social Mobilities and Social The State and NGOs in
Exclusion International Global Health
Room TBA Spaces of Capital and Spaces of Capital and Citizenship
Citizenship I II
Room TBA Traversing and Policing National

18.00 pm – 19.00 pm

Keynote Lecture – Javed Majeed (King’s College London)

20.00 pm

Conference Dinner, Reed Hall (No. 14 on the Campus Map)

Friday, 20th April

9.00 am – 10.30 am 11.00 am – 12.30 pm

Room TBA Ecologies I Ecologies II
Room TBA Partition and Partition Stories I Partition and Partition Stories II
Room TBA Women’s Voices and Public Popular Imperial Culture
Room TBA Sites of Conflict, Sites of Professionalizing Politics
Negotiaiton: Discursive
Production in Colonial India
Room TBA Pedagogy and Identity South Asian Military Experiences
Room TBA Political Cultures in Bengal Urban Cultures

Room TBA Murder, Crime and Corruption

in Sri Lanka

Full Schedule

Conference Location: Xfi Building & Building: One, Streatham Campus, University of
Exeter (Nos. 30 and 81 on the Campus Map)

Wednesday, 18th April

12.00 pm – 1.45 pm

Registration and Coffee, Xfi Building.

1.45 pm – 2.00 pm

Conference Welcome to Delegates

2.00 pm - 3.30pm

1. ‘The World in Which We Are’: Multiplicity in Braj Literary Traditions

Sonia Wigh Rahasya to Laḏḏat – Translating Secrets of Sexuality in Early

University of Exeter Modern India

Adrian Plau The Female Flute: Gender, Sexuality, and Devotion in the Sūrdās
SOAS, University of Tradition
Yutikha Sharma TBA
University of

2. Challenging Nuclear South Asia/s

Dibyaduti Roy ?
Indian Institute of
Management, Indore
Michaela Henry ?
FLAME University

3. Party Politics in Bangladesh in Local Perspectives: Public Performances and

Everyday Experiences

Mascha Schulz Piety during Ramadan, Bengali Nationalism in February and

University of Zurich Morning during August: Some Explorations of the (Ir)Relevance
of Ideology for Party Politics in Bangladesh
Julian Kuttig Party Politics in Bangladesh: Posters and Hoardings as Complex
Ghent University Political Performances

Ashraf Hoque ?
University College
Arild Engelson Ruud Chair
University of Oslo

4. Adivasi Insurgencies and Insurgent Adivasis

Anandaroop Sen Frontiers of Law: Narratives from the Eastern Frontiers of British
University of Cape India, 1872-1900
Bipasha Rosy Lakra Perspectives from the Periphery: Examining Adivasi Narratives of
Jawaharlal Nehru the Naxalbari Movement in West Bengal, 1967-72
Rahul Ranjan Singing Rebellion: Birsa Rebellion in Colonial Chotanagpur
School of Advanced
Study, University of
Sujan Bhakat Impact of Industrialization among the Santhals Tribe: A Case
Tata Institute of Study of Anandpur, Jharkhand
Social Sciences
5. Crossing Boundaries: Studying Buddhist Expressions in Jaipur District (India)
and Malakand District (Pakistan)

Meenakshi Vashisth ?
Independent Scholar
Muhammad Waqar ?
Quaid i Azam
Adnan Khan ?
Quaid i Azam

6. Surviving Urban Spaces

Aditya Mohanty Southern Theory and the Conceits of Planetary Urbanization:

University of Lessons from a Neighborhood Association in the Global South
Anindita Chatterjee Language of Aspiration: English Language as a Medium of Social
Jawaharlal Nehru Mobility among the Migrant Workers in Delhi
Aparna Agarwal Politics of Waste: A Study of Waste Governance and Waste
Jawaharlal Nehru Pickers in Delhi
Sredeep Afterlife of Things in the Liminal Debris of Consumer Culture

Shiv Nadar

3.30 pm - 4.00 pm

Coffee Break, Xfi Building.

4.00 pm – 5.30 pm

1. Contemporary Dalit Mobilisation

Mustafa Ahmed Khan We Are Dalit, But We Are Also Pakistani: The Dalit Movement in
SOAS, University of Pakistan
Diego Maiorano Between Contestation and Acceptance of the Social Order: The
University of Politics of Poor Dalits in Rural South India
Hugo Gorringe and ‘Go Write on the Walls that You Are the Rulers of this Nation’:
Suryakant Waghmore Dalit Mobilisation and the BJP
University of
Edinburgh & Indian
Institute of
Technology, Mumbai
Annapurna Caste in the UK

2. Bloody Frenchmen’: Franco-British Rivalries in Colonial South Asia and the

Indian Ocean World, c. 1899-1940

Guillemette Crouzet A Second Fashoda? The Coal Depot Affair and Franco-British
University of Imperial Rivalries in Oman at the End of the 19th Century
Mark Condos Anarchists, Revolutionaries, and Franco-British Policing in
Queen Mary, French Chandernagore, 1905-1930
University of London
Akhila Yechury Anatomy of a Relationship: The British and their ‘French
University of St Problem’ in India

3. Constructing Rural Dominance

Lloyd Price Sacred Cows, Wandering Bulls and Labouring Bullocks: Breeding
Cardiff University a National Herd in Early Twentieth Century North India

Mazhar Abbas The Long Term Existence of the Landed Class in the Legislative
Shanghai University and Administrative Framework of Pakistan and its Role in
Legislation in the National Assembly (1972—77): A Case Study of
Elected Landed Aristocrats from Sindh
Praveen Verma Un-farming Land, Cultivating Dominance: Jats in Northern India
University of Delhi

4. China – South Asia Relations

Iran Naseer Ahmed CPEC: Regional Opportunities for South Asian Countries
University of the
Murad Ali Monitoring and Evaluating South-South Cooperation: The Case of
Deutsches Institut für the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Pakistan
Passang Dorji Diplomacy of Silence: Bhutan’s Response to the China-Indian
City University of Border Standoff
Hong Kong
Priyadarsini Sahu Soft Power Game: A Study of India’s Soft Power Strategy in South
Jawaharlal Nehru Asia

5. Citizenship and Education

Aly Jafferani How Does the Education System of Pakistan Construct Certain
University College Notions of National Identity and What are its Implications for
London / The Framing an Attitude towards the ‘Other’?
Institute of Ismaili
Saba Sharma By the Ballot: Constructing Citizens through Elections in Assam
University of
Vanessa Pattharwala How Do the Political Parties of Pakistan and India Influence
University College Educational Systems and Policies to Foster their Own Ideologies?
London / The 

Institute of Ismaili

6. Colonial and Post-Colonial Travel Writing

Aparajita From Grand Tour to Deshbhraman: Global Genealogies of
Mukhopadhyay Railway Journeys in Colonial India
University of London
Chase Caldwell Smith The Limits of Go-Between Knowledge in the South Asian Works
University of Oxford of Manuel Godinho de Erédia, 1611-1612

Mou Banerjee Frontier Dreams: Afghanistan in the Colonial Indian Literary

Harvard University Imagination

Yan Jia Journey to the East: Indian Writers’ China Travelogues and the
SOAS, University of Literary International in the 1950s

5.45 pm – 6.45 pm

BASAS General Meeting, Henderson Lecture Theatre, Xfi Building.

7.00 pm – 8.00 pm

Wine reception, The Forum (No. 3 on the Campus Map)

Thursday, 19th April

9.00 am – 10.30 am

1. Everyday Politics

Radhika Govinda Towards a Renewal of Feminist Politics in Millennial India?

University of
Andrew Wyatt South Asia’s Entrepreneurial Politicians
University of Bristol
Rashmi Singh Narratives of Corruption and Careers in Party Politics: Municipal
University of Politics in New Delhi
Saraya Natarajan Kelasa and Its Limits: A Picture of Brokerage in an Urban Slum
King’s College

2. Mobilities, Histories, Trade and Travel: Colonial Encounters and Inter-Cultural


Anjana Sharma ?
University of Delhi
Gopa Sabharwal ?
Lady Shri Ram
College for Women,
University of Delhi
Kathinka Sinha ?
Institute of Social
Bhaswati ?
University of

3. Colonial Contribution to Entente Power in World War 1: A Case Study of India

Anirudh Deshpande Rediscovery of a Martial Race: The Marathas in Mesopotamia

University of Delhi
Sabyasachi Das Gupta A Tale of Two Narratives: Indian Medical Personnel in World War
Visva Bharati I
Manas Dutta The Natives and their Military Tactics: Understanding South
Kazi Nazrul Asia’s Contribution in World War I on the Western Front
Siddhartha Das Catastrophe and Redemption: The Indian Expeditionary Force D
Gupta in Mesopotamia in World War I
Bangabasi Evening
College, Kolkata
Satarupa Lahiri Desertion, Betrayal or Escape? A Study of the Indian Soldiers
Who Deserted during World War I
Jawaharlal Nehru

4. Colonial Science and Medicine

Archit Guha The Law of the Storms and a History of the Anthropocene from
University of Chicago Nineteenth Century South Asia

Sarda Singh Measuring the Psychiatric Space for the European Lunatics in
Jawaharlal Nehru Colonial India through the Autobiography of Owen Berkeley Hill
Sayantan Bose “Maelstrom of Death”: Cholera, Water and the Social Discourses
Visva Bharati of Health in Nineteenth Century Bengal
Shilpi Rajpal Healing Traditions: Psychotherapy in Hindi Medical Literature,
Indian Institute of 1900-1940s
Science Education
and Research, Mohali

5. Contemporary Performance

Aparna Mahiyaria Student Street Theatre: Competitive Economy of a “Democratic”

University of Exeter Form

Jerri Daboo Contesting Traditions: Designing a New Approach to Teaching

University of Exeter and Notating for the Tabla Drums

Julia Szivak Birmingham Bhangra 2018

Birmingham City
Swati Arora Mallika Taneja Performs A Little Carefully: Feminist Theatre,
University of Exeter Violence and Urban Space in Delhi

6. Migration and Displacement I

Aniket Chettry Mobility and Memory within the Bengal Frontier

University of Delhi
Devdutta Kakati Bengal’s Two Costal Sub-Regions and the Indian Ocean
World(600-1300 CE)
Jawaharlal Nehru
Uma Dhupelia- South Africa to India: Deportations and Repatriation in the Early
Mesthrie Twentieth Century
University of the
Western Cape
Sundar Vadlamudi Child Slaves and Maritime Labor on Indian Ships in the Bay of
American University Bengal, 1790-1840
of Sharjah

7. Language Politics and Identity Formation I

Shubhneet Kaushik The Hindi Language Movement and Textbook Production in the
Jawaharlal Nehru Nineteenth Century
Ufaque Paiker The Role of Madrassas and Government Schools in the Shaping of
Jawaharlal Nehru Urdu Literary Culture
Manjusha Madhu Popular Literary Magazines and the Development of Modern
Jawaharlal Nehru Malayalam

10.30 am - 11.00 am

Coffee Break, Xfi Building.

11.00 am – 12.30 pm

1. ‘Marginalised Identities’ in Contemporary Sri Lanka

Deborah Johnson The Mothers of Mannar: A Feminist Critique of Sri Lankan Nuns
University of Exeter as Political Actors

Pia Hollenbach, Rina Space and the City: Tamil Diaspora ‘Investments’ in Wellawatte,
Alluri and Tanuja Colombo
University of Zurich
Thiruni Kelegama Protesting Farmers, Loyal Citizens: Peasant Ideology and Sri
University of Zurich Lanka’s Frontier

Nilanjana Jana Karaliya: Performing theatre and politics in Sri Lanka

University of Zurich
Rajesh Venugopal Discussant
London School of
Economics and
Political Science

2. Spectres of Violence in the Colonialist and Revolutionary Imagination

Benjamin Zachariah The Pros of Counter-Insurgency

University of Trier
Jesús F. Cháirez- From Wardha to Chapingo: Pandurang Khankhoje and the Quest
Garza for Revolution in the Global South
University of Leeds
Gabriel Polley “The Beam that Shines from Zion’s hill” – Palestine, India and
University of Exeter Colonial Control in the Nineteenth Century

3. Film and Photography

Amit Kajotra Erosion of Issues in the Process of ‘Otherness’: The Question of

Jawaharlal Nehru Muslims in Bollywood
Mallika Leuzinger Modernity on the Move: The Photographic Encounters of
University College Debalina Majumdar and Manobina Roy
Sudha Tiwari Courtroom as Landscape of Power and Resistance: History,
Jawaharlal Nehru Media, and the Subaltern Silence
Vishal Chauhan From Sujata to Kachara: Decoding Dalit Representation in
Birmingham City Popular Hindi Cinema

4. Hindutva and Hindu Nationalism

Ketan Alder Rethinking Hindu Nationalism with India's Margins: Bioethics,
Lancaster University Dissent and Embodiment

Prateek Khobragade What Appears as Post-Truth: Media, Technology and the Public
Indian Institute of in the Indian General Elections of 2014 and US Presidential
Technology, Elections of 2016.
Sahil Kureshi Rise of Hindu Nationalism: The Navnirman Agitation
University of Oxford
Vanya Bhargav The Nationalist Thought of Lajpat Rai
University of Oxford

5. Indian Art and Literary Culture

Ankan Purkait Understanding the Socio-Cultural Changes of 18th Century India

University of through Murshidabad and Company School of Painting
Nareeja Poddar Visuality and Materiality in Mewar’s Earliest Illustrated
City Palace Museum, Bhāgavata
Rohit Dutta Roy Writing Histories in Early Twentieth Century Bengal : Analyzing
University of the Craft of Sivanath Sastri
Sayan Chattopadhyay Burying the Weathervane: Networks of Violence, Dispossession,
Indian Institute of and Charity in Anuradha Roy’s Sleeping in Jupiter
Technology, Kanpur

6. Migration and Displacement II

Saheli Roy Choudhury ‘Between Two Depots’: The Transformation of the Self in India’s
‘Counter’ Diaspora
Bengal Institute of
Technology and
Ria Kapoor Political Solutions, Humanitarian Appeal: India and the 1971
Refugee Crisis
University of Oxford
Rabia Latif Khan Belonging as the ‘Other’: Afghan Hazara Diasporic Relations with
the Homeland
SOAS, University of

Utsa Mukherjee Is there a British Indian Childhood?

Royal Holloway,
University of London

7. Language Politics and Identity Formation II

Tanima Day Bengali Literary Culture in the Eighteenth Century

Jawaharlal Nehru
Kobra Masoomi The Impact of Iranian Language and Culture on Sikhism
Jawaharlal Nehru
Rehnuma Sazzad Language and Nationalism in Modern South Asia

8. Gender and Belonging in the North East

Bitopi Datta A Framework for the Gender Analysis of Development Induced

Dublin City Displacement: The Case of Tribal Societies in North East India
Rakesh S. Traditional Meetei Marriage in India and Myanmar: A
Khwairakpam and Comparative Study between Mandalay and Sekmai Regions
Dominic Shilshi
Tata Institute of
Social Scicnces
Toli H. Kiba Existence of Traditional Youth Dormitories: The Pre and Post
North East Institute Colonial Period among the Sümi Naga Tribe of India
of Social Science and

12.30 pm – 14.00 pm

Lunch Break

13.00 pm – 14.00 pm

Graduate and Early Career Event

14.00 pm – 15.30 pm – Session 5

1. Bodies at Work: Ethnographies of Materiality and Affect

Lily Shapiro Factory Work and Everyday Violence

University of
Asiya Islam The Managed Body at Work
University of
Garima Jaju Materiality and Consumption of Work
University of Oxford

2. Writing Violence Beyond the Balance Sheet of Empire

Kim Wagner
Queen Mary,
University of London
Gavin Rand
University of Leeds
Gajendra Singh Discussant
University of Exeter

3. Cultures of Care by and beyond the State

Deepa Kozhisseri Herbal Potions and Subaltern Politics: Staking Knowledge in the
Indian Institute of Attappady Hills, South India
Technology, Madras
Kaushiki Das The Pilfering of the Global South’s Green Gold: Implications of
Jawaharlal Nehru Bioprospecting and Patenting for Indigenous Bioresources and
University Medicinal Knowledge

Pratichi Majumdar When Religion, Market and Nationalism Meet: A Case Study of
Jawaharlal Nehru Patanjali Ayurved
Marva M. and Ossathis, Eettummas and the Maternity Care Labour Domestics
Santhosh Abraham among the Mappila Muslims in Kerala, India: Perspectives on
Indian Institute of Gender, Caste and Religion
Technology, Madras

4. Religion and Politics

Dhammika Herath Religion and Violence: Does Religious Radicalization Emerge

University of through Perceptions of Threat?
Sabah Khan Religious Identity, Exclusion and Violence: A Study of Muslims in
Jawaharlal Nehru India
Taniya Roy Of the Religious ‘Other’ in Buddhism: Investigating the Buddhist
National University Textual Traditions
of Singapore
Zafar Mohyuddin Makhdum-i Jahaniyan’s Mediational Role in Sufi Traditions of
University of Premodern India

5. Silence, Space and Autonomy

Amitava Chatterjee Gendering Sport: A Narrative of Silence in the Women Sporting

Kazi Nazrul Culture in Colonial Bengal
Darakhshan Khan An Income of Her Own: Female Financial Autonomy in Colonial
University of North India
Debolina Maity ?
University, Kolkata
Saba Hussain Constructing a Cosmopolitan ‘Self’ in Educational Spaces: Muslim
University of Girls in Assam

6. Social Mobilities and Social Exclusion

Amrita Locating Mughal India through its Perfumery Culture
Jawaharlal Nehru
Mriganka The Esoteric Pillar of the Raj: Studying Freemasonry in the
Mukhopadhyay Context of Imperialism in India
University of
Sandhya I. Fuchs ‘We Cannot Find Your Kind of Proof’: A Quest for Legal Evidence
London School of amongst the Meghvals of Rajasthan
Economics and
Political Scicnce

7. Spaces of Capital and Citizenship I

Muhammad Azfar ?
Lahore University of
Ayesha Masood ?
Ankita Pandey Contesting Governmental Facts: Investigative Fact-Finding in
London School of Civil Rights Activism 1975-1980
Economics and
Political Scicnce

15.30 pm - 16.00 pm

Coffee Break, Xfi Building.

16.00 pm – 17.30 pm – Session 6

1. ‘Circuits of Knowledge from Bengal to Bombay to Britain in the Late Eighteenth

Nandini Chatterjee A Lot’s in a Name: The Transcription of Personal Names and
University of Exeter Honorific Titles in Eighteenth-Century Bengal

Onni Gust Respectable Pillars of the British Empire: The Origins of the
University of Bombay Literary Society in 1804
Andrew Rudd Asiatic Society Circle’s Early Investigations in Indian Flora and
University of Exeter Fauna

Jayanta Sengupta Currying Colonialism: Class, Culture and Cuisine in Bengal in the
Victoria Memorial Late-Eighteenth and Early-Nineteenth Centuries
House, Kolkata
Javed Majeed Discussant
King’s College

2. Paradoxes of Agendas and Plans: Ethnographic Accounts of Infrastructure

Projects in South Asia

Deborah Menezes The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion in the Planning of

University of Infrastructure Projects in Post War Sri Lanka:
Edinburgh The Megapolis Case

Edward Simpson Politics Takes a Toll: New Geographies of Money and

SOAS, University of Infrastructural Governance in India
Luke Heslop Bridging an Archipelagic State: The Case of the ‘China-Maldives
London School of Friendship Bridge’
Economics and
Political Science
Srinivas Chokkakula Roads for Rural Development: Cultures of Road Building and
SOAS, University of Convergence of Ideas in India

3. Contested Spaces: The City and the Public Sphere in Colonial and Post-Colonial

Andrea Major A Tale of Two Cities: George Thompson in Calcutta and Delhi,
University of Leeds 1843

Purba Hossain Debates about Indenture and the Calcutta Public Sphere, 1836-42
University of Leeds

Emily Webb Imperially-Minded Domesticity: Politicisation of Domestic Space

University of Leeds in Nineteenth-Century Colonial Calcutta

Rachel Allen ‘I Will Go Out’: Reclaiming Public Space for Women in Delhi,
University of Leeds 1960 to present day

Jesús F. Cháirez- Chair

University of Leeds

4. Literature and Public Cultures

Rabi Prakash Thinking Politically, Thinking Strategically: The Case of Political

Jawaharlal Nehru Writings in Vernacular at the Banaras Court in the Mid 18th
University Century

Rajat Roy Postcolonial Irony and Dalit Literature: A Study of Namasudras

Presidency of West Bengal
University, Kolkata
Rohan Sengupta ?
Centre for Studies in
Social Scicnces,

5. Technologies of Governance

Devyani Gupta The Post Office of British India in a Global Context

University of Leeds
Medha Kudaisya Envisioning India's future: Economists in the Making of the
National University Bombay Plan, 1944
of Singapore
Smriti Sawkar Looking Eastward: Maruti-Suzuki and The People’s Car
University of Oxford
Varigonda Kesava Social Movements and the State: The Impact of Anti-Nuclear
Chandra Movements on India’s Civil Nuclear Energy Policy
National University
of Singapore
6. The State and NGOs in International Global Health

Meg Kanazawa Ford Foundation and the Promise of the Indian NGO Sector in
University of Exeter the Era of AIDS

Raghav Kishore Between Global Politics and Nationalist Designs: Imagining the
SOAS, University of World Health Organisation’s ‘South East Asia Region’ (SEARO),
London 1946-48

Sushant Gaurav NGO: Agents of Depoliticization?

Jawaharlal Nehru

7. Spaces of Capital and Citizenship II

S. Shakthi ‘This Was the Fantasy, I.T. Was a Fantasy’: Examining Workers’
Rights Activism in the Indian Information Technology Industry
University of
Karubaki Datta India’s Act East Policy and the Developmental Imperatives for
University of North North East India
Meah Mostafiz Capitalism and the State; Bangladesh's Garment Industry, the
Heidelberg Rise of a Global Leader

8. Traversing and Policing National Borders

Adnan Khan Migration, Traditions and Transformation among the Pakhtuns of

University of Pakistan
Azmat Ullah Stability in Afghanistan and the Future Prospects for Peace in the
Government College Region
Saeed Ahmad Rid Aman ki Asha (A Desire for Peace): A Case Study of a People-to-
University of Oxford People Networking Initiative between India and Pakistan

Soumi Banerjee Religion over Rationality: Hindu Nationalism and Ontological

Lund University security
18.00 pm – 19.00 pm

Keynote Lecture – Javed Majeed (King’s College London)

20.00 pm

Conference Dinner, Reed Hall (No. 14 on the Campus Map)

Friday, 20th April

9.00 am – 10.30 am – Session 7

1. Ecologies I

Andrea Butcher Microbial Relations and Precarious Situations: The Art of

University of Exeter Aquaculture in Bangladesh

Arjun Sharma Making a Waterscape Visible: Evolving Politics and Practices

KU Leuven Surrounding Land and Water in a High-Altitude Himalayan
Navpreet Kaur and Land, Irrigation and Asset Accumulation: A Study of Gang Canal
Amanpreet Kaur Region
Jawaharlal Nehru

2. Partition and Partition Stories I

Amar Sohal ‘The True History of India’: Azad, Congress Muslims and
University of Oxford Conceptions of the Past

Daniela Vitolo Home, City, Nation: Defining Identity and Belonging within Five
University of Queen’s Road Spaces
Naples "L'Orientale"
Gyanesh Kudaisya How Partition Shaped the Polity: Institutions and Governance in
National University India, c.1947-1962
of Singapore
3. Women’s Voices and Public Spheres

Annie Devenish The Indian Woman as Global Citizen: Vijayalakshmi Pandit,

University of Hansa Mehta and the United Nations
Katherine Twamley Negotiating Respectability: Comparing the Experiences of Poor
and Juhi Siddharth and Middle Class Young Urban Women in India
University College
Madhuladna Halder Tracing the Everyday: Women’s Voices from Indian Prisons
Jawaharlal Nehru 1967-77
Rosalind Parr Indian Women, Citizenship and the Global Public Sphere, 1931 –
University of 1948

4. Sites of Conflict, Sites of Negotiation: Discursive Production in Colonial India


Vinita Rav Food Distribution and Politics in Chotanagpur, 1910-1950

University of Delhi
Blessy Chinnu Examining the Discourse on Indian Tariff Policies within the
Abraham Commercial Sphere of the British Empire during the Interwar
University of Delhi Period (1918-1940)

Nabojeet Sen Punishment, Reform and Labour Regime in the Colonial Prison,
Ambedkar University India, 1860s-1920s
Somak Biswas British Indophiles and the Politics of Indentured Labour in
University of Colonial India, 1904-1945

5. Pedagogy and Identity

Idesbald Goddeeris Missionaries in a Postcolonial Context: Belgian Jesuits in Ranchi,
KU Leuven Jharkhand, 1947-

Niharika Jaiswal Sociology in Public and Private Universities in India

Jawaharlal Nehru
Pankaj Tiwari and C. Experiential-Based Pedagogic Approach in the South Asian
Bhavya Education System
Indian Institute of

6. Political Cultures in Bengal

Dhariti Bhattacharjee Fazlul Huq and the Contingent World of Provincial Autonomy,
Sewanee: The 1937-1943
University of the
Ghazi Muhammad Calcutta & Dhaka: A Socio-Economic Context to the Bengali
Abdullah Political Leadership during the Pakistan Movement
University of the
Sudipto Mitra Overcoming the Mahatma: The Life and Murder of Professor
Royal Holloway, Gopal Chandra Sen
University of London

7. Murder, Crime and Corruption in Sri Lanka

Ajin K. Thomas Enforced Disappearances and State Responses in Sri Lanka:

Indian Institute of Perspectives from International Law
Ankita Dubrey Writing Violence, Writing Identity: Fictional Representation of
Jawaharlal Nehru the War-Torn Sri Lanka as Real Dystopia
R. Ramesh and T. Corruption, Rule of Law and Government Effectiveness: A Co-
Vinayagathasan Integration Approach to Sri Lanka
University of

10.30 am - 11.00 am

Coffee Break, Xfi Building.

11.00 am – 12.30 pm – Session 8

1. Ecologies II

Papreen Nahar Antibiotic Resistance in Bangladesh: Exploring the Social Life of

Durham University Medicines

Prama In the Land of Tigers, Crocodiles and ‘Sundari Trees’: Examining

Mukhopadhyay the ‘Exotic’ through the Lens of Rural-Urban Continuity in Deltaic
University of Delhi Sundarbans

Preeti ‘Modernising’ Agriculture in Bihar, 1880- 1930

University of Sussex
Rajmakal Singh Exploring Change in the Net Food Status of South Asian
Mann Countries: 1961-2013
Oxford Brookes

2. Partition and Partition Stories II

Rajit Mazumdar Criminal Intimates: Legal Ramifications of Fratricide during the

DePaul University Partition of India, 1947-1950

Rana Muhammad Partition of Punjab 1947: First Hand Accounts of the Stories of
Abrar Ahmad Happiness
University of the
Shruti Amar Voices from Within: Women Social Workers and the Partition of
King’s College

3. Popular Imperial Culture

Devjani Ray ‘Around the Globe’ in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth
Indian Institute of Century Bengali Juvenile Periodicals
Technology, Delhi
Gavin Davies A Chequered Past: Nineteenth-Century Board Games, British
University of Exeter India and Imperial Socialization

Maryam Sikander “Upstart Punches” and “Petty Libellers”: Oudh Punch (1877-1936)
SOAS, University of and Satire in the Contact Zone

4. Professionalizing Politics

Amogh Dhar Sharma Professionals in Politics: Middle Class Citizens and Political
University of Oxford Consultancy Firms in India

Mansoor Ahmed Governmentality in Pakistan: A Controlled Islam through the

École des Hautes Council of Islamic Ideology
Études en Sciences
Sociales (EHESS)
Taisha Grace Antony The Impact of Political Market Imperfections on the Incentives
National University for the Provision of Social Services in India: A Case Study of
of Singapore Kerala and Uttar Pradesh

5. South Asian Military Experiences

Ghee Bowman Indians at Dunkirk: Unravelling the Real Story

University of Exeter
Reeti Basu Boisterous Soldiers and ‘Gentle’ Society: American Soldiers in
Jawaharlal Nehru Second World War Bengal
Saiful Islam Preventing Military Political Intervention: An Assessment of
University of Buner Article 6 of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan
Vipul Datta An Empire of Uniforms: Borders and Boundaries in Colonial
Indian Institute of India’s Military Imagination, c.1900-1930

6. Urban Cultures

Aditi Das Imperial Encounters and the Making of Contemporary Urban

University of Delhi Culinary Culture in Kolkata

Arunima Ghoshal The Internationalization of Kolkata’s Cultural Heritage and

University of Delhi Reflections on the Postcolonial Urban Lndscape

Fakhar Bilal Making of Urban Multan, 1849-1947

Royal Holloway,
University of London