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Progress test 4

1 Complete each sentence with food, dish or 2 For questions 1–6, complete the second sentence so that it has
meal plus a word from the box in the correct a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.
form to make an appropriate collocation. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and
There is one word in the box you do not five words, including the word given.
need to use. 1 This is the worst film I’ve ever seen.
balanced convenience elaborate BAD
filling light shortage simple I have film before.
source supply
2 I should have drunk less coffee before I went to bed last night.
0 Some say an egg is the ultimate TOO
convenience food – it is easy to prepare I couldn’t sleep because coffee
last night.
and comes in its own packaging.
3 Sanjay wasn’t at work on time for the meeting.
1 At home, I prefer cooking
like a piece of fish and some Sanjay was that he missed the
salad, nothing too complicated. I leave meeting.
with lots of
ingredients and beautiful presentation to 4 The train ticket home was too expensive.
restaurant chefs. ENOUGH
We didn’t the train ticket home.
2 The main for many
5 The classroom was so crowded that we had to turn people away.
people in the world is either rice or potatoes.
There were in the classroom.
3 That was so I
could hardly move afterwards. 6 The day was so lovely that everybody went to the beach instead
of going to school.
4 Danielle only eats for SUCH
lunch. Anything too heavy and she can’t stay Nobody went to school because
awake in the afternoons. a lovely day.

5 Thanks to developments in agriculture, the 3 For questions 1–8, read the text below and think of the word
total world is still which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap.
increasing, although there can easily be local There is an example at the beginning (0).
when bad weather Interviews: answering the unanswerable question
destroys crops. Interviews are intended to evaluate a candidate’s personality in order (0) to
determine their fitness for a particular position. Imagine the interviewer asks you
this question: ‘How many petrol stations are in the USA?’ You almost certainly
have no idea (and, on the other (1) , the interviewer probably doesn’t
either), but don’t panic (2) a correct answer is probably not really
expected. It is questions such (3) this that give the interviewer an
insight (4) your problem-solving abilities, amongst other things, so be
enthusiastic, creative and enjoy the challenge. Your ability to think under pressure
and deal with difficult situations will be on show, (5) will possibly have
more impact than your beautifully written CV. So, don’t rush to answer and risk
revealing your nervousness. (6) you need to do is take your time, think
it through and only (7) attempt an answer. In (8) words,
demonstrate a logical thought process. If you can, you’re halfway there.
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Progress test 4

4 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the word in bold at the end of the sentence.
0 I love the huge windows in your house. They make it so light and airy .  AIR
1 Thank you for such a good talk. It was both and entertaining.  INFORM
2 This year’s autumn range includes a variety of coats and
scarves.  WONDER; COLOUR
3 Mrs Naylor is retiring today after 25 years of service to the company.  EXCEPTION
4 Your essay is but, with a little more research, it could have been much better.  SATISFY
5 This is one of the more parts of the city to live in, with its good transport links.  ATTRACT
6 The telecoms sector is increasingly as new firms continue to enter the market.  COMPETE
7 I really enjoy golf, but the nearest club is so . They rarely accept new members.  EXCLUDE

5 For questions 1–8, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. There
is an example at the beginning (0).
0 A for B to C with D on

Deanshouse Hotel
This is a hotel of two halves, with business guests treating themselves (0) a little luxury
during the week, while couples enjoy romantic weekend breaks. (1) it is only minutes away
from the busy Deansgate area, this elegant hotel is on a quiet side street, ensuring peace and
quiet. A (2) schoolhouse, the hotel has kept the theme throughout, with photographs of
old pupils on the walls and separate ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ staircases. The owners have also (3)
to retain many original features, but have (4) modern touches like rich, deep carpets and
large, comfortable beds to the cosy rooms, (5) everything a luxurious feel. The Oyster
Café on the ground floor offers afternoon tea and a selection of tasty dishes. The staff are
cheerful and welcoming, although the reception desk is tiny and service can become (6) at
peak times. Room rates are not cheap, but prices (7) Sunday nights or during January and
February are (8) .

1 A Despite B However C Although D Yet

2 A past B former C finished D previous
3 A managed B succeeded C achieved D reached
4 A increased B contained C improved D added
5 A making B giving C presenting D providing
6 A quick B delayed C hasty D rushed
7 A at B by C for D in
8 A reasonable B sensible C moderate D average

Progress test 5
1 For questions 1–8, read the text below and think 3 For questions 1–6, complete the second sentence so that
of the word which best fits each gap. Use only it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the
one word in each gap. There is an example at the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use
beginning (0). between two and five words, including the word given.
Pain at the dentist’s 1 She can’t get a job in Paris because she doesn’t speak
to French.
My daughter Kezia had to go (0) the dentist
last week. The morning entirely lived up (1)
If she be able to get a job
my expectations. As usual, Kezia tried everything
in Paris.
to put (2) her visit. ‘Mummy, I feel sick.’
I pointed (3) she had tried this excuse
2 I might become rich, and then I’d travel the world.
last time. ‘Mummy, I’ve lost Jemima’ (her doll). In
fact, I’d seen her put Jemima under the bed and
I’d travel the world rich.
quietly handed her (4) to Kezia. Finally,
she tried hiding in the garden. She didn’t get away
3 You’ll need to do plenty of reading to pass the exam.
(5) it, not in a bright pink dress. Naturally,
when the dentist got started, it all turned (6)
You won’t pass the exam a
to be a huge anti-climax. He was quick with the
anaesthetic and she didn’t feel anything. She even
gave a disapproving look when we heard another child
4 I don’t think you should travel on your own.
screaming in protest, as if she thought ‘What’s all the
fuss about?’ I bought her an ice cream to help her get
If I travel on my own.
(7) the stress, although if I look (8)
now, I’m sure it was me who suffered most.
5 You can borrow my pen, but you must give it back later.
2 Correct any mistakes with the verbs in bold in
I’ll you promise to give it
these sentences. Some sentences are correct.
back later.
0 For people in big cities, evening classes are a great
way to know new people. get to know 6 It’s a good thing we have a map with us, otherwise we’d be
1 Anton knew English quickly because some of lost.
the lessons in his school were studied in English. HAVE
We’d be lost a map with us.
2 I’d really like to study economics at university.
4 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the
3 Many students know a lot of English grammar word in bold at the end of the sentence.
rules, but there’s more to a language than rules. 0 What are the minimum qualifications you need to get a
job in IT? QUALIFY
4 I only got to know the change of room number by 1 Have you got any of completing your
accident. assignment on time? INTEND
5 Everyone needs to assist the meeting at lunchtime. 2 Iqbal is the person for timetabling classes.
It’s very important. RESPOND
6 More than 25,000 people are expected to join in 3 I’m afraid we need to make a tiny to your
the city marathon this year. salary this month. ADJUST
4 In with other countries, Finnish children
have quite short school days. COMPARE
5 There seems to be some about tomorrow,
so can I remind everyone we begin at 9.00? CONFUSE

Complete First Second Edition by Guy Brook-Hart © Cambridge University Press 2014 PHOTOCOPIABLE 1
Progress test 5

6 Our new headteacher has managed to

improve the children’s a great School farms
deal.  BEHAVE
More and more British schools are now running their own farms.
7 We can get together any time next week. Do you
There are now over 100, with another 100 more in the pipeline.
have any for which day?  PREFER
One example is Hutton College in the north of England, which
8 I need your before I can spend
any money on equipment. Could you sign opened its farm in 2005. Here, students deal with all aspects of
here?  APPROVE raising animals and growing vegetables. The working day starts
at 7.30 am, two hours before lessons begin. Jake, 15, who used
5 You are going to read a newspaper article about to hate waking up early for school, is now happy to do so. ‘I love
schools running their own farms. For questions looking after the animals even if I have to get up early.’ Jake also
1–5, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you thinks the responsibility has made him a better student: ‘I don’t
think fits best according to the text. misbehave any more, and I find it easier to concentrate in class
1 Before he started work on the farm, Jake now.’
A was always late for school. There are 1,200 pupils attending Hutton College. Sam Connolly, a
B caused problems in his lessons. science teacher, explains that although the school farm has helped
C knew very little about farming. improve the attitudes and behaviour of many of the students,
D disliked having any responsibility. overall it has also significantly improved results in subjects such
as art, technology, maths and science. A number of school
2 What does Sam Connolly think is the farm’s main
qualifications, including Agriculture Science and the Certificate in
A It has made teachers’ lives easier in class.
Animal Care, are now based on work done at the farm.
B It has improved the students’ school Mr Connolly emphasises that this is a real farm. It gives the school
attendance. the opportunity to examine areas which are vital to today’s
C It has boosted the school’s academic food industry, including better awareness of where food comes
performance. from, animal welfare, the importance of a balanced diet and the
D It has helped increase the range of subjects need to reduce waste. Students are involved in growing fruit and
studied. vegetables which are on sale in the college’s farm shop. ‘If I can
get children to realise how farming works in reality and what it
3 Mr Connolly’s ambition is for the farm to help
all means, from the farm to the dinner plate, I’ll be delighted,’ he
A understand the whole process of food
production. All those concerned agree that the main thing with food is
B get employment in the food industry. knowing where it comes from, so students are urged to pick
C appreciate the importance of the environment. and eat produce grown in the college gardens. Eating vegetables
D know more about the business side of picked fresh from the gardens is something new for students
agriculture. often more familiar with supermarket ready-meals. Everyone
comments on the way the lettuces stay fresh a lot longer than
4 Why are students encouraged to pick and eat pre-packaged supermarket versions.
Mr Connolly says he is often amazed at some students’ ignorance
A to provide a healthier diet than they get at
home of farming. ‘Even something as basic as growing a few peas and
B to teach them important new practical skills discovering how much effort you have to put in to get results
C to reinforce a key piece of knowledge can have a powerful impact on people,’ he says. Professor Alex
D to demonstrate the poor quality of supermarket Andrews of Hutton University agrees. His research shows farms
food can improve students’ self-confidence, educate them in the
importance of eating well throughout their lives, and teach them
5 Professor Andrews thinks school farms about where their dinner originally comes from. As he says, ‘All
A have changed children’s eating habits. schools should be able to use farms to support their educational
B can help schools save money. processes, even if this involves just looking after some chickens or
C should be part of the curriculum. growing vegetables for the school kitchens.’
D may have long-term health benefits.

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