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Flight Bus Agreement in JCA

This agreement is to guarantee the efficiency and safety of shuttle bus in service of
the operation in JC (Cambodia) international airlines. The flight bus program is
desinated for the crew with operational duty. The OCC (Operation Control Center) is
responsible for dispatching the bus.

1. Vehicles requirement:
Depends on the number of crews, the available seats in the shall not be less than
10.There should be enough space for the flight cases also. In order to be identified
easily, each bus should be marked with numbers easily visible from “Bus 1” to “Bus

2. Route Arrangement
DV hotel --- OCC (cargo building) --- Terminal.

The crew member should take the flight bus at DV hotel. The latest show up time at
DV hotel is the time 2 hours before ETD (scheduled departure time).
Any crew member who requests to sign-in at OCC directly without showing up in DV
hotel, should notify the Captain or CIC at least 3 hours before ETD. The latest sign in
time in OCC for each flight is 1 hour and 30 minutes (1:30) before ETD.

If scheduled landing time before 19:00 Local:
Terminal --- OCC (cargo building) ---DV hotel

If scheduled landing time after 19:00 Local:

Terminal --- OCC (cargo building) ---DV hotel---home of each crew member

For safety concern, the company will send every crew member back home. For those
crew member whose flight was delayed and landed after 19:00 with the ETD before
19:00, the ground dispatcher will schedule for them with all of the resource from

3. Scheduling
According to the daily flight schedule issued by FOC, for each flight the arrangement
is as follows:
2:00 before ETD: Depart from DV hotel.
1:30 before ETD: The latest sign-in time
1:00 before ETD: Depart from the crew briefing room (cargo building).
0:55 before ETD: Arrive the bus stop in the terminal.
0:45 before ETD: Arrive aircraft.

4. Communications
Ground dispatchers and crew bus drivers should keep two-way-communications. It is
recommended that the ground dispatcher work at dispatching room. Crew buses for
ON-Duty are arranged by ground dispatcher everyday based on daily flight schedule.
Crew buses for OFF-Duty are arranged by ground dispatcher after receiving flights
ETA from flight dispatcher via radio or phone.

ETA (when available) -> OCC -> ground dispatcher -> Crew bus driver

When flight crews need unscheduled shuttles, they could call flight dispatcher and
notify the time, location for pickup, the route and number of people need the ride.
The flight dispatcher will then request crew buses from ground dispatcher.

REQUESTF (by crew) -> OCC -> ground dispatcher -> Crew bus driver

6. Special Situation
The crew member should acknowledge OCC and FOO or CCD leaders ASAP when
realizing they will be late on sign-in. The relative department managers will decide
whether to change the flight crew or delay the flight, then notify OCC and relative

7. Time policy
Those who take the flight bus should arrive at the meeting point at least 5 minutes
before scheduled time, and the bus will depart ON TIME. For those who directly sign
in at OCC should take their own responsibilities of safety on traffic and to be on time.
Delay caused by traffic jam will be considered as personal issue as an encouragement
to all crew to maintain proper time management.

Each bus driver shall wear a watch and carry a mobile phone which have been
appropriately set with ground dispatcher every day before start working. For
ON-Duty route, the bus shall arrive at the first pick-up station at least 10 minutes
before scheduled time; the bus shall depart ON TIME without waiting. For OFF-Duty
route, the bus shall arrive the meeting point in terminal no later than 10 minutes
after ETA.