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7812 Cheno Cortina Trail   

Austin TX 78749  


College Objective​: 
My overall goal is to attend a college where I can learn and grow as an individual, a leader and be a key part of the
campus community. I will seek out opportunities to take part in education, campus organizations and community
service activities – especially those where I can work with students with special needs.

Stephen F Austin High School / ​Austin, TX  
2014 - 2017

Austin High School is ​a ​public high school​ in downtown ​Austin, Texas​. With an estimated student body of 2,100. Austin
High is the oldest continuously operated school west of the Mississippi and the oldest in the ​Austin Independent School
District​. I’m enrolled in the Academy of Global Studies program, which is part of the ISSN Network and is dedicated in an
educational experience that encourages international understanding and diversity of thought while preparing students
for a globally interconnected world.
Graduation date – June 2, 2018.

Extracurricular Activities  
Stephen F Austin High School​ ​/ ​Comet Yearbook Staff 

The Comet is Austin High’s annual yearbook, 2018 will be volume 122. The annual working budget is $75,000.

National Charity League – NCL, Inc. / ​Member 

2014- 2018

The mission of NCL Inc. is to foster mother-daughter relationships in a philanthropic organization committed to
community service, leadership development and cultural experiences. Through this relationship, NCL works to develop
strong women leaders serving and impacting communities now and in the future.
Stephen F Austin High School / ​Link Crew 
2016/2017, 2017/2018

It was an honor and a pleasure to be selected to be part of the Link Crew. We worked with incoming Freshmen hosting
Maroon Day Orientation each August, in the Link Crew Class we work on leadership skills and work with the Life Skills
class for special needs children at my school. We visit them weekly. Working and hanging out with special needs
students is one of my passions.

Academy for Global Studies / ​Ambassador 

2016/2017, 2017/2018

Represented AGS in recruiting visits to AISD Middle Schools, Parent Night, AISD School Showcase, and by giving
individual school tours to prospective students and their families. I personally have conducted over 40 tours.

Texas Rowing Center Rowing Team 

2014/2015, 2015/2016

2014/2015 - Novice Rowing Team, Lightweight Rower and Coxswain, awarded “Most Improved Novice”
2015/2016 - Varsity Rowing Team, Coxswain

The Comet Yearbook​ /​Managing Editor - Senior Year 

As​ ​the Managing Editor, I work directly under the Editor in Chief and am responsible for collaborating with the Executive
Staff on determining the theme, the budget, and staff assignments. I am responsible for the timeline and ensuring
deadlines and budgets are met. I read all of the copy and oversee corrections, establish timelines and work directly with
Section Editors and writers on their areas. I also teach desktop publishing as necessary and help set-up design concepts
for each section, including style sheets and libraries. I am responsible for photographers and am the liaison with school
administration to ensure all school events are covered.

Additional Roles/Responsibilities
2014/2015 - Staff
2015/2016 – Photo Editor
2016/2017 - Sports Editor
2017/2018 - Managing Editor

National Charity League - ​Class President - Junior Year 


I was responsible for collaborating with the membership, board and the adult leaders to plan the meetings, develop the
agenda and facilitate each meeting. I worked with many non-profit organizations to plan volunteer events for our
chapter. This role provided me with an opportunity to improve my communication and leadership skills as well as my
ability to work with people on all levels.

Additional Roles/Responsibilities
2014/2015 - Newsletter
2015/2016 – Culture Chair
2016/2017 - President, Board Member, Council Representative
2017/2018 - Historian


No Place for Hate​ - ​President - Sophomore Year  


Restarted the chapter at Austin High, which had previously been inactive. Collaborated with the The Gay Straight
Alliance to encourage celebration of diversity and inclusiveness, created school-wide program to recognize holidays
from all faiths. Made presentations to teachers and students.

Leadership Continued
Awards and Recognition 
National Honor Society/​Member - Junior & Senior year
This organization recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership

and character.

National Charity League, Treaty Oak Chapter 

● The Yellow Rosebud Award: 50 hours of philanthropy service in one NCL year - 2015, 2016

Mother /Daughter Award – Serving over 30 philanthropy hours in one NCL year together - 2015, 2016, 2017
Spectrum Award - Serving at eight different philanthropies in one NCL year -2016

Volunteer Activities  
This is a list of organizations I have served at over the course of my high school years:

● Central Texas Food Bank -  

- Sorting food, packaging meals
- Mobile Food pantry – serving individuals and families
● Mobile Loaves and Fishes  
- Making food, preparing truck and delivering food to communities in need
Clean up and organization of facility
● Special Olympics of Texas  
- Bowling Competition
● S​ettlement Home  
- Assisted with set-up for the Annual Settlement Garage Sale, collecting donations for Garage Sal​e
● Westminster Retirement Home  
- Worked with residents on the Memory Care unit – playing games, assisting with activities.
● Thinkery / Austin Children’s Museum 
- Assisting with special programs and working with children 
● Susan G Koman Foundation 
- Assisted at MamaJamma Ride with a variety of race day duties and tear-down
- Worked at Race for the Cure - race day packet pick-up
- Pre race packet Pick-up
● Helping the Aged, Needy and Disabled - H.A.N.D.  
- Prepared handwritten notes and care packages and delivered them to the H.A.N.D community

Volunteer Activities Continued 
● Girl Start
- Junior Camp Counselor
● Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church
- Vacation Bible School Junior Counselor, Counselor, Sunday School Teacher
● Families of Children from China
- Junior Camp Counselor, Event Volunteer
- Event Volunteer at Chinese New Year, and Autumn Moon Festival

● Extensive experience with ​mentoring ​younger students ● Dedicated and reliable employee​ – Having worked
and working with Special Needs students. over the last year and half, first as a cashier, party
host and court monitor at a local trampoline house.
● Teaching and Training ​- As part of the leadership on the I became a trainer within a few months. This
Comet Yearbook staff, I mentor, teach and train in summer and fall I worked as a swim instructor at
yearbook software, how to cover school events, the YMCA teaching swim classes to parents and
interview teachers and students, prepare layouts and babies, children and adults. I’m also currently
spreads. working with a teenager with Cerebral Palsy to
work on movement and swimming.
● Graphic Arts​ - skilled in Adobe InDesign, Adobe
Photoshop, Photography, and Microsoft Suite. ● Trusted caregiver- including serving as a
babysitter, pet sitter and house sitter​: I have a
number of families that trust me to take care of
their children, pets and homes.